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Santhosh Joseph
GS E & C Corporation,
Green Diesel Project,
Ruwais, UAE
Phone: 00971 504196030
E-mail :

First class Degree holder in Che mical Engineering and have over 7+ years of experience in
oil & Gas,Refinery & Petrochemical related industry in the field of Pre-Commissioning,
Commissioning, Start-up,and Process operation activities as Commissioning & Process
Engineer.Well versed in the PID revision and PFD design and Engineering data for process.

Objective :
To develop my skills as an engineer in the competitive environment and to implement them

Educational Qualification:

    COURSE          INSTITUTE            UNIVERSITY YEAR            % Marks      CLASS
 BTech(Che mical Government
 Engineering)    Engineering               CALICUT         2003        68.1      FIRST
                 St.Peters senior
      10 + 2     Secondary school            C.B.S.E      1998         70.2      FIRST
                 St.Peters senior
        10       Secondary school            C.B.S.E      1996         78.8      FIRST

Seminar : Ocean Thermal Energy Conservation.
Presented this paper in the paper presentation contest held at Govt. Engineering
College,Thrissur,on Initiatives for energy conservation organized jointly by Energy
Conservation Society, Thrissur Chapter and Petroleum Conservation Research Association
on 28th September 2002.

Project Work : Modification of Air Pre Heater system for heat recovery at Kochi
Refineries Ltd (KRL), Kerala.
Air Pre System includes Cast Module and Glass Module( regenerators).In KRL, the ID fan in
the Air Pre Heater system was getting corroded frequently due to cold end corrosion, which
was rectified by making re-arrangement in the plant lay out, thus providing a substantial

Company :GS Engineering & Construction Corporation, South Korea.
Client : Takreer, Ruwais Refinery Division, Green Diesel Project.
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Year: July 2010 to Date.
Designation: Commissioning Process Engineer.

Scope of Work: Pre-Commissioning and start-up activities of the new process units in
Takreer, Ruwais Refinery Division.These comprise of a 35,000 BPSD Vacuum Unit, a
41,000 BPSD Mild Hydrocracker, a 44,000 BPSD Gas Oil Hydrotreater, a 100 TPD Sulphur
Recovery Unit, a 45 m³/hr Naphtha Stabilizing Unit, a 31,000 m³/hr Hydrogen Purification
facility, a 35 m³/hr Sour Water Stripper, a 150 m³/hr H2S Removal Unit and Revamping of
existing 15,000 BPSD Gas Oil Hydrotreater.

    Double-up with Documents and Operations department. Write- up and preparation of
     pre-commissioning, commissioning, Operational test and Start-up procedures for all
     the units.
    Coordinate Sub-contractor activities such as Chemical Cleaning and Passivation,
     Catalyst and media loading into corresponding vessels.
    Coordinate Heater Dry-Out and subsequent inspections with the corresponding
    Coordinate all related activities during the turn around period o f existing Gas Oil

Company: GS Engineering & Construction Corporation, South Korea.
Client: Natinal Iran Oil & Gas Company(NIOC),
Location: South Pars Gas Field Phase 9 & 10, Iran
Year: May 2008 to January 2010.
Designation: Commissioning Engineer.
Scope of work: In Iran, the company is engaged in the commissioning,start-up,stabilization
of the South Pars Gas Field,Phases 9 & 10 designed by TOTAL,France,and basic
endorsement & feed by FOSTER WHEELER,UK.Each phase have a capacity of 1000
MMSCFD of reservoir fluid.Each have a receiving facilities including slug catcher & HP
seperators where MEG & condensate separation takes place.Each phase have two identical
trains with capacity of 500 MMSCFD for gas treatment and ethane recove ry.Also both have
one NGL fractionation unit and one condensate stabilization unit.

Specific Duties:
 Well versed in the operation of Plants with the control system such as UCP for the vendor
  equipments, PLC, DCS-CS 3000.
 Preparing the Operational Test Procedure(OTP) for rotating equipment,emergency
  shutdown system(ESD),F&G detection(fire zone) & deluge system of phase 9&10.
 Preparing the schedule & execution plan for commissioning activities.
 Preparation of Work method statement and apply standard procedures in field.
 Execution of pre-commissioning activities such as air blowing,Flushing,tightness test,
  inerting,chemical cleaning and passivation,fuel gas charging and start-up operation of oil
  and gas field.
 Trouble shooting & remedies in operation,executing preventive measures and controlling
  the process criteria.Well versed in emergency shut down procedures of the plant
 Monitors processing production by operating DCS system of Yokogawa Centum CS 3000
  System; reviewing processing variables; observing control panels & alarms; analyzing
  operating logs; determining process stability; adj-usting and re-programming controls.
 Commissioning,start-up and operation experience of gas train units like Gas treating and
  Amine regeneration Unit,Dehydration and Mercury Guard Unit,Methane and Ethane
  recovery Unit,Propane refrigeration Unit,NGL fractionation unit,Slug catcher,Condensate
  stabilization unit,& SRU Claus Process Unit.
 Commissioning of Equipments like Boilers,Air Compressors, Nitrogen plant, Desalina tion
  packages,Polishing Packages,Cooling water refrigeration system and Effluent treatment
 Interacting with the field operators to prepare the system for commissioning and planning
  for start- up operation.
 Referring and updating all related vendor documents, logic diagram and other documents
  related to OTP procedure.
 Coordinating the commissioning activities of vendors and subcontractors.
 Operation and maintenance of running plant.

Company: Octaga Green Power & Sugar Co.Ltd.
Client: Alfa Laval (I) Ltd
Location: Mumbai, India.
Year: September 2007 to May 2008
Designation: Project & Commissioning Engineer.
Scope of Work: Erection , Pre-Commissioning ,Commissioning, Start- up of Alcohol Plant
of capacity 40,000 LPD.

Specific Duties:
These include Scheduling,write- up & preparation of pre-commissioning and commissioning
procedures,operational test procedures and its implementation in the field. Line flushing and
cleaning by air blowing,water flushing, steam blowing or chemical cleaning.System hydro
testing, Sytem dry out, Box- up, and Leak Testing. Preparation of punch list, functional test of
rotary equipments, external and internal inspection of columns and vessels, System start-up
and hand over notes.

All these achieved by bringing together a planned integrated system of manpower and
    A plan that allows individual systems to be progressively commissioned.
    A sequential commissioning procedure approved for all system and sub-systems.
      A plan without risk to the safety of the personnel or the environment,and minimal
       disruption to other facilities.
      Plan for the necessary permits or consents from authorities and auditable records.
      Plan for any necessary changes having been suitably authorized and recorded.
      Ensure commissioning spares and any temporary equipment required are available.
      Witnessing and counter-signing of critical activities within the commissioning
       process and procedure.

Company Profile
Company: Naser M.Al- Baddah & Partner General Trading and Contracting Co.W.L.L
Client : KOC, KNPC
Location: Kuwait.
Year: May 2006 to July 2007
Designation: Project Engineer.
Scope of work: Progress Monitoring,Co-ordination of Engineering , Procurement and site
Co-ordination for construction activities. Construction of crude storage tanks and crude
gathering center piping.

Specific Duties:
    Prepare Work Method Statement and apply standard procedure in the field.
    Daily piping status,punch list and job modification for records.
    Formal review of the systems and procedures in place prior to starting work.
    Ensure safe environmental practices.

Company: Sterling Auxiliaries Pvt.Ltd
Designation: Project Engineer.
Location: Mumbai, India.
Year: June 2003 to May 2006.
Scope of Work: Pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of chemical plant(
ethoxylates & propoxylates)expansion.Operation and Maintenance of existing Manufacturing

Specific Duties:
    Reviewing PFD, P&ID, Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) and Operational Test
    Preparing and updating process punch list and coordinating rectifications with the
    Commissioning of Reactors, Distillation column, ETP Plant and Utilities.
    Suggestion and implementation of better energy saving methods.

   1) Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Score, 2003 : 90.94 percentile.
   2) First class in National Mathe matics Olympiad Competition conducted by Delhi
      Association of Teachers.
Computer Proficiency:
Operating System/Language        : Ms Dos, Windows and C, AutoCad

Personnel Profile :
Date of Birth                    :17 / 03 / 1980
Age                              : 30 years
Sex                              : Male
Nationality                      : Indian
Marital Status                    : Married
Languages Known                  : English, Hindi, Malayalam

Other Relevant details:
        Possession of Indian Driving Licence for Light Motor vehicle.
        Passport details: No. E9298029, issued from Cochin, India and issued on 05/ 07/
        Possession of State of Kuwait four wheeler Driving Licence GCC valid up to 12/
         11/ 2016

Declaration :
I here by declare that the above information given by me is correct and true to the best of my

Place : UAE                                                                 Sincerely Yours,

Date :                                                                       Santhosh Joseph