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Have you, your family or your friends ever
searched in different department stores or handbag
stores to find a bag you like? Even though after a
hard searching, you still can not find “your bag”
due to various reasons, for example, the price is
beyond your budget, or the color of bag is not the
one you require, or the style is not your favorite.
All these problems annoying you will be solved by
a company which we will introduce later on.
IBC-International Bag Corporation is a young and
successful handbag chain-store retailer in United
States. Their concept is to collect unique handbags
from designers around the world except top brands
like LV, Prada offered in a store. It is just like a
one-stop shop for women, providing most
fashionable and trendy handbags with wide
selection, plenty choices of color, different price
and quality. And you can experience good service
and trend here.
• The excellent team in IBC, consist of experienced
  professionals from retail, handbag and fashion
  industries, has created this brand new retail
  concept of IBC and strive for success with their
  expertise and experience

• We have to believe that IBC is to be the leader in
  handbag market with the creative marketing
  concept and excellent team.
Now, We will introduce IBC in detail for
you to deeper your understanding on their
business concept and fortify your
confidence on IBC.
IBC | International Bag Corporation
            Q3 2006
Women today are turning away from traditional
handbag brands in search of unique designers
that will give then a fresh new look.

IBC | International Bag Corporation offers
the unique handbag designs sought by
contemporary women.
What We Do

   STATUS stores is the first chain of retail stores to
   exclusively offer a large selection of unique handbags
   to contemporary women.

   IBC Design provides outsourced handbag design,
   manufacturing and distribution services to small-to-
   medium sized handbag designers.
STATUS is the first chain of retail handbag stores in America.
The key differentiators for STATUS are:

                                 Feminine Environment
                                    • Pink Color Theme
                                    • Flowers / Scent Machines
                                    • Easy Listening Music

                                 Merchandise / Selection
                                   • Large Selection of Unique Bags
                                       • Designer
                                       • Private Label

                                 Exceptional Customer Service
                                    • Customer Intimacy
                                    • Product Knowledge

                                 Proven Retail Concept!
STATUS Brand & Identity
IBC conducts extensive brand and identity research to gain an
intimate understanding of our retail customers.
                                        Status Brand Identity Map – Version 1.5
                           Brand Archetype                Organization Brand Name               Organizational Values

                                                                                          • Sense of style, beauty, fashion
                 Lover / Creator                                                          • The best

                      Target Audience                       Positioning Statement                  Category Descriptor
          • Women, 18-45                                                                  A Handbag Specialty Store
                                                     Status, a handbag specialty
          • Average to above average
                                                     store, stands for the most &               Cultural Archetype: Code
                                                     best handbag choices.
          • Value conscious                                                                Look “better” for a reasonable price.

               Primary Feature & Purchase Factor            Reptilian Hot Button                Limbic Hot Button
                  The most & best                        Status. Special. Shopping
                                                                                        Fashionable. Complete. Put together.
                                                         buzz. Instant gratification.
                  handbag choices

      Tangible Benef its                              She Feels:
  •   Cute & trendy products                       • Happy, pleased,
  •   Unique products no one else has                joyful, excited
  •   High-quality handbags that will last         • Complete
  •   Quality at a reasonable price                • Well-dressed
  •   Save time - don‟t have to go to a lot        • Put together
      of stores                                    • Smart
STATUS Merchandising
Our unique merchandising strategy yields more purchases per
visit and brings the customers back to the stores more often.

                        90-Day Trend Cycles

                  Bags Endorsed By Celebrities

           As Seen In Fashion Magazines

                Designer & Private Label Bags

            Refresh Store Inventory Every 30 Days
STATUS at the Third Street Promenade
IBC | International Bag Corporation is poised to open its flagship
store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.
The flagship STATUS store on the Third Street Promenade
in Santa Monica,CA will be a 2,000 square foot storefront
based on the successful concept of previous STATUS stores
in Saint Louis, MO. The stores will feature the largest
selection of unique handbags from designers around the
world as seen in fashion magazines and toted by celebrities.
IBC anticipates selling over 25,ooo handbags a year in the
Santa Monica STATUS store generating gross revenues in
excess of $1M a year.

                                                  Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA
                                                  The Third Street Promenade is a vibrant lifestyle
                                                  shopping center in Santa Monica, a town on the Pacific
                                                  Ocean just west of Los Angeles, CA. It is the shopping,
                                                  dining and entertainment destination of choice for local
                                                  Santa Monica residents, people from the greater Los
                                                  Angeles area and tourists from around the world. The
                                                  Promenade hosts many leading fashion brands such as
                                                  Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani, J Crew, United Colors of
                                                  Benetton, Victoria's Secret and Zara.
IBC Design
IBC Design provides outsourced handbag design,
manufacturing and distribution services to small-to-medium
sized handbag designers.
Our complete suite of designer services enable IBC customers to reduce operating
costs and get their product to market faster.
The IBC global network of reputable factories deliver high quality bags, at a fair
price, on-time.
A network of over 10,000 retail distribution points in North America that enables
designers to increase sales with minimal investment.
IBC has developed proprietary technology that creates efficiencies by connecting
designers, manufacturing and retail points of distribution.
A one-of-a-kind new retail concept that brings unique handbag designers to
contemporary consumers.
Market & Opportunity
• Women are turning away from traditional handbag brands and are seeking new,
unique handbag designers.
• The US market for handbags was $6B USD in 2005.
• The US handbag market is growing at +20% a year.
• Small-to-medium sized designers represent 75% of the handbag market.
• According to the WSJ, women are seeking unique handbags in the $400 - $700
price range.

• Small-to-medium sized handbag designers are resource constrained and are
seeking outsourced design, manufacturing and distribution services.
• Finding unique handbags is a challenge as it requires visiting multiple retail
stores to locate the perfect bag. Women are seeking a one-stop-shop for their
handbag needs.
• Currently there is no clear market leader in the handbag industry.
IBC Mission
IBC’s mission is to consolidate the highly fragmented
$6 billion a year (and growing at 20%) handbag industry.
IBC seeks to become the leading specialty retailer of women’s handbags through
its STATUS stores. Complementing its retail business is the IBC Design business
with the goal of becoming the leading provider of outsourced handbag design,
manufacturing and distribution services (including STATUS stores).

The handbag market today is composed of three highly fragmented, disconnected
and inefficient elements: design, manufacturing and distribution.

IBC | International Bag Corporation is pioneering a completely new retail business
model based on the creation of networks in order to leverage the outputs of the
three critical industry elements: design, manufacturing and distribution. Each
network is connected by IBC’s proprietary technology platform and thereby
creates efficiencies in the market. The efficiencies created by IBC yield greater
profits for IBC, its partners and its customers (including STATUS stores).

IBC’s goal is to acquire 500 IBC Design customers and open 100 retail stores by 2010.
IBC Competition
Currently there is no consolidator and no clear market leader
handbag industry.
IBC History

IBC has opened and operated three STATUS concept stores in the Saint
Louis, MO area and all of them were closed. One was in the Westfield
Chesterfield mall and two were in the Saint Louis Galleria. The first
store, a kiosk, was supposed to be a four day proof of concept. The
second store we used to test our ideas while we were developing our
brand and identity. We realized we missed the mark on this
store: location, concept and merchandising. The third store was a
tremendous success. We closed it for two reasons 1) a decision to move
operation and expand from LA and 2) a national tenant took our space .
We plan to open our flagship store in Santa Monica, CA in Q1/07. IBC
Design opened Q2/06.
                          STATUS Westfield               IBC Design
Founded March 2005
                          Q3/05                          Q2/06

           Q2/05                        Q4/05                         Q1/07
          STATUS Kiosks                STATUS Galleria                STATUS LA
Now this company with completely new retail
concept: IBC/International Bag Corporation
comes to China. They have three goals:
• find reliable manufacturer for ladies’
  hang bags in different levels.

• Seek for co-partners/investors

• Seek for domestic retailer who has build
  up a retail network in China
   Advantages of investing IBC

If you are a handbag manufacturer, you will have
a opportunity to collaborate with excellent foreign
company in long term. After joining IBC, you will
obtain OEM orders from foreign high-class
handbag brands to increase profit of your factory.
Meanwhile, it is also a good chance to promote
your own brand/ products to overseas and explore
overseas market through IBC, a platform for you.
From the point of investing, there’s some risk to
invest this start-up company. But it has great
potential in this market, with a brilliant team after
this young company, who did a lots of serious
market research and test in a earlier stage to prove
the feasibility of their concept. This company will
grow to a leader in this market to bring high
return on your investment.
The new retail concept of IBC has a big
possibility in Chinese market as well. IBC is
eager to find steadfast retailers in China and
cooperate with them to take more market
share, being the market leader based on
established network.
Jonathan C. Miller
 Jonathan Miller is a passionate team player that delivers results. Jonathan have
started companies, served as an officer of corporations and lead product
management, engineering, marketing and sales teams. He is an effective strategist
and hands-on executer. His broad experience spans the globe including the United
States, Europe and Asia.

Working Experience
Sino American Ventures                                           04/2005 – Present
 San Francisco, Singapore, Shanghai
 Sino American Ventures in focused on business opportunities between Asia and
America. With offices in San Francisco, Singapore and Shanghai Sino American
Ventures has the geographic and intellectual experience to help organizations
conduct business around the world. My responsibilities at Sino American Ventures
include strategy, operational management, project & product management, business
development and marketing. I am presently based in the Shanghai office.

 LLM Partners                                                       01/2005 – Present
 San Francisco, Singapore & Shanghai
 LLM Partners is a global venture capital and consulting firm focused on consumer &
packaged goods and consumer electronics. LLM Partner‟s clients include; Chelsey
Henry, Method, Qi Fusion, Clarafon, iBeam Technologies, UpSnap, Lusora and other
global consumer brands. As a general partner at LLM I am responsible for business
development for the firm. Additionally, I focus on product management, marketing,
business development and sales for our portfolio companies. Further I am a part of
the team that structures and secures funding for portfolio companies and clients.
Finally, I represent our portfolio companies and clients interests in China providing
manufacturing and outsourced development support.
TRUEreq by ProductSoft (now Green Array)          03/2002 – 12/2004
San Francisco & Singapore
Founder, Chairman & CEO
TRUEreq by ProductSoft is a disruptive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.
Focused on Requirements Management TRUEreq is a groundbreaking, web-based,
on-demand, hosted PLM solution. Realizing the enormous opportunity of delivering
ASP process management solutions across the enterprise ProductSoft has expanded
its focus and is now called Green Array.

PeopleLink                                                   04/1999 – 06/2000
Santa Monica, CA
Chief Community Officer (CCO)
Vice President of Product Management
PeopleLink is the first IdeaLab! company and at one time was the number three
instant messaging company in the world. Through its evolution PeopleLink
developed online collaborative tools (such as instant messaging, chat rooms,
message boards, email discussions, groups and calendars) then later become what is
today a provider of collaborative Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The Fortunecity Network                                     11/1997 - 03/1999
San Francisco, New York City, London
Director of Operations (COO)
 Fortunecity.com, like GeoCities, is a leading online community. Founded in the
United Kingdom in 1997, The Fortunecity Network grew to being one of the worlds
largest web hosting providers and the 11th most visited site on the Web by 2000.
Fortunecity had a successful IPO in March 1999. Today, Fortunecity has established
an industry-wide reputation as the market-leading provider of web services for small
businesses and individuals.
Flycast Communications                               04/1996 – 11/1997
San Francisco, CA
Flycast Communications was a pioneer in Internet advertising. Flycast
eventually grew to being a network on over 1,000 websites auctioning
advertising space. Flycast Communications had a successful IPO in June 1999.
Subsequently, Flycast was purchased in October of 1999 by CMGI and merged
with Engage.


The Ohio State University
Finance, Computer Sciences, Actuarial Science (minor in Art History)
IBC Team and Advisors

Matt Lovett - COO
Matt brings extensive experience to IBC in Asian manufacturing, sourcing,
procurement and fulfillment and has a broad network of manufacturers in China.
Products that he has worked on sourcing are sold in U.S. retailers such as Target,
Dayton's, and Kmart.

John Fruin - CFO
John's successful background includes over 25 years of senior management
experience in magazines, software publishing and Internet companies. As CFO at
Macromind and ArtToday, he participated in extensive venture capital and M&A

Scott Stefan - Vice President
Scott brings over ten years of of experience in design, sales, marketing
manufacturing and fulfillment to both in-house and outsourced clients. Scott is the
founder of Strine, a leading China manufacturer.

David Willett - Director of Marketing

  Michele Mandorlini - Director of Design
  Michele has spent a lifetime in his family's Italian handbag business
  whose customers include Prada, GUCCI, DKNY, Tod‟s.

  Lisa Greenwald - Merchandising
  Lisa has been a senior merchandising executive and buyer for over six
  years. Her she has worked with companies such as Club Monaco,
  Banana Republic and J Crew where she was head of handbag

  Kate Rice - Trends & Styles
  Founder of Katie Bag, Kate is an internationally-known style expert
  working with top companies, publications and celebrities. Kate has
  appeared in over 400 television spots and 250 print publications.
Leslie Wexner
Founder of The Limited Brands - the worlds largest specialty women‟s retail company.

Paul Tabet
The founding CIO of The North Face, Paul has designed information systems for leading
companies such as Vans, Banana Republic and Guess Jeans.

Eugene Lee
Former President and CFO of Esprit Corp. Eugene has extensive experience in operations
and finance of international retail organizations.

Richard Li
Director of International Sales at LeSportSac. Also, Christian Dior Couture, HSBC and
Morgan Stanley.

Chuck Pettis
Founder and CEO of Brands.com Chuck has created brand identity for leading companies
such as Nordstrom, REI, Simon, Chelsey Henry, Nokia, Motorola, Nortel Networks,
Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.
  Stacey Osborn
  VP Marketing Macy‟s, a Federated Department Store. Stacey has worked with
  Gemini Consulting and Arthur Andersen. She earned degrees from UC
  Berkeley and the Wharton School of Business.

 Chelsey Owen
 Co-Founder of Chelsey Henry with over ten years of marketing and product
 management experience.

 Henry Lin
 Co-Founder of Chelsey Henry with over ten years of manufacturing, supply chain
 and logistics experience. Additionally, Henry‟s provides insight to US-Bags from
 his work with the family shoe business

  Kate Rice
  Style expert and founder of Katie Bags with over 400 television appearances
  and 250 print publications.

  Sheila Holley
  Founder of Box Bags made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker in „Sex in the City.‟

 Tyler Leong
 Founder of Wa Bags with over six years experience in handbag industry.
IBC next four-year target and prospect
Q2 2006   Opened IBC Design

Q3 2006   Complete Series B Funding

Q4 2006   Acquire 20 IBC Design Customers
          (Initially focus on designers to be carried in STATUS)

Q1 2007   Open Flagship STATUS Store

Q2 2007   Complete Series C Funding

Q4 2007   Acquire 100 IBC Design Customers
          Open 6 STATUS Stores

Q4 2010   500 IBC Design Customers
          100 STATUS Stores
IBC Funding Goal
Raised to Date:
Series A        $350k USD Pre-Money $500k USD
Use of Funds: Build network of designers, manufacturers and
                distribution channel networks. Brand, Identity and
Proof-of-Concept for STATUS stores.

Series B        (target close September 2006)
Pre-Money:      $1M USD
Funds Sought:   $500k USD
Use of Funds:   Open flagship STATUS store on Third Street Promenade
in SM
                Acquire 20 new IBC Design Customers

Series C        (target close Q2 2007)
Pre-Money:      unknown
Funds Sought:   $5-10M USD
Use of Funds:   Expand STATUS Stores (~$4M USD)
                Enhance Technology (~$500k USD)
                Operating Expenses (~500k USD)
If you are interested in this project, please
contact us through following means:

Tel Number: 0755-2560 7438
Fax Number:0755-2563 6993
E-mail: info@btchk.com.hk
Website: www.btchk.com.hk

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