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                                 Rational Acoustics Gets SMAART
   EAW and Rational Acoustics enter into agreement for worldwide distribution and purchase of
                                        SMAART brand

Whitinsville, MA, USA – March 17, 2009 – EAW today announces that Rational Acoustics is being
awarded worldwide distribution of SMAART, the critically acclaimed software used for real-time sound
system measurement, optimization and control. EAW and Rational Acoustics are entering into a two-
stage agreement, under the terms of which, from today forward, all of the mechanics and infrastructure
associated with the sales and distribution of SMAART are being modified, so that sales of SMAART is
now conducted and supported by Rational Acoustics. Furthermore, within six months, Rational Acoustics
will purchase SMAART outright and assume immediate responsibility of the management of the products.

Rational Acoustics, founded in early 2008 by Jamie and Karen Anderson, Calvert Dayton and Adam
Black, has been working closely with EAW for the past year, offering SMAART support, development and
an extensive training program. Karen Anderson, COO of Rational Acoustics and former Director of
Marketing for EAW, states “It’s a very friendly and synergistic relationship which has benefited both
companies as well as the SMAART user community.”

Jeffrey Cox, VP of EAW, states, “I am gratified that Rational Acoustics is moving forward with the
distribution and support of SMAART, as well as ongoing development of the brand. SMAART is a core
technology to our industry, and I know that Rational Acoustics will grow it and keep it in the premier
position it holds in our business, and in our hearts.”


About EAW
Founded in 1978 and celebrating its 30th Anniversary, Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) is a global leader
in producing high-performance professional audio equipment trusted by the most discerning professionals
for every possible sound reinforcement application.

About Rational Acoustics
Rational Acoustics is dedicated to making the world a better place to listen. They support the
advancement of the field of acoustic test and measurement and system alignment through education,
product development and community support.

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