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									ALBUMINURIA  Renal, subacute - Chimaphila  Toxic - Echinacea Chronic renal weakness without inflammation - Juniperus  Early or incipient - Chimaphila

Serum anguillar (eel serum ) RENAL RAMEDY the serum of the eel has put an end to the renal obstruction and produced an abundant diuresis. But its really specific indication seems to be for acute nephritis a frigori. In the presence of acute nephritis with threatening uraemia we should always think of this serum. Digitalis




Whenever the kidney becomes acutely affected, either from cold or infection or intoxication, and the attack is characterized by oliguria, anuria and albuminuria, we will find the eel's serum eminently efficacious to reestablish diuresis, and in rapidly arresting albuminuria. When during the course of heartdisease, the kidney, previously working well, should suddenly become affected and its function inhibited; and when besides we observe cardiac irregularities and a marked state of asystolia, we may yet expect good results from this serum

digitalis presents in its indications, the wellknown symptomatic trilogy : 1. arterial hypertension 2. oliguria and 3. oedema note – comparision with eel serum eel serum is well adapted in cases with hypertension + oligouria+ WITHOUT OEDEMA  GLOMERULONEPHRITIS. NEPHROTIC SYNDROME, WITH DRAMATIC EDEMA OF THE ENTIRE BODY (ANASARCA) and scant urine output and albuminous urine. <<Cystitis with scalding pain during urination>>. Retained urine, especially in newborns.


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