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									                                     November & December 2008
Ironman Germany- Richard Francke

What’s Inside:
   Ironman World Championship Age Group Winner - Peggy Yetman

          Building and Aerobic Base • Ironman Germany

           Muscle Imbalances Related to Sports Injuries
From the Editor
By Matilda Guerra - Editor
The summer months are gone. In September, Hurricane Ike brought us high winds,
extensive damage, and mass electrical outages throughout our area. Some local races were
canceled. Others were postponed. Above all of the training and races which may have been
on your calendar, we sincerely hope you and your families survived unscathed. We hope
you have recovered well and are back to some normalcy of life!
                                                                                                   Est. 1989

On the cover is newbie to Houston: Richard Francke! 2007 was when he moved here from
Germany. Following is his story of tris and of his latest IM race! (I recall meeting Richard
at the Eastside Tri in 2007 – he seemed waaay too happy to be here in oppressive heat! But
that is Richard – happy as can be!!).
Christy Seltzer, a new mom of a 4 month-old, shares a bit about strength training during                       Lisa Ferrara
the off-season. Once a personal trainer, Christy tells us how beneficial strength training
can be and can certainly dive into greater detail in future newsletters!
                                                                                                   Board Members
VO2 Max and Dr. Hansenbank offer great information also. Any questions at any point                      Allie Kemp
about what they write, please contact them.                                                            Cameron Clark
                                                                                                        Michelle Clark
And last, but certainly not least, is Peggy Yetman. What an incredible, outstanding athlete!!
AGE GROUP WINNER AT KONA!!!! What more can be said? Her story tells of her                               Chris Arend
challenges, and how she was way behind Girl #1 coming out of the water. She persevered               Kathleen Woodhead
through each stage of the race, and fought her way to the top!!! Excellent, excellent race,         Merry-Lynn McDonald
Peggy!! Congratulations to you and your supportive family!!                                             Shellie Patton
As the year draws to an end, I want to thank those of you
who have contributed to this year’s newsletters. Thank you
                                                                                                   Newsletter Staff
to our dedicated sponsors. Thanks to our board members                                             Matilda Guerra - Editor
for their work in making events happen. And thank you                                              Kathy Poston - Layout
to those who have volunteered at races, packet pick-up, etc.
You all have made HRTC the club it is! And, as always,
we welcome new ideas for greater improvement in any and
all areas. We welcome your feedback. Please send your                                                   Webmaster
thoughts if you choose.
                                                                                                     Alaina Metz Smith
Good luck to you in your next phase of training, racing,                              
and/or hibernation! Stay active, rest, and enjoy the holiday
season! Happy holidays to you and your family!                                                                 Printer
                                                                                                         Tad Molloy
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November & December Birthdays!
  Rodrigo Abascal           Richard Eperjesi        Andre Laegeler             Linnie Reichle
    Todd Amanda               Adriaan Epps           Marc Laviage             Elizabeth Revere
   Erika Anderson               Trey Evans               Hien Le              Joshua Reynolds
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     Matilde Bell              Peter Foster        Mark Leite-Ferraz           Adrian Sanders
Cyndy Bhattacharya         Obsidion Freeman       Timothy Loiodice             Chris Sanders
    Laura Borton              Tricia Greaves           Bill Lopez               Barb Saxman
    Kevin Bowen             Danielle Harsany           Steve Lowe               Lorrie Scholl
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 Carlos Bustamente         Angela Henderson          Todd Maquire              Shannon Shea
   Kirstin Butchko              Jack Henry          Garick Malone              Ahlene Shong
   Rochelle Cabe              Steven Hessel        Michael Manuel               Denise Smith
  Robin Campbell             Chris Hillhouse       Ignacio Marquez              Elliott Smith
 Stephen Campbell           Ingrid Hillhouse     Merry-Lynn McDonald            Robin Sowell
  Nancy Caraballo           Whitney Hinton          Andrew Mcgill                Karl Stewart
  Karen Carpenter            Teddy Hopper          Cleve Meacham                 Mark Stout
 Raymund Codina              David Hudson            Christy Miller           George Sturrock
    Brenda Cook                April Inman             K Moriarty                Mac Sustola
     Cody Cortez              Kate Jackson         Rick Mountfield               Craig Theis
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   Regina Cowen                Paul Jeffcoat          Sofie Nollet               Trey Tippet
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Building An Aerobic Base and Thereafter
By Jennifer Klein, Physical Therapist

Most of you are well into your half and full marathon training for Houston January 2009. Aerobic base building has been
addressed at this point, which is a good thing as it is the foundation you build your future strengths that allow for injury-
free training. Most of you have moved into your speed training, probably having experienced reaching your anaerobic
threshold. Anaerobic threshold is the point your body can no longer solely fuel your workout via oxygen; the body begins a
gradual change over to a very limited form of energy provision that uses lactate. It typically occurs at 65% of your maximal
heart rate for novice runners and 85% of your maximal heart rate for experienced athletes. If running becomes breathless
and struggling, your pace has exceeded your anaerobic threshold. As your training progresses, you will find you can run
within 6-8% of your anaerobic threshold and still feel comfortable. At this point, many training programs add hill work
to speed training. Regardless of your fitness level, it is not recommended to do two hard training days in a row, it is best
to follow a hard training day by a recovery day. Even at the elite level, athletes do not try to force a hard day when an easy
one is scheduled. It is best to follow a hard training day with a recovery workout.

VO2 Max Houston, LLC provides VO2 testing and interval heart rate training incorporating your test results into the
IHRT program. Training in your test-proven accurate zones is the most effective and efficient way to train. Please visit our
website at or call us at 713-203-0787 for more information. We would like to help you identify
your true anaerobic threshold and provide you with the most result-driven IHRT program available to you!

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Richard Francke in Frankfurt, Germany: Ironman Finisher

By Matilda Guerra

Richard Francke, on the cover, competing in his 3rd ironman distance race, sports HRTC’s trusty tri suit! Let’s learn a bit
about Richard and about his successful race at 2008 IM Germany!

2004: While living in Germany, Richard decides he’ll train for his very first ironman race. Why? Because many of his
friends competed in triathlons.

2005: He has trained. He competes in IM Germany for his first time. His goal is to finish under 12 hrs. He finishes in

2006: His training continues and he competes in IM Germany AGAIN (along with several of his friends)! His goal for time
remains the same. He finishes in 12:20!

                                       2007: Richard follows in the same steps as Eddie Murphy: he comes to America!
                                       The first thing he does is look for a triathlon club to join……..and he finds us!! After
                                       getting situated for 3 months, he begins training with HRTC members. He feels
                                       HRTC is “the best club outside Germany”. Immediately, he finds new and really
                                       good friends through the club. He soon finds a good training schedule: Tuesdays
                                       was track with Doug Storey; Thursdays were a solo run; Saturdays was a long run;
                                       and Sundays were long bike rides.

                                       Richard experiences the challenges of awakening early on the weekends. Main
                                       reason: it’s H-O-T! In Germany, he had more flexibility because of frigid morning

                                       2008: Richard has trained for 8 months for IM Germany #3! He feels that his
                                       training in 100 degrees and 100% humidity has prepared him well for Germany’s
                                       summer weather. Likewise, he feels he is prepared to break the 12 hr. mark.

                                       Race Day: at 4AM, it’s RAINING! (common with Germany’s summer weather).
                                       Temps drop from 70F to 60F. While his friends readjust their goals because of heavy,
                                       steady rain, Richard says, “I will still break the 12 hr. mark because I have trained so
                                       hard.” He thinks of all of the long rides and runs, and feels the confidence which
                                       only comes through solid preparation.

                                     The race begins! It continues
raining through the swim. Will it lead up during the bike and/or
run? Not for the bike!! It rains and rains. Yet, Richard is enjoying
the crowd’s enthusiasm and enjoys every hill of the bike course!! No
persistent raindrops or wind slow him down! He’s on mark to finish
under 12 hours!


 Ironman Germany (cont. from pg. 6)

The rain halts during the run, but only for 2 hours. It resumes, and
Richard continues with confidence. He feels good at Mile 12. He
feels really good at Mile 24.5! At this point, he KNOWS he’ll meet
his goal!!

Richard crosses the line at 11:49!!! Who was the happiest person at
that moment? You bet! RICHARD FRANCKE!!

Richard would like to thank his friends here in Houston for
supporting him, and for training with him! He feels that if it weren’t
“for all the guys from HRTC who trained with” him, he would not
have finished under the 12 hr. mark. He feels it would have been
“impossible” to have done it “without YOU”.

Congratulations, Richard! Good luck to you in your next adventure
in life!!

           2909 Joanel St.
          Houston, TX 77027
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Peggy Yetman Takes Kona by Storm
Ironman World Championship 2008
Standing on the shore of Kailua Bay, Peggy realized living in SE Texas provides unique
training opportunities for the IronMan. Having to endure a 20 mile treadmill run during
hurricane Gustav was one thing. However, completing a 4 hour Computrainer ride powered
by a generator during Ike was another.
With no power, under a mandatory evacuation and curfew, Chris flew Peggy, kids and the
Guru back to the hills of NE Ohio for two weeks to top off her final IronMan preparation.
The chance to work the SRM with the new 54/42 rings paid off on the hills in Kona.

Learning from last year’s swim, Peggy positioned herself on the outside. She was off to
a great start, until “mugged” by the crowd at the turnaround. Startled by a kick to the
shoulder leaving her arm numb and a punch to her eye dislodging her goggles she lost
mental and visual focus. Sighting proved difficult as the current pulled her off course. Out
of the water in 1:15:28, 37th place.

Knowing it is a long race, she recomposed herself during a quick T1. Remaining patient
and positive she worked the nutrition and power plan on the bike leg. Enduring Pele’s high
winds she hit T2 in 5:46:29, 13th place.

Setting off on the run at “Category 4” pace Peggy was set on catching the leader now 30
minutes ahead. At mile 22 she passed the leader booking a 3:13:07 run and finished in
10:20:36 as the 40-44 age group Champion.

At the awards ceremony Peggy reflected you can’t do it alone. She was here due to support
from her family, the Houston multisport community and her sponsors: Tri On The Run,
On the Run, Zoot, Computrainer and GU. Her coach Tom Rodgers. And, of course, Nadine Latham, massage therapist.

Peggy Yetman - Age Group winner in Kona ...                                   (cont. from pg. 8)

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  How are Muscle Imbalances Related
  to Sports Injuries?
By JD Hansenbank

There is nothing more synonymous with “sports” than “injury.” If you participate in sports long
enough you already know that the likelihood of sustaining an acute or overuse injury is virtually

Sports injuries sustained while training or participating in athletic activities may have symptoms
that range anywhere from annoying to disabling. Recovery times range from a few days to several
months. Damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints may be minimal to permanent.
Treatment and rehabilitation needed for full recovery and prevention may be as simple as self care
or as complex as surgical intervention. Interestingly enough, the majority of non-traumatic sports
injuries are simply caused by muscle imbalances. Think about it. The human body is a machine
designed for movement and propulsion. Just like any piece of machinery, normal wear and tear
will occur even with proper alignment of movable parts. If alignment is off, even slightly, it causes
the movable parts to wear and tear at a faster rate. You can imagine what would happen if you ran
this machine longer and faster than the average…you got it…breakdown! What causes alignment
to be off in the body? Muscular Imbalance!

What Are Muscle Imbalances?
Muscular balance is critical for full resolution and prevention of sports injuries. Muscle imbalance
may be noted early on as muscle tightness. A large majority of sports medicine therapies and
techniques focus on releasing tight muscles through stretching or some sort of myofascial release
techniques. Unfortunately, muscle tightness is a compensation that will continue to reoccur if
the root cause of muscular imbalance is not identified and eliminated. The reality is that muscle
imbalances occur in patterns of threes throughout the body and are always present in sports
injuries; therefore, if you only treat the area that is causing obvious pain, you’ll miss the muscles
that are critical for fully resolving you condition and preventing reoccurrence. Sometimes you
may not even notice muscle weakness until it is tested because for every weak muscle you will
always have another muscle that overcompensates to pull the load. This is a synergistic muscle
that shortens in length to gain a greater mechanical advantage. This muscle will feel tight and
limit your flexibility (feels like a tight rubber band). Unfortunately, if you stretch it or massage it, it will shorten back up to protect for
the muscle weakness. When this weakness/overcompensation battle is playing out it strains a third muscle eventually causing myofascial
adhesions or intramuscular scar tissue to occur. These muscular imbalances can and will occur all the way down the kinetic chain if left
untreated long enough. They are the underlying cause of the “10 Most Common Sports Injuries.”

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