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Valdemarsvik Spa
     Physical Therapy Clinic

                      Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   1
                                                               Visitors approaching Valdemarsvik are
                                                  welcomed by Stellan Ekegren’s work of art, “Mariner”.

2   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Executive summary
This is a unique opportunity to participate in the plans that the Municipality of Valde-
marsvik has to develop this coastal community in the Swedish province of Östergöt-
land into an attractive health and tourist resort with the necessary facilities and ser-
vices to make guests and visitors feel welcome all year round.
    For an investor who is interested in contributing to the transformation of Valde-
marsvik into Valdemarsvik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic – in the first instance by in-
vesting in a centrally located health resort facility – the municipal authorities are able
to offer for sale a very attractive eight-hectare plot of land on the hill that rises some
40 metres or so above central Valdemarsvik. This provides the potential for various
forms of rehabilitation as well as a restaurant and a hotel. From here there are also
beautiful views out over Valdemarsviken Bay.
    The project has the support of the Municipality of Valdemarsvik and Östsam Re-
gional Development Council, whose main objective is to promote the development of
the Östergötland region.

Valdemarsvik – in an expansive region
The Municipality of Valdemarsvik has 7,852 inhabitants and lies in an area of outstand-
ing natural beauty around Valdemarsviken Bay, an inlet of the Baltic Sea, on Sweden’s
east coast. Each summer the place comes to life as guests from Sweden and abroad
swell the population to around 28,000, attracted by all the opportunities to enjoy the
natural grandeur of the area both down by the coast, on the islands of the archipelago
and in the forests inland. The municipality is well served with good communications,
with connections to rail and air traffic close at hand.
    This expansive region, the fourth largest in Sweden, has an impressive track re-
cord across a broad spectrum of healthcare and medical services, not least thanks
to a university hospital and a strong private healthcare sector. The current project is
intended primarily, although not exclusively, for investors in Sweden’s near neighbour,
Germany, whose long and successful traditions in the field have provided unique in-
sights into and experience of sanitariums and health resorts.

                                                                   Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   3

                       5     Valdemarsvik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
                       6                Project concept with development potential
                       8                A central location means good levels of service
                       8                There is a need for new hotels
                       8                Spectacular building plot
                       9                Broad-based local support
                       9                Architect’s conceptual drawing
                      10                A project with regional and municipal support
                      12    The Swedish healthcare system and medical services
                      12                Organisation
                      12                Financing
                      13                Opportunities for foreign companies
                      14    Business climate in Östergötland
                      14                A growth region that attracts investment
                      14                Infrastructure and communications
                      14                            Airports
                      14                            Road and rail
                      15    Healthcare and medical services in Sweden and Östergötland
                      15                A wealth of competence
                      16                Sweden’s best training for doctors
                      16                Close cooperation between schools and companies
                      16                World-class research
                      17                Expanding private care sector
                      17                Strong high-tech industries
                      17                New Tools for Health – a regional forum for health products
                                        and services
                      18    Investments in tourism in Sweden
                      18                Five good reasons to invest
                      19    Valdemarsvik in Östergötland
                      19                Location and communications
                      19                            Connections and flight times from some German
                                                    cities (incl. transfers)
                      20    The travel and tourism industry in Östergötland
                      21                Interest from German tourists in Östergötland
                      21                Tourist destinations
                      22    The next step – Get in touch!

4   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Valdemarsvik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic

              The attractive coastal community of Valdemars-
              vik offers an ideal setting for recreation and out-
              door activities. There is strong support here for
              establishing a spa or rehabilitation facility.

                                        The village of Valdemarsvik, with 2,885
                                        inhabitants, lies amid beautiful natural
                                        surroundings close to the sea and the
                                        Östergötland archipelago. This is one of
                                        the most pristine archipelagic environ-
                                        ments in Sweden, and for many people
                                        the area around Valdemarsvik, with
                                        groves of leafy trees in the inner sker-
                                        ries and bare slabs of rock further out
                                        towards the open sea, is the most attrac-
                                        tive of all.
                                           Valdemarsvik is an old and historic
                                        part of the country. After Gusums Bruk
                                        foundry was established in the 1600s,
                                        the region gradually developed into an
                                        important centre for various types of in-
                                        dustrial activity. Outside the main pop-
                                        ulation centres, fishing and agriculture
                                        have traditionally been the main source
                                        of income for the local inhabitants.
                                           However, the process of structur-
                                        al change that has so fundamentally
                                        transformed industrial society has not
                                        left Valdemarsvik and its neighbouring
                                        communities unscathed. The foundry
                                        and many local industries and factories

                                         Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   5
have closed down, and the emphasis in
the region has shifted from being an
industrial centre to becoming an attrac-
tive area for recreation and cultural ex-
   Today the municipality as a whole
has 7,852 permanent residents during
the winter in an area of 739 square kilo-
metres of land. This corresponds to a
population density of 10.63 people per
square kilometre, a low figure even for
the south of Sweden, which bodes well
for those eager to experience the free-
dom and natural beauty of the great
outdoors. In addition, the municipality
also includes 42 of inland water
expanses and 1,277 of coastal
   Valdemarsvik comes to life during
the summer months when the popula-
tion is swelled by thousands of guests
from Sweden and abroad. The statistics
show that in summer the population can
rise to approximately 28,000. Not sur-
prisingly, most of the visitors are from
Sweden, but German tourists come a                Project concept with                          year round. Clean air, forests, the off-
clear second, followed by visitors from           development potential                         shore islands and good quality drinking
the Netherlands in third place. Visitors          This prospectus is an invitation to con-      water already make Valdemarsvik a first-
are attracted not only by the fresh air           sider the proposal made by the Munici-        rate alternative to other spas. The long-
and the lure of the sea, but also by the          pality of Valdemarsvik to develop Valde-      term aim is to transform Valdemarsvik
opportunities for all manner of leisure           marsvik into an attractive health resort      into a municipality that flourishes and
activities in the extensive forests.              and tourist resort with facilities that en-   prospers on its reputation as a health re-
                                                  able it to welcome guests and visitors all    sort and a centre for tourism.
                                                                                                   The prospectus is aimed primarily at
                                                                                                investors in Sweden’s near neighbour,
                                                                                                Germany, whose long and successful tra-
                                                                                                ditions in the field have provided unique
                                                                                                insights into and experience of sanitari-
                                                                                                ums and health resorts. The vision is for
                                                                                                Valdemarsvik to be included within the
                                                                                                compass of the highly respected German
                                                                                                spa culture, as part of a mutually ben-
                                                                                                eficial venture: the actual health resort
                                                                                                would be planned, financed and man-
                                                                                                aged with funding from German inves-
                                                                                                tors, while the Municipality of Valde-
                                                                                                marsvik would assume responsibility for
                                                                                                making the land available for building,
                                                                                                and for improvements to infrastructure
                                                                                                and the central areas of Valdemarsvik.

6   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
 Map of central Valdemarsvik showing
 the proposed site for Valdemarsvik Spa –
 Physical Therapy Clinic.

Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   7
The prospectus shall not be construed             initiative, choose to spend time at Val-       hotels. At the time of writing, there are
to imply that Swedish investors or inves-         demarsvik Spa. Provided there is suffi-        64 beds in the area in the form of one
tors from other EU member states are in           cient capacity, tourists should also be of-    hotel and one bed-and-breakfast facility
any way excluded from participation in            fered the opportunity to make use of the       (in addition to private accommodation
the project. Indeed, the participation of         services offered and of the restaurants.       of varying standard). The realisation of
Swedish companies in the planning and                                                            the Valdemarsvik Spa project will make
build-up stages would probably facili-            A central location means                       the area highly attractive for further es-
tate matters in many questions of detail.         good levels of service                         tablishments.
Similarly, responsibility for the actual          It is proposed that the main facility be
construction of the facilities may well be        located centrally in Valdemarsvik, thus        A spectacular building plot
assigned to local contractors. However,           providing easy access to services that do      At present there is no existing building
it is our opinion that Germany, with its          not form part of the health resort’s own       or facility in Valdemarsvik that would be
long traditions and extensive experience          core operations, such as shops, dispens-       suitable for the planned health resort.
in this field, is in the best position to         ing chemists, library, etc. During Phase          However, the Municipality of Valde-
estimate how large the facilities should          Two of the development, small special-         marsvik is able to offer for sale a very
be in order to be financially viable, how         ist clinics may be established to serve as     attractive plot of land, approximately
the patients and guests should be ac-             satellite facilities on the periphery of the   eight hectares in size, in an area of pine
commodated, and what other kinds of               resort’s core operations. It is conceivable    forest around Bergudden/Klippan, a
operations are required to support and            that an annexe for saltwater baths with a      hill that rises some 40 metres above the
complement a health resort of this type.          seawater pool, massage booths and oth-         centre of Valdemarsvik. This plot offers
    Perhaps the most obvious solution is          er relatively simple forms of treatment        every opportunity for building a facil-
for the management and core staff of              could be established on one of the head-       ity that looks out over Valdemarsviken
the facility to be recruited from among           lands or the islands on the outskirts of       Bay. Thanks to its elevated location, the
highly qualified doctors and nurses in            the archipelago outside Valdemarsvik.          area is secluded yet still within walking
Germany. However, as we have high                 To show due concern for the natural en-        distance of the centre of Valdemarsvik.
levels of skills in all areas of healthcare       vironment and local tourism, transport         The idea is to link the health resort to
locally within the region, the prospects          between the annexe and the main facil-         the centre of Valdemarsvik by way of el-
are good for reaching an optimal solu-            ity in Valdemarsvik should be by boat.         evators on the hillside. The facility itself
tion involving some kind of coopera-                                                             could perhaps incorporate terraces and
tion.                                             There is a need for new hotels                 open-air restaurants to enable resident
    We assume that the health resort’s            There is a need to offer more opportuni-       guests and visitors from outside to enjoy
patients would not only be referred by            ties for high quality accommodation for        the breathtaking panoramic view over
doctors in Germany and Sweden - or                visitors and tourists to Valdemarsvik and      the bay to the sea on the horizon.
other countries - but would also include          environs. For this reason it will also be         There is already basic road access and
private individuals who, on their own             necessary to establish one or more new         the municipality will provide water and

    Summer fun in the town centre

8   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
drainage connections to the boundary of     ance for the project concept, we have engaged the services of an architect to produce
the property. There are no neighbouring     visuals of what a health resort on the Bergudden/Klippan site might look like. When
operations in the area that can be per-     describing a possible solution to the construction project, the architect writes:
ceived as a disturbance.
   Work on producing a detailed de-
velopment plan for the area has already
commenced and it is estimated that it
will take approximately one year be-                 ”We wanted to design a building that stands out – a contemporary
fore construction work can begin at the              construction – yet one that nevertheless seems fully at home in its
Berg udden/Klippan site.
                                                     natural surroundings. The central structure is designed as an en-

Broad-based local support                            trance to the facility as a whole, but also as a way of dividing up the
In order to gain widespread acceptance               building into various sections, as it is very long. The building has also
for the project and spread knowledge                 been designed to maximise access to the view out over the bay. For
about the project among local residents,
                                                     a project in this category, we would estimate a construction cost of
we have produced information about
how this new venture would revolution-               approximately SEK 25,000 (approx. EUR 2,500) per square metre.
ise the development of Valdemarsvik it-                 In order to get a picture of how big the building might be, we
self and of the municipality as a whole.             made some calculations that gave us a figure of around 50 hotel
This material has been used when meet-               rooms = approx. 1,750 m2. We added two restaurants and restaurant
ing representatives of the political par-
                                                     kitchens = approx. 1,600 m2. We estimated around 100 rooms for the
ties in local government, associations
of local businesses and other entrepre-              rehabilitation clinic = approx. 5,000 m2. We then added 5, 500 m2 for
neurs, lodges such as Odd Fellows, and               swimming baths, terraces and other areas, to arrive at a total floor
others.                                              area of almost 14,000 m2. The building itself follows the contours of
   Following the presentation and sub-
                                                     the hillside. The two lower storeys consist of hotel rooms and reha-
sequent discussion, listeners have been
                                                     bilitation rooms. The third floor forms the entrance to the building
asked to complete a questionnaire to
express their views of the project. Just             and it is here that we have envisaged restaurants, various types of
over 81 percent of respondents are high-             bathing facilities and maybe a greenhouse, etc. On the top floor are
ly positive to the implementation of the             more hotel rooms and rehabilitation rooms.”

Architect’s conceptual drawing
As part of the work of gaining accept-

                                                                                                   Conceptual sketch of a possi-
                                                                                                   ble facility superimposed on the
                                                                                                   proposed Bergudden/Klippan site
                                                                                                   overlooking Valdemarsvik.

                                                                                           Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   9
Conceptual sketch of a possible facility super-
imposed on the proposed Bergudden/Klippan
site overlooking Valdemarsvik

It should be made clear, however, that
this is merely a suggestion, conceived to
facilitate the task of gaining acceptance
for this project. There will most proba-
bly be changes to this proposal when we
have found an investor who is seriously
interested in the project.

A project with regional and
municipal support
In Sweden municipalities are organised
at regional level into independent, re-
gional development councils. Together
with Östergötland County Council,
the 13 municipalities in the Province of
Östergötland form the Östsam Regional
Development Council, which works un-
der political leadership to promote the
development of the region and its mu-
   The Municipality of Valdemarsvik
and the Östsam Regional Development
Council are both highly positive towards
the plans for a health resort in Valde-
marsvik and believe that it would lead to
numerous positive effects for the region
and help fulfil the municipality’s ambi-
tion to establish a reputation for tourism
and high-quality healthcare. It would
also mean increased numbers of visitors
and improved commercial opportunities
for existing local businesses. For these
reasons, the abovementioned organisa-
tions offer their wholehearted support to
the initiative and are willing to provide
help by brokering contacts with the rel-
evant official bodies and potential busi-
ness partners, and fast-tracking the pro-
cesses relating to permits and licences,
   In order to place the planned health-
care facility in Valdemarsvik in context,
there follows a brief description of the
Swedish healthcare system and medical
services, and of the competence in these
areas that is available in Östergötland.

10   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   11
     The Swedish healthcare system and medical
                                                   Sweden’s healthcare system is of a high
                                                     standard. Private healthcare providers
                                                   are increasing their share of the market,
                                                       and both Swedish and foreign com-
                                                      panies are given equal opportunities.

                                                               Sweden has a long tradition of providing
                                                               high-quality medical treatment at reason-
                                                               able cost. Swedish medical services rank high
                                                               in international comparisons. Legislation on
                                                               healthcare and medical services is national
                                                               and over the past 20 years approximately nine
                                                               percent of the nation’s GDP has been spent
                                                               on healthcare. Swedish healthcare is decen-
                                                               tralised; the country’s 21 county councils are
                                                               responsible for running hospitals and health
                                                               centres, while the 290 local municipalities are
                                                               responsible for other forms of care services.

                                                               While primary care has traditionally played
                                                               a lesser role in Sweden than in many other
                                                               European countries, the aim is now to make
                                                               primary care the basis for the nation’s entire
                                                               healthcare and medical care system. Today
                                                               most healthcare and medical services are pro-
                                                               vided by local health centres staffed by doc-
                                                               tors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and
                                                               other categories of health workers.
                                                                  Around 25 percent of these health centres
                                                               are run by privately owned companies en-
                                                               gaged on behalf of the county councils. There
                                                               are special children’s clinics, antenatal clinics,
                                                               family planning and clinics for teenagers. Six-
                                                               ty hospitals provide specialist care and emer-
                                                               gency medical care 24 hours a day. Eight of
                                                               these hospitals are regional hospitals that of-
                                                               fer highly specialised medical care, and most
                                                               of them are also involved in training medical
                                                               staff and in medical research.

                                                               The majority of the costs for healthcare (ap-
                                                               proximately 70 percent) is covered by coun-
                                                               ty council tax (a proportional income tax).
                                                               Care of the elderly and of disabled people in

12   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
   their own homes or in institutions is       a healthcare provider in compliance
   financed chiefly through taxes raised       with the Lag om Vårdval (”Choice of
   by municipalities. Central government       Healthcare Provider Act”) passed by
   grants cover approximately 20 percent       the Swedish parliament in February
   of the costs.                               2009. This means that patients are free
                                               to register with the health centre that
   Opportunities                               they choose. All healthcare providers,
   for foreign companies                       private and publicly funded alike, that
   Foreign companies seeking to establish      meet the criteria for authorisation may
   a presence in Sweden are subject to the     supply healthcare services and receive
   same rules and regulations as Swedish       compensation for this from the county
   companies. Sweden’s Health and Medi-        council.
   cal Service Act stipulates that the coun-      In the case of specialised healthcare
   ty councils are responsible for offering    as well, private companies are permit-
   healthcare and medical services to all      ted to provide healthcare services that
   those living within the boundaries of       are financed by the county councils, al-
   the county council, but also provides       though in this instance this is decided
   for a county council to conclude agree-     by a process of public procurement.
   ments with external companies and           It makes no difference to this process
   care providers to perform these tasks.      whether a company bidding for a public
   All Sweden’s county councils have re-       service contract is Swedish or foreign.
   cently introduced the right to choose       Patients can apply to be treated wher-
                                               ever they choose in the country.
                                                  Around 20 percent of the medical
                                               care financed by the county councils is
                                               actually supplied by private companies.
                                               There is also a purely private healthcare
                                               option where the cost of treatment is
                                               covered by the individual or by a private
                                               insurance policy. Today approximately
                                               4 percent of Swedes have a private in-
                                               surance policy: this is a low proportion,
                                               but one that is growing rapidly. Swed-
                                               ish hospitals may be operated as profit-
                                               generating enterprises, and an increas-
                                               ing number of Swedish companies are
                                               starting to offer their employees private
                                               health insurance as an additional ben-
                                                  In addition to publicly financed
                                               medical care, there are also private
                                               healthcare providers who offer treat-
                                               ments that are not financed by the
                                               county councils: these include opera-
                                               tions to alleviate short-sightedness, cos-
                                               metic surgery and vaccinations. This
                                               segment is financed exclusively by the
                                               patients themselves.
                                               Sources: Svenska institutet,
                                               Swedish Healthcare, Invest Sweden

                                                                                            Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   13
Business climate in Östergötland
With its 420,000 inhabitants Östergötland is Sweden’s fourth
largest metropolitan area and enjoys a strategic location just
one-and-a-half hour’s drive south of Stockholm.
The region comprises the twin cities of            second largest retail park at Tornby.       and from a number of German cities.
Linköping and Norrköping, plus a large             Scheduled flights to several new inter-
number of attractive surrounding towns             national destinations have also recently
and villages of varying size and charac-           been introduced.                            Road and rail
ter. Within a short distance are three                                                         The southern main line railway from
international airports and the region as           Infrastructure and communications           Stockholm passes through the region,
a whole can offer both the hustle and                                                          and there are excellent rail connections
bustle of big city life and stunning natu-         Airports                                    from here to the rest of Sweden and
ral experiences in the archipelago, in the         Östergötland has two airports, one          to Germany via Denmark. Two major
forests, on the fertile plains and on the          in Linköping and one in Norrköping.         European road transport arteries, the
large lakes.                                       Close by are also Stockholm Skavsta in      E4 and E22 European highways, meet
                                                   the north and Jönköping Airport in the      national trunk roads in the region that
A growth region that                               south.                                      connect to Örebro and Oslo beyond,
attracts investment                                                                            and to the north of Sweden (via the
Östergötland is a region characterised by          Linköping City Airport                      Mälaren Valley).
strong growth. Investments in research             The airport is only a five-minute drive
and education at one of the biggest uni-           from the centre of Linköping and has
versities in Sweden coupled with good              daily connections to Amsterdam (KLM)
communications have created a dynamic              and Copenhagen (NextJet).
and diversified spectrum of trade and              www.
industry. The region’s strengths lie in
fields such as IT, environmental engi-             Norrköping Airport
neering, the life sciences, aeronautical           This airport has direct flights to Co-
engineering and logistics, but this is an          penhagen (CimberSterling), Helsinki
area of Sweden that is well-known for              (FinnCom) and Alicante (Ryanair).
its long and proud industrial heritage,  
and where high productivity and a well-
educated workforce are the hallmarks of            Stockholm-Skavsta
local enterprise.                                  This airport in Nyköping, also known
   Proximity to Stockholm plays a deci-            as ”Stockholm South” is the Scandi-
sive role for the establishment of many            navian hub for Ryanair with around
companies, and with its location adja-             40 international destinations. The air-
cent to the E4 and E22 European high-              port, which is about 40 minutes’
ways and the main rail line south from             drive from Norrköping and just
Stockholm, close to one of Sweden’s                over an hour from Linköping, is
biggest ports and with three interna-              served by dedicated airport coach
tional airports within easy travelling             services to and from Norrköping and
distance, the region has evolved into a            Linköping.
leading hub for logistics. Large compa-
nies with a strong local presence include          Jönköping Airport
Saab Aero, Siemens, Ericsson, Holmen,              This airport is in the Province of Små-
Billerud and Toyota. In recent years the           land, to the south-west of Östergötland.
                                                                                               Map of southern Sweden, showing Valdemars-
retail sector has expanded significantly           From here there are direct flights to Co-   vik, strategically located between the major
and Linköping is now home to Sweden’s              penhagen and summer charter traffic to      cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

14   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Healthcare and medical services
in Sweden and Östergötland

Östergötland has a long tradition of providing medical services
and healthcare. The region is ranked as number one in Swe-
den for medical training, is a leader in research and serves as a
model of cooperation between the private and public sectors.

Here in Östergötland we can look back      orell, was born in Linköping in 1903.        of labour within the European Union
on a long tradition of healthcare. For-    After studying in Paris and Berlin, he re-   and as Sweden does not impose any re-
merly, in the small town of Söderköping    turned home to Sweden to take his doc-       strictions on the influx of foreign labour
(a medieval gem on the banks of the Göta   torate. In 1955 Theorell was awarded         from EU member states, a large number
Canal, less than 40 kilometres from Val-   the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medi-       of foreign nationals already work as doc-
demarsvik) there was a spa which dated     cine for his work with oxidation en-         tors in Sweden. For a number of years
back to the 1700s. Various therapeutic     zymes. One of the squares in Linköping       Östergötland County Council has been
treatments using water from a spring       has been named after him, in the uni-        actively and successfully engaged in re-
dedicated to the town’s patron saint,      versity hospital quarter that today is a     cruiting doctors from Germany.
Saint Ragnhild, made Söderköping Spa       regional centre for high-quality medical        Linköping University with its 25,000
a popular venue for recreation and reha-   care, education and research into health     students is a major resource for every
bilitation. Sweden’s oldest spa, Medevi,   and medical issues.                          company that establishes a presence in
is also in the Province of Östergötland.                                                the area. Linköping is pre-eminent in
Medevi was founded by Urban Hjärne         A wealth of competence                       the ranks of medical universities and has
in 1678 in what today is the Municipal-    Swedish medical training is of high          a long history of research and education
ity of Motala. As a matter of curiosity,   quality. There are six Swedish univer-       in medicine and technology. Education
the famous Swedish chemist, Jöns Jakob     sities for students who wish to become       and research within the fields of health-
Berzelius, was born close by and was       doctors. In 2009 approximately 1,000         care and medical services is conducted
apprenticed to the spa’s apothecary for    new doctors and 4,000 new nurses             within the Faculty of Health Sciences
some years around 1800.                    graduated from medical training cours-       (FHS).
   Another famous chemist, Hugo The-       es in Sweden. As there is free movement

                                                                                        Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   15
     Faculty of Health Sciences – facts             awarded the ”Excellent Learning Envi-      World-class research
     and figures:                                   ronment” prize by the Swedish National     Linköping University conducts interdis-
     •	 3,400	students                              Agency for Higher Education. FHS stu-      ciplinary research across a broad spec-
     •		 7	undergraduate	programmes	                dents themselves are also satisfied with   trum in the field of life science, primar-
     •		 2	Masters	programmes                       the training they receive and, once they   ily within the Faculty of Health Sciences
     •		 Approximately	50	single	subject	           have graduated, their services are in      (FHS) and the Institute of Technology
         courses                                    great demand in the market.                (LiTH).
     •		 Approximately	500	graduates	
                                                                                                  Linköping’s particular strengths in
     	 a	year,	including	145	doctors	and	
         250	nurses                                 Close cooperation between                  life sciences include research into bio-
     •	 Approximately	500	research	                 schools and companies                      informatics, biomaterials, biosensors,
     	 students,	with	50	Ph.D’s	and	                Health and Social Care colleges are a      cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular inflam-
         licentiates each year                      national initiative in which educational   mation, developmental biology, medical
                                                    establishments and companies work          imaging, organic electronics and pro-
Sweden’s best training for doctors                  together to provide high-quality train-    tein folding. The university’s research-
FHS is in the international front rank              ing in healthcare and social care. This    ers have also made significant progress
in terms of developing teaching meth-               includes education at secondary school     in the study of Alzheimer’s disease and
ods for training doctors-to-be and other            level, as well as adult education and      are world-leaders in the field of individ-
medical workers. The medical doc-                   competence development measures for        ual stem-cell based cornea therapies and
tor programme is constructed around                 workers already employed in healthcare     medical imaging diagnostics.
problem-based learning and the inte-                and social care. The Health and Social        Other specialist fields include ergo-
gration of different subject areas and              Care College in Östergötland encour-       nomic design – man-machine inter-
topics. Students are given a great deal             ages cooperation and collaboration be-     action – sports medicine, health foods
of responsibility in determining what               tween local municipalities, the county     and pharmaceutical development.
they need to learn and focus on, which              council, FHS in Linköping, private care       Approximately      800      researchers
is mainly based on analysing situations             providers, trade unions and schools in     (among them, some 140 professors) and
and dealing with case studies. This in-             order to ensure that the education and     around 6,000 students are involved in
novative approach has led to the course             courses on offer follow the very latest    life science research and education at
being awarded the top rating in Sweden,             developments and reflect the widest pos-   Linköping University.
and for several years now FHS has been              sible breadth.

16    Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Expanding private care sector                IT. These include companies such as          New Tools for Health – a regional
Almost 16 percent of the 360,000             Sectra, Motorola, Cambio and Ericsson        forum for health products and
people employed within the medical           that offer communication solutions, IT       services
and social care sector in Sweden work        support for the entire care sector, image    New Tools for Health is a regional net-
for private companies. As regards doc-       analysis and image management. In this       work that serves as an arena for develop-
tors, approximately seven percent of the     context mention should also be made of       ing new solutions to meet today’s ever-
27,500 currently practising in Sweden        the Center for Medical Image Science         increasing needs within the medical and
are employed by private care providers.      and Visualization (CMIV), a world-           social care sectors. This is an area to
In 2008 Sweden had 12,600 private            leader in research to develop and test       which the Swedish Governmental Agen-
medical and social care companies of         tomorrow’s methods for image analysis        cy for Innovation Systems, Vinnova, has
varying size and nature.                     in the medical sector.                       accorded special priority, and the agency
   In addition to a number of fairly large      Innovative new companies include          invests heavily in the development of the
companies, such as Carema, Attendo           Dreampark, which has developed an in-        New Tools for Health concept. The main
and Proxima that provide medical and         teractive TV portal, and Catrel, whose       focus of work is on developing tools and
social care in Östergötland, there are       digital pen technology enables users at      services for effective and efficient home-
also smaller and more specialised pri-       home to transfer handwritten informa-        based care. Members of New Tools for
vate care providers, including Avesina,      tion from a paper form directly to the       Health include both publicly funded
Medicinskt Centrum, Specialistläkarna,       care provider’s IT system. Cardiolex has     organisations and private companies,
Familjeläkarna, Hjärtspecialisterna car-     developed an ECG platform for a stand-       who through their participation in this
diac specialists and Crocus foetal di-       ard PC, Dynamic Code has produced            forum have access to a large regional,
agnostics. Östergötland is also one of       self-testing concepts in a number of ar-     national and international network of
the leading regions in terms of private      eas that show that each and every one of     potential partners and clients.
primary medical care, which is managed       us can be a user of a company’s services,
and overseen by Östergötland County          Pharmacell has launched the Careousel
Council.                                     programmable medicine dispenser that
                                             delivers the right dose of the right medi-
Strong high-tech industries                  cine at the right time, and Audio To Me
The region also has a number of front-       has developed new technology for dis-
rank players in medical technology and       tributing the spoken word.

                                                                                          Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   17
Investments in tourism in Sweden
Travel and tourism is
the fastest growing
industry in Sweden
and it is anticipated
that earnings from this
sector will double over
the next ten years.
In 2009 the value of incoming for-
eign tourism in Sweden exceeded that
of Swedish tourism abroad for the first
time ever. Also in 2009 Sweden was
ranked by the World Economic Forum
in seventh place among countries with
the greatest potential for tourism.
   The travel and tourism industry in
Sweden offers many attractive invest-
ment opportunities for property inves-
tors and property developers. The foun-
dations are already in place in the form
of a diversified international economy
that has been growing strongly for a
number of years. Sweden is also an at-
tractive destination in many ways, with
resources such as clean, unspoiled nat-
ural surroundings and a rich cultural
heritage. There is potential for develop-
ment both in the major cities and out in
the countryside in areas such as skiing,
adventure/wilderness holidays, golfing
and coastal recreation.

     Five good reasons to invest

     • Plenty of potential in an expand-
       ing tourist industry
     • Travel and tourism is the fastest
       growing sector in Sweden
     • Sweden is receptive to new ideas
     • Good access to unspoiled nature
       and clean environments

     • Visitor volumes are constantly

18    Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Valdemarsvik in Östergötland
               Valdemarsvik in south-
               ern Sweden forms
               part of the coastal
               archipelago in
               the Province of
               The municipality is just to the south
               of Norrköping, one of the two largest
               municipalities in what is known as ”The
               Twin Cities of Sweden”. The small town
               of Valdemarsvik nestles among rolling
               hills close to the sea in an area rich in
               cultural history that provides good op-
               portunities for a variety of leisure-time

                  Location and communications
                  Distances to Valdemarsvik from

                        Norrköping         53 km
                        Linköping          85 km
                        Stockholm         210 km
                        Gothenburg        355 km
                        Malmö             432 km
                  The closest airports within the
                  region are in Norrköping, with
                  worldwide connections via the in-
                  ternational hubs in Copenhagen
                  and Helsinki, and Linköping City
                  Airport, with worldwide connec-
                  tions via the international hubs in
                  Copenhagen and Amsterdam.
                  Connections and flight times
                  from some German cities
                  (incl. transfers):
                  Berlin: Via Copenhagen
                  to Norrköping Airport 4 hrs 15 mins;
                  to Skavsta 3 hrs 15 mins
                  Düsseldorf: Via Copenhagen
                  to Norrköping Airport 3 hrs
                  Cologne: Via Amsterdam
                  to Linköping Airport, 5 hrs 15 mins
                  Frankfurt: To Skavsta: 3 hrs 45 mins
                  Munich: Via Amsterdam
                  to Linköping Airport, 5 hrs 30 mins
                  Hamburg: To Skavsta, 3 hrs 15 mins

               Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   19
                                 The travel and tourism industry in Öst
                                  A strategic geographic location, some of Sweden’s premier
                                 visitor attractions, a variety of stunning natural land- and wa-
                                     terscapes and a rich cultural heritage have contributed to
                                    a 78 percent increase in tourist consumption in the region
                                        over the past ten years. This serves only to confirm the
                                              great potential that exists in the area for profitable
                                             investments in all types In 2009 Östergötland reported ap-
                                                  of accommodation proximately 1.4 million guest nights in
                                                                         commercial accommodation: 196,400
                                                         alternatives. of this total were foreign guests. There
                                                                               are 2,500 people employed in the travel
                                                                               and tourism industry in Östergötland.
                                                                               Over the past ten years the number of
                                                                               overnight stays has risen by 13 percent
                                                                               and tourism consumption has risen by
                                                                               78 percent. Östergötland has 85 hotels
                                                                               and five holiday villages with cabins for
                                                                               hire. The total number of hotel rooms
                                                                               is 3,700. Most hotels are to be found in
                                                                               Linköping and Norrköping.
                                                                                  The region is well located from the
                                                                               perspective of Stockholm, with good
                                                                               access via three international airports,
                                                                               the E4 and E22 European highways and
                                                                               good rail connections. There is great po-
                                                                               tential for the region within the travel
                                                                               and tourism sectors, and some of Swe-
                                                                               den’s major tourist attractions are close
                                                                               by. These include Kolmården Wildlife
                                                                               Park, the largest of its kind in Scandi-
                                                                               navia, the Göta Canal, which is one of
                                                                               Sweden’s premier tourist destinations,
                                                                               Astrid Lindgren’s World, where children
                                                                               can meet all their favourite characters
                                                                               from the stories of Astrid Lindgren, and
                                                                               the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland,
                                                                               with many well-known names among
                                                                               Sweden’s glass artists and glass com-
                                                                               panies. The region also has significant
                                                                               potential as a venue for congresses and
                                                                               conferences, with its location more or
                                                                               less midway between Stockholm, Goth-
                                                                               enburg and Malmö making it ideal for
                                                                               national and international conferences.
                                                                               Stockholm is only two hours’ drive

20   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
    Stockholm market is well within the re-
    gion’s catchment area.
       The region is also rich in natural at-
    tractions - everything from the archipel-
    ago to the inland plains, hills and large
    lakes, offering plenty of opportunities
    for fishing, sailing, canoeing and hunt-
       Here, too, is a rich cultural history
    with two medieval towns that attract
    many tourists: Vadstena with its beauti-
    ful abbey, the magnificent castle from the
    days of King Gustav Vasa and the nun-
    nery of the Sisters of Saint Birgitta, and
    Söderköping, a picturesque idyll on the
    banks of the Göta Canal. It is here that
    several episodes of the German televi-
    sion series Inga Lindström were filmed,
    as well as the children’s film Madicken,     and Östsvenska Turistrådet have been         technical, political and cultural context.
    based on the book by Astrid Lindgren.        working actively to sell Östergötland as     Another recently re-opened attraction is
       While the region clearly has a number     a destination to German tour operators,      the Norrköping Visualization Center C
    of very attractive tourist destinations,     and interest from the Germans is now         with its Dome Theatre and exhibitions
    there is still potential to be realised in   great. Out on the islands of the archi-      and activities that focus on state-of-the-
    terms of accommodation. In recent years      pelago, however, there is seldom any         art developments in visualisation tech-
    the regional tourist organisation, Öst-      comfortable hotel accommodation that         nology.
    svenska Turistrådet, has collaborated        is suitable for people who wish to stay in      Valdemarsvik itself is a paradise for
    with Visit Sweden to attract foreign visi-   the area for an extended period.             nature-lovers. Its location close to the
    tors to Sweden, most particularly from                                                    sea, the cultural history of the surround-
    Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.                                                      ings, and the forests enable visitors to
    Demand from foreign tour operators              Tourist destinations                      enjoy everything from boating and sail-
    currently outstrips what the region’s                                                     ing, fishing, diving, canoeing, cycling,
                                                    The region’s top tourist
    accommodation facilities can offer, so          destinations are:                         horse-riding and hiking in the coun-
    there is clearly a need for new investment                                                tryside to berry-picking, mushroom-
    in hotels, holiday villages/tourist cabins      • Göta Canal                              picking, hunting and golf. The winter,
    and resorts.                                    • Kolmården Wildlife Park,                too, has its own special charm here, with
                                                      621,000 visitors                        cross-country skiing and long-distance
    Interest from German tourists                   • ”Old Linköping” open-air museum,        skating. Guided tours in the surround-
    in Östergötland                                   490,000 visitors                        ing countryside provide visitors with an
    Germany is the largest single foreign           • Astrid Lindgren’s World                 opportunity to learn more about the lo-
    market for Östergötland, with a total             in Vimmerby, 450,000 visitors           cal flora and maybe even catch a glimpse
    of 83,000 guest nights in commercial            • Omberg Hill, 385,000 visitors           of, or see the tracks of, elk and wild boar.
    accommodation for visitors from Ger-            • Vadstena Abbey, 323,000 visitors        For those interested in history there are
    many. In 2009 Germans accounted for                                                       several attractive churches and museums
    18 percent of all foreign guest nights in                                                 well worth a visit. All of this, plus Val-
    the region’s hotels and for 44 percent of    Future attractions are bound to in-          demarsvik’s proximity to other popular
    camping nights. German visitors are fre-     clude the recently re-opened Swedish         tourist destinations, means that, espe-
    quently well-to-do middle-aged or older      Air Force Museum, which in June 2010         cially during the summer, there is always
    couples, who are attracted by the natural    welcomed visitors to new, modern exhi-       a variety of activities and entertainment
    beauty and cultural history of the re-       bition facilities which place the story of   to choose from close at hand.
    gion. For the past few years Visit Sweden    the Swedish Air Force in its historical,

                                                                                              Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   21
       The next step – Get in touch!

               We do hope that this material has convinced you that Valdemarsvik
               Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic is an investment opportunity with
               considerable commercial potential. We also hope that you will see
               the benefits inherent in the fact that broad support for the idea has al-
               ready been firmly established among our own ranks, while still leaving
               plenty of scope for investors to add their own ideas to and set their
               own stamp on the process in terms of the final shape of the project,
               the operative management and the choice of partners and associates.

               Maybe you would like more information about the Valdemarsvik Spa
               initiative or Östergötland? Or perhaps you would like to visit the
               region to see its potential for yourself? If so, please don’t hesitate to
               contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

               Hans Lorentzon
               Valdemarsviks kommun
               Telephone: +46 123 19 187

22   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic
Photography:	Nils	Ohlsson,	Hannes	Carlsson,	Göran	Trysberg,	Dan-Åke	Carlsson	et	al.

                                                                    Physical Therapy Clinic – Valdemar svik Spa   23

24   Valdemar svik Spa – Physical Therapy Clinic