Case Study Response Format by pptfiles


									Case Study Response Format

1.   Introduce the Patient
       Symptoms, important information needed to analyze/discuss to determine a
       correct diagnosis.

2.   Diagnose the Patient
       Using the information from the introduction, determine anatomical and
       physiological explanations for the symptoms that occurred and list a
       probable diagnosis noting any alternative explanations—make sure if you
       make a diagnosis you EXPLAIN your answer fully as well as why you belive
       this is the right diagnosis and what further information you may need to
       determine if it is a secondary diagnosis. Points awarded for logical
       reasoning, accuracy, ability to explain the anatomical condition/concepts.

3.   Prognosis of the Patient
       Any illness or disease can have a long-lasting effect on the body. The
       prognosis is how that patient will need to proceed after diagnosis. This
       could mean the immediate future (until the disease resolves itself) or
       long term detriments from the illness (will their lifestyle, longevity
       change?). You must address the necessary steps the patient and his/her
       doctors must take to relieve the illness (medications, medical treatments,
       life-style changes).

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