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					  Elements of the Short Story Introduction Using “The Most Dangerous

Give overhead notes on Elements of the Short Story. Use handout so
students will have graphic organizer. Explain each term as I give notes,
using some demonstrations such as the “roller coaster-toilet” game.

In pairs, students will
   1. Write a plot summary of “The Most Dangerous Game”
   2. Label the short story diagram with the proper Exposition, Rising
       Action/Conflicts/Complications, Climax, and Resolution
   3. Identify the rest of the terms found in “Most Dangerous Game.”

My job as the instructor was to constantly monitor each pair after giving
notes to make sure terms are truly understood. Every group had at least
one erroneously labeled term. Some groups tried to get away with doing
nothing so I had to put them to work. A handful of students were
generally confused, while others needed to be set on task every 3 minutes
or less.

EOC Terms Introduced in this lesson and will be covered in detail later:

Plot                                        Theme
Exposition                                  Character
Rising Action/Complications/Conflict        Setting
Climax                                      Tone
Resolution                                  Mood
Point of View