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     Business Mission

Government of Gujarat
   New Delhi, 6 February 2006
Gujarat: Economic Profile

Population                      50.5 million (5%)
Area                            196,000 sq. km. (6%)
NSDP (in 2003-04   at 1993-94   US$ 19.27 billion (6.3%)
constant prices)
Manufacturing sector            US$ 5.17 billion
Fixed Capital Investment        US$ 17.9 billion (18.5%)
Industrial Production           US$ 39.72 billion (16.2%)
Exports                         14% of India
(Source: ASI )                  Figures in brackets show % share of India

With 5% of India’s population, Gujarat has 16% of industrial production.
 Gujarat had an annual average growth of 9% in the last 3 years and
                  an average industrial growth of 15%.
Gujarat: Economic Profile

                  Sector                           1993-94    2003-04
Net State Domestic Product                       Rs. 425.60   Rs. 886.62
at 1993-94 Constant Prices                         Billion      Billion

Primary Sector                                        27%        25%
Secondary Sector                                      33%        31%

Tertiary Sector                                       40%        44%
Source: Socio Economic Review – Gujarat State 2004 - 05
India – Japan Bilateral Trade

    India’s Current Imports            India’s Current Exports
 (US$ 3.1 billion) (2.88% Share)    (US$ 2.0 billion) (2.51% Share)

Ships, Boats, Floating Structures   Diamonds and Jewellery
and Parts thereof
Motor Parts and Accessories         Iron Ore
Project Goods                       Marine Products
Iron, Steel, Alloys and Parts       Petroleum, Inorganic & Organic
thereof                             Chemicals
Electronic Products                 Cotton Garments and Textiles
Electric, Mechanical Machinery      Castor Oil and its derivatives
& Parts thereof
Photography & Cinematography        Software
Chemicals & Allied Products         Cashew-nuts, Spices, Tea,
                                    Coffee, etc
Gujarat: Sectoral Production

    (Source: ASI)
Gujarat: Share in India

Refined Petroleum Products    50%   Salt                     70%
Drugs & Pharmaceuticals       45%
Chemicals & Allied Products   31%   Groundnut                35%
Soda Ash                      98%   Cotton                   18%
Caustic Soda                  35%   Psyllium Husk           100%
Polyester Filament Yarn       45%   Castor Seeds             70%
Textiles                      15%                   (45% of world)
Sponge Iron (HBI)             35%
Fertilizers                   30%   Market Capitalization    30%
Cement                         9%

     8 out of every 10 diamonds in the world are
                 processed in Gujarat
MNCs in Gujarat

• General Motors (Halol)     Automobiles
• GE Plastics (Vadodara)     Engineering Plastics
• EI Du Pont (Vadodara)      Engineering Plastics, Agro Chemicals
• ABB (Vadodara)             Electricals
• Shell (Surat)              Gas
• British Gas (Surat)        Gas
• Cairn Energy (Surat)       Gas
• P&O (Mundra)               Container Port Management
• Maersk (Pipavav)           Container Port Management
• Wyeth (Atul, Valsad)       Pharmaceuticals
• Sanofi Aventis (Ak’lwar)   Pharmaceuticals
MNCs in Gujarat (cont..)

• Pharmacia (Ankleshwar)           Pharmaceuticals
• Perstrop (Vapi)                  Pharmaceuticals
• Ciba Specialty (Ankleshwar)      Dyes
• Uber (Vapi)                      Inks
• Huber (Jhagadia)                 Fine Silica
• Gujarat Guardian (Valia)         Float Glass
• BASF (Dahej)                     Polystyrene
• Bayer Cropscience (Ankleshwar)   Agro Chemicals
• Cheminova (Panoli)               Agro Chemicals
• Lanxess ABS (Vadodara)           Engineering Plastics
Japanese Companies in Gujarat

Japanese Company      Indian Company    Product/Sector/Area

Kowa Company Ltd.     Adani Port Ltd.   Cargo Handling &
                                        Port Infrastructure
Chiyoda Corporation   L&T               Engineering
Matsushita Electric   Matsushita        Dry Cell Battery
                      Battery India
C.ITOH & Co. Ltd.     Reliance          Refining of Crude Oil
                      Industries Ltd.   & Organic Chemicals
Hitachi Life & Home   Hitachi Life &    Air Conditioners
Solutions Inc.        Home Solutions
                      India Ltd.
Hitachi Displays      JCT Electronics   Electronics
Japanese Companies in Gujarat
Japanese Company     Indian Company       Product/Sector/Area

Ricoh Company        Ricoh India Ltd.     Facsimile,
Ltd.                                      Transceiver,
Japan Metal Gasket   Banco Products       Automobile Cylinder
Company                                   Gaskets
Kyoto Machinery      Texprint Engineers   Industrial Machinery

Nippon Sanso         Inox India Ltd.      Technology for
Corporation                               Cryogenic Tanks
Seiki Kogyosho       Power Build          Geared Motors and
                     Elecon Gears Ltd.    Reducers
Nichimen             India Gelatine and   Chemicals
Gujarat Strengths: Infrastructure
• Longest coastline in India – 1600 km.
• First state to privatize ports, railways and road transport
• 41 Ports
    - Cargo handled at Kandla, a major port 41.5 MMT (12% of India)
    - Cargo handled by minor and intermediate ports is 89.3 MMT
      (80% of India)
• Container Handling - P&O at Mundra & Maersk at Pipavav
• Chemical Port Terminal (3 MMT) - only one in India
• LNG Terminals at Dahej (5 MMT) & Hazira (5 MMT)
• Broad Gauge Rail network across the state
• 11 Airports with an International Airport at Ahmedabad
• Pioneering work in Energy, Water, Urban Development,
  Industrial Parks
• Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act – bringing
  transparency in PSP in infrastructure projects
Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has profiled
investment opportunities in greenfield sites

                                     Draft : 13 mtr.
Draft : 15 mtr.                      Ship : 30000 DWT
Ship : 77000 DWT                     PFR:Ramboll
DPR:Sandwell-                        Denmark
Canada                               Cargo: Bulk-General
Cargo: Agri & Bulk

                                             Draft: 12 mtr.
                                             Ship: 60000 DWT
                       Mithivirdi            PFR: STUP & The
                                    Vansi    Dewager, Netherlands
Draft : 20 mtr.                     Borsi    Cargo: Gas & POL
Ship : 120000 DWT    Simar
PFR:Rendal Palmer
& Triton UK
Cargo: LNG & Bulk
Investment / Business
Opportunities in Port Sector
• Greenfield Port Projects
   – Vansi Borsi
   – Mithi Virdi
   – Simar
   – Bedi
• Ro–Ro Ferry Services including Coastal
  Traffic Development
• Ship Building & Ship Repairing
• Development of Modern Fishing Harbour
• Road & Rail Connectivity Infrastructure
• Container Terminal at Dahej
• Port Services & Storage Facilities
• Inland Water Transport
Energy: Power

• Reliable Power Supply:
  Generation in 2005 is 9,007 MW*, which is to
  increase to 17,477 MW by 2010
  (*excluding 4,600 MW captive generation)

• Per Capita Power Consumption is 1,175 units, as
  compared to India’s average of 592 units

• Rich availability of feedstock
   – Natural Gas: 34 MMCD
   – Lignite: 1,072 MMT

• One of the leading states in harnessing Wind Energy
Energy: Gas Based Economy
• 2 LNG Terminals at Dahej & Hazira
• Gas Grid Project - 2200 km. long pipeline with
  60-70 MMCD capacity

Commissioned          450 Kms. P/L
Under Construction    750 Kms. P/L
RoU in Progress
SEZs & Industrial Parks
•   11 SEZs
    • 2 functional multi product SEZs (Kandla & Surat)
    • 9 under development (Multi Product-3, Apparel-2,
      Gems & Jewellery-1, Electronics-1, Petroleum &
      Petrochemicals-1, Pharma-1)
•   SEZs for Steel & Engineering, Auto Components and
    Industrial Machinery being processed
•   Major amendments in labour legislations in SEZs
•   Industrial Parks established in key industries such as Apparel,
    Gems & Jewelry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and IT &
•   83 product clusters - Chemicals, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals,
    Textile, Ceramics, Foundry, Engineering, Brass Parts, Fish
    Processing, etc.

         Gujarat is the only state in India having labour
      flexibility and full relaxation in Labour laws in SEZs
Gujarat: Urban Development
• Gujarat is one of the most urbanized states in India, with
  40% urban population
• The state had declared 2005 as the Year of Urban
• Ahmedabad declared a Mega City
• Under the Sabarmati Riverfront Project in Ahmedabad,
  a 9 km riverfront is being developed in the 1st phase
  on both sides of the river
• MRTS and BRTS are being planned in Ahmedabad
• Transformation of Surat as the cleanest city in India
• Piped cooking gas system started through PSP
• CNG promoted in a big way in urban transportation system
• Modern SWM in place in Ahmedabad and Surat. To be
  extended to other cities through local bodies and PSP
Environmental Infrastructure
•   6 Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal sites
    Vatva, Naroda, Nandesari, Ankleshwar*, Surat*, Vapi*
    (* ISO 14001 Certified)

•   6 Treated Effluent Conveyance Pipelines
    Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Dahej, Ankleshwar, Sachin,

•   19 Common Effluent Treatment Plants

•   4 Hazardous Industrial Waste Incinerators
    Nandesari, Ankleshwar, Surat, Vapi

•   Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre
Gujarat: Engineering & Automotive
Sound Base
 Largest producer of sponge iron and SAW & ERW pipes
 Important center for the manufacture of textile machinery, chemical
  machinery, pollution control equipment, printing machinery,
  compressors, bearings, TV tubes and clocks
 Important manufacturer of power generation plants, switchgears,
  transformers and transmission line towers
 Largest ship breaking yard in the country (Alang)
 27 Clusters – castings & machine tools, brass parts, oil engines &
  electric motors, submersible pumps, industrial valves &
  bearings, auto-ancillaries
Anchor Industries
   Essar Steel: Sponge Iron (2.4 MT), expanding to 6.4 MT
   Hindalco: Copper Rods (250,000 MT), doubling capacity
   Elecon Engineering: Largest manufacturer of industrial gears
   Gujarat Apollo: Largest producer of road-making equipment
   Kalpataru Power Transmissions: Largest capacity plant in the world
                                 ,
    Other Key Investors: GM, L&T ABB, Videocon & Jyoti Engineering

Source: Government of Gujarat
Gujarat: Chemicals & Petrochemicals
Sound Base
 The largest contributor to Chemical and Petrochemical Industry of India
 Well developed infrastructure for manufacturing, storing, transporting and
  effluent treatment
 Home to some of the largest chemical estates in Asia (Vapi, Ankleshwar)
 4 Petrochemical Complexes, 2 large Petroleum Refineries and
  6 large Chemical-Fertilizer Complexes
 Special Economic Zone for Petroleum and Petrochemical Sector
 Over 1360 large and medium scale Chemical & Petrochemical projects with
  investment exceeding US$12.3 billion
Anchor Industries
 GSFC: Diversified Fertilizer and Chemical product portfolio. About
  US$ 650 million of investment. India’s first joint sector industrial complex
 Reliance: State of the art Petroleum Refinery at Jamnagar with
  capacity of 27 million tonnes per annum (540,000 barrels per day)
 Torrent: Dominant player in the therapeutic areas of
  Cardiovascular (CV) and Central Nervous System (CNS)
 Other Key Investors: BASF, Bayer, Rallis India, Alembic, IPCL, Novartis, Zydus,
  Ranbaxy, Cadila, IFFCO, etc.

Source: Government of Gujarat
Gujarat: Textiles and Apparel
Sound Base
 Largest producer of cotton in the country and a major source for
  man-made fabric
 Modern process houses with environment friendly technology
 Largest supplier of Denim in the world. Textile industry in Gujarat accounts
  for 30% of woven fabrics in organized sector in country.
 Surat in South Gujarat, contributes 40% of Art Silk fabric produced in India
 Apparel Parks at Surat and Ahmedabad declared as Special Economic Zones
  with flexible labour laws
 Gujarat contributes about 12% of the total textile exports of the country
 Over 1000 medium and large scale textile projects with investment
  exceeding US$ 2.82 billion have been commissioned and about 300 projects
  are under implementation
Anchor Industries
 Arvind: Shirting, Knits, Khakhis and ready to wear garments. A leading
  manufacturer of Denim in the world
 Welspun: Home Textiles & Made ups. Amongst the top 3 Terry Towel
  producers in the world
 Other Key Investors: Reliance, Ashima, Dinesh, Raymonds, Aarvee, etc.

 Source: Government of Gujarat
Gujarat: Strengths in IT-ITES
 Economical Real Estate: Monthly rentals - US$ 36 / 100 sq. ft. in
  Ahmedabad (US$ 78 in Pune, US$ 127 in Delhi, US$ 193 in Mumbai)
 Premier Educational and Research facilities
 Computer Education is compulsory in schools
 Manpower rates - US$ 3.70 / shift in Ahmedabad
  (US$ 5.00 in Pune, US$ 9.00 in New Delhi, US$ 9.20 in Mumbai)
 Lowest attrition rate in the BPO sector among all other states
 Ahmedabad has developed sound capabilities in Web Development
  Services, call/contact centers & BPO operations – 8 large companies.
 Telecom: Highest number of phone connections - 12 per 100 persons;
  highest number of ISPs in the country
 India’s longest OFC network
 First Software Technology Park in India. 3 IT Parks – Infocity in
  Gandhinagar, GNFC Tower & Astron Tech Park in Ahmedabad

Source: Nasscom, Knight Frank, Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers Jardine,, A.T. Kearney analysis
Strengths in IT-ITES (cont….)
Government Support
 Single Window facilitation mechanism
 Incentives in real estate, power and telecom facilities
 Science &Technology Department for implementation of
  IT Policy with Gujarat Informatics Ltd. as corporate arm
 Creation of Information Corridor between state capital and
 3% of budget committed to IT related activities
 Private sector participation encouraged in
         •   Creation of Information Corridor
         •   Setting up Information Kiosks
         •   Provision of Database oriented services
         •   Setting up of Information Infrastructure
 IT Plan submitted by National Task Force has targeted one PC per
  50 persons by 2008. Gujarat aims to achieve this by 2006
 Venture Capital Fund for IT services, IT software and IT products

Source: Government of Gujarat
Gujarat: Other USPs
• Gujarat is the numero uno state in India in
• Least mandays lost due to industrial unrest – 0.94 % of the
  country while contributing 16.2% of India’s industrial
• Major state owned enterprises turned around during the
  last 4 years
• 302 investment proposals worth US$ 38.2 billion received
  during the Global Investors’ Summits in 2003 & 2005.
• Kutch, a backward pastoral district – ravaged by the worst
  earthquake of the century just 5 years ago, is now on way
  to unprecedented economic prosperity

      Gujarat is committed to maintain its double digit
                     economic growth
Japan – Gujarat: Potential
Scope for Japanese Companies in Gujarat
• Infrastructure, including SEZs and Real Estate Development
• Transport Infrastructure Project such as Mass Rapid Transit
   Systems for rail and bus
• Ports, including Port & Cargo Management, Integrated Solutions
   in Marine Logistics
• IT, ICT, ITES, High-end Electronics
    – Japanese Companies can set up IT and Electronics Industrial Parks
•   Engineering – Jointly develop an auto-ancillary Industrial Park
    for export of auto components
•   Chemical and Allied Industries – Technology Transfer
•   Tourism – Theme Parks, Tourist Trails, Special Entertainment
    Zones. Gujarat is celebrating 2006 as Tourism Year
•   Healthcare – Gujarat accounts for 31% of the country’s Medical
•   Biotechnology, Nano-science, Electronics, Communication
    Technology, etc.
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