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                                                                        detectors a sweet
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                                                                        to sugar        lines
                                                                         business dominatedby two major companies
                                            or what was                  in what is essentially virtual oligopoly.
                                            once a luxury        "I think we havea lot of guts to go up againstthem,"
                                            reserved for       saysProvenzano,     "but we believe there is room for a
                                      the rich and the         viable third alternative, and there'snothing wrong with
                                 \i                            a little competition ... is there?
                             *r.ia    Upper   ClaSSeS, Sugaf
                                         hasoverthe centuries    "We offer a high-quality refined sugarproduct that is
                                         evolved into        a fairly priced," Provenzanotold Canailian Packagingon
                                         remarkably universal  a recent visit to the Sweet Source plant, which upon
                                         food additive and key completion will house12production lines,with combined
                                         ingredient in most     carpacity pack over 300 meffic tonnesof sugarper day.
                                         standard  modern-age    "As long as we keep growing our market sharelike
                                         cuisines-not    only  we've been doing sinceour inception,"he asserts,"we  will
                                         for making desserts   continue to be a success   story-local boysmake good."
                                         and confectioneries     And it's been solid growth so far for the company,
 F'rcnl Mario Cedrone and Pat Proneruano
 are co-ovners of SweetSourcePacl<aging but
                                      a         for countless  which packages     about 30 per cent of its sugar-mostly
 packager refined s,,8'F basedinToronto.
                                          other food products  the finer, smallercrystal-typeof sugarthat Provenzano
requiring a tasty boost of Mother Nature's finest              saysthe competition often markets as a higher-end
sweetenerprocessed         from sugar cane,sugarbeatsand       product-under private-label banners,with the rest
other plant species.                                           usedto produce the company'sown flagshipbrand.
  And one could find just about any q/pe of sugar                With a growing customerbase includessuchmajor
there is-icing, yellow,brown, raw soon-to-be-released          retailers as Val-Mart Canada, Costco Vholesale
organic, fruit-powder, etc.-at the 54,000-square-              Canada, Loblaw Companies, Sysco Canada and
foot facility in northwest Toronto operatedby Sweqt            a long list of independent retailersacrossCanada,the
Source Packaging, a feisty,         privately-owned company    plant has become well-versed in the production of
with no Gar of competing in a marketplace           dominated  many different types of and sizesof packages serveto
by mass-scale      industry giants.                            its diverseclient base.
  "[t is a very competitiveindustry,"says Provenzano, For retail products,SweetSourcepackages
                                               Pat                                                     sugarunder
who runs the 4O-employeeplant's          day-to-dayoperations ig ovm brand in 500-gram stand-uppouchesand in the
alongwith business       partner Mario Cedrone."The sugar traditionaltwo-kilogram paperbags; while using2O-pound
                                                              A C1000inklet coder
                              $     Swe;r5oup.cE              from Domlno applieshlgh-
                                                              resolution, large-characcr
                                                              lot and date codesto all          existing packagingmachinery was in fact
                                                              dre packages sugar
                                                              leavingToronto facility.          purchased                Downer & Co.
                                                                                                           through Charles
                                                                                                Ltd., basedon the expert advice offered
                                                                                                by Downer staff, the high reliability and
                                                                                                performance the company's
                                                                                                              of              automated
                                                                                                equipment offerings, and superior
                                                                                                customerserviceand follow-up.
                                                                                                  Downer sales representative Dave
and 40-kilogram paper valve bags for its institutional                                          Pshebnicki  explains thelarge-aperture
clients. For private-label products, the company can                      Fortress Big Bag King metaJ.detection system-designed
produce anythingfrom tiny 3.5-gram sachets stick-    and                  specificdly for detecting metal particles in largerpackages
packsto four-kilo paper bagsand          10-kilo polyesterbags            of free-flowing products such assugar,flour, grain, spices,
with built-in carrying handles.      (Piaureabove)                        powders and food additives-utilizes the most advanced
  Before the sugar makes it to the packaging stage,                       digital signal processingtechnology developed to date to
however,                                          to
           there is still a fair bit of processing be done.                                           objects as small as 2.0-mm in
                                                                          easily detect stainless-steel
   "'We get all of our processedsugars from South                         50- to 100-poundbags ofdry goods.
Americasshipped us in one-metric-tonnetote bags,"                          "ln the world ofmetal detection,"explains Pshebnicki,
Provenzano    explains.   "At this point the sugaris solid as             "the larger the aperture, the less sensitiviry there is.
a rock, so it needsto be further processed         into a free-              "But thanks to ai specialized design, the Big Bag
flowing state."                                                           King is able to overcome this deficiency and provide
  After the bulk sugaris broken down, it is transferred                   very sensitive readings," Pshebnicki says,adding it can
to the awaiting packaginglines for bagging.                               also detect Grrous and non-ferrous metals as small as
  The plant'sbusy two- and four-kilo packaginglines                        1.5-mm, while its built-in noise reduction features
usehigh-precisionweighing and dispensing            equipment             significantly reduce any radio frequency interference
to fill all the bags with pre-determined weight, after                    that can result in false positive readings.
which the bags are securely sealed with an ITW                              "'What's really impressive about the Big Bag King is
Dynatec Dynamini gluer.                                                   that it is able to detect such small particles without the
  After that, the filled bags are conveyed past a the                     annoyance of any false positives."
D ornino C I 000 high-res      olution, large-charac inkj et
                                                      ter                   Provenzano concurs: "Despite                       being an up-and-
printer that usesPiezo technology to print barcodes,                                                          Sweet Source is
                                                                          comer in the sugarpackaging business,
text and graphics,even on porous substrates.                              not in the habit of giving away money.
  Once all the important lot code and packagingdate                          "That's why not having false positives is so important
information has been applied to the top of the each                       to us," he states. "It saves us both time and money,
package,they are transferredfor final quality control                     which are probably the most valuable commodities for
inspectionadministered one of six recently-installed
                              by                                          any well-run business."
Phantotn metal detection systerns-manufactured by                            "'We are very happy with our relationship with Dave
the Toronto-based     Fortress Technology Inc.-which                      Pshebnicki and Charles Downer & Co. Ltd. in general,"
Sweet Source purchased &om the Richmond Hill,                             Provenzano concludes. "Dave is a very knowledgeable
Ont.-based packaging equipment distributor Charles                        individual in the field of metal detection, and the
Downer & Co. Ltd. about four months ago.                                  follow-up service we have received from Dave has been
  According to Provenzano,most of the company's                           second to none."

                                R e p r i n t e d i n C a n a d a w i t h p e r s m i s s i o n f r o m C a n a d i a n P a c k a g i n g ,M a r c h 2 0 0 9 @

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