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					                            Ministry of Manpower
                           English Language Center
                         Shinas College of Technology

                     3rd Annual ELT Workshop on

    “Motivation: Perceivable Needs and Achievable

                           CALL FOR PAPERS

   Proposals for papers and workshops are invited in the following broad
   pedagogical areas of ELT:

             Fostering motivation through material innovation
             Encouraging independent learning through classroom
             Inspiring writing projects
             Creative methodology and its effects on student motivation
             Motivating EFL students using learning strategies
             Helping students perform better through language needs

Venue: Shinas College of Technology
Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Time: 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Proposal forms can be downloaded from www.shct.edu.om/elc.html and mail your
proposals to Dr. Joaquin G. Gabayno at: shinaseltworkshop@gmail.com

Deadline for submission of proposals: April 15, 2011
                                          Ministry of Manpower
                                       Shinas College of Technology
                                        English Language Center

                                      3rd Annual ELT Workshop
               Theme: Motivation: Perceivable Needs and Achievable Outcomes
                            Venue: Shinas College of Technology
                                    Date: April 27, 2011

                                            CALL FOR PAPERS

Name of the Presenter:
Title:                                Mr//Ms/Dr/
Contact Number:
E-mail Address:
(maximum of 50 words)
Write in 3rd person. This will be
published in the workshop brochure.

Name of the Co-
           (if applicable)
Title:                     Mr/Ms/Dr
Contact Number:
E-mail Address:
(maximum of 50 words)
Write in 3rd person. This will be
published in the workshop brochure.

Type of Presentation:                 Please tick
                                        Presentation (40 minutes + 10 minutes discussion)
                                        Workshop (45 minutes + 5 minutes discussion)
                                        Posters      (30 minutes + 20 minutes discussion)

Title of Presentation:
Maximum of 10 words
Should clearly and accurately
reflect the content.

Maximum of 50 words
Give a brief summary of the
presentation; what the presenter
will do, what the participants
will do, and how it will benefit
the attendees. This will be
included in the workshop
brochure. Do not include

Maximum of 200 words
Your summary should outline
exactly what you intend to present
and how your presentation is
structured. This is for proposal
reviewers only and will not be
printed in the workshop brochure.

Equipment/Resources                  PRESENTERS WHO INTEND TO USE POWERPOINT, SHOULD
needed:                              BRING THEIR OWN LAPTOPS.
                                     OHPs, LCD projectors and CD players will be available upon request.
                                     Please tick
                                        Overhead Projector             LCD Projectors            CD

                   o    Please make sure that you have completed all sections; incomplete proposals will not be
                   o    Presenters should provide sufficient handouts to attendees and bring along extra copies as
                        photocopying facility will not be available on the day of the symposium.
                   o    Softcopies of the proposals must be submitted to : shinaseltworkshop@gmail.com