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The Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Club


									                   The PSCA


                   July 10-13

                    Hosted By
    The Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Club
                  Harrisburg, PA

                   Main Event
                 200 NSCA Targets

50 Bird Preliminary              50 Bird 5 Stand
50 Bird Small Gauge             50 Bird Pump Gun
50 Bird Fitasc                  50 Bird Side x Side

            All events are NSCA Registered
     Sportsman Division for all Non-NSCA Members

            For More Information:
           Clubhouse: (717) 469-9877
Dear Shooters:

   Welcome to the Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Club and the 2008
Pennsylvania State Sporting Clays Championship.

     This year’s tournament is coming together to be one of the best yet.
Please take some time to review the event schedule so you are aware of
all of the planned activities.

     This year’s course design will be set by Gary Bloom. Glen and Dawn
of D & G Sporting Clays will be on hand with the Pennsylvania made
Lincoln Traps. Lois Lessing will work her magic on the keyboard for up
to the minute scoring.

    Due to the volume of shooters expected at this event, we are asking
that you pre-register for all events you expect to shoot to avoid sign-in
delays. Please note, we will be shooting Thursday & Friday all Preliminary
& Sub Gauge events. Start early to complete these events, you must be on
the course by 3:00 pm as noted in the schedule.

     Any personal golf carts or 4 wheelers are welcome on the grounds.
All guns must be mounted in a vertical position. This will be enforced!

    Blue Ridge has added for 2008 a 50 target Fitasc event. We will be
shooting competition on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Sunday will be
“Fitasc for Fun” reduced rate, no classes, Lewis payout. Learn to shoot
Fitasc without the pressure.

    We hope you plan on attending to make this one of our state’s finest
shoots. Bring your gun and a good attitude and plan on
having a lot of fun.

                                     Yours in shooting,
                                     Blue Ridge Sporting
                                     Clays Committee
                          General Information

Eligibility - All participants must be current members of the NSCA . Membership applica-
    tions will be accepted at the shoot. A Sportsman Class has been added for all non-NSCA

Rules & Regulations - All NSCA rules are in effect for all events of the tournament. Shoot
    management reserves the right to alter or cancel any part of this program if conditions
    warrant. Management decisions are final. In accordance with NSCA rules, shoot man-
    agement may refuse any entry or cause the withdrawal of any contestant who annoys,
    endangers or interferes in any way with the harmony of the shoot or, in the manage-
    ment’s opinion, whose conduct is unsportsman like. Shooters using abusive language to
    any trapper, scorekeeper or any other person on the shoot management will be removed
    from the competition immediately.

Classification - Classification will be determined by the rules of the NSCA. Shooters must
    have their NSCA cards properly filled out with up to date information. Any shooter in
    the wrong class (not moving up) will be disqualified immediately. It is the shooters
    responsibility to see that he/she is placed in the correct class upon entering this shoot.

Ammunition - Only factory shells may be used in all events at the tournament.

Residency - A shooter must be a resident of the state of Pennsylvania to be eligible for
    PSCA state trophies and NSCA state pins in the main event. All shooters, resident and
    non-resident, who pay full entry fee are eligible for cash prizes. Non-resident 1st place
    trophies have been added to Main Event.

Safety Requirements - Mandatory eye and ear protection. All persons, spectators,
    shooters, referees and trap personnel must wear eye and ear protection on the course.
    Spectators and contestants assume all risks resulting from accident or loss of property
    occurring on the property of Blue Ridge Sportsman Club.

Games - Long Bird Competition, Make-a-Break, Practice 5-Stand and Wobble Trap all 4 days.
    Blue Ridge will give away a shotgun at the wobble trap thru a participation drawing.
                    July 10 & 11 2008
                      Thursday & Friday
              Preliminary and Sub-Gauge Events
           12 gauge      50 targets .....................................$50.00
           20 gauge      50 targets .....................................$50.00
           28 gauge      50 targets .....................................$50.00
          410 gauge      50 targets .....................................$50.00
         Pump Gun        50 targets .....................................$50.00
         Side x Side     50 targets .....................................$50.00
      Purse - $10.00 returned to class in each event
                  1 - HOA Combined Iron Man*
                1 - HOA - 12 Gauge Preliminary
                        1 - HOA - 20 Gauge
                        1 - HOA - 28 Gauge
                       1 - HOA - 410 Gauge
                       1 - HOA - Pump Gun
                       1 - HOA - Side x Side
            *Must shoot all 3 subgauges and 12 gauge prelim*
                           Class Trophies
                           Master thru E
                 12 Gauge Preliminary - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                      20 Gauge - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                      28 Gauge - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                     410 Gauge - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                     Pump Gun - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                     Side x Side - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                         Concurrents - 1st
  All NSCA Members, Resident or Non-resident, qualify for all NSCA
           class trophies and purses in preliminary events.

                       ATTENTION SHOOTERS:
All courses for the above events will be European start from
8:30 am to 4:00 pm. You must be on the course by 3:00 pm.
 You must budget your time accordingly. No Exceptions!
                         Friday Evening
5:00 - 7:00pm - All Preliminary and Sub-gauge Shoot-offs.
7:00pm - Tim Bradley Exhibition Shoot
Tim Bradley will preform his world famous trick shots including multiple tar-
gets, golf balls, charcoal, balloons and vegetables. Tim also provides excellent
commentary on safety, youth shooting programs, Benelli shotguns and
Federal cartridges. Many thanks to Scott Sipple and Benelli USA for their
participation at the 2008 PA State Shoot. After the show Tim will be present
for signing autographs and general interactions

                     Saturday Evening
• Complimentary Dinner - 4:30 to 6:30. Join us for spectacular
  smoked baby back ribs, rotisserie chicken halves and potatoes.
  Brought to you by Butcherblock Meat & Seafood.

• 6:00pm - Remington Arms Company
  2008 Sponsor of the 12 gauge Preliminary Event.
   1 name from each class will be drawn from the event.
     1st place - 11-87 Sportsman camo gun and 1 case STS
     2nd place - 2 cases of STS
     3rd place - 1 case of STS
   Winners names will be drawn on Friday evening.
   Shoot-offs will be at the Make-a-Break. See announcement board.
• 7:00pm - Annual State Association meeting.
                 NSCA 5 Stand
                   50 Targets - $50.00
                 $10.00 returned to class

                    1-HOA 5 Stand
              Master thru E - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                    Concurrents 1st
   All NSCA Members, Resident or Non-resident, qualify for
               Class Trophies and Purse.

               Sportsman Class
             200 Target Main Event $220.00
                $30.00 Returned to Purse
                  Lewis Class System
              A Class - 1st Cash & Trophy
              B Class - 1st Cash & Trophy
              C Class - 1st Cash & Trophy
              D Class - 1st Cash & Trophy
       *Sportsman Class winners will all receive a
          1 year membership into the NSCA.
          1 - HOA 12 gauge preliminary trophy.
        Sportsman entering in sub-gauge events
               will shoot for purse only!
                Based on 15 full entries.
 Every 5 additional shooters another class will be added.
Sportsman class is open to all non-NSCA members only.
                         FITASC EVENT
                         50 Targets
      July 10-12, 2008 • Thursday - Saturday
                            2 Parcours
                           6 man squads
                      Limited to 144 Shooters
                        48 Shooters per day
                      $10.00 returned in class

                  HOA Master thru E - 1st, 2nd & 3rd
                         Concurrents - 1st

                     “FITASC FOR FUN”
                   July 13, 2008 • Sunday
                          50 TARGETS
■ No class structure / Lewis to run high to low optional. Learn to shoot
  Fitasc without the pressure. Limited to 40 Shooters.
                          Main Event
                          200 Targets
          July 12-13, 2008 • Saturday-Sunday
         $50.00 per full tournament entry returned in class

                       1 - Resident HOA Champion
                        1 - Resident R/U Champion
                    1 - Non-Resident HOA Champion

                            Class Trophies
                  Resident - Master thru E - 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                    Non-Resident Master thru E - 1st

                         Concurrent Trophies
                   Sub Junior               1st, 2nd, 3rd
                   Junior                   1st, 2nd, 3rd
                   Veteran                  1st, 2nd, 3rd
                   Super Veteran            1st, 2nd, 3rd
                   Senior Super Veteran     1st
                   Ladies                   1st, 2nd, 3rd

■ All tournament shooters will receive a 2008 PA State Championship
  T-shirt with entry. Be sure to indicate size needed.

■ 300 registered targets must be shot prior to July 10, 2008 or the shooter
  must shoot penalty class in all events. (Penalty Class is one class above
  current classification).
                                      PSCA Notes
Back To the Ridge, Blue Ridge for the 2008 PSCA State Sporting Clays Championship. Four
Solid Days of Sporting Competition with FITACS this year as an added event. Friday Night has
Benelli’s Tim Bradley performing his World Class exhibition shooting show, Don’t Miss
It. 2004 was the LARGEST State shoot ever, so don’t miss what The gang @ Blue Ridge
led by Scott Currey has in store for you this year.

  Balloting for the 2010 State Shoot and Zones will again be by paper ballot and the results
announced at the award presentation Sunday Evening. We encourage all clubs interested in
hosting the 2010 State or Zone shoots to complete your application and forward to Rodger

A couple other key shoots for this year are:

Eastern Zone hosted By Rock Mountain                    June 7-8, 2008      (570) 965-7625

Western Zone hosted by Buffer Creek                     June 14-15, 2008 (814) 442-1240

SCTP State Championship, Rock Mountain                  June 14, 2008        (570) 965-7625

Keystone State Games hosted by The Warrington Club July 26, 2008             (717) 432-0643

New for 2008, the PSCA shooter incentive program with awards being presented at the State
Championship. 20 Shoot entry fees and 3 guns will be awarded on Saturday Night (based on
your 2007 target totals). 2008 Targets count towards the 2009 Championship so make sure you
register those Birds.

                                      Congratulations To
                               2008                            2008
                        All Americans                   All Zone Team

                        Steve Edmondson                Rodger E Becker
                         R Wayne Davis                 Clyde A. Keller Jr.
                           Kim Spohn                    Cord B Kisthardt
                        Deborah Fleming                 Dorothy Packer
                         Randall Tinsley                   Vic Ameye
                           Ed Albright                Robert J Bergamino
                        Chris McClelland               Steven R Zimmers
                                                        Robert T Crow III

Keep Safe and Have Fun.
Clyde Keller for the PSCA Officers
                                 AREA LODGING
    Shooters - Please book early - Hollywood Casino has now opened
    1 exit North on Rt. 81 - We are unsure how this will affect reserva-
Comfort Inn - Linglestown - Rooms Blocked 7/10,11,12&13 - $119.00
7744 Linglestown Road, PA 17112
Phone: (717) 540-8400 - Fax (717) 540-5553
Please ask for: PA State Sporting Clays room rate.
After 6/10/08 the special rates will only be honored if space is available

Comfort Suites - Grantville/Hershey - 5 miles - 717.469.8181 - $124.99
Hampton Inn - Grantville - 5 miles - 717.469.7689 - $129.00
Country Inn & Suites - Harrisburg/Hershey - 5 miles - 717.651.5100 - $139.00

Best Western Inn & Suites -Harrisburg Airport                 Holiday Inn Express
815 Eisenhower Blvd.                                          5680 Allentown Blvr..
Middletown, PA 17057                                          Harrisburg, PA 17112
Phone: (717) 939-1600 -(888) 868-5952                         Phone: (717) 657-2200

Comfort Inn - Riverfront                                      Holiday Inn Harrisburg East
525 Front Street, PA                                          4751 Lindle Road
                                                              Harrisburg, PA
Phone: (800) 346-8357
                                                              Phone: (717) 939-7841 -(800) 637-4817
Harrisburg Wyndham Garden Hotel
                                                              Holiday Inn Harrisburg/Hershey
765 Eisenhower Blvd.                                          604 Station Road
Harrisburg, PA                                                Grantville, PA 17028
Phone: (717) 558-9500 -(800) 253-0238                         Phone: (717) 469-0661

                                       Some other Lodging:

 DayStop Inn - 717-652-9578                   Hershey Hotel Resort - 717-533-2171

 Best Western - 717-652-7180                             Hershey Lodge & Convention Center - 717-


 Budgetel Inn - 717-540-9339                  Holiday Inn Harrisburg - 717-939-7841

 Red Roof Inn - 717657-1445                   Ramada Inn on Market Square - 717-234-5021

 Sheraton Inn East - 717-561-2800             Hilton Towers downtown Harrisburg - 717-233-600

 Marriott - 717-564-5511                      Days in Hershey - 717-534-2162

 Days Inn - 717-939-4147                      Best Western - 717-533-5665
Blue Ridge Sportsmen’s Club is conveniently
located in South Central PA at Exit 77 of Rt. 81.
Just 10 miles East of Harrisburg and just minutes
to Hershey Park. At Exit 77 turn North on Rt. 39
(Linglestown Road). Go 1/2 mile T/R on North
Fairville Avenue between the Comfort Inn and
Gables Truck Stop. Follow North Fairville to the
4 way stop sign. Continue approximately 1 1/2
miles to club sign on left.
                GPS Waypoints:
                 N40 22.702
                 W76 45.228
                                    CLASS MAIL
3085 Fishing Creek Valley Road    U.S. Postage

Harrisburg, PA 17112              PAID
                                  Permit 132
                                 Harrisburg, PA

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