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									 December 2007          VOLUME 2   ISSUE 7

Syndicated Radio Star
Hip Hop Pioneer
TV/Film Director
     Marcel      Tony Washington,
                      Radio One

    Russ                                   Regina                      Steffans
               Lisa Raye,
              Kenya Moore
                                     RPMS Crew
                                    Go Go Awards

           Go Go Awards

                 Ashanti Lil Mo

2     the frequency                                  …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                                       Ice T, Michele’ and Yo Yo, while continu-
                                                                                                       ing to host his top rated morning show on
                                                                                                           Russ left Hollywood for a gig at 100.3
                                                                                                       Jamz/KJMZ in Dallas. He hired his intern Al-

                                                                                                       fredas to join him as his sidekick on the show.
                                                                                                       While in Dallas, Russ was inspired to conquer
                                                                                                       another of his dreams, television, and created
                                                                                                       FLAVA TV. He wrote, directed and starred in
                                                                                                       the show which became a hit in Dallas. He lat-
                                                                                                       er sold the show which is currently still airing
Russ Parr: Syndicated Radio Star,                                                                      in Dallas.
                                                                                                           Russ got the opportunity to take a very
Hip Hop Pioneer, TV /Film Director                                                                     competive position as morning show host
                                                                                                       for 93.9 WKYS in Washington, DC, a major
 By: Kara Lewis                                    24-hour Hip Hop radio station in the world.         turning point in his career. Within two years,
                                                   He used his radio station to spear head the         he convinced Radio One execs that he was
 When you listen to the radio, you create an       movement to stop the local media from pub-          the man to make the company a force in the
 image of your favorite personality in your        licizing gang violence and giving gang mem-         syndication game. Taking the format he per-
 mind. You develop a connection with them.         bers the attention they sought. He often pro-       fected, his nationally known characters and a
 You feel like you know them, but there is still   vided gang intervention in the studios and          conscious balance of entertainment and infor-
 so much about their “off air” life that remains   on the air. Russ realized that urban radio not      mation, Russ created the nationally syndicated
 a mystery, especially if you’re listening to      only needed to be funny and uplifting, but          Russ Parr Morning Show. Still having a desire
 Russ Parr. He’s been holding down a num-          it had a responsibility to be informative and       to do television, he again, convinced Radio
 ber one, nationally syndicated morning show       proactive in the community.                         One execs to give him his own television dat-
 for nearly 10 years, he’ll celebrate his 10th         While at KDAY, Russ developed a char-           ing/ game show, Get The Hook Up on their new
 anniversary of syndication in 2008. We wake       acter he called Bobby Jimmy, one of his most        cable network, TV One.
 up expecting to not know what                                                    popular charac-          Russ then wrote, produced and directed
 to expect from the Russ Parr                                                      ters. It caught     his award winning debut film The Last Stand,
 Morning Show. But how has                                                         the attention of    which was released on Warner Home Theater
 Russ Parr successfully run a                                                      recording art-      in July 2007 and is still selling out in stores. The
 syndicated morning show                                                           ist     Egyptian    story was loosely based on his life and experi-
 and balance family, success-                                                      Lover who ap-       ences as a stand up comedian in Hollywood.
 ful runs as a recording artist,                                                   proached Russ           The success of The Last Stand opened
 television star and now film                                                      about recording     doors for the production of Russ’ second film,
 director?                                                                         a parody song       Something Like A Business starring Tasha
    Russ        landed                                                             that Russ wrote     Smith, Kevin Hart, David Alan Greer,
 his own morning                                                         called We Like Ugly           Earthquake and Clifton Powell. Unlike
 show on 1580                                                            Women. Russ saw the po-       his first film, Something Like A Business is
 KDAY, the                                                               tential for recording suc-    straight comedy about a young man who in-
 first                                                                 cess and launched his own       herits an escort service from his uncle and the
                                                                     independent record label          insanity he goes through trying to run and
                                                                   Rapsur Records, Russ Parr           maintain the family business. Although the
                                                                spelled backwards. He recorded         film is due in theaters second quarter of 2008,
                                                                 that single and several others on     it is already stirring up a tremendous buzz.
                                                                   his Rapsur label.                       Russ is now being sought after to direct
                                                                          Russ became well re-         for other filmmakers and actors are eager
                                                                        spected as a West Coast        to audition for roles in the next Russ Parr
                                                                           Hip Hop pioneer. He         film. He is about to embark on his third film
                                                                                 later signed with     LOVE FOR SALE, a romantic comedic he
                                                                                  Easy E’s label       wrote which stars Melyssa Ford, Mya, Clif-
                                                                                  Ruthless Records     ton Powell, Jackie Long, Jason Weaver just
                                                                                  and recorded sev-    to name a few. This will be the first of Russ’
                                                                               eral EPs produced       films that will be produced by a production
                                                                              by Dr. Dre and DJ        company, Image/Swirl films. n
                                                                              Pooh. He recorded
                                                                                the hit singles Big
                                                                                  Butt, Roaches and
                                                                                   Hair or Weave                                        Russ wrote,
                                                                                   with     Ruthless                                   produced and
                                                                                                                                        directed this
                                                                                   Records. Russ                                      award winning
                                                                                   performed his                                        debut film.
                                                                                    parodies on live
                                                                                    shows alongside
                                                                                    his label-mates
                                                                                    Ice Cube, Yel-
                                                                                    la, MC Ren,
                                                                                    World Class
                                                                                    Wreckin Crew,

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                                         DECEMBER 2007                    3
    It’s All About the Vibe
                                                                                                                      ers. As John Parikhal said at our PD meetings,
                                                                                                                      “life sucks and people want to be entertained
                                                                                                                      and laugh”. So let’s have fun, create a vibe and
                                                                                                                      great things will occur. Make it happen!
                                                             the vibe. When you walk in, you know in minutes              And we did MAKE IT HAPPEN. That
                                                             from the vibe, that this station has it going on!        was the title of our first programming retreat,
                                                                  I started thinking, when did the radio business     held the first weekend in November and it was
                                                             become so sterile and why? Why is it that when           an all-around success. I would like to commend
                                                             you go into radio stations they sound so quiet?          all of you for your enthusiasm and participation
                                                             They could be law firms, or accounting offices. But      in this year’s forum. I hope that we were able to
                                                             this is show business! There needs to be that vibe.      provoke more creative thinking courtesy of Mr.
                                                             It goes from the office through the speakers. Was        Philippe Denichaud and want to thank Arbi-
                                                             it Wall Street’s discovery of the profitability of ra-   tron’s Laura Kutscher for preparing us thor-
                                                             dio or was it deregulation in 1996 that caused us        oughly for the PPM revolution. Thanks to Amy
                                                             to forget the “show” in show business? Regardless,       Volkes for her very extensive “Research Rocks”
                                                             it is up to us to make sure that we are not sterile      presentation and a special shout out to Char-
                                                             and that our radio stations have a vibe.                 lie Sislen, John Parikhal, Jim Hopes, Tom
                                                                 Years ago I had a dj who loved to skate up           Newman, Jeff Mazzacano and Lisa Mabry
                                                             and down the halls on roller skates singing and          for their informational contributions. I want to
                 Jay Stevens                                 making noise. I had another dj that was always           welcome Earl Boston to the Radio One fam-
            Senior V.P., Programming, Radio One              walking around with a football in his hand and           ily and thank him for his well received Selector
                                                             ready to play catch in the hallway at any time. I        workshop. I want to thank the always humorous
    Have you ever stood in the lobby of a number one         even have a baseball bat in my office here, that         and enlightening, Steve Reynolds for the extra
    radio station and felt the vibe? There is energy, a      I have had for years and swing it while on the           groceries and for his ability to help us find the
    swagger, a feeling you get that this radio station is    phone and taking meetings. Obviously I don’t             focus and be innovative. Most of all I would like
    the big dog. It can be the receptionist who loves        swing it anyone… but they all contribute to the          to thank Barry Mayo, Alfred Liggins and Ms.
    his/her job and greets all of the listeners who come     vibe of the station. The stations need to nurture        H for their support and commitment to all of
    in to pick up their prizes or meet one of the per-       an environment of creativity, spontaneity, fun           us by investing in these meetings. And of course
    sonalities. It is hearing the radio station playing in   and excitement. The best ideas cannot flour-             we never could have pulled this off without my
    the lobby, watching the videos playing on the flat       ish in such a sterile and boring environment?            assistant, Mugure Crawford and her attention
    screens or viewing the awards and the celebrity au-      Put up posters and have a TV monitor play-               to detail. As important and educational as the
    tographed items all on display. It is the sales people   ing videos in the studio. How about pictures of          seminars and meetings were, I have to say that
    zipping in and out, passing you by with an urgency       the staff in precarious situations hanging in the        getting together with each and every one of you
    and intent. How about the staff that walks through       kitchen with a caption contest? What you feel            socially for dinner, bowling and just vibing to-
    and are singing the current songs? It all adds up to     in your radio station, will be felt by the listen-       gether was equally fulfilling. n

    NEWS                                                                             December 2007
    Jeff Anderson Joins
    the Radio One Family                                     Hegwood Named Atlanta OM
    Radio One, Inc. is pleased to announce the hir-          Radio One regional program director and                     Hegwood has over 25 years of experience
    ing of Jeff Anderson as Operations Manager               urban WKYS (93.9 Kiss)/Washington PD                     in radio and has programmed in markets like
    in Richmond, VA. Jeff will be responsible for            Steve Hegwood has been named OM for                      Los Angeles, Houston and Detroit. He was
    the overall programming of WKJS/WKJM                     Radio One/Atlanta. In addition, he replaces              also a station owner through his company On
    and WCDX and will work closely with Reggie               former urban WHTA (Hot 107.9)/Atlanta                    Top Communications for five years.
    Baker, Program Director of WPZZ & WTPS,                  PD Jerry Smokin B. Hegwood helped launch                    Hegwood will transfer to Radio One/At-
    to direct the overall strategy of Praise.                Hot 107.9 in the nineties and has been con-              lanta in December. n
        He is one of the elite programmers in the            sulting the program department of the sta-
    industry and is expected to have a significant           tion during his tenure at WKYS.
    impact on the success of the Central VA mar-                 “After an extensive search both inside and out-
    ket. He began is career over 13 years ago in the         side the company, I realized the best talent to lead
    fields of promotion and operations in Fayette-           our programming efforts was already working
    ville, North Carolina as the Program Director            with the station and in the company,” says Radio
    for Beasley Broadcasting WZFX Foxy 99. n                 One/Atlanta market manager Wayne Brown.
                                                             “The operations manager position was created to
                         Jeff Anderson                       utilize Steve’s many years of programming ex-
                                                             perience. He will serve as program director for
                                                             WHTA as well as oversee the programming de-
                                                             partments of [smooth jazz] WJZZ, [urban AC]
                                                             WAMJ and [gospel] WPZE. Steve will focus on
                                                             maximizing audience market share for our en-
                                                             tire cluster of radio stations by developing our
                                                             talent and utilizing all of the research resources
                                                             available to our market.”

4          the frequency                                                                                        …keeping you tuned in & informed
 Cathy L. Hughes Moderates Historic
 Iowa Presidential Candidate Forum
 Nationally known media                                       interview style will spark the au-
 leader and Radio One found-                                  thentic conversation this forum
 er Catherine L. Hughes                                       hopes to generate.”

 moderated the Heartland                                          Ms. Hughes took on a new
 Presidential Forum: Com-                                     role as she moderated an un-
 munity Values in Action in                                   scripted conversation between
 Des Moines, Iowa on De-                                      the presidential candidates and
 cember 1, 2007. Over 5,000                                   regular working people about
 people to attended what is                                   critical social issues that affect
 likely to be the final major                                 us all. No candidate interacted
 candidate forum in Iowa be-                                  with another candidate on stage;
 fore the first primary vote is
 cast. Candidates from both major parties en-
 gaged in a unique one-on-one dialogue with
                                                              instead, they responded directly
                                                 to individual people who share their stories
                                                 and questioned the candidates about how they
                                                                                                   Cathy Hughes
 everyday people about the community values
 that are important to them and the kind of
                                                 plan to stand up for the common good. n           Receives Award
 America they want to live in.
     “We are honored to have a real champion
                                                                                                   from Brotherhood Crusade
 of the community and a highly respected                                                           The Brotherhood Crusade presented the 2007
 journalist to moderate this historic event,”                                                      Walter Bremond Pioneer of African American
 said Deepak Bhargava, executive director of                                                       Achievement Award to Radio One Chairper-
 the Center for Community Change. “Cathy                                                           son and Founder Cathy L. Hughes on No-
 is from the Heartland herself, and she brings                                                     vember 2nd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
 passion to everything she does. Her natural                                                           Each year, the Brotherhood Crusade con-
                                                                                                   fers this award upon an individual of excep-

 Cathy Hughes Interviews
                                                                                                   tional achievement in his or her field, one
                                                                                                   whose image we can hold up as a role model
                                                                                                   that our children can appreciate and strive to

 Bob Johnson at Paley Center                                                                       emulate. Past award winners include Berry
                                                                                                   Gordy, Muhammad Ali, Quincy Jones,
                                                                                                   Tavis Smiley, Rosa Parks, Magic Johnson,
 Ms. Cathy Hughes interviewed BET Founder Bob Johnson at the The
                                                                                                   Stevie Wonder and Institution Builder,
 Paley Center for Media’s Innovator Series. The Innovator Series sa-                               Danny Bakewell, Sr., among other luminar-
 lutes esteemed members of the media and/or technology communities                                 ies. Congratulations Cathy! n
 whose courage and vision have left an indelible mark on our world. The
 series consists of three forums each featuring a selected honoree in the
 media industry or in related fields who is known for his or her innova-
 tions. Ms. Hughes conducted “A Conversation With...” session where
 she facilitated a dialogue with Mr. Johnson regarding the current and
 future state of the media/technology industries.                             R. L. Johnson
   Previous Innovator honorees include Viacom’s Sumner Redstone, Turner Broadcasting
 and CNN Founder Ted Turner, Mark Cuban and My Space co-founder Chris DeWolfe. n

 Bernstein Joins Syndication One
 Gary Bernstein has returned to syndication         Syndication One’s current lineup of pro-
 full-time as president of programming for       grams includes “The Yolanda Adams Morn-
 Radio One-owned Syndication One. He             ing Show,” “The Al
 unexpectedly left Superadio Networks in         Sharpton Show,” “The                               Radio Now (WNOu) 100.9 FM
 his role as president after 14 years with the   Rickey Smiley Morn-
 syndication company in August 2006 and          ing Show” and “The                                 Announces Tim Rayne
 began to work closely with Radio One urban
 WHTA (Hot 107.9)/Atlanta personality
                                                 Spirit of Hip-Hop,”
                                                 with more to be an-
                                                                                                    To Program Station
 CoCo Brother to pick up additional affili-      nounced. n                                         WNOU, RADIO NOW, of Radio One
 ates for his holy hip-hop program “The Spirit                                                      Indiana signs RAYNE as Station Program
 of Hip-Hop” and continued to work with re-                                                                          Director and 6-10pm
 cording artist Angelique Cinelu.                                                                                    on-air personality.
     According to Radio One CEO Alfred                    Gary Bernstein                                                Tim Rayne joins
 Liggins, “Gary Bernstein is simply the best                                                                         RADIO NOW 100.9
 in the business at syndication, and when the                                                                        FM, We Play the Hits,
 decision was made to build a real top-notch       SYNDICATION                                                       immediately and will be
                                                                                                                     on the air soon! n

 network, there was only one name on my
 list. There is nobody who works harder and
 achieves better results!”                                                                                               Tim Rayne

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                                   DECEMBER 2007                5
    Radio One Philadelphia Nominated For                                                                         Ms. Smiley Named Music
                                                                                                                 Director on WHTD-FM Hot 102.7
    24 Air Awards, Takes Home 7
    Radio One Philadelphia is on the brink of                     DJ Mil-Matik took home Best Mix Show
                                                                                                                 Ms. Smiley, HOT 102.7’s late night on-air
                                                                                                                 personality, was recently promoted to Music
    big things in the industry and can now add                DJ or Host for the 2nd year in a row and Envy      Director. Congratulations to Smiley, who has
    7 AIR Awards to its 2007 accomplishments.                 McKee, host of ‘On the Real with Envy’ had         been with Radio One Detroit for four years,
    The Philadelphia March of Dimes Air Awards                4 nominations and took home 2 Air Awards,          and is fondly regarded as Detroit’s very first
    took place at the Hilton, City Line Avenue                which included, Best Talk Show Host and            female MC, with her certified gold single,
    Hotel and there weren’t enough arms in the                Best Locally Produced Public Affairs Show.         “Smiley, But I’m Not Friendly”, released in
    room to take home all of the slick, solid glass           WRNB’s Lady B had a win for Best New Air           1989. In her new duties, Smiley reports di-
    trophies carried back to Radio One Philadel-              Host for her weekday show “Basement Party”.        rectly to Spudd, PD, HOT 102.7, with a
    phia Home Base. The cluster boasted 24 over-                 “I am totally proud of every nominee and        dotted line report to Al Payne, Operations
    all nominations, the most nominations of any              winner. Radio One PHILLY was the absolute          Manager. n
    other cluster in the market. WPHI was the                 shinning star at yesterday’s A.I.R. AWARDS.
    leader with 17 nominations — more nomina-                 It was amazing to see Colby Colb get his mile-
    tions than any other station in the market. By            stone award and all of the winners get recog-
    the time the award ceremony ended, WPHI                   nized for their well deserved accomplishments”
    and WRNB took home 7 AIR awards, in-                      says Elroy Smith, Operations Director of
    cluding Colby Colb’s coveted Milestone                    Radio One PHILLY.
    Award, honoring his 21 year, award-winning                    The Mission of the Philadelphia AIR
    career span. Colby also took home Best Af-                awards is to raise money for the March of
    ternoon Drive Host and Best Traffic Reporter              Dimes fight against birth defects, premature
    (collaboration) with Traffic Reporter, Wendy              birth and infant mortality through an annual
    McClure. The Beat’s Morning Show team,                    awards program recognizing excellence in
    Pooch and Laiya had two nominations and                   Philadelphia Radio. Radio One Philadelphia
    took home one for Best One Time News                      was a platinum sponsor this year and helped
    Program for their provocative—‘P&L End                    the March of Dimes exceed their fundraising
    of the World 2012’.                                       goals of over $70,000. n

    Fleming Exits
    Radio One V100/L.A.
                                                              Miss Jones Returns to
    After a year with Radio One urban AC
    KRBV (V100)/Los Angeles, PD Kevin
                                                              100.3 The Beat Philadelphia
                                                              Radio One PHILLY is bringing back Miss ter than this for Philadelphia radio having
    Fleming has exited. He joined the station                 Jones to do mornings on 100.3 the                         Miss Jones apart of the rebuilding of
    when it was KKBT (100.3 the Beat) and was                 Beat. When Miss Jones achieved                               100.3 The Beat. When Miss Jones
    involved in its transition to V100.                       success in PHILLY, she did it                                  came to visit the station recently,
        Former XM urban AC PD and current                     on an inferior signal, dominat-                                  I learned quickly the impact
    midday personality Shirley Hayes has been                 ing her core demo 18-34. She                                       that she has in this market”.
    named interim PD.                                         now returns to a full signal                                        Vice President and General
        VP/GM Steve Candullo says that Fleming is             with an all star cast origi-                                        Manager, Andrew Rosen
    “leaving the station to pursue other opportunities.       nating from Hot 97 New                                              said: “Bringing Miss Jones
    I want to make it very clear that my decision to          York – the show debuted on                                          back to Philadelphia shows
    make this change has nothing to do with ratings;          Monday, November 26, 2007                                           the commitment of Radio
    in fact, yesterday in the first trend of the fall book,   at 5:30am. The show will si-                                        One to bring the finest talent
    V100 had tremendous growth in our target of adult         mulcast on 100.3 The BEAT,                                        to our market for our listeners
    women listeners who love R&B music. Morning               Philadelphia and Hot 97 New                                     and advertisers”.
    shares were up 30%, middays up 62% and PM                 York. According to Program Di-                                      According to Miss Jones, “I
    drive up 50% with women 18+.” Candullo adds               rector of Hot 97 Ebro Darden, “We                          am extremely excited to be returning
    that V100 will maintain its current programming           are happy for her. She has worked her       Miss Jones   to the place I once called home. Philly
    strategy as it preps for an aggressive 2008 televi-       entire career for this”.                           has always remained in my heart and holds
    sion and outdoor marketing campaign. n                        According to Colby Colb, Program Direc- the fondest memories of my career.”
    Anyone interested in filling the PD open-                 tor & Afternoon Drive Personality of 100.3            With Miss Jones moving into the morning
    ing at V100 should forward their pack-                    the Beat “It is exciting to have Jonesy back on slot, Radio One PHILLY reshuffles the line
                                                              THE BEAT. She is an impact player”.                up: 10a-2p – formerly of Pooch and Laiya;
    ages to Candullo at:                                         Elroy Smith/Operations Manager of Ra- Laiya will bring her incredible personality to                          dio One PHILLY states: “I believe in having mid-days, popular afternoon drive host & PD
    or 5900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1900,                       an all-star line up starting with a compel- Colby Colb from 2-6p, and 6p-10p Pooch
    Los Angeles, CA 90036.                                    ling morning show. It doesn’t get any bet- and Touch-tone takes over nights. n

6          the frequency                                                                                   …keeping you tuned in & informed
 RADIO ONE Programmers
 Converge on Corporate Headquarters
 Vice President of Programming, Jay Ste-       Ceo, Alfred Liggins and President, Barry
 vens conducted the first programming sum-     Mayo delivered the opening remarks. In-
 mit under his leadership recently in Wash-    cluded in the three day event, were PPM
 ington, D.C. Programmers from over 20         tutorials, as well as sales and research pre-
 markets and from all formats attended the     sentations. Topics of discussion included
 three day seminar. “MAKE IT HAPPEN”           customizing the stations’ internet strategy,
 was an opportunity for each programmer to     thinking “outside the box”, plotting the
 escape the confines of their daily routines   course of the station and utilizing Selector
 to discuss and find solutions to the chal-    more efficiently. n
 lenges of today’s ever changing industry.

                                               Jay Stevens           Alfred Liggins
                                                  Senior V.P.,              C.E.O,
                                                 Programming,              Radio One
                                                  Radio One

                                               MAKE IT

                                                                                  Please see
                                                                                  PD Retreat
                                                                               Centerfold Spread,
                                                                                 pages 20-21

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                    DECEMBER 2007   7
                                GEARS UP FOR ANO GE
                                  FANTASTIC VOYA
  Cabins are going fast for the Ninth annual Fantastic Voyage Cruise, the ultimate
  party with a purpose.      e cruise will leave from Miami, Florida - sailing May
  18 - 25, 2008 - to fabulous Caribbean islands including Grand Turk, Turks
  & Caicos, San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as the Virgin Islands!         at means
  the 2008 Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise will bring you even more fun,
  entertainment, seminars, and excursions, it just gets better with time!

    Check out exclusive pics of the recent Tom Joyner Morning Show In-Studio
  Jams featured on with Raheem DeVaughn and Ledisi.
  Also, Boyz II Men, BeBe Winans and Elizabeth Withers stop through for a live
  on-air TJMS performance.

                10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
     e Tom Joyner Foundation will celebrate its 10th year in 2008 and introduces the
  “Tom Joyner Full Ride Scholarship” that will be awarded to a deserving high school
  senior planning to enter college in the fall of 2008.

                                                                                  Tom attends his first NASCAR race, the
                                                                                  Dickey’s 500 at Texas Motor Speedway
                                                                                  as a guest of Max Siegel. Tom, Donna
                                                                                  Richardson Joyner, Oscar Joyner and
                                                                                  others joined Max Siegel, President of
                                                                                  Global Operations for Dale Earnhardt
                                                                                  Inc. Siegel is the highest ranking
                                                                                  African American in NASCAR with
                                                                                  responsibilities at Dale Earnhardt Inc,
                                                                                  one of the most prominent teams in
                                                                                  auto racing.
      (Left to right) Max Siegel, Donna Richardson Joyner, Roger Penske (owners
      - Penske Racing Team, the Penske Corporation) and Tom Joyner.

832     the frequency                                                                                            …keeping you tuned in & informed
Tom  Joyner Morning Show & Plada inOne ort
                              R io
Broadcas ted Live from Freedom az
of March Against Hate Crimes

       In an effort to support the March Against Hate Crimes, the Tom Joyner Morning Show® ,
   mid-day personality April Watts (WMMJ), morning show host, e Black Eagle, Joe Madison
   (WOL) and mid-day personality Jeannie Jones (WKYS) broadcasted live from Freedom Plaza
   in Washington DC. Live interviews were conducted with national, state and community leaders such as Martin Luther King III,
   Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Professor Charles Ogletree and the family members and attorneys of the recent victims of hate
                         crimes. e gathering began at Freedom Plaza with the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” live broadcast. Afterwards
                         there were a series of speeches from 10 a.m. to noon and then the march around the Justice Department began.
                            e Reverend Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King III, National Action Network, Tom Joyner, Realizing the
                         Dream, Warren Ballantine, Steve Harvey and others will led the
                         demonstration.       e march was prompted by the growing number of
                         hate crimes occurring in recent months, including cases like the Jena Six
                         and the tortured West Virginia woman, Megan Williams. 

                                                                       Lithonyah (Tonya) Range
                                                                                        Radio One Cleveland
 Lithonyah (Tonya) Range                      1- Name three non-living THINGS that you     6- What is your most treasured possession?
                                                 can not live without?                        Photos of/and my family, my assistant
 is the Promotions/Marketing Director                                                         Candace and my MAC Lip Gloss.
                                                 I’m good as long as I have access to my
 for Radio One Cleveland’s #1                    Email, My cell phone and Spring Water.
                                                                                           7- Who is your favorite fictional character?
 Heritage Stations WZAK and Praise                                                            “MacGyver” Every Promotions person
                                              2- Greatest movie of all time?
 1300. After working in radio and               “Coming to America” Each time I               has to get into MacGyver-mode every
                                                watch it, you’d think it was My first.         now and then – I think I’ve mastered it!!
 marketing in both Atlanta and Florida
 Tonya has come full circle back to           3- What is your greatest fear?               8- What word or phrase do you over use?
                                                I think the greatest FEAR would be that      “Figure it Out & Make it Happen!!”.
 her home town of Cleveland where
                                                of most parents, to outlive your child.
 she started her radio career in sales                                                     9- What is your biggest pet peeve?
                                              4- What person living or dead would you        Convenient Amnesia aka Selected
 in 1994 at WZAK/Praise 1300. Tonya                                                          Amnesia (We all know them, folks
                                                most like to have dinner with? and why?
 now loves her marketing job and her            My Mother because I didn’t get a             that conveniently forget they told you
                                                chance to say “Goodbye”.                     something).
 motto when it comes to promotions
 and on-site events is “Think Big, Out        5- What is your idea of perfect happiness?   10- What three words would your closest
                                                A balance of Health, Wealth, Happiness        friend use to describe you?
 the Box and make it look Sexy!!”.                                                            Calm, Creative and Giving. 
                                                and Spiritual well-being.

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                           DECEMBER 2007                  9
                                                                TV One Staff Announcements
                                                                Scott Perkins, Vice President                             Endi Piper, Vice President,
                                                                of Creative Services                                      Business Affairs and Legal
                                                                Scott     Perkins     has                                 TV One proudly announces the promotion of Endi Piper
                                                                joined TV One as                                          to Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs.
 LaTasha Mitchell (Ta’Sha)                                      the Vice President of                                         Endi has been stellar performer for TV One. Over
 Production Coordinator                                         Creative Services. He                                     the past two years, Endi has worked hard to revise
 for Marketing and Creative Services                            comes with 20+ years                                      templates and develop a set of standards that form
                                                                of experience in print,                                   the basis of all TV One
                                  LaTa’sha Mitchell, known      on-air graphics, set                                      agreements. She has also
                                  as Ta’Sha formerly the        design and interactive                                    developed a program for
                                  department’s EA has been      design. Scott is one                                      the law students who
                                  promoted to Production        of the most awarded                                       clerk in the summer.
                                  Coordinator for Marketing     Design Directors in the                                   Many of the programs
                                  and Creative Services. She    national cable television                                 and workshops that
                                  has been with the TV One      industry with an Emmy                                     Endi has put in place for
                                  for almost two years, and     and 21 BDA Awards.                                        TV One students have
                                  in that time has proven       His work has also been                                    formed the template
                                  she can step in on many       featured in numerous national design magazines and        for the WMACCA
                                  levels to make sure the       reference books. You may have also seen him in guest      (Washington          Metro
                                  department runs smoothly.     appearances on OPRAH and TRADING SPACES as an             Association of Corporate
                                  Now, she will be adding       interior design expert.                                   Counsel of America)
                                  Creative Services duties to       Scott spent the last 10 years at CNN as Design        summer intern program.
                                  her responsibilities. Among   Director, responsible for the creation, enhancement and       People who work with Endi have nicknamed her the
                                  other duties Ta’Sha will be   art direction of design elements including graphics and   “Magician” because of the way she makes “issues” disappear.
 the point person for acquiring, maintaining and distributing                                                                 A graduate of the University of Virginia law school,
                                                                sets for CNN domestic programming.
 photos, logos and show materials as needed internally and                                                                Endi is an avid photographer and is a court appointed
 externally for the network.                                                                                              special advocate for children in the foster system.

                        TV One-derful Time of the Year
 The holidays are truly the most “TV One-derful                 star Estelle, vaudeville-style performers The James          Friday,      December        21:
 Time of the Year,” as TV One presents a whole                  Gang and R&B vocalist Vaughn Anthony.. The                Holiday episodes of “227” and
 lineup of exciting holiday programming, including              special has an encore play at midnight.                   “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” air
 premiere specials, beloved movies, and holiday-                    10-11 PM, as part of TV One’s “Famous People”         from 7-10 PM.
 themed episodes of our favorite sitcoms. On                    franchise, TV One airs “In the Company of Friends              Saturday December 22
 Thanksgiving Weekend TV One showcases family-                  with Vanessa Bell Calloway”. This one-hour                beginning at noon,TV One closes
 friendly themes and heart-warming fare during this             special, perfect for holiday party season, features       out our “TV One-derful Time
 special time of year.                                          actress Vanessa Bell Calloway throwing a dinner           of the Year” Holiday marathon
     Saturday December 15 beginning at noon, TV                 party for some of her famous Hollywood friends            Saturdays with Holiday themed
 One offers week two of our “TV One-derful Time of              including Sinbad, Lela Rochon, Kym Whitley,               episodes of TV One sitcoms “Wanda At Large”,
 the Year” all-day comedy marathons.                            Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore. Vanessa                                       “Martin”, “All of Us”, “Good
 This week’s episodes have a family                             shows viewers how to prepare some tantalizing party                             Times”, “The PJs”, “Cedric the
 focus, with laughs from “Good                                  food, and then lets viewers join the dinner party                               Entertainer Presents”, “Eve”,
 Times,” “All Of Us,” “The PJs”, “227”,                         conversation as Black Hollywood dishes the dirt on                              “The Parenthood”, “Minor
 “Roc”, and more. The marathon runs                             their industry experiences. The episode has an encore                           Adjustments”, and “On Our
 until 7:30 PM, when TV One turns                               play at 2 AM.                                                                   Own”.
 to the family classic “The Color                                   In the week before Christmas, all week long                                    Christmas Eve Monday,
                   Purple”, and picks                           during primetime, beginning Monday December 17                                  December 24 beginning at 8
                   up in the overnight                          from 7 PM until 11 PM, the “TV One-derful Time                                  AM, TV One goes into all-
                   hours at 3 AM.                               of the Year” festivities hit the weeknight schedule,                            Christmas mode as holiday
                         Sunday,       December          16     with special programming every night:                     programming keeps the jingle bells ringing all night
                    beginning at 8 PM, it’s a night of              Monday, December 17: Holiday episodes of              long and all day on Christmas with holiday themed
                     premieres on TV One with two               “Parent ‘Hood”, “Good News” and “All Of Us”               episodes of sitcoms, Christmas specials, and holiday
                     all-new specials and a new episode             Tuesday, December 18: Holiday episodes of             movies.
    of our original interview series “TV One on One”            “Cedric the Entertainer Presents”, “The PJs”, and             Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas Day)
 hosted by Cathy Hughes.                                                                “Good Times” from 7-10            beginning at 2 PM, TV One presents two great
     8-9 PM, singer/songwriter                                                          PM lead into “Ray Charles         movies and gives viewers
 Robin Thicke chats up host                                                             Celebrates     A      Gospel      two chances to catch them as
 Cathy Hughes in an all-new                                                             Christmas” at 10 PM.              they go about their holiday
 episode of the TV One original                                                            Wednesday, December 19:        family day. First at 2 PM
 interview series “TV One on                                                           Holiday episodes of “Wanda         and again at 7:30 PM, TV
 One”. The episode has an encore                                                       At Large” and “For Your            One presents the Academy
 play at 11 PM.                                                                        Love” from 7-8 PM lead             Award nominated movie
     9 PM, Grammy winning singer/songwriter John                                       into an airing of the classic      “The Color Purple” starring
 Legend takes center stage with an all-new TV One                                      movie “Soul Food” at 8 PM          Whoopi Goldberg, Danny
 special entitled “BAILEYS Entertainment Presents                                      and holiday cooking from           Glover and Oprah Winfrey.
 Get Together™ with John Legend: The Home                       Chef G. Garvin and comedienne                             Then at 5:30 PM and again
 School Sessions. The hour-long special will feature            Mo’nique on a special hour episode                        at 11 PM, TV One airs the
                   concert performances, exclusive              of “Turn Up the Heat” at 10 PM                            Christmas movie “Roots: The Gift” starring LeVar
                   behind-the-scenes footage, and                   Thursday,December 20: Holiday                         Burton and Louis Gossett Jr. reprising their roles
                   candid interviews with multi-                episodes of “Eve” and “Martin” from                       as Kunta Kinte and Fiddler from the original Alex
                   platinum       selling,    five-time         7-10 PM lead into a rebroadcast of                        Haley miniseries “Roots”.
                   GRAMMY® award-winner John                    the special “Get Together with John
                   Legend along with artists from his           Legend” at 10 PM.
                   new label Home School Records,
                   including U.K. breakout hip hop

40       the frequency                                                                                              …keeping you tuned in & informed
10       the frequency                                                                                              …keeping you tuned in & informed
   Radio One Mixer Spotlight
                                 r, Touch got his start
    Born and raised a music love
                               13. He spent 4 years
 DJ’ing at the tender age of
                              ent before he branched
 rocking in the family basem
                               School parties at 17.
 out and began DJ’ing at High
 Nightclub gigs followed after graduation.

                                     December 1997
     His radio career started in
                                air at WPHI. In 2004
  when he began as a mixer on-
                                gram Director and on-
  he got his big break when Pro
                                de him the 10a-3p air
  air personality Colby Colb ma
                                 that have followed he
  talent for WPHI. In the years
                              peers: recipient of The
  has been recognized by his
  Jam Master Jay Achieve     ment Award, featured in
                                  ine and has appeared
  both The Source and XXL magaz
                                 y and Planet Groove.
   on BET shows such as Rap Cit

      Touch Tone was
   born blind but to
   see him DJ and
   move around you
   would never know
   it. He credits his
   inspirations      Kid
    Capri,  Funkmaster
    Flex, Jazzy Jeff,
    Cash Money, and his
    boss Colby Colb for
    keeping him focused
    and motivated.

        a. Favorite record ofDmc . . . this one
        Peter Piper - Run
                              all time?

     always moved the crowd for me - perfect
     for mixing too.
        b. Record you initially didn’t feel that                          f. First paid DJpaying dj gig was for a whopping
                                                                          Wow! My first
     surprised you and blew up?
        “Ha” by Juvenile                                               $75.00. It was a warm night cutting through the
                                                                       alleys of row homes to get to the basement of a hot
        c.  What artist is a sure fire hit – who can you confidently
     throw on at a club without listening to first?
                                                                       and sweaty party. I rocked it until the equipment shut
                                                                       down due to the humidity in the room.. Philly was never
        Jay-Z is an artist that you can almost never                   the same after that.
     go wrong with a new joint. So many hits and
     still has a following.                                               g.Sadthe dance“Duffle Bag Boy”. But the people
                                                                                  to say
                                                                                         floor song/artist?

        d. Craziest request from a record promoter?                    love it..
        You know it’s funny when record promoters
     ask to play a record on a live set.                                  h. Jazzy Jeff is an inspiration to me.up to?
                                                                             DJ inspiration? What DJ do you look

        e. Biggestsome recordapromoters that
        There are
                  pet peeve from record promoter?
                                                                          h. Can’t live without? I can’t live without is: the
     push records that won’t work for my market.                          Some of the things
     And I never can get them to get me clean and                      radio at night, a cell phone, and my sense of touch.
     instrumentals for the music I need. ha ha

1230 the frequency                                                                       Ö keeping you tuned & informed
                                                                                       …keeping you tuned inin &informed
                                                        THE RADIO ONE’S 3RD
                                                        ANNUAL DIRTY AWARDS
                                                            SOARS WITH
                                                        UNDENIABLE SWAGGER!
       Radio One Inc.’s 3rd Annual Dirty Awards delivered as promised with outstanding performances, surprise celebrity       DOLLA (DUFFLE BAG BOYZ),
    appearances and a bustling red carpet with numerous local and national mediums. Dirty Awards Host, Free, former host      PHOTOGRAPHER: RICK DIAMO

    of BET’s 106 & Park and Co-Host, Comedian Nard Holston (1st Annual Dirty Awards Host), kept Georgia World
    Congress Center attendees at the edge of their seats with excitement.

       The Dirty Awards premiered performances by some of the hottest artists in 2007 including fan favorite, Plies (Best
    New Dirty) “Shawty” Featuring T-Pain (Dirty Song of the Year & Best R&B Male) along with Miami counterparts
    DJ Khaled (Best Video) and Rick Ross, who also performed a Scarface tribute. Shei Atkins & Canton Jones brought
    inspiration with their Gospel Hip Hop set, and Soulja Boy performed the hit “Superman” while host Free participated
    in perfecting her Superman dance moves. Atlanta (Bankhead) native Shawty Lo stole the show while Rocko rocked the
    crowd with his anthem “Ima Do Me.” Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Hurricane Chris, Mike Jones & Bun B also got the crowd
    out of their seats with electrifying performances.

      Honors were bestowed upon Atlanta Falcon, Warrick Dunn, for his community efforts with The Warrick Dunn
    Foundation while Houston and worldwide rap legend, Scarface, received the Living Legend Award. Don’t miss the 4th
    Annual Dirty Awards extravaganza in 2008!

       For more information log on to and
                                                                                                                               LLOYD ARRIVES AT AWARDS
                                                                                                                               PHOTOGRAPHER: MOSES RO

   DJ KHALED & SOULJA BOY                                        LIL’ SCRAPPY & HURRICANE CHRIS
                                                                                                                                PHOTOGRAPHER: BEN ROS

   COCO BROTHERS & THE SPIRIT OF HIP HOP PRESENTING AWARD                              T-PAIN                               BIG BOI

14 2 the frequency
     the frequency                                                                            Ö keeping you tuned & informed
                                                                                            …keeping you tuned inin &informed
OND/WIREIMAGE                                                  LLOYD ARRIVES AT AWARDS
                                                               PHOTOGRAPHER: MOSES ROBINSON/WIREIMAGE

                                                                                                                    ATLANTA FALCONS TEAMMATES WARRICK DUNN AND OVIE MUGHALI
                                                                                                                    PHOTOGRAPHER: RICK DIAMON/WIREIMAGE

                                                                                      AWARDS WINNERS
                                                                                                   DIRTY CHICK OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                      DIRTY OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                             BEST VIDEO
                                                                                           DJ KHALED “WE TAKING OVER”
                                   DJ DRAMA
                                                                                                  PRODUCER OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                        POLOW DA DON
                                                                                                  INDY LABLE OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                        GRAND HUSTLE
                                                                                                   MOST BOOTLEGGED CD
                                                                                       YOUNG JEEZY “THUG INSPIRATION”
                                                                                                 DIRTY SONG OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                T-PAIN “BUY YOU A DRINK”
                                                                                                         BEST NEW DIRTY
SE                                                                                                               PLIES
                                                                                               BEST DIRTY COLLABORATION
                                                                                UGK “INTERNATIONAL PLAYER’S ANTHEM”
                                                                                                        BEST R&B FEMALE
                                                                                                          BEST R&B MALE
                                                                                                   HUMANITARIAN AWARD
                                                                                                        WARRICK DUNN
                                                                                                          LIVING LEGEND
                                BIG BOI, DJ KHALED & RICK ROSS

             A VENTURE MEDIA ROUP PRODUCTION                                                                                                   December      3
                                                                                                                                         DECEMBER 2007 2007 15
                                                                                                           R a d io One Stations
        Radio One St. Louis Happenings
                                                                                                      Gucci Mane
 B5                                                                                                   Gucci Mane at Hooters, what!! That’s right
                                                                                                      it was the meet and greet of the year. With
 B5 invaded St. Louis at an area Imo’s and in-
 vited more that 50 privately selected fans                                                           Gucci Manes new single topping the charts
 to come out and have a pizza party with their                                                        the room was packed with fans clamoring
 favorite group. n                                                                                    to get autographs while he popped through
                                                                                                       the Lou! n

 The Town Hall Meeting
 The first Town Hall meeting hosted by DJ
 Kaos was credited to be one of the most
 successful and beneficial in recent history.
 The Wohl’s community center was jammed
 packed with concerned citizens voicing their
 opinions about change and how St. Louis
 needs to head in a new direction. The panel
 of guests ranged from City Hall officials,
 police chiefs and community leaders includ-
 ing our own Demetrius Johnson. n


        HOT 104.1 Town Hall Meeting
                                                 Young Dip’s Young Fly
                                                 and Educated School Tour
                                                 Motivating kids to stay in school is where it’s at
                                                 in Young Dip’s opinion. The third year of the
                                                 highly anticipated Young Dip’s “ Young, Fly,
                                                 and Educated School Tour!” is underway. With
                                                 more than 15 schools booked for the year it
                                                 promises to be another great school year! n

                                                 Gorilla Zoe
                                                 Gorilla Zoe came through and repped his
                                                 entire CD with some of his local fans. This up
                                                 and coming superstar did the thing and went
        HOT 104.1 Town Hall Meeting
                                                 through how he came up with each track on
                                                 his smash CD. n

16     the frequency                                                                            …keeping you tuned in & informed
 Rad i o O n e S t a t i o n s
      Radio One Cleveland Happenings
                                                Big Payback Ol’ School Fundraiser
                                                93.1 WZAK partnered with the Urban League of
                                                Cleveland’s Young Professional Division for the Big
                                                Payback Ol’ School Fundraiser.
                                                   Proceeds benefit the Urban League of Greater Cleve-
 Cleveland Honors                               land’s ABC and Ohio College Tours. The event was
                                                hosted by on-air personality Kym Sellers and included
 Gerald Levert                                  Steppin’, Hand Dancing and ol’ school Hip Hop and R &
                                                B hits from the 80’s and 90’s. National Recording Artists
 November 10th marked the 1 year Anniversa-     Montell Jordan and Adina Howard performed live. n
 ry of R&B Legend Gerald Leverts untimely
 death. 93.1 WZAK saluted his memory with
 a weekend dedicated to his life & music plus
 members of Gerald’s Fan Club (G Phi G &
 G-Spot) stopped by Gerald Levert Lane (lo-
 cated adjacent to the Radio One Cleveland
 property) and decorated the street sign with
 Gerald’s favorite color purple and signature
 Teddy Bear. Gerald is greatly missed!! n

                                                Members of the Kim Johnson Power Saturday Walk-      Radio One Programming, Sales and Marketing
                                                 ing Club participated in the 10th Annual African      staff from Atlanta, Cleveland, Raleigh and
                                                        American Family Wellness Walk.                    Philadelphia met up in Memphis TN.
                                                       This annual event is Sponsored by the             for the St Judes Radio Cares Seminar.
                                                     American Stroke and Heart Assocation.

                                                      Pastor Marvin Winans stopped by the
                                                    Praise 1300 Studios ( l-r) PD Terry Bello,
                                                           Pastor Marvin Winans and
                                                        on-air personality Ronny Knight

                                                                                                    Cleveland VPGM Chris Forgy aka (Austin Powers)
                                                                                                       and ABM Executive Assistant Judith Dillard
                                                                                                       (Foxy Cleopatra) dressed up in character for the
                                                                                                     Radio One Cleveland One Day Sale...Yeah Baby.

18     the frequency                                                                             …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                                       ...but I thought
                                  Boy power!                                                          you liked working
                                                                                                           for Jay?

      These kids don’t
     know who they are                                                         Let’s do lunch!
       messin’ with!

                                            Did you know I invented this
                                            game? watch me work!

                                                                                                                 lets come up with
                                                                                                                  a name that just
                                                                              Yep. I can do it all!                  sounds like
     Gi r l p o w e r !                                                                                             birthday bash

                                                                           -i haven’t had
                                                                             one d rink !

       Something is wrong here.
     can somebody check the lane?                                                                                         Finally!

                                                  ok awa
                                        I just lo k gospel
                                          you thi ke walk                                              I’m telling you
 Are we starting to                         is a ca                                                   together we can
     look alike?                                                 Stick with me kid,                   run this town...
                                                                 I’m going places.                        they can’t
                                                                                                          touch this!          I never saw this
                                               Let’s roll
                                                                                                                                woman before!
                                          no PPM for me!

                                                                       We need separate
                                                                       checks, I’m not
                                                                          paying for
                                                                       somebody else’s
                    I have been dying                                    hamburger!
                        to get wit
                        you gurl!                                                                                                 Boyz, let me
                                                                                                                                 break it down.

20       the frequency                                                                  …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                           RADIO ONE
                                            All Stars

              Al, of course
             you can use my
             place in Miami!

                                            HEY THESE TWO
gave up alcohol
long time ago. ..                           PROGRAMMERS
                                             HOW DID THEY
                                             GET IN HERE!!

               Did anybody bring
                  extra socks?
               what am I supposed
                   to do now?

                                                    T HE BOY Z
                                                      ON T HE
                                                        BU S

                lets not talk about
                   records ri ght
                     now... ok?

        A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                         DECEMBER 2007   21
     Ra d i o O n e S t a t i o n s
 Radio One Philadelphia Happenings
 JAY Z Takes Philly By Storm
 100.3 The Beat took over South Street in
 South Philadelphia as Jay-Z brought his
 “American Gangster Tour” to the Fillmore at
 the TLA. Neither Jay-Z nor the Beat left
 the crowd disappointed. n

 Radio One PHILLY Goes Behind the Beats with Bow Wow & Omarion
 With their much anticipated album “Face-off ” on the horizon 100.3 The Beat went “Behind the Beats” with Bow Wow and Omarion along
 with hundreds of screaming young ladies. n

 Radio One Philadelphia
 Helps Take A Stand!
 Radio One Philadelphia took part in
 The “Call to Action: 10,000 Men — It’s A New
 Day in Philadelphia” event is a call for 10,000
 MEN to act in a proactive manner by going
 into designated communities and deterring
 unwanted and illegal behavior. Mayor John
 Street, Kenny Gamble, and Philadelphia Po-
 lice Commissioner Sylvester Johnson were
 among the more then 10,000 participants. n

22      the frequency                                                               …keeping you tuned in & informed
 Ra d i o O n e St at i ons
       Radio One Detroit Happenings
                                                     R&B Songstress Ashanti
                                                     Hosts Meet ‘n Greet
                                                     at HOT 102.7 Studios
                                                     Ashanti visited the HOT 102.7 studios and
 Chingy In-Studio                                    kicked it with Suga Rae, while hanging out
                                                     with special invited listeners! n
 with HOT 102.7
 Def Jam recording artist, Chingy, visited the
 HOT 102.7 studios sharing the airwaves with
 mid-day on-air personality, Suga Rae, aka:
                                                     SHOES FOR SHORTIES
                                                     HOT 102.7, with the assistance of sister sta-
 “The Sweetest Chick on the Radio”.
                                                     tions 105.9 KISS FM and NEWSTALK
     Ten lucky HOT listeners were awarded the
                                                     1200 WCHB, recently wrapped up the 6th
 opportunity to bring one guest each to a secret
                                                     Annual Shoes for Shorties promotion.
 location and have lunch and sit in on the in-
                                                        Shoes for Shorties is a day-long event that
 terview with the platinum selling rapper.
                                                     features national and local celebrities coming
     Chingy kicked it with Suga Rae about the
                                                     together with the citizens of metro-Detroit
 upcoming release of his new album, “Hate It or
                                                     to collect new or gently used shoes and mon-
 Love It’, in stores December 11th, his return to
                                                     etary donations for the less fortunate. It fea-
 Disturbing Tha Peace and Def Jam, as well as
                                                     tured live performances from chart-topping
 lessons he has learned, (the good, the bad and
                                                     national recording artists TWISTA, GO-
 the ugly) throughout his journey since the re-
                                                     RILLA ZOE, HURRICANE CHRIS,
 lease of his first single, “Right Thurr” in 2003.
                                                     SLUM VILLAGE, TIFFANY EVANS,
     Lunch was provided by Fat Boyz. n
                                                     and other local and national artists, athletes
                                                     and celebrities! Detroit-native, ROBERT,
                                                     fresh from Diddy’s Making of the Band 4 se-
                                                     ries on MTV also made an appearance.
                                                        The final tally was over 4,500 pair of shoes
                                                     collected and about $10,000 in monetary do-          HOT 102.7 mascot Milo, Suga Rae & Gorilla Zoe.
                                                     nations for the 8 hour event. All the proceeds
                                                     from Shoes for Shorties will directly benefit
                                                     the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. n

        Chingy and Suga Rae, HOT 102.7

                                                                                                         Thousands of fans shut down Northland Center Mall.

                                                       Ms. Smiley, Al Payne, Suga Rae, Gorilla Zoe,
                                                                    Big Greg & Milo.
            Listeners in the HOT 102.7
                studio with Chingy.

 Big Greg Interviews the Lovely Regina King,
 promotes new movie, “This Christmas”
 Big Greg, better known as, “Buckie Naked
 Radio!” on HOT 102.7, had the chance to
 sit down with the lovely Regina King re-
 cently, while the actress was in Detroit pro-
 moting her latest film, “This Christmas”, that
 hit theatres November 21st. n
                                                                                                                   Twista signing a pair of shoes.

24     the frequency                                                                                  …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                                              R a d io O ne Stations
Detroit Program Director Spudd Ran 13.1
Miles in the Detroit Free Press Marathon
Spudd, afternoon drive personality and PD of HOT 102.7, trained for months to run in the
Detroit Free Press Marathon, the world’s only underwater International marathon; crossing
over to Canada, then back again. It was grueling, but he did it! Spudd ran 13.1 miles on a
cold October morning, and in the process, raised nearly $5,000 for Think Detroit P.A.L., the
non-profit organization that partners at-risk youth with various sports programs in the City of
Detroit. Great Job Spudd! n                                                                               Spudd Runs the Detroit Free Press Marathon,
                                                                                                            alongside the HOT 102.7 mascot MILO.

Flavor of Love’s DEELISHIS to Get Motivational Speaker
“Buckie Naked” Every Week on HOT 102.7! and Entrepreneurial
HOT 102.7 welcomes model, singer and na- SPUDD, during his vacation. Guru Les Brown
tive-Detroiter DEELISHIS as the new co-               “We are happy to have her permanently on
host and entertainment correspondent on its        our team. Imagine how HOT Buckie Naked               Addresses a Packed House
new nighttime program, Buckie Naked Radio.         Radio is now gonna be with a bona fide su-           at “The Millionaire in You”
She will be in the studio every Tuesday,              perstar on the air with BIG GREG,” said
Wednesday and Thursday.                                     Radio One-Detroit Operations Man-           He is a frequent guest of the award win-
    “I’m pretty speechless right                               ager AL PAYNE, who oversees              ning, “Inside Detroit with Mildred Gaddis”
now,” DEELISHIS said. “I                                         HOT 102.7 along with program           morning show on WCHB AM News Talk
have admired HOT 102.7,                                            director SPUDD. “Talk about          1200, and Radio One Detroit was pleased to
not from afar, but up close                                         Deelishis, this is gonna be         welcome the world renowned motivational
and personal since its in-                                           downright tasty!”                  speaker, Les Brown, to the second install-
ception. I’m just so excited                                              DEELISHIS, also known         ment of a highly successful series of lectures
about my new position                                                  as “London Charles,” gained      on health, wealth and wisdom, driven by Mil-
and about joining the                                                  national exposure last year on   dred Gaddis. Les spoke to a packed house
HOT 102.7 family!”                                                     VH1’s hit reality show Fla-      at the Westin Southfield Hotel, providing
    She will be partnered                                              vor of Love 2, as the win-       thought provoking insight into what makes a
with HOT 102.7’s oth-                                                  ner when FLAVOR FLAV             person successful, happy and driven. n
er new personality, BIG                                               selected her over Tiffany
GREG, who joined HOT                                                 Pollard, better known as,
102.7 from its sister station                                       NEW YORK.                                                            Mildred Gaddis
WIZF-FM / 101 The Wiz in                                              Buckie Naked Radio with                                             pictured with
Cincinnati.                                                     BIG GREG and DEELISHIS                                                       Senator
                                                                                                                                         Martha Scott.
    This is not DEELISHIS’                                    can be heard from 6PM-7PM, Tues-
first time as a personality on HOT                        day through Thursday, on HOT 102.7
102.7. Earlier this year, she guest hosted for     FM or online at n
afternoon drive host and program director,

105.9 Kiss fm Hosted
a Spoooooktacular
Event this Halloween
Congratulations to Norma Burton, the 105.9
KissFM “Kiss Fall of Free Living” grand
prize winner. Starting in September, Kiss
began awarding $50 gas cards, along with
various high-end prizes to lucky listeners...      Carol Lawrence-Dobrusin, General Manager, and
qualifying all daily winners for a big payday:      Kitten for the Night! Pictured with Gary Gunter,     Les Brown Shares Doctrines on Building a Healthy
$10,000 to live rent or mortgage free for one             General Sales Manager for WDMK.                Financial Life with the News Talk 1200 Audience .
year! Of course, you know we had to turn the
big drawing into a big party!! Kiss hosted the                                                                                        Les Brown Shares
1st Annual Seldom Blues and Alan Hughes                                                                                               Success Tips with
                                                                                                                                        an Attentive
Masquerade Ball at the beautiful Seldom                                                                                               News Talk 1200
Blues Restaurant, located downtown Detroit                                Chris Tumbler, Promotions                                       Audience.
off the newly renovated riverfront, and invited                            Director for WDMK and
all of our loyal listeners to celebrate with us.                                Kebina Young,
                                                                             Marketing Director.
Tune Up, Lady BG, and AJ Parker of the
Tom Joyner Morning Show showed up and
showed out, with Wax Tax n Dre spinning all
of your favorite ‘ol skool hits! n

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                                         DECEMBER 2007                 25
 Ra d i o O n e St at i ons
                            Radio One DC Happenings
 WKYS Personality EZ Street Featured in Ad Campaign

                                       L-R: Caron Butler - Washington Wizards, Alana Beard - Washington Mystics,
                                      EZ Street - afternoon personality, 93.9 WKYS, William Shakespeare - Writer/Poet
                                                     93.9 WKYS afternoon personality EZ Street            Janet Jackson, Beyonce’, the Up in Smoke Tour
                                                     is featured on a Washington DC metro train           and Scream tours, Verizon Center holds many
                                                     celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Ve-          memories for our listeners. EZ Street is the
                                                     rizon Center. Home of the Washington                 only radio personality featured in the market.
                                                     Wizards, Washington Mystics, Georgetown              The ad is also running in the Washington Post
                                                     games and countless concerts such as Prince,         and on various billboards around the Metro. n

 A Night With Alicia Keys                                                                                 Budweiser Select One Night Stand
 93.9 WKYS brought Alicia Keys to Wash-                                                                                       Big G of Back Yard
 ington, D.C. EZ Street and Olivia Fox                                                                                        Band rocks the crowd
 broadcasted live at Love Nightclub while
 the crowd enjoyed performances by J Re-
 cords recording artists Emily King and the
 incomparable Alicia Keys. Sister 2 Sister
 Magazine’s own Jamie Foster Brown cov-
 ered the event. “Slim Charles” and Anwan
 Glover (from the Wire and 93.9 WKYS)
 where among the attendees. n

                                 J Records
                                 recording artist
                                 Emily King

        Anwar Glover
        (Slim Charles)
          and Antonio
     “The Cuban Cigar                                                                                           Raheem DeVaughn performs for the crowd

                                                                        Jamie Foster Brown                      Antonio “The Cuban Cigar Smoker” and
       Afternoon drive personality EZ Street
                                                                                                                  the Budweiser Select ambassadors

26      the frequency                                                                                …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                          R a d io O ne Stations

WKYS Live At Wizards Opener
93.9 WKYS broadcasted live from “The
Hill” with Angie Ange at the first home
game of the season on November 3rd for the
Washington Wizards at the Verizon Center
in DC. Gilert Arenas and Caron Butler of
the Wizards took on the Orlando Majic. n

Majic 102.3 Funky Halloween Jam Chaka Khan Listening Party
                                                                                    Majic 102.3 brought Chaka Khan to H2O
Majic 102.3 hosted a funky good time                                                Restaurant and Lounge for a listening party
                                                                      Origional     for her latest release “Funk This”. Majic held a
with the Funky Halloween Jam featuring                              band member,
WAR and George Clinton & Parliment                                                  Chaka Khan look-a-like contest and the win-
                                                                    Lonnie Jordan
Funkadelic at Constitution Hall on Hal-                                of WAR       ner received $102 in instant cash. The entire
loween Night. Listeners were asked to ar-                                           Majic staff was on hand for the event. n
rive in costume and we awarded $1023.00
to the best costume of the night. n

                                                                                                        Chaka Khan

                                                   George Clinton

                                                                                     Luther Clark, KB, Michelle Martin, Pork Chop,
                                                                                     Chaka Khan, April Watts, Ron Thompson, Mike
                                                                                                  Chase, Chris Harris

              Listeners in costume.

    Radio One 20 year veteran Andre Tillman
   (as Jimi Hendrix) and friends enjoy the show.
                                                                                           Chaka Khan and Alvin John Waples

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                    DECEMBER 2007               27
 Rad i o O n e S t a t i o n s
     Radio One Charlotte Happenings
                                                     2nd Annual Angels In Pink Luncheon
                                                     Praise 100.9FM held it’s 2nd Annual Angels
                                                     In Pink Luncheon. The Praise 100.9fm Angels
                                                     In Pink Luncheon was held at CN Jenkins
 Weekend of Hope                                     Presbyterian Church and honors Breast
                                                     Cancer Survivors. This year’s program was
 Praise 100.9FM’S Weekend of Hope was held           hosted by midday personality Tonya Rivens.
 to support Charlotte’s homeless children. In        Guests were treated to music from Jonathan
 partnership with 4 churches, Praise 100.9FM         Rose, saxophonist and Praise 100.9FM’s
 spent a week collecting items needed for            own, AC Stowe. Anointed Flow & Dance
 homeless children staying at The Salvation          also performed. Ladies were treated to lunch        Praise 100.9 gives back to Breast Cancer Survivors
 Army and participating in A Child’s Place           courtesy of the church and gift bags including               @ The Angels in Pink Luncheon.
 program. Praise 100.9FM held a live broad-          breast cancer awareness items. n
 cast with midday personality Tonya Rivens for
 the final push of collections! On the following
 Monday, Praise 100.9FM and Tonya Rivens
                                                                                Donnie McClurkin
                                                                               stopped by to say hi to
                                                                                                         The Cadillac Jazz Series
 gave 60 children, ages 5-11 years old, a party at                            Praise 100.9’s AC, on is   Q92.7FM presents The Cadillac Jazz Series
 Chuckee Cheese. The Salvation Army and A                                      way to the “Order my      at The Jazz Cafe - Throughout September
 Child’s Place provided transportation. n                                      Steps Conference” w/      and October, all concerts at the Jazz Cafe
                                                                               Bishop John Francis.      were a part of The Cadillac Jazz Series.
                                                                                                         Q92.7 hosted VIP receptions inclusive of the
                                                                                                         red carpets, champagne, roses for the ladies,
                                                                                                         and prizes. The concerts featured a variety of
                                                                                                         artists including, Nick Collion, Alex Bugon,
                                                                                                         Ken Ford and Maria Howell. n

 Sophisticated Saturdays                               Stains and
                                                      Percy Reeves
 – Old School Edition –                              stopped by talk
                                                     about her latest
 Once a month, Radio One Charlotte Q92.7               project with
 has turned it’s live Saturday night broadcast        Praise 100.9’s
                                                     Tonya Rivens.
 into “Sophisticated Saturdays: The Old School
 Edition,” featuring popular dj’s and artists
 like DJ Kool, Doug E. Fresh, Cut Creator,
 Biz Markie and turntable legend Grand-
 master Flash. n                                                                                                Alex Bugon & Q 92.7’s Jaye Delai.
                                                     Pat Cannon hosts
                                                     “Aiming with Cannon”
                                                     in Charlotte
                                                     Radio One Charlotte, WQNC/Q92.7, wel-
                                                     comed Charlotte’s own, Pat Cannon to the
                                                     Charlotte airwaves as host of the Public Af-          Alex Bugon & Q92.7’s Cadillac Jazz Series.
                                                     fairs show, “Aiming with Cannon.” This is not
                                                     the “typical” public affairs show! Pat Cannon’s
                                                     unique vision allows
 Sophisticated Saturday’s Old School Edition with    him the opportunity to
                  Doug E. Fresh.                     introduce topics with
                                                     perspectives from com-
                                                     pelling guests as he
                                                     asks tough questions
                                                     and seeks solutions. Pat                                Nick Collion and The Cadillac Jazz Series.
                                                     Cannon is no stranger
                                                     to the Charlotte com-
                                                     munity. He served on
                                                     the Charlotte City
                                                     Council for 13 years             Pat Cannon
                                                     and also served as
                                                     Charlotte’s Mayor Pro-Tem. In his position,
     Cut Creator and Sophisticated Saturday’s        he had the opportunity to focus on his pri-
               Ole School Edition.                   mary goal… serving the community! n                  Q92.7’s Jaye Delai @ The Cadillac Jazz Series.

28      the frequency                                                                               …keeping you tuned in & informed
 Rad i o O n e S t a t i o n s
      Radio One Atlanta Happenings
                                                 Jay Z Album Release Party in ATL
                                                Hot 107.9 was excited to promote the Jay Z          early to insure they were able to get in. Jay
 Hot 107.9 is tailgating!!                      Album Release Party at the Velvet Room.
                                                This was the first stop in his tour and the club
                                                                                                    Z finally arrived and made his fans extremely
                                                                                                    happy with a performance before he jetted
 Every Falcons home game, Hot 107.9 is tak- was filled to capacity. Listeners stood in lines        out of the club. n
 ing over the block with their tailgate party
 complete with music, prizes and of course
 FREE food courtesy of Chef Ago Go. Lis-
 teners also get the chance to win VIP game
 tickets, gas cards and other prizes. The block
 stays Hot with Hot 107.9’s tailgates!! n

     Hot DJ’s spinning out of the vehicle

                                                                                                                           Yolanda Adams and the
                                                 SPELMAN COLLEGE PLAYS                                                     Praise Team
                                                 HOST TO YOLANDA ADAMS
                                                 The Yolanda Adams Morning Show broad-
                                                 casted LIVE from Spelman College. The
                                                 broadcast was held at Spelman’s Sisters Chapel
                                                 and was a completely packed house all morn-
                                                 ing. Listeners enjoyed live performances by
         Listeners doing the Cupid Shuffle
                                                 Canton Jones, Byron Cage, the Anointed
                                                 Pace Sisters, Deitrick Haddon and others.
                                                 One lucky winner walked away $975 richer! n              Yolanda Adams and Brother Larry Jones

                                                                      Taste of Atlanta                          Thursday Night Live
                                                                      WJZZ was front and center at the          Each and every Thursday, Smooth
 Cadillac Jazz Lounge in ATL                                          Taste of Atlanta held at Atlantic Sta-    Jazz 107.5’s Dave Kosh is live
 Smooth Jazz 107.5 FM hits a high note with the Cadillac Jazz         tion. This two day festival featured      from Sambucas, a local hip jazz
 Lounge. The only market pinned to create two major stand             more than 70 of Atlanta’s best res-       club. Each Thursday a different
 alone events for GM/Cadillac, Atlanta’s Smooth Jazz 107.5            taurants, live entertainment, cook-       artist is featured and performs to
 FM took the brand to a new level achieving two sold out events       ing demonstrations and wine tasting.      a sold out venue. Jazz enthusiasts
 in a matter of days. With hip-hop, country and pop music             WJZZ listeners were invited to chill in   line up early for table seating and
 dominating the industry, it’s a rarity to have a jazz event sell-    the WJZZ Lounge and win prizes. n         the chance to win prizes. n
 out in record numbers in 2007. How’d they do it? With a well
 strategized plan and a collective
 effort under the direction of the
 new Promotions Manger, Joni
 Hawkins, the PD, Dave Kosh,
 the GSM, Christine Duff and
 the AE, Vickie Hall.
     This team was able to pull off
 what the GM Regional Account
 Director, Gregory Dixon referred GM Regional Account Director,
 to as, “The Cadillac Jazz Lounge Gregory Dixon, Euge Groove,
 template for all other markets Bob Miller of Martin Jay Retail
                                        Group and Ron Gutierrez,
 to follow.” n                          GM District Sales Manager        WJZZ Taste Of Atlanta Lounge.              WJZZ Sambucas Performers

30      the frequency                                                                          …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                                        R a d io O ne Stations
WHTA Campus Tours WAMJ Masquerade Ball Howard Hewitt Stops
Hot 107.9’s A-Team Morning show went
back to school with their annual Campus
                                                   WAMJ Grown Folks Radio the New 102.5
                                                   held their 2nd Annual Masquerade Ball at
                                                                                                   by Family Dollar
Tours. Every Friday during the month of Oc-        Taboo Nightclub with LIVE performances          Family Dollar turned out to be more than
tober, they hosted a live broadcast from a local   by Donnell Jones, Whodini and music by          your typical remote when Howard Hewitt
college. Students were invited to join them in     DJ Red Alert. The Grown Folks of Atlanta        came by to show his support. Hewitt and
the student center to interact with them, win      stepped out in their best costumes for their    102.5’s The Magic Man interacted with
free giveaways and meet and greet special in-      chance to win cash prizes. The crowd also       the crowd, signed autographs and took pic-
vited guests. This year’s guests included Kandi    enjoyed comedy relief with a stand up rou-      tures. Listeners who attended this remote
from Xscape, Rasheeda, the cast from Tyler         tine by 102.5’s own Cadillac Kimberly. It       got more out of their “dollar” than they bar-
Perry’s stage play Gossip, Lies and Secrets and    was all hosted by Si Man Baaby!! n              gained for!! n
local comedians. n

                                                            DJ Red Alert on the 1’s and 2’s

                                                                                                         The Magic Man and Howard Hewitt

          WHTA Campus Tour students

                                                            Si Man Baaby (2nd from left)
                                                            Cadillac Kimberly on the end

   WHTA Campus Tours Griff And Rashan Ali.
                                                                                                         The Magic Man And Howard Hewitt
                                                           Program Director Derek Harper                     Playing Games With Listeners
                                                               and Cadillac Kim host

                                                   WOMEN ON FIRE
                                                   TO BE INSPIRED!!
                                                   WPZE, Praise 97.5 promoted “Women on
                                                   Fire to be Inspired”, an empowerment semi-
                                                   nar for women seeking spiritual growth
                                                   and development. The event, held at a lo-
                                                   cal hotel, featured motivational speakers
                                                   including Radio One’s own Coriya Burns
                                                   who delivered an uplifting message. The                 The Ladies enjoying the speakers
      A Team Morning Show and Rasheeda             women were also treated to lunch and door
                                                   prizes. Praise 97.5’s Promotions Manager,
                                                   Cie Cie Wilson was the brainchild behind
                                                   this event and with as much success as the
                                                   event had, you can bet that the next event is
                                                   already in the planning stages. n
                                                                                                            Radio One’s Coriya Burns

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                                   DECEMBER 2007              31

                    RADIO ONE ANGEL SPOTLIGHT - P. Ann Everson-Price
Radio One Raliegh

                                               P. Ann Everson-Price celebrated            cup of inspiration as Gospel Diva on
                                               over 24 years in broadcasting in           Sundays, 8-12 noon, on 100.3FM,
                                               September, 2007. She serves as             WMOJ and streaming at
                                               the radio host of Gospel’s Best               P. Ann has many balls in the air. Her
                                               in Cincinnati, 100.3 FM                e   work titles include actress, entertainer,
                                               New MOJO.                                  motivational speaker, life coach, radio/
                                                  She recalls: “ ey were implementing     tv personality, evangelist, and personal
                                               a new mid-day gospel format on an AM       vocal coach. She has traveled the
                                               R & B station. My girl friend called       world as an actress and received both
                                               me and told me about the position.         an Image Maker and a YMCA Black
                                               I made a bet that no one would hire        Achiever award. Somehow P.Ann still
                                               a radio host with no broadcasting          manages to give back mentoring over
                                               experience or training. I lost the bet!!   70 young people on a weekly basis.
                                                  Since then P.Ann has been blessed          Her testimony is that, “God has,
                                               to do morning drive, and mid-day on        and continues to bless my life!”
                                               Cincinnati’s #1 Urban station, on the         Visit her website:
                                               secular side. She served as weekend
                                               host on a 100,000 watt Contemporary
                                               Christian station AND presently she
                                               can be heard serving up a big warm

              Yolanda Adams Holiday Release –
                   What a Wonderful Time
      Ever since her late-`80s debut Just As I Am,
      Yolanda Adams has triumphantly carried the torch
      for contemporary gospel and inspirational music via
      12 glorious albums.
         Now in 2007, Yolanda Adams is making a major
      transition to Columbia Records, a powerhouse
      recording company with history dating back a
      century. Yolanda chose to begin her relationship
      at Columbia with a holiday album. e result is
      What a Wonderful Time, a 10-song follow-up to the
      superstar’s Christmas with Yolanda Adams from
      the year 2000. Her heart-warming new project
      features five eclectically arranged holiday standards,
      including a rapturous take on “My Favorite ings”
      produced by Michael J. Powell (Anita Baker), a
      joyous reworking of the Motown holiday classic
      “Give Love on Christmas Day” (on which Yolanda
      does her best to match young Michael Jackson’s
      original performance), a swingin’ version of “Jingle
      Bells” that would do Duke Ellington proud, and
      truly evocative versions of the ever-vivid “Do You
      Hear What I Hear” and “Little Drummer Boy.”
      Most exciting are the five original pieces that bring
      both effervescent and urgent messages for the season
      and for always.

 32          the frequency                                                           …keeping you tuned in & informed
      Jeff Majors Shares His Music Ministry with
         Los Angeles at V100’s Taste of Soul
     V100 and the Los Angeles
 Sentinel shut the historic Crenshaw
 Blvd down for one of the largest
 block parties the cities ever seen,
 with over 75,000 beautiful black folks
 eating and walking the famous Blvd.
 Peace and love was all around and
 Jeff Majors shared his music ministry
 with the crowd from the main stage.
 As he made melodies to heaven with
 his harp and the Scared Voices the
 crowd responded with praise and
                                                                             on October 14, as part of Jeff ’s
 lifted hands.
                                                                             Homeless Tour outreach. ( e men’s
                                                                             Rehabilitation Home has a choir that
                                                                             performed at Taste of Soul Gospel
                                               e next day Jeff Majors, KRBV- Stage.) Jeff spent the morning sharing
                                          V100 Los Angeles and Cover the with the Men of the Rehabilitation
                                          Children Ministry joined forces to home words of hope and strength.
                                          bring clothes and encouragement      ere are over 90,000 homeless
                                          to Right Road Recovery-Men’s       people in the city Los Angeles.
                                          Rehabilitation Home in Los Angeles

     Jeff Majors Performs At Piney Woods School
 Jeff Majors performs at
 the Piney Woods School
 99th Anniversary and
 Founders       Weekend
 Celebration. e Piney
 Wood School is one of
 only four historically
 black boarding schools in
 the country. e activity-
 filled weekend included
 a Laurence C. Jones
 Basketball Classic, a
 Gospel Fest and alumni

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                           DECEMBER 2007       33
                                                                                                              R a d io One Stations
 Radio One Cincinnati Happenings
 Simone Party Can I??…                                                                                 Wiz Tailgating/House Parties
                                                                                                       WIZF hit the streets of the Nati to find the
 Celebrity Awareness Weekend                                                                           biggest Bengals fans. During home games,
                                                                                                       the WIZ crew invaded downtown and
 Cincinnati’s #1 rated midday personality, Simone                                                      dropped in on tailgaters.
 Party of 101.1 The Wiz, hosted her First An-                                                             For the away games, listeners logged on
 nual Simone Party Can I ??...Celebrity Awareness                                                      to to invite the WIZ crew to
 Weekend. The star-studded weekend was designed                                                        their Bengals House Parties. n
 to educate and bring awareness to the seriousness of domestic violence, while raising money for
 the Greater Cincinnati Battered Shelter for Women & Children. R&B artists Lil Mo’ and
 Trey Songz along with Gospel artist Dave Hollister and Cincinnati Bengals running back
 Rudi Johnson all took part in this worthwhile weekend. n

                                                                                                              Eddie Bauer (PD) and WIZ listeners
   Simone Party, Robert         Eddie Bauer, Simone Party, sponsors and         Mo & Simone
 Hatcher and Lil Mo at Adult   the YWCA Battered Women and Children
           Skate                  Shelter - check presentation of $5,000

                                                                                                              Don Juan Fasho (Evening Jock) and
                                                                                                              entire family at Bengals House Party

                                                                                                       Mojo Anniversary Party Photos
      Simone Party with        Trey Songz and          Simone Party at           Trey Songz            Mojo 100.3 celebrated its 1st Anniversary Cele-
     Theresa Stevenson of       Simone Party         the Black Diamond                                 bration in grand style with A Night of Royalty”.
       Luster Products                               Affair fundraiser at                                 Performances included: African Dance En-
     - plaque presentation                               Rhino’s Live
                                                                                                       semble, 2nd Wind (local R&B band), Robert
                                                                                                       Hatcher (America’s Got Talent Finalist) and
 Wiz Soulja Boy Dance Off                                                                              Marvin Dixon (BET Comic View). n
 WIZF hosted the Soulja Boy Dance Off at the
 US Bank Arena Box Office the morning of the
 on sale for the Up Close and Personal Tour. n
                                                   Buzz Anniversary Party Photos
                                                   WDBZ, 1230 AM the BUZZ celebrated its 7th
                                                   Anniversary with The Red Carpet Event. n

                                                      Buzz anniversary staff photo – Lisa Thal (GM),
                                                          Shane Thornton (Asst. Business Mgr),
                                                       Sharon McCormick (GSM), Raye Kimberlin
                                                   (Marketing/Promotions Director), Nyketa Gaffney      K. Renae, Alicia Shipe, Tomeka Kullum, Danielle
                                                    (Promotions), Joe Prus (LSM) and Tomeka Kullum                Thompson, Nyketa Gaffney

34        the frequency                                                                          …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                                          R a d io O ne Stations
 Radio One Richmond Happenings
American Gangster Party
              Radio One Richmond WCDX Power 92.1 Jamz held an American Gangster Party on
              Halloween night following the premiere the night before. n

 Domestic Violence Radio-Thon                                                                        Stuff Russ/Pack Pods” Food Drive
                                                                                                     Richmond stations Praise 104.7, Power 92.1
                                                                                                     JAMZ and Kiss 99.3/105.7FM participated
                                            Radio One Richmond helped ensure that victims of         in “Stuff Russ/Pack Pods” Food Drive. The
                                            domestic violence are able to receive services by us-    event held at Walmart garnered enough food
                                            ing all three stations and teaming up with Rubicon,      to feed 3,000 families in Central Virginia
                                            Inc. & the Family Advocacy Clinics, Inc. All three       with the Giving Heart Foundation. n
                                            Richmond FM Stations conducted a 12 hour Radio-
                                            Thon to appeal to over 250,000 listeners to make their
                                            pledges. All pledges $20.00 and over, received a song
                                            request played on any station. This event was a huge
                                            success with close to $20,000 dollars received. n

   Richmond Staff works the
   phones at the radio-thon

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                                   DECEMBER 2007            35
 Rad i o O n e S t a t i o n s
     R a d i o O n e Ind ia n a H a p p e ni ngs
 Radio One Indiana 4 on 4 Flag Football Tournament 2007
 Forty Teams Participated in First Annual
 Radio One Indiana 4 on 4 Flag Football                                     (Lto R) The Radio One Indi-
                                                                             ana 4 on 4 Football Team Æ
 Tournament. WHHH-FM HOT 96.3 and                                                  Matt “Smitty” Smith,
 106.7 WTLC-FM along with Champs                                                        Shannon Joseph,
 Sports Presented the “Let it Fly: 4 on 4 Flag                                         Tony Lamont and
 Football Tour.”                                                                          David Owens
     Entering its 13th year, Let It Fly annually
 attracts over 40,000 players across the nation
 and offers divisions for all ages and abili-
 ties. Teams register in one of four categories
 – Top Gun, Competitive, Recreational and
 Couch Potato – with divisions for male, fe-
 male, co-ed and youth teams. Every player
 receives a T-shirt and each team is guaran-
 teed 3 games. n

  (L to R) April Kyser and Alisa Inez Cheer on the
           Radio One Flag Football Team

 10th Annual Radio One
                                                                                                   L to R
 & Mozel Sanders                                                                   David Woods, Matt Smith, Alisa Inez,
 Foundation Radiothon                                                            Kay Feeney-Caito, April Kyser, Anna Fraser,
                                                                                     David Owens and Shannon Joseph
     The stations of Radio One Indiana -
 106.7 WTLC-FM, WHHH-FM Hot 96.3,
 AM1310 The Light and the Mozel Sanders
 Foundation held the 10th Annual Broadcast
 Radiothon. In addition to the live broadcasts,
                                                     Indy’s R&B Leader 106.7 Presented Jeff Golub
 those attending the radiothon enjoyed prize         for Listeners only with Free “Taste of Jazz Concert”
 giveaways and the opportunity to donate to          Indy’s R&B Leader 106.7 presented Jazz recording artist Jeff Golub for the “After Work Jam
 a worthy cause.                                     Session” at the Music Mill. This was the first TLC ”Taste of Jazz” Concert. Listeners won
      NFL Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay         tickets to the FREE Concert by listening to 106.7FM. n
 donated $15,000 to the annual Fundraiser. A to-
 tal of $37,000 was raised in total from Listener
 donations and from the Indianapolis Colts. n

                                                        Managing the Autograph area are Radio One           (L to R) Jazz superstar, Jeff Golub, Radio One
       Radio One Indiana Assistant Engineer             Indiana Matt Smith and Radio One Indiana          Indiana Promotions Kay Feeney-Caito, and Golub
      Jeanette Rhodes checks the phone lines to            Business Department, Sandra Tresselt           percussionist Roger Squitero celebrate the Listeners!
          take Listener call in donations

36      the frequency                                                                               …keeping you tuned in & informed
                                                                                                  R a d io O ne Stations
 Radio One Los Angeles Happenings
V100 FM Makes History with 2nd Annual Taste of Soul
                                                                                                            V100 Taste of Soul
                                                                                                            Makes History.

    Bobby Brown Performs At Taste of Soul.

KRBV FM made history with its 2nd Annual
V100 Taste of Soul. The all day food and music
community festival was “the largest gather-
ing of African American’s in the history of
Los Angeles” according to Councilman Ber-
nard Parks. Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio
Villaraigosa, stated that “over 100,000 peo-
ple came out to support Taste of Soul”. V100
partnered with The Los Angeles Sentinel to
present the event which featured V100’s On
- Air Talent including Michael Baisden,
headlining performances from Angie Stone
and Bobby Brown, a Gospel Stage, a cooking
stage showcasing TV One’s G. Garvin, and
over 150 festival vendors. n

                                      (L to R) Bo Taylor, Barry Mayo,
                                              Steve Candullo,
                                         Councilman Herb Wesson,
                                        Danny Bakewell Sr, Kevin

      Radio One Columbus Happenings
WCKX Columbus Hoop It up Jam Slam ‘07

                                                               Andrea Williams and Misty Jordan   OSU Taligate Party. The Power Morning
                                                                     at Single In The City.          Crew (Paul, Misty, and Konata)
                                                                                                          “Chillin At The Grill.”

A VENTURE MEDIA GROUP PRODUCTION                                                                           DECEMBER 2007              37
  Ra d i o O n e St at i ons
                    Radio One Dallas Happenings

       Ebony & Dlyte with Yung Jeezy.              Radio One Dallas Ebony & Dlyte with Twista.           Radio One Dallas Ebony & Dlyte with 3Deep.

                                                                                                 Michael Baisden with
                                                                                                   Radio Personality/
                                                                                                  Model “Jazzy” from
                                                                                                 94.5 KSOUL’s sister
    (R-L) Radio Personality of 94.5                                                              station 97.9 The Beat
   KSOULGreg Reaves, D’Lyte from                                                                  - Radio One Dallas
    KSOUL’s sister station 97.9 The
  Beat/Promotions Coordinator, Lisa
 Leslie WNBA Player, Stephanie Nash,
  Promotions Coordinator Radio One
  Dallas, Tanesha Hollingshed Radio
 One Dallas Business Manager, Lynne
 Haze & Tony B Radio Personalities at
 94.5 KSOUL at Michael Baisden Live
          in Dallas back stage.

                                               Singer Raheem Devaughn performing live at the
                                                 Michael Baisden Live Tour that Hit Dallas.        (from left to right) Radio Personalities of 94.5 KSOUL
                                                                                                  Tony B, Michael Baisden, Lynne Haze and Greg Reaves.

     Trapstarz with DJ Big Bink.         Lynne Haze with      Rickey Smiley          Wyclef with Gary     Ebony Steele    Rudyv, 94.5ksoul MD, Raheem,
                                        Raheem Devaughn.       with Wyclef.           of the RSMS.        with Wyclef .     John Candy, PD 94.5 with
                                                                                                                             Gloria Fitts, JiveRecords.

    Ashanti with      Ashanti and Taz,         T Pain and J Rule           DJ Smoove with          Judge Lynne Toler with the RSMS. Sistah Sondra with
 Head Crack of RSMS. producer of RSMS.           on the RSMS.             Raheem Devaughn.                                          Raheem Devaughn.

38      the frequency                                                                              …keeping you tuned in & informed

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