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									FIBA Oceania Bulletin                                                                                  August 2009
                           President’s Report—                                   When I was President of BBNZ and bidding and
                           by Barbara Wheadon                                    then setting up the structure for conducting the
                                                                                 event I have to say there were some sceptics as
                           We have had an extremely busy
                                                                                 we contracted, at the advice of the NZ Govern-
                           past few months, the Oceania
                                                                                 ment and SPARC, an event management com-
                           Tournament in Saipan, the FIBA
                                                                                 pany. This company has in its stable of clients,
                           Oceania Congress and if that was-
                                                                                 ‘The Ellerslie Flower Show’, ‘NZ Triathlon’, ‘NZ
                           n’t enough, Basketball New Zea-
                                                                                 Volleyball’ and the ‘NZ Secondary Schools Asso-
                           land hosted its first ever World
                                                                                 ciation’ conducting events such as the ‘Weetbix
                                                                                 Triathlon’ for Primary School pupils, Beach Vol-
    Developing and                                                               leyball Tours, Hip Hop Dance competitions and
 promoting basketball      Congratulations to not just the medal winners in
                                                                                 the Polyfest festival and cultural event for Sec-
   across the Pacific      Saipan but also the participants and the many
                                                                                 ondary Schools .
                           volunteers who helped make this event an enjoy-
                           able one for all who attended. Special thanks to
                                                                                 The key component for Basketball New Zealand
                           the locals who welcomed us to their country .
                                                                                 was their ability and willingness to engage with
                                                                                 the volunteer sector as well as the commercial
                           Congratulations to Bob Elphinston who was
                                                                                 and business environment needed to make the
                           elected President of the zone. Bob’s term will
                                                                                 event a success.
 Yellow Ribbon Fiji       commence 2010 following his Presidency of FIBA.

 Oceania Tournament                                                             BBNZ launched a programme called TRYBASKET-
                           We are extremely pleased that not only was Presi-
                                                                                 BALL. This event has received substantial sup-
                           dent Bob with us in Saipan but also Secretary Gen-
 FIBA U19 Men’s Cham                                                            port from the Ministry of Youth Development
                           eral Patrick Baumann and FIBA Sport Director
                                                                                 and will now be rolled out around the country.
                           Lubo Kotleba. All not only added value to the
 Vanuatu School Champs    meetings of the Board and the Congress but also
                                                                                 With FIBAs support coaching and referees clinics
                           shared with me how much they enjoyed meeting
 Tonga Revitalised                                                              were conducted and the FIBA Staff were guest
                           and sharing their experiences within the zone.
                                                                                 speakers at a special function held for the ad-
 Refereeing with Becker                                                         ministrators of the local associations .
                           The FIBA Under 19s in New Zealand was an ex-
40 Movers & Shapers       perience I am sure no one involved will ever for-
                                                                                 The basketball community was overcome with
                           get. Again supported by the presence of FIBA
                                                                                 the success and the opportunities to engage and
                           President Bob Elphinston and Secretary General
                                                                                 link with their counterparts from the other 15
                           Patrick Baumann, Basketball New Zealand con-
                                                                                 countries here along with the many scouts and
                           ducted a fabulous event , and I extend the Zones
                                                                                 media representatives.
                           thanks to New Zealand for being as always coura-
                           geous in their endeavours to be part of the global
                                                                                 To also work along side the FIBA Staff and ex-
                           family FIBA.
                                                                                 perience a truly international event is something
                                                                                 they will never forget.
P.O. Box 174, Toormina     The opportunity to conduct this event provided
NSW, Australia 2452        amazing opportunities not only for the players as
                                                                                 Coach Angelo from New Caledonia was there for
Ph +61 2 6658 6110         part of their development but also for the many
                                                                                 every game, and there were some volunteers
Fax +61 2 6658 6114        volunteers involved at all levels of the event.
                                                                                 from Australia and the USA .

                                                  Basketball Fiji forms a partnership with the Prisons Department
                                              The partnership will promote basketball and the Yellow Ribbon Program to people
Website:                   during the Hibiscus Festival. Basketball Fiji is committed to the expansion of basketball throughout        Fiji, and as part of the federation’s strategic plan has joined the Yellow Ribbon Program. The Hibis-
                           cus Festival will be held at Albert Park in Suva on 21st - 29th August & is an event that attracts more
                           than 100,000 people. Basketball Fiji is excited to be the first sporting federation to be part of the
                           Yellow Ribbon Program. A half court will be placed at the hibiscus grounds where basketball games
                           will be organised for the kids. At the moment Prison Officers & Basketball Fiji Devel-
                           opment Officers are exchanging ideas on how they can both achieve their goals.

 We welcome stories from across the zone for the Bulletin. If you have some news from your club, school, association
                 or federation, email it, and a photograph to Judy Smith at
 The Oceania Bulletin is an official publication of FIBA OCEANIA and is circulated throughout Oceania, Asia, Africa, the
     Americas and Europe. To be added to the email distribution list, send your address to
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Page 2                                                                                    FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
                                                The 2009 Oceania Tournament, Saipan
The 6 FIBA Oceania Tournament for senior men and women was
conducted in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands from 21st to 26th
June 2009. This was the first time that the tournament has been
played in the Micronesia region, and this was also the first ‘true’
Oceania Tournament since 2001, due to basketball being included
in the 2005 South Pacific Mini Games in Palau. It was a pleasure to
have the FIBA President, Bob Elphinston, and FIBA Secretary Gen-
eral Patrick Baumann, in attendance at the Oceania Tournament.
                                                                                     Tournament All Star 5 women and men
The local organising committee, under the leadership of Michael         A tournament All Star 5 was selected by the coaches. Each coach
White, did an excellent job. Each of the managers did a great job       voted for the players on the opposing team after each round
within their own portfolio, and the volunteers who they recruited       games. The All Star 5 are:
were part of one of CNMI’s historic events.                             Women                             Men
                                                                        Zoe Kensington (NZ)               Thomas Daly        (Australia)
Due to financial constraints Fiji, Palau and Tahiti withdrew from the   Derin Santos     (Guam)           Zach Makavilitogia (NZ)
tournament after close of official entries but the tournament went      Caitlin Rowe     (Aust)           Jericho Cruz       (CNMI)
ahead with Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, CNMI and              Myriam Fenaufanote (N Cal)        R Tetainanuarii    (N Cal)
Guam men and women – 10 teams.                                          Connie Camacho (CNMI)             Joe Blas           (Guam)

Australia won both the men’s and women’s competitions, against
New Caledonia in the men’s division and against New Zealand in
the women’s division. Guam took both bronze medals.

Games were played in the Ada Gym and the Marianas High school,
and teams were housed in the Saipan Grand Hotel. Meals were
taken at the Marianas High School cafeteria, as the tournament
was held during the school vacation period.

Financial support for the tournament came from FIBA Oceania,
who contributed $30,000AUD, and local sponsors. In kind support
was provided by many local businesses. FIBA Oceania, though the
FIBA Study Centre provided considerable equipment support.

Coinciding with the tournament, the FIBA Oceania 4 yearly Con-
gress was held in Saipan.

2009 marked the 40th year since the Oceania Basketball Confedera-
tion was granted zone status by FIBA, and during the tournament,
40 people across the zone were recognised for their services to
basketball. Awards were made at the 40th birthday celebration
dinner, which was attended by FIBA President Bob Elphinston and
FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann.

Final Team Placings:
1.   Australia
2.   New Caledonia
3.   Guam
4.   New Zealand
5.   CNMI

1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Guam
4. New Caledonia
Page 3                                                                            FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
Referees put through their paces and come out on top:
                                                                         Pictures from the FIBA U-19 World Championships
FIBA’s Sports Director Lubo Kotleba, based at the FIBA headquar-
                                                                                      Auckland, New Zealand
ters in Geneva, has been in Oceania during July. During the Oceania
Tournament in Saipan, he conducted a clinic for FIBA International
Referees at which Gabriel White (Northern Marianas), Jubilee
Kuartei (Palau) and Ramsie Joab (FSM) were re-accredited after
initially gaining their FIBA Referee’s Licence in Samoa in 2007.
Malekalio Fenuafanote from New Caledonia successfully passed
the clinic and makes our fourth FIBA international Referee among
our 19 island federations.

Also in July, Kotleba conducted a clinic for FIBA International Refe-
rees in Melbourne Australia. Congratulations to Robyn Manhire,
Toni Caldwell, Tim Boswell, Sean Myers, Matt Beattie, Chris Reid,
Damian Lyons and Matt Townsend who all were accredited as FIBA           Try Basketball     FIBA President Elphinston in korowai
International Referees as a result of the clinic.

In New Zealand in March, Gavin Zimmerman gained his FIBA Li-
cence and former FIBA International Referee Ken Coulsen (now
retired) gained accreditation as FIBA Commissioner.

Kotleba was in Auckland in July for the U-19 (men’s) World Champi-
onship. Dallas Pickering (NZ), Scott Beker (AUS) officiated during
the Championship and Ken Coulsen acted as Game Commissioner.
Scott’s good performances were rewarded with the Gold Medal
game between USA and Croatia.

Australia’s Kellie Knight and CNMI’s Gabriel White officiated at the
FIBA U-19 Women’s World Championship which concluded only a
few days ago in Bangkok, Thailand. Kellie’s performances were
rewarded with a semi-final game and Gabriel officiated the Bronze            Bayfield School ‘adopted’ the French team
medal game.

New Zealand’s Tim Brown was the recipient of an invitation from
FIBA Europe to officiate at the FIBA Europe Junior Championships
in June in Sweden and received appointment to a Bronze Medal

Jubilee Kuartei from Palau will come to Australia and New Zealand
later this month to officiate at the Oceania Championships for
women and Malekalio from New Caledonia will come to Brisbane
to whistle games at the FIBA Oceania U-17 Championships for men
and women.

FIBA Oceania are pleased that pathways exist for basketball refe-
rees across the region to pursue officiating internationally if they
                                                                              The captains of the participating teams
gain the necessary qualifications. Our plans at this stage are to con-
duct our next Clinic for FIBA International Referees in New Caledo-
nia in 2011 at the time of the Pacific Games – so any official who
thinks they have what it takes have plenty of time to get ready.

                                                                         Glenda Taylor & Poro              Powhiri
           Gabriel White officiating the U19 Women’s Worlds
Page 4   News From Around the Zone                                                              FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
News from ZDO Ryan Burns:
Upon recently starting in the role of FIBA Oceania Zone Devel-
opment Officer 6 months ago I have had the opportunity to
make Development Visits to Solomon Islands, Nauru, Vanuatu,
Papua New Guinea, Northern Mariana Islands and Federated
States of Micronesia. I have enjoyed my visit to every country.
Notable events and achievements from these visits include:
Telekom Easter Challenge Tournament – Solomon Islands                     PNG Technical Workshop                                         HOOPS in Chuuk
Progress on construction of new court –Solomon Islands
Level 1 Referee & Level 1 Coaching Courses – Nauru
Level 0 & Level 1 Coaching Course – Vanuatu
Level 1 Referee Course – Vanuatu
Intensive Sports Administration & Technical Workshop – PNG
Outreach Programs in Sports (HOOPS) Clinic – Chuuk, FSM
College of Micronesia Summer Camp – Pohnpei FSM
My attendance at the recent Oceania Tournament held in Sai-
pan, CNMI allowed me to work with some of Oceania’s very
best referees who did an excellent job throughout the week                   Summer Camp FSM                                   Castro & Nimrod in Pohnpei
long tournament. I also found operating with FIBA Sports Direc-
tor Mr. Lubo Koleba and New Zealand FIBA Educator & Trainer            Healthy Living in PNG:
Mr. Ken Coulson to be a rewarding experience. It was extremely         The InterOil Ltd Oil Refinery Island of Motukea (5 min boat ride of
pleasing to see many younger officials step up to take leader-         the Port Moresby Fairfax Harbour) recently conducted a 6 week 3
ship responsibilities as referees and represent their countries        on 3 basketball competition. The Camp Manager of the Oil Com-
with pride.                                                            pany , Robert Lamond, a former player in the Port Moresby based
                                                                       Capital Basketball league started the initiative.
Considering this, I would like to do two things. Firstly I would
like to thank those referees who attended the Oceania Tourna-          Robert decided to give his staff some time off work to participate
ment to contribute their time and skills in what was a great           in a healthy lifestyle, fitness and social activity, which resulted in
spectacle of Oceania basketball. It is often the case the referees     the company building a half basketball court.
are only thought about or considered when there is some form
of controversy or criticism of their performance. The success          The BFPNG and national players have now been invited by the
and smooth running of the 2009 Oceania Tournament was in               General Manager of the company to attend the grand opening of
part attributed to the high level and consistent officiating that      their full sized court in early 2010.
was displayed by all 20 Referees in attendance and I would like
to acknowledge and congratulate them on their performance.
Secondly, I would like to lay down the challenge to referees and            SCOREBOARD
officials throughout the Oceania Zone who attended the Oce-                    EXPERTS
ania Tournament or who are active officials in their country. I
would like to encourage you to pass on your skills and help                     PLAYER   FOUL
                                                                                                      LIGHT               DARK           PLAYER   FOUL

other referees from your community, town, province and coun-
try to develop their skills so that they too may able to experi-                                      F

ence basketball at the elite level. It is clear that basketball
                                                                                                      L                        L

brings many opportunities and not just by playing, by becoming                                            SUB            SUB

a basketball referee there are pathways that many past and
                                                                                                T/O             PERIOD             T/O
current Oceania Referees have taken to tour the Pacific and the

Another tournament that will be held this year is the Vanuatu
Provincial Games, due to be held in August, 2009. In support of                     BASKETBALL SCOREBOARDS
this tournament and to follow up on my visit to Vanuatu earlier                        AUXILIARY DISPLAYS
this year, I will be in Port Vila for a week prior and for the first               SHOTCLOCKS & GAME TIMERS
week of this tournament. This allows for an excellent opportu-                       PLAYER FOUL DISPLAYS
nity to further develop the referees that were trained in my
previous visit and also assist with the administration of what is           FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT US AT
the National Games of Vanuatu.                                           
                                                                                   OR CONTACT US AT
Marshall Islands and Papua New Guinea also have plans for                                 QUESTEK AUSTRALIA
their National Games later this year and these are just some of              22 Brodie Street Rydalmere NSW Australia 2116.
the projects that are on the horizon in the coming months. I                Inside Australia Ph. 02 9898 9500 Fax. 02 9898 9400
look forward to seeing you, in your home country, soon.                  Outside Australia Ph. +612 9898 9500 Fax. +612 9898 9400
Page 5                                                                            FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009

FIBA U19 Men’s Championships, New Zealand —Some addi-             Vanuatu     concludes     National School Championships:
tional activities organised around the World Championships.                                The school championships started on
                                                                                           1st of July with the primary schools,
Mascot - 'Poro'                                                                            followed by the secondary school on
The tournament mascot - 'Poro' proved extremely popular at                                 Friday 3 July. The VBF expected to
the games especially during the schools programmes and holi-                               involve a greater number of students
day programmes.                                                                            and teacher in this years’ competition,
Schools Programmes                                                                         and thanks to pre-tournament meet-
The School Programmes brought close to 8000 youngsters to                                 ings, this outcome was achieved.
the Championship on Thursday, 2nd July and Friday, 3rd                                    There were 40 primary school teams
July. The two school initiatives were ‘Adopt a Team’ where 15                             competing for the championship in
schools adopted a visiting team, and ‘Bring Your School to the                            four different divisions and 60 secon-
World Champs’ which was organised by Auckland & North                                     dary school teams in 6 categories.
Shore City Councils. It was great to see the effort that the
schools went to in making banners, painting faces, and cheering                            The National schools championships
wildly.                                                                                    lasted for one month with the grand
                                                                                           finals held at the same time as the
TRYBASKETBALL –Whakamatua to try
                                                                                           celebrations to commemorate the
Over 3000 children bounced a ball, or shot a hoop during the 5
                                                                                           anniversary of our 29th Independence
days of this event, which was conducted in the carpark of the
                                                                                           Day on the 30th of July.
North Shore Events Centre. FIBA Oceania provided basketballs,
keyrings and stickers which were given away to participants.
Holiday Programmes
Over 30 different holiday programmes attended the tourna-
ment from Monday, 6 July to Wednesday, 8 July bringing close
to 1750 kids. Many holiday programmes had made banners,
did cheerleading at the breaks, chanted throughout the games
and had a great time.

Welcome Reception
The Welcome Reception was held at SKYCITY on Tuesday, 30th        Taiwan Navy Sunk in Palau:
June was very well received. The visiting teams and delegates     The Palau National Gym was
loved the Powhiri from the Ngati Whatua iwi, with numerous        alive and jumping in July as
pictures being taken.                                             some 400 sailors from the Tai-
Captains Call                                                     wan Navy invaded the gym to
The ‘Captains Call' Media Conference, organised in conjunction    cheer on their team playing
with Tourism Auckland, went extremely well. It was held at the    against a select team from the
Maritime Museum on Wednesday, 1st July with all major media       National Youth Men's Squad.
present (approx 30 media in total). Interviews took place in
the Maritime Museum, before the captains came down to the         The gym was filled with trumpets and drums and much noise
Viaduct for a photo, and interviews in front of the Harbour, or   as the large Taiwan crowd tried to spur their team onto to
the portable Trybasketball hoop which was set up for the func-    victory. The game was started with a ball toss by the Ambassa-
tion.                                                             dor for Taiwan. It was an entertaining game that the crowd
                                                                  thoroughly enjoyed and with much noise and cheering, cou-
Opening Ceremony                                                  pled with many Mexican waves (some led by the Ambassador
The Opening Ceremony featured a variety of cultural perform-      for Taiwan), the entertainment by the visiting sailors was also
ers from top young Maori, Cook Island, Tongan and Samoan.         much appreciated by the local supporters. Final score Palau 86
Official Dinner                                                   and Taiwan Navy 69.
The Official Dinner held at the Floating Pavilion, during which
FIBA President - Bob Elphinston was presented with a Maori        Work Experience with Basketball Fiji:
Feather Cloak (Korowai)                                           Moses Seroney, a form 5 student at Inter-
                                                                  national Secondary School, has just fin-
Memorabilia Project                                               ished working with Basketball Fiji. Over the
Displays prepared by visiting archivist Glenda Taylor, and the    two week period Moses was with Basket-
New Zealand Basketball                                            ball Fiji he helped Basketball Fiji's Develop-
Foundation proved a big                                           ment Officers, Lai & Mark
hit with young and old.
Displaying photos from                                            ‘Basketball Fiji is an awesome place to
1924 to 2009 they repre-                                          work. I chose it because I am a keen basketball enthusiast.
sent the start of the Foun-                                       Learning how the federation operates and the different prob-
dations plan to establish a                                       lems facing basketball in Fiji is a real eye-opener. I learnt a
Hall of Fame for Basketball.                                      great deal in 2 weeks.”
Page 6                                                                                  FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
Inaugural Disabled Basketball                                      Australian women perform well at World University Games:
Games in Fiji:                                                     Australia’s women’s team backed up their 2007 Gold medal
Proving that basketball is a game                                  achievement by claiming Bronze at the 2009 World University Sum-
to be played by everyone, the                                      mer Games in Belgrade, Serbia in July. The Women won the bronze
Central Eastern Disabled Games                                     medal by trouncing the Czech Republic 88-77 in the decider. Two
in Fiji introduced basketball into                                 Opals squad members led the team, Elyse Penaluna and Marianna
the program for the first time                                     Tolo. Penaluna averaged a double-double at the tournament and
ever.                                                              posted 28 points and 16 rebounds in the decider.

Over the past months, AYAD Mark Seccombe has been con-             Drawn in a tough pool the Australian University Men’s team per-
ducting learn-to-play basketball classes in a number of Special    formed admirably, while they lost their two pool games and were
Schools in Suva, and this resulted in basketball being included    relegated to the minor classification play offs, they finished the rest
in the games.                                                      of the tournament undefeated to claim 17th place.
Gospel School for the Deaf was crowned the inaugural winner        Australian Emus finish fourth at World U-19 Championships:
of the basketball competition at the Tattersal National Gym,       Australia’s U19 Men’s team, the Emus, fought their way to a 7-2
while Suva Special School took home the second place and           record at the FIBA U19 World Championship for Men to finish
Hilton Special School was third.                                   fourth at the prestigious tournament.
For their win, Gospel took home the Fiji Paralympic Commit-        The Emus had their unbeaten run ended in the Semi Finals where
tee/Mark Secombe Trophy. Tournament organiser Saimoni              they were upset by Greece and fell to Croatia in the Bronze medal
Nainoca said this was an historic occasion for the games as it     game in Auckland, New Zealand
was the first time they had included basketball. Nainoca said      on July 12.
he was impressed by what he saw at the courts as the kids
played with a lot of confidence and skills.                        Just the week before the champi-
"We have only three schools playing basketball this year but       onship the Emus hosted Greece,
we hope to increase this number next year," Nainoca said.          France and Spain at the U19 Four
                                                                   Nations Tournament in Mel-
Development Manager Visits Tonga                                   bourne, where they went unde-
By Regan Kama                                                      feated to win the tournament.
This short visit to Tonga was to gain an
understanding of the basketball situa-
tion in the country, and to assist in
setting up a structure for the reforma-
tion of basketball in Tonga.

The Tongan Basketball Federation
Executive Committee is a relatively Regan with NOC’s Taki
new committee that was formed in
March 2009. Each committee member has something to offer
and it is exciting to see an enthusiastic group working together
to gain knowledge on what their role is as a committee mem-
ber, and working to achieve the federation goals.

The main priority for this visit was to establish a federation
plan, establish a calendar of events and inform the community
through schools, government, local businesses and the media
that the basketball federation had been formed and is moving
ahead with plans to reactivate basketball in Tonga. These ob-
jectives were achieved through many committee meetings and
visits to various groups in Nuku’alofa.

A number of recommendations have been left with the federa-
tion to complete, along with their new federation plan and
calendar. This groundwork will ensure the federation will be
on their way in becoming a well organized and professional

I would like to thank the federation especially Loleini Ostling
for your hospitality while I was in Tonga. I would also like to
thank the Tongan National Olympic Committee for their assis-
tance with FIBA Oceania’s and the Tongan Basketball Federa-
tion’s programs.
Page 7                                                                                FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
FIBA Oceania 4 Yearly Congress:                                    Refereeing—the next best thing to playing!
The four-yearly Congress of FIBA Oceania was                       Australian referee Scott Becker was awarded
held in Saipan on the rest day of competition                      the gold medal game at the FIBA U19 Men’s
during the 6th FIBA Oceania Tournament for men and women.          World Championships, and just like the play-
                                                                   ers, the referees aim for gold. Below are
The Federations of Guam, Northern Marianas, Palau, FSM,            Scott’s comments:
Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand
were represented. We were delighted and honoured that              My refereeing career started when I was 15 at
both the FIBA President and the FIBA Secretary General made        Newcastle basketball stadium in regional Aus-
time in their busy programs to be present at our Congress and      tralia, and that will be 20 years ago next year! I
for part of our Tournament.                                        knew early on that representing my country was my goal. I was
                                                                   never going to make it as a player so I decided to take the harder
The Congress was preceded by a short Special Congress which        road and try to make it as a referee…..and I’ve never looked back!
considered a minor amendment to the Constitution, proposed
by the Secretary General and supported by Basketball Austra-       I was awarded my FIBA licence in 2005 and since then I have offi-
lia. The change preserved the principle of the four-yearly rota-   ciated at major tournaments all over the world. As a kid from
tion of the Presidency of FIBA Oceania but allowed a previous      “the bush” in Australia to the world stage I can say that it goes to
President to resubmit themself for election after at least a       show that if you are prepared to do the hard work, which some-
term away from the office.                                         times is extremely difficult, the rewards do come. The hardest
                                                                   part of officiating is patience. Sometimes you miss out on ap-
The Congress considered the activity and financial reports of      pointments but most of the time there’s a very good reason. You
FIBA Oceania for 2008 and elected the members of the board         just have to believe in yourself. Not every one can have the top
for the next four year period. It is a requirement of the FIBA     game, but be patient and you just never know.
Statutes that the term of office of the Zones correspond to
those of FIBA (World) so the following will hold office 2010 -     The 9th FIBA World Championship for men in New Zealand was a
2014                                                               fantastic experience both on the court and off. The tournament
                                                                   was billed as showcasing the future of world basketball which
President:                Bob Elphinston                           was a promise that the players well and truly lived up to! The
Members of the Board:     Robert Vautrin                           action on the court was fast and furious and the play of such an
                          Barbara Wheadon                          exceptionally high standard, and with that the standard of offici-
                          Bill Keldermans                          ating was just as high. Having the opportunity to represent Aus-
                          Michael White                            tralia and officiate in a World tournament is a huge honour.
                          John Maddock
                                                                   During the tournament I was trusted to officiate some fantastic
The Secretary General, Steve Smith is contracted by the Board      games. A couple of stand outs were Greece vs Lithuania, which
and is a member of the FIBA Oceania Board.                         was a replay of the European qualifiers from last year, a fantastic
A report of the meeting of the FIBA Oceania Congress and Spe-      game that was very tough, but also a lot of fun. Another standout
cial Congress was sent to our member federations last month.       was Puerto Rico v France. This game literally went down to the
The changes to our Constitution are currently being registered     last second which made it very exciting to be a part of. But that’s
in Australia with the body responsible for supervising our not-    not the reason it sticks out. The reason that game was so good
for-profit status and will shortly be distributed to our member    was that one of the Puerto Rico players scored fifty-four points!
                                                                   You can’t help but be impressed by that effort against a quality
federations and posted on our website.
                                                                   team. The last one that stands out and the one that I still some-
                                                                   times can’t believe was the gold medal game between USA and
                                                                   Greece. I was fortunate enough to be given the honour of offici-
                                                                   ating the final at this tournament and just to be out there was a
                                                                   feeling that is very hard to describe. Given the amazing calibre of
                                                                   the other officials from around the world I was so very humbled
                                                                   to be nominated for the final.

                                                                   But even if I didn’t officiate the final I would still be extremely
                                                                   proud to represent my country, and Oceania, at the most prestig-
                                                                   ious FIBA World event this year. With that I’d like to congratulate
                    FIBA Oceania Congress                          Dallas Pickering and Ken Coulson, both from New Zealand, who
                                                                   also officiated at this tournament. Dallas as a referee and Ken as
                                                                   one of the game commissioners. Both of these guys were great
                                                                   hosts to their fellow referees and as a group we were extremely

                                                                   Above all else the organisation of this tournament by the New
                                                                   Zealand federation and their volunteers was absolutely amazing!
                                                                   I was so impressed by how smoothly the tournament was run and
                                                                   they should all be so very proud of what they achieved.
Page 8                                                                             FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
FIBA Oceania Recognises ‘Movers and                               Angelo Francoise-Eloccie New Cal   Larry Fejeran    Guam
Shapers’                                                          Lindsay Gaze     Aus               Andrew Gaze      Aus
Acknowledgement was given to 40 people                            Jon Hoyle        Aus               Patrick Hunt     Aus
across the Oceania region who have contrib-                       Ed Imo           Am Samoa          Giff Johnson     Marshalls
uted to the growth of basketball at a special dinner during the   Tom Joumkalop PNG                  Frank Kyota      Palau
Oceania Tournament in Saipan.                                     Lorraine Landon Aus                Brigitte Langomazino Tahiti
                                                                  Gloria Lango     Van               Fred Lavaki      PNG
As one of its events to mark the 40 year milestone since the      Stuart Manwaring Aus               John Martin      Aus
recognition of the Oceania zone by FIBA, FIBA Oceania recently    Gordie McLeod Aus                  Glynis Miller    Fiji
announced the names of 40 persons recognised as having a          Bob Pelkey       Guam              Lawrence Quan Solomons
leading role in the growth and development of the game            Alistair Ramsay Aus                Bob Staunton     Aus
across the region.                                                Kazuki Sungino Palau               Michelle Timms Aus
                                                                  Ken Tupua        Am Samoa          Bob Tuxson       Fiji
Players, coaches, referees and administrators from 13 member      Robert Vautrin New Cal             Pierre Villant   Tahiti
countries of FIBA Oceania were recognised in the final list ap-   Michael Whippy Fiji                Michael White CNMI
proved by the FIBA Oceania Board at its recent meeting in Sai-
pan, Mariana Islands during the FIBA Oceania Tournament for
men and women.

The 21 member federations of FIBA Oceania were invited to
submit the names of people who over the last 40 years have
made a significant contribution to basketball in their country
or in the region. A small committee consisting of Al Ramsay,
the father of FIBA Oceania, Barbara Wheadon, current FIBA
Oceania President and Steve Smith, FIBA Oceania Secretary
General, sorted the nominations and made a recommendation
to the FIBA Oceania Board. The list features some world fa-
mous names such as Andrew Gaze, Michelle Timms and Pero
Cameron from the playing ranks and equally well known Tab
Baldwin and Lindsay Gaze in the coaching ranks. In the admini-
stration area, Al Ramsay the founding Secretary General and
Bob Elphinston the current President of FIBA give the list an
international flavour.

Less well known but proving that basketball across the region
has grown to its present status through the work and enthusi-
asm of numerous volunteers in many countries, are Bob Tux-
son a former national player and national coach from Fiji,
Ronnie Chavez a former President of Tahiti Basketball and
competition manager at the 1995
South Pacific Games and Kazuki
(Topps) Sungino former national                                                          Cambage stars in Australian Gems top
player, national coach and now Na-                                                       five finish:
tional Basketball Development Offi-                                                      Australia’s U19 Women’s team, the
cer from Palau.                                                                          Gems, finished a commendable 5th
                                                                                         place at the FIBA U19 World Champion-
Congratulations to the 40 award win-                                                                        ship for Women in
ners. FIBA Oceania hopes that the                                                                           Bangkok, Thailand.
recognition of your achievements will
inspire the next generation of basket-                                                                      203cm centre Eliza-
ballers across the zone to make the                                                                         beth Cambage was
second 40 years an equally progres-                                                                         named in the tour-
sive period for our sport.                                                                                  nament All-Star Five
                                                                                                            for her standout
Tab Baldwin       NZ                                                                                        performance        as
Florence Bundu    PNG                                                                                       leading scorer, aver-
Pero Cameron      NZ                                                                                        aging 20.4 points
Ken Clifford      Aus                                                                                       per game, she also
Sir Lance Cross   NZ                                                                     averaged 6.8 rebounds and 2.4 blocks
Cedric Cudby      NZ                                                                     per game and in her best game posted a
Graeme Davey      NZ                                                                     phenomenal 38 points and 10 rebounds
Bob Elphinston    Aus                                                                    to lift the Gems to an 8-1 win-loss re-
Merv Emms         Aus                                                                    cord.
Page 9                                                                              FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
Marshall Islands to host 10th national Championships:               FIBA Oceania produce a 40th birthday celebration booklet:
The Bank of Marshall Islands 10th Ralik Ratak Basketball Cham-      To commemorate the 40th birthday of FIBA Oceania, the staff
pionship is scheduled for September 12-25 in Majuro. The flag-      have produced a pictorial history book, covering the major
ship basketball competition is named after the two chains of        events in the zone since 1968.
islands in the Marshall Islands, and teams compete represent-
                                                                    The booklet will soon be available to download from the FIBA
ing their atolls or islands. Launched by the Marshall Islands       Oceania website under the ‘40 Year Celebration’ button.
Basketball Federation in 1999 as a national tournament, the
event this year is changing formats from an open competition
to an invitational tournament. Twelve men's teams and four
women's teams are being invited to compete to win cash
prizes of up to US$1,000 (men) and $500 (women) and brag-
ging rights as the best team in the country.

Many sponsors are joining to support this event. Bank of Mar-
shall Islands is the tournament's major sponsor, as it has been
for many years in the past. The US Army is donating trophies
for the top three teams in each section, as well as a perpetual
trophy. The MIBF is partnering with the Ministry of Internal
Affairs Sports and Recreation Office to run the tournament.

The Marshalls Prevention Group, a substance abuse preven-
tion non-government organization, is supporting the event
with a donation and will promote health awareness during the
tournament. And the Marshall Islands National Olympic Com-
mittee is backing the event.

FIBA Oceania Development Officer Ryan Burns will be in Ma-
juro in advance of the tournament to conduct referee, score
bench and coaching trainings, and will assist with referee
evaluations and other tournament activity for the first few
days of the Ralik Ratak Shootout.

The format of play for men will feature two pools of six teams
each playing in a round-robin with the top two teams in each
pool playing off for the championship. The women will com-
pete in one pool.

Australian Wheelchair teams in top form:
Rollers World Challenge:
                      Australia’s Men’s Wheelchair basketball
                      team, the Rollers, proved their gold
                      medal haul at the Paralympic Games in
                      Beijing was no fluke when they
                      trounced wheelchair basketball power-
                      houses Canada and Great Britain, and
                      Japan, to finish first at the Rollers World
                      Challenge in Sydney last week.

                       The Rollers had nine of their Beijing
                       Paralympians in the team and, in their
                       Gold medal rematch against the Canadi-
                       ans, crushed their opposition decisively.
                       The Rollers thrashed Canada in the Gold
                       medal final, 77-48

Gliders match Paralympic effort in Canada:
Australia’s Women’s Wheelchair basketball team, the Gliders,
ousted host nation Canada to win bronze at a four nations
tournament in Ottowa on Saturday. The Paralympic Bronze
medallists held off the Canadians 48-45 to seal a podium finish.
Page 10                                                                                  FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009

Palau adopts new development plan:                                      New Zealand’s Junior Tall Blacks finish
The Palau Basketball Federation recently adopted a new Devel-           13th at World U-19 Championships:
opment Plan for the 4 years 2009-2012, to take basketball in
Palau to new heights. After many years of growth, the PBF ac-           The New Zealand Junior Tall Blacks fin-
knowledged that during the past 3-4 years, growth had stag-             ished the tournament 2-3, with group D
nated somewhat and wanted to find a way to push the sport               losses to Argentina (66-64), Croatia (79-
forward.                                                                72) and Kazakhstan (90-83) and wins
                                                                        over Syria (93-75) and Angola (62-54).
The Plan has two parts – a restructure of systems within the Fed-
eration to ensure the best management of the Plan; and a Na-            “I think we did really well,” team captain Dion Prewster said.
tional Development Program (NDP) that will deliver the pro-             “We didn’t let ourselves down. We did want to do better but we
grams to achieve our vision. The PBF have also decided to fall in       did play some good basketball. Well, the best we could anyway.
line with FIBA & FIBA Oceania in their daily marketing and will         We just got a little unlucky.
use the name “Basketball Palau” in the promotion of basketball.
                                                                        “And we’ve got a lot of respect from other basketball playing
Funding of an overseas coach and administrator to design and            nations and that we should be here. People have been quite
implement the Plan became possible through a grant from IOC             surprised by the way that we’ve played, so it’s always nice to
under the Development of National Sports Structure (DNSS) pro-          hear people saying that.”
gram. This grant is available to each country each year and has
been previously used to form Development Plans for basketball     Nathan Jawai makes it to the
in American Samoa, Fiji and FSM.                                  NBA:
                                                                  In 2004 a young indigenous man
PBF’s Development Plan to develop basketball covers each area
                                                                  made his debut for the Australian
of the sport – players, coaches, referees, score table officials,
                                                                  youth team at the FIBA Oceania
statisticians and administrators. The restructure of the PBF has
                                                                  Youth Tournament in Coffs Har-
already started and a National Program Committee (NPC), com-
                                                                  bour. His name was Nathan Jawai,
prising Topps Sungino, Bill Keldermans and Sinton Soalablai,
                                                                  and he had been plucked from Cape York and set on a path that
have been appointed to oversee and review the NDP on a
                                                                  would eventually lead him to the NBA.
monthly basis and a National Director of Coaching has been ap-
pointed to be responsible for the day to day operation of the
                                                                   Over the next 5 years Nathan Jawai progressed at amazing
NDP. Other committees will come on line in the near future to
                                                                  speed, and in 2009 he has made it to the Dallas Mavericks NBA
be responsible for separate areas of the Plan, such as coaching
                                                                  team. We are sure many players from around the zone who
and referees and officials.
                                                                  were played in that tournament will follow his progress in 2009.
Basketball Palau’s NDP for player development covers the Na-
tional Squads for Senior and Youth, and development squads for
youth and juniors will commence in 2010. Plans are being pre-
pared to expand local community basketball for juniors, that
will, in time, increase player numbers.
Under the Plan the PBF have also adopted their own system of
courses for all areas of the sport and with approval of the Palau
National Olympic Committee (PNOC), may be the start of a Na-
tional Accreditation Scheme (NAS) for all sports in Palau.
In the next 6 months: a national registration system, a national
talent identification system and a national players and coach
selection system. In addition a 4 years calendar is in the process
of being prepared.
The first of the coaching courses to be held under the NAS will
be a level 2 coaching course held through August and Septem-
ber, and a level 1 coaching course will be held in October. The
PBF will be insisting on level 2 accreditation for all coaches in the
NBL by the 2011 season and this coming level 2 course provides
the coaches with a chance to be qualified by then.
Currently Basketball Palau is advertising for applicants for the
National Men’s and Women’s Squads and these appointments
are due in August. Following these appointments the coaches
will select the National Squads in September and they will start
their program in early October.
As the PBF President, Mr Frank Kyota, said following the adop-
tion of the new Plan: “A nation without a vision will perish and
so is a Basketball Federation without a development plan. We
Page 11                                                                                FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
Volunteers—Do you reward your volunteers?                            The Annual Belau Games:
Volunteers are the backbone of all basketball events, world-         The Palau NOC continues to be the leaders in organising annual,
wide. Tournament organisers could not deliver their competi-         multi-sport games for their sporting fraternity. From 16th-25th
tions without the support of so many enthusiastic and passion-       July 2009, the Palau NOC conducted their annual Belau Games,
ate basketball people. In the Oceania region, volunteers have        which incorporated 13 sports and 1,500 athletes. Participants
been out in force over the past few months, servicing a wide         represented their state in all events.
range of tournaments and competitions.
                                                                     The basketball program drew 9 men’s state teams and 5
Whether helping as volunteer organisers, score table officials,      women’s state teams. Women’s games were played each morn-
statisticians, floor wipers, administration staff, media people,     ing, while the men’s games were played in the evenings. Large
hospitality workers, facility staff, drivers, team liaison staff,    and vocal crowds were a feature of the basketball program.
first aid or merchandising people, the volunteers provide ser-
vices that our organisation would never be able to pay for.          A huge crowd packed the National Gym on grand final night to
                                                                     see a magnificent and exciting game of basketball when Koror
In New Zealand there were 280 volunteers giving their time           defeated last Games champions, Peleliu, to take the gold in the
and expertise free of charge at the U19 FIBA Men’s World             men’s division. Peleliu took gold in women’s by defeating Nga-
Championships. In Saipan at the Oceania Tournament the 30            remlengui in another close encounter. A wonderful ending to a
volunteers did an excellent job, as did the volunteers working       great tournament.
the Belau Games in Palau.

But do organisers adequately
reward their volunteers, and
keep them involved after the
tournament is over?

In Palau, the volunteers were
rewarded with a night out at a
local restaurant, and a big story
                                  Rewards for Palau volunteers
on the website. In Saipan, a
photo and website story, along with uniforms and meals dur-
ing the tournament was a way of rewarding the volunteers.

In most cases in the Pacific Islands, the volunteers who are
recruited for these tournaments are teenagers. Federations
should recognise that when the tournament is over, they have
a body of trained and experienced people who should be util-
ised by the federation in their domestic competitions.

Just imagine the delight of players who can see their game
statistics on the federation website via Live Stats! Or the de-
light of the local paper when they start receiving regular bas-
ketball articles and photos. Organisers should never under-                Surfacing and Construction of Sporting Facilities
estimate the amount of pleasure the volunteers get from their                          Throughout the Pacific
involvement, and it is really up to the federation to find a place      Experts in all types of indoor and outdoor recreational
for them in the organisation.                                           surfaces for all sports including basketball, netball, tennis,
                                                                        track and field, baseball.
                                                                        We supply and install Tru-flex Acrylic and Synthetic Grass
                                                                        Tennis Netball and Basketball Courts and have an
                                                                        excellent indoor shock absorbent gym/basketball floor.
                                                                        eg: Pulastic 2000
                                                                        We can meet all your recreation construction requirements
                                                                        including lighting, fencing, surfacing and base work on
                                                                        concrete or asphalt. Free construction brochures to
                                                                        complete your own base and save $000‘s. Apply for our
                                                                        brochures to:
                                                                                            William Mortlock
                                                                                      Recreational Surfaces Pty Ltd
                                                                          653 Pacific Highway, Killara (Sydney), Australia 2071
                                                                              Ph +61 2 9499 2100      Fax +61 2 9499 2896

                                                                          Successfully completing projects throughout the Pacific and
                                                                                        Asia region. We’ll come to you!
Page 12                                                                              FIBA Oceania Bulletin, August 2009
Oceania Championships take on new look                                New Caledonia to host 2010 Youth Tournament and the 2011
The format for the 2009 Oceania Champion-                             Pacific Games:
ships should keep fans in Australia and New                           New Caledonia Basketball Federation’s President Yoann Le-
Zealand happy. The 2009 FIBA Oceania Champi-                          courieux, and FIBA Oceania, are delighted to invite eligible
onships for Men and Women will take on a new                          Oceania Federations to attend the 8th Oceania Youth Tourna-
format following extended discussions with the                        ment in Noumea in 2010. The tournament dates are not yet
main participants, Australia and New Zealand.                         finalised, but the suggested date is towards the end of 2010.

This year, for the first time, each of the participating countries    New Caledonia will host the Pacific Games in 2011, so the
will host a single game in the series, with the winner of the         2010 Youth Tournament will be an opportunity for the Pacific
series decided either on the number of games won, or in the           Games basketball program organisers to test their volunteers,
event of a drawn series, the aggregate points across the entire       equipment and facilities.
                                                                      A purpose built Athlete Village and a new basketball playing
The new competition format reflects the desire of both Bas-           facility, are underway in Noumea, and will be completed by
ketball Australia and Basketball New Zealand to have signifi-         the Youth Tournament. President Lecourieux and Vice Presi-
cant international matches played on home soil on a regular           dent Robert Vautrin did a presentation on the preparations for
basis. Under the previous two or three game series played in          the Pacific Games at the FIBA Oceania Congress in Saipan.
one country, local fans only got the chance to watch their local
heroes play on home soil once every four years.

The new format will ensure that each game in the series is
competitive, because even if a team is losing in the first game,
it will try to minimise the points spread to improve its chances
of winning the series through victory in the second game.

With the new format, basketball fans in Australia and New
Zealand will get to see the Opals, Tall Ferns, Boomers and Tall
Blacks, playing in country every two years.

The two national federations are looking to complement the
two-yearly Oceania (home-and-away) Championships with an
annual trans-Tasman clash, also played home-and-away, to
increase the presence of the national team games in their re-
spective countries to an annual event.

Organisers will be closely watching the support for the 2009             Yoann Lecourieux presents at the FIBA Oceania Congress
Oceania Championship with a view to increasing the number
                                                                      Australia’s National League Back on Track:
of games in the series if needed.
                                                                      The Australian men’s National Basketball League will hold a
The 2009 FIBA Oceania Championships will qualify teams from           pre-season tournament, the Top End Challenge, featuring all
the Oceania continent for the FIBA World Championships in             eight NBL teams in Darwin from 3 – 5 September. The event,
2010 which will be played in Turkey (men), August 28th – Sep-         which is being supported by the Northern Territory govern-
tember 12th and the Czech Republic (women), September 23rd            ment and will be the biggest basketball event in Darwin’s his-
– October 3rd.                                                        tory. It will provide teams with the chance to have an invalu-
                                                                      able hit-out prior to the tip-off of the season on Sept 24th.
How the series will be decided:
      If one country wins both games, they will become the
                                                                      “Basketball Australia Chief Executive Officer Larry Sengstock
      Oceania Champion.
                                                                      said the event was a unique one on the NBL calendar.
          If each country wins one game then the aggregate            “This event is a further sign that Basketball is back and
          points scored in both games will determine the series       stronger than ever,” said Sengstock, “

          If each country wins one game and the aggregate             “Basketball Australia has been very strong
          points across both games is equal at the end of the sec-    in its resolve to reconnect the elite end of
          ond game, then the normal FIBA system for breaking a        our sports to the grass roots community
          tie will be used – that is, the second game will continue   and to that end the Teams will be conduct-
          with as many extra periods of five (5) minutes as is nec-   ing a wide variety of community engage-
          essary until the aggregate points across the two games      ment programs such as basketball clinics,
          is not equal.                                               school visits and hospital visits which will
                                                                      reinforce that Basketball is truly Everyone’s

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