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Spring 2010 Newsletter pub


									                                        THE COMMUNIQUÉ
                                             Ivy Tech Southeast
                                     Batesville, Lawrenceburg, Madison

Volume 8, Issue 2                                                                                Spring 2010

                                            News Brief                             From the Halls of Ivy
                                          In this issue of The Commu-                Attention Students! The Com-
                               niqué, new employees are introduced.         muniqué is interested in printing original
                               In addition a faculty member is recog-       work by students who wish to publish it.
                               nized for achieving a recent prestigious     If you are an aspiring writer or artist,
                               certification in her field.                  please submit your work to Karla Hender-
                                         Regular columns follow such as     son at
                               Student Life that centers on activities by            All work has to be original in en-
                               student groups at Ivy Tech Southeast.        tirety. That is, the work you submit
                               The next section called Virtual Speak        should not be copied from another source
                               discusses some aspect of the Library.        without giving proper credit to the author.
                               Noteworthy News and Special Events           Failing to provide credit when using an-
                               follow with a focus on some happenings       other person’s work is plagiarism and it is
                               at Ivy Tech Community College South-         against the law. Please use caution
                               east within the recent past. The news-       when writing to ensure that the work you
                               letter culminates with a calendar of         submit contains your thoughts and ex-
          In This Issue        events that lists activities and dates.      pressions with contributions by other au-
Halls of Ivy              1              The Communiqué is available in     thors paraphrased or placed in quotes.
                               color on the Virtual Library homepage
Rechtin Hired as          1
                               for our region. We thank Southeast Re-        Rechtin Joins Lawrenceburg
Communication Faculty          gion Library Director Tim Renners and
                               Network Administrator Amy Liter for             Communication Faculty
Baumgartner Full-time     2
                               making the electronic version of the                 Leighann Rechtin joined the fac-
Business Assistant                                                          ulty at Lawrenceburg campus as Assis-
                               newsletter available to Library patrons.
                          3              We also appreciate the support     tant Professor of Communication.
Schwering Joins
Batesville Staff               of Southeast Regional Marketing Direc-       Leighann comes to Ivy Tech Southeast
                               tor Hank Bentz. His contributions in-        from NKU where she held the position of
Riley Employed as         3    clude many fine pictures and some of         Lecturer/Coordinator in the Office of First-
Library Assistant              the content for the Noteworthy News          Year Programs.
                          4    section.                                             She also taught Communication
Napier Hired as
                                         If you have information or pic-    part-time there. Courses that she taught
Library Staff
                               tures for publication in the newsletter,     at NKU included Communication Studies
Simmons Earns Nurse       4                                                 101 and University 101. At Ivy Tech she
                               please submit them to the attention of
Educator Certificate           Karla Henderson at khend-                    is teaching similar courses such as
Gray and Seifert          5 or Samantha Ambur-           COMM 101-Fundamentals of Public
Honored                        gey at              Speaking and COMM 102-Interpersonal
ACS Scholarship           6    News items and/or pictures reflective of     Communications as well as IVYT 101-
Helps Kahny                    campus activities are always welcome in      First Year Seminar.
                          6    this publication.                                    Prior to employment at NKU,
Student Life
                                                                            Leighann worked in Human Resources
Relay for Life            8                                                 for 6 years. She also held corporate po-
                                                                            sitions with her last one being People
Virtual Speak             8
Noteworthy News-          9
Special Events
Upcoming Events           12
Development and Systems Manager for Perfetti                   fall.” She finds this a perfect opportunity to “help
Van Melle, a candy company that mainly creates                 students with additional information.” Although
Airheads and Mentos. Leighann mentioned that                   she is new to the information, Leighann says that
she does “miss that candy allotment.”                          she has learned some of the information quickly.
                                                                        She also disclosed her desire to advise a
                                                               student group. As Leighann says, she has “a
                                                               passion for teaching and helping others,” and she
                                                               “loves the field of Communication-so it’s a perfect
                                                               combination!” She feels “honored and fulfilled in
                                                               this role!”
                                                                        Moreover, having been a single mom at
                                                               one time, Leighann acknowledges her “passion
                                                               for helping other single moms.” For five years,
                                                               Leighann spent one night a week volunteering as
                                                               a Case Manager at a local home for single moth-
                                                               ers. She recently changed her role to a mentor
                                                               due to time constraints.
                                                                        We are fortunate to have Leighann
     Leighann Rechtin (Center) with Students                   Rechtin as a faculty member at Ivy Tech Law-
                                                               renceburg. We extend best wishes to her as she
         Leighann earned a Bachelor of Arts in                 pursues her professional and personal dreams.
Speech Communication from NKU and later an
M.Ed. in HRD from Xavier University. She is                       Baumgartner Full-time Business
presently completing an M.A. in Communication
at NKU with only a thesis in the way of finishing                       Office Assistant
the degree. With this degree, Leighann will have                        Jenna Baumgartner recently became a
earned a teaching certificate as well as a relation-           full-time employee as the Business Office Assis-
ship certificate. She comically adds that her hus-             tant. She also works as a bookkeeper for Cook-
band “teases” her about being “addicted to Edu-                ies by Design. Prior to this position, Jenna
cation,” but Leighann does not consider this to be             served as a nanny for three year old triplets, then
one of the dreaded addictions.                                 as an associate manager at Bright Market.
         As far as family members, Leighann is                          An Ivy Tech graduate, Jenna earned an
married to Zach, a police officer in Campbell                  AAS in Accounting in 2006. She has worked in
County, Kentucky. She has three sons: nine-year                accounts payable and payroll for at least fifteen
-old Tate, seven-year-old Owen, and one-year-                  years.
old Wyet. Leighann mentioned that their future
plans include adopting a girl sometime in the fu-
ture. The Rechtin family resides in Fort Mitchell,
         In the little time left for leisure activities,
Leighann enjoys spending time with family during
which they often play games such as Wii or any
of the Mario games. She also spends some time
investigating Facebook as it is the topic of her
thesis. They also watch movies to make use of
Netflix in addition to some favorite TV shows like
Glee and Modern Family. Leighann also recently
began selling Miche purses since it is one of her
favorite purses.                                                               Jenna Baumgartner
         In relation to aspirations for her new posi-
tion, Leighann has her goals focused on “making                        Jenna has been married to Rick
the learning environment engaging for the stu-                 Baumgartner for 27 years. The Baumgartner’s
dents, for them to want to take what they learn                have two children who both attended Ivy Tech
and apply it to their everyday life.” She also men-            while in high school. Their daughter Erin is a
tioned that she is “excited about advising in the              senior at Thomas More College and their son

Kevin is a sophomore at Purdue University.                         In terms of her aspirations and goals,
Jenna can take some credit for her children’s suc-         Nancy wants to “continue to assist staff to obtain
cess in college since she home schooled them               goals for the school . . . aid students in obtaining
while a stay at home mom.                                  a good learning experience at the Batesville cam-
         Aside from spending time with family and          pus, and encourage everyone to reach [his or
friends, Jenna loves to read. She also enjoys              her] dreams.”
walking and boating.                                               She also offered the following comment.
         As far as aspirations for her new position,       “Returning to school has been the most reward-
Jenna noted that she is “thrilled to be back               ing experience in my life and I want everyone to
among these wonderful people.” She said that               know that no matter the age of a person, or the
being able to help people makes her feel good.             circumstances, obtaining goals is not just a
         We are happy that Jenna Baumgartner               dream, but it is a reality with perseverance.”
was selected to work in the Business Office. We                    We are happy that Nancy has accepted
hope she continues to enjoy her work at Ivy Tech.          the Evening Coordinator position at Batesville.
                                                           We hope that she has many more rewarding ex-
    Schwering Hired as Batesville                          periences at Ivy Tech Community College.
        Evening Coordinator
          Nancy Schwering joined the Batesville               Riley Hired as Library Assistant
staff as the Evening Coordinator. She comes to                      Alexis Riley filled a work study position as
the position with much experience. Prior to                a Library Assistant at the Madison campus. Pre-
Batesville Ivy Tech, Nancy served in various posi-         vious to this job, Alexis said that she had worked
tions as an employee of Community Mental                   at Tractor Supply, Orschelns Farm and Home,
Health for the past eight years. She also worked           and Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.
in a factory at Printpac in Greensburg for sixteen                  A graduate of Madison High School,
years. In addition, Nancy was also employed in             Alexis attended the University of Southern Indi-
retail, office, and various part-time jobs.                ana for two years after graduating from high
          A student of Ivy Tech, Nancy graduated           school. She currently attends Ivy Tech Commu-
from Ivy Tech with an AAS in Office Administra-            nity College where she is working to complete an
tion. She continued her studies and is currently           AS in General Studies May 2010. Alexis hopes
pursuing a Technical Certificate in Billing and            to enroll in either the University of Indianapolis or
Coding. She anticipates completing the technical           Jefferson Community College in Louisville to pur-
certificate this semester.                                 sue a program leading to credentials for a Physi-
          Nancy has two adult daughters and five           cal Therapy Assistant.
grandchildren. Aside from spending time with                        With regards to family, Alexis is the
family, Nancy admits that she enjoys cooking,              daughter of Steve and Julie Riley who own and
reading, gardening, crocheting, and staying ac-            operate a farm in Deputy, Indiana. Her father
tive. She said that her favorite pastime is watch-         also serves as a crop adjuster and her mother as
ing her “grandchildren play and grow.” And she             the Deputy Assessor for Jefferson County. Alexis
confesses that they are “An inspiration when they          has three siblings: Kaitlin Riley who attends Ivy
are at their best.”                                        Tech in the RN program and Kegan Riley who
                                                           attends Lincoln Tech in Indianapolis to earn a
                                                           diesel mechanics degree. Her brother, Tanner,
                                                           attends Deputy Elementary as a third grader.
                                                                    Alexis enjoys the outdoors, fishing, shop-
                                                           ping, and spending time with her family. She also
                                                           admits enjoying tractor pulls, riding four wheelers,
                                                           and mowing the grass.
                                                                    Maybe her fondness for outdoor activities
                                                           was nurtured early during her experiences for 10
                                                           years in the Deputy 4-H Club. Alexis said that
                                                           she participated in activities involving animals
                                                           such as cattle, swine, rabbits, and sheep. She
                                                           also did gift wrapping, food, and other projects.
                                                           In high school, Alexis said she continued to work
                     Nancy Schwering                       through clubs such as the FFA where she held

many leadership positions. She received honors           softball, basketball, and football. She also admits
for her work in these clubs including the green-         a fondness for going to church, shopping, music,
hand degree her freshman year.                           and concerts as well as simply hanging out with

                                                                             Jody Napier

                   Alexis Riley                                    In her new job, Jody aspires to “assist
                                                         students/faculty with any help that they may need
         Alexis continues her work with these            in the Library. She continued that she hopes to
clubs presently as a leader of the Deputy 4-H            “graduate from Ivy Tech as a Registered Nurse.”
Family and Friends 4-H Club. She mentioned                         Jody also added that she is “very excited
that she enjoys “helping children learn about the        to join Ivy Tech’s work study program.” She said
field of agriculture” because she was raised on a        that since starting her Library job, she has “met
farm.                                                    so many nice people” along with the advantage of
         As to goals for her new job, Alexis men-        being allowed to study when she is not busy with
tioned that she wants to “Assist students with a         Library duties.
question that they might have about the library or                 We send a welcome to Jody Napier.
using the library website.”                              Best wishes are also extended for achieving all
         We wish Alexis much success as she              her aspirations on the job and in attaining her de-
continues her work with students both at Ivy Tech        gree.
and in the Deputy 4-H Club.
                                                                   Simmons Earns Nurse
                                                                    Educator Certificate
           Napier Employed as
                                                                 Ivy Tech Community College Southeast
            Library Assistant                            is proud to announce that Georgia Simmons,
         Jody Napier was employed for a second           Nursing Program Chair for the Southeast Region,
work study position at the Madison Library. She          has earned the designation of Certified Nurse
works as a Library Assistant helping students and        Educator (CNE). Georgia’s accomplishment is
faculty with library related needs.                      the result of meeting strict eligibility criteria and
         A graduate of Southwestern High School,         successful completion of a rigorous exam devel-
Jody also attended and graduated from Plaza              oped and administered by the National League
Dental Assisting School in 2006. Thus, before            for Nursing (NLN).
her current job in the Library, Jody worked as an                The CEO of the NLN, Dr. Beverly
orthodontic assistant.                                   Malone, announced that “Nurse Educator Certifi-
         Jody’s family consists of mother Trudy          cation has conferred new visibility and stature
Napier and father William Napier, Jr. She also           upon the academic nursing community.” She
has a brother Bo Napier.                                 continued that through the certification process,
         Aside from spending time with family,           the NLN has “made clear to the ranks of higher
Jody has several interests. She likes anything           education that the role of nurse educator is an
outdoors such as fishing, boating, 4-wheelers,           advanced professional discipline with a defined
and swimming. Jody also enjoys sports such as            practice setting and demonstrable standards of
excellence.”                                                success in her unique approach to teaching and
         Nursing faculty member Georgia Sim-                learning.
mons teaches courses in nursing such as Funda-
mentals Lab, Obstetrics, Complex Families, and              (Editor’s Note: Some of the biographical information in
Med/Surgical Clinical.                                      this article appeared in previous issues of The Commu-
         Author of a publication appearing in the           niqué.)
January 2009 Journal of Nursing Education titled
“Customized Clinical Brochure,” the article was               Gray and Seifert Merit Distinction
the syllabus selection for that issue of the journal.                  By Paula Heiderman, Executive
Georgia hoped the article inspired at least one                           Director of Development
faculty member to incorporate the teaching strat-
egy into his or her own curriculum. As Georgia                       Ivy Tech nursing student Krystal Gray and
pointed out, “a student benefits from the strategy          Ivy Tech Director of Academic Support Services
and ultimately patient care is improved.”                   Margaret Seifert were honored during the Girls
         Not only did Georgia’s article encourage           Incorporated 2010 “She Knows Where She’s Go-
progressive teaching approaches, her classroom              ing” Luncheon on March 16th.
practices epitomize academic excellence. Geor-                       “She Knows Where She’s Going” Honor-
gia incorporates active learning methods during             ees represent the mission of Girls Incorporated,
class including the utilization of a “reading circle”       Inspiring Girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold. The
approach when teaching course content. She is               honorees are selected based on the significant
also a firm believer in service learning in the             contributions to our community and who serve as
classroom. That is, she advocates that students             an inspiration and role model for girls attending
learn the course material while simultaneously              Girls Incorporated. Their lives exemplify, “It does-
investing time in producing something worthwhile            n’t matter where a girl comes from as long as She
for another institution, such as a school.                  Knows Where She’s Going!”
         Prior to her present position of Southeast                  Krystal Gray is a 2005 graduate of Milan
Nursing Program Chair, Georgia served as a                  High School and a proud wife, daughter, sister,
nursing faculty member at Madison campus. Be-               aunt and most of all, member of the cancer com-
fore coming to Ivy Tech, Georgia was Director of            munity. Krystal knew growing up that she wanted
Health Services in the Switzerland County School            to be a nurse and touch people’s lives. She began
Corporation. Previous to that job, she was Qual-            her pursuit of this dream at Northern Kentucky
ity Improvement Coordinator at the Carroll County           University where, during her sophomore year, she
Hospital. Georgia also worked as a Home Care                was diagnosed with a very fast-growing brain tu-
Coordinator at Kings’ Daughter’s Hospital.                  mor. She underwent surgery, radiation and che-
         Georgia has a BSN from Eastern Ken-                motherapy, but she did not let the fact that she has
tucky University and a MSN from the University of           an incurable brain tumor stop her for one moment!
Southern Indiana. She also graduated from the
Ivy Tech Leadership Academy and from the Ivy
Tech Academy for Instructional Excellence. In
addition, Georgia was the recipient of the Presi-
dent’s Award for Excellence in Instruction for Ivy
Tech Southeast last year.
         Believing in the importance of strong fam-
ily relations, Georgia mentioned that she has
“amazing and supportive parents.         And in her
words, she has four “outstanding” children:
Amanda, Megan, Lindsey and Alex.
          As far as leisure time, Georgia says that
she engages in “anything that gets your heart
pumping and the adrenaline flowing.” Georgia
also admitted that she “get[s] the same rush
when [she is] planning some ‘fun’ activity for an
upcoming lecture.”
         We congratulate Georgia for earning her
new credentials. She is also wished continued

                                                          in Medical Assisting. A scholarship for three
                                                          years from the American Cancer Society (ACS),
                                                          Great Lakes Division enabled Allison to reach her
                                                          dream of completing the associate degree.
                                                                   Allison was diagnosed with acute lym-
                                                          phatic leukemia (ALL) at age four and in remis-
                                                          sion by age five according to a March 16 article in
                                                          The Journal-Press. Prior to the treatments of ra-
                                                          diation and chemotherapy at Children’s Hospital
                                                          in Cincinnati, Allison had brain surgery at the age
                                                          two years to correct mal-formed blood vessels
                                                          that were placing pressure on the brain stem.
                                                                   It was the combination of these early ex-
                                                          periences with kind nurses at Children’s Hospital
                                                          that inspired Allison to pursue a program leading
                   Krystal Gray                           to hematology/oncology nursing as her next de-
                                                          gree after Ivy Tech.
         Krystal is completing her last semester of                Allison Kahny is a graduate of Diamond
the Associate Degree in Nursing Program at Ivy            Oaks High School with a major in early childhood
Tech Community College in Madison where she               education. She played volleyball and golf while in
will graduate in May, while she undergoes con-            high school. In leisure time, Allison enjoys swim-
stant monitoring at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.       ming and cooking. She also makes and sells
         Margaret F. Seifert received a BA from           candles under the name Allie’s Tallow.
Transylvania College, an MA in Political Science                   Allison is a volunteer for the Leukemia
from Manakato State College, and has received             and Lymphoma Society (LLS). She has partici-
several other academic credentials. She cur-              pated in the Flying Pig Marathon and the Night
rently serves on the Hanover Town Council. Mar-           Walk in support of the LLS. After all, it was
garet has numerous memberships, honors and                through this organization that she learned about
recognitions to her name, and is a proud sup-             the ACS scholarship that helped her complete her
porter of Girls Incorporated where she served as          degree through Ivy Tech.
Board President and Auxiliary Board Member.                        The ACS Scholarships are available to
                                                          cancer survivors age 20 or under as of April 16,
                                                          2010. The prospective candidate must be a US
                                                          citizen and legal resident of Indiana or Michigan
                                                          and attending an accredited college or university
                                                          in either of those two states in fall 2010 as a full-
                                                          time student carrying 12 or more credit hours per
                                                          semester with a GPA of 2.0 or better.
                                                                   Our best wishes are sent to Allison in
                                                          graduating from Ivy Tech. We hope that her fu-
                                                          ture studies also go well as she continues to
                                                          chase her dream of becoming a hematology/
                                                          oncology nurse.
                 Margaret Seifert
                                                                           Student Life
       Congratulations to Krystal Gray and Mar-                    Barbara Sigmon, Regional Assistant Di-
garet Seifert. This prestigious award is not only
an honor to Krystal and Margaret, but to Ivy Tech         rector of Student Development, contributed some
Community College, as they represent us in the            of the following information concerning Student
community.                                                Life. Student Government Association Advisor
                                                          Samantha Amburgey provided some content and
ACS Scholarship               Helps      Kahny            pictures as well. The new Ivy Tech Community
Achieve Dream                                             College Psychology Club information below was
       Ivy Tech Community student Allison                 submitted by Advisor Rebecca Rahschulte.
Kahny anticipates graduating this year with an AS
        Campus Activity Board-Madison.
        For more information or to join this or-
ganization, contact President Jason Ell at

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society-
        Lawrenceburg. The last weekend of
February, PTK advisors and members enjoyed a
weekend at the Indiana Regional Conven-
tion. According to Susan Jackson, the Conven-
tion was hosted by the Phi Theta Kappa chapters
in Logansport and Kokomo. She said that the
host chapters planned and executed a wonderful
weekend full of learning, celebration and network-
                                                                 Susan Jackson also introduced the newly
        Susan also announced the list of persons
                                                         elected 2010-2011 Regional Officers for the Indi-
who received awards that Saturday night of the
                                                         ana Region. Those elected officers are as fol-
weekend convention. Awards presented to Ivy
Tech Community College Southeast were as fol-
                                                         President-Monique Dallas- Alpha Rho Sigma
Spiess Scholarships
                                                         Vice-President North-Bethany Vandiver-Alpha Phi
Sherri Dykes-Beta Gamma Tau-Lawrenceburg
                                                         Pi Chapter-Kokomo
                                                         Vice-President South-Morgan Pearson-Alpha Tau
Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Scholarships
                                                         Sigma Chapter -Sellersburg
Sherri Dykes-Beta Gamma Tau-Lawrenceburg
                                                         Public Relations Officer -Larry Neal-Alpha Tau Xi
                                                         Chapter-Fort Wayne
                                                         Secretary/Treasurer-Lana Highfill-Alpha Tau
Beta Gamma Tau-Lawrenceburg
                                                         Sigma Chapter-Sellersburg

                                                                 Membership. If you are interested in
                                                         becoming a member of PTK, see Regional Assis-
                                                         tant Director of Student Development Barb Sig-
                                                         mon, Advisor Jennifer Morton or President Kim
                                                         Jacobs at Lawrenceburg, and Madison Advisor
                                                         Carol Gammons. You may also contact any offi-
                                                         cer or current member. Eligibility for PTK mem-
                                                         bership consists of a 3.5 GPA and completion of
                                                         12 credit hours toward a degree.

                                                         Ivy Tech Community College Psychology Club
                                                                  Lawrenceburg.          Advisor Rebecca
                                                         Rahschulte announced the formation of a new Ivy
                                                         Tech Organization at the Lawrenceburg campus.
       Sherri Accepting Hallmark Award for               Named the Ivy Tech Community College Psychol-
             Outstanding Scholarship                     ogy Club, the mission of the group is “to promote,
                                                         develop, and inspire through education, leader-
                                                         ship, and community service” stated Rebecca
                                                         Rahschulte. She likewise added that the group
                                                         would seek “to promote psychological topics
                                                         through guest speakers, field trips, community
                                                         service, and other psychology related events.
                                                                  Club officers include President Georgette

Durham, Vice-President April Rentz, Secretary/ 
Parliamentarian Christina Browning, Treasurer                      Student Government meetings are open
Raymond Fuchs, and Historian/Photographer                to all students. Please make an attempt to attend
Blaine Fox. Advisors are Rebecca Rahschulte              a meeting and voice your opinions.
and Andrea Golden.
        The members are currently working on a
club constitution and by-laws in order to be recog-
nized by Student Government Association (SGA)                Ivy Tech Trekkers Relay for Life
as an “official” ITCC organization by September
2010 said Rebecca Rahschulte.                                    This years Relay for Life event will
        The next meeting of the Ivy Tech Com-            take place on June 26-June 27 at South
munity College Psychology Club is scheduled for          Dearborn High School track. If you are inter-
Monday, April 5 at 4 pm in the student lounge at         ested in walking, or volunteering please at-
the Riverfront Campus.          Advisor Rebecca          tend the Relay for Life Planning meeting on
Rahschulte mentioned that membership in the              April 1 at 3 p.m. in room 303 in the Student
organization is open to all Ivy Tech students, in-
                                                         Lounge. If you can not attend the meeting or
cluding students who have not yet taken a psy-
chology course.                                          would like more information on how to partici-
        If you have questions regarding the ITCC         pate please feel free to contact Samantha
Psychology Club or want to join, you may contact         Amburgey at
club President Georgette Denham at gden-                         The Batesville campus will also be                                         participating in the American Cancer Soci-
                                                         ety’s Relay for Life Event this year on June
Student Government Association- Madison/                 19-June 20 at Batesville High School. For
Lawrenceburg/Batesville                                  more information please contact Sarah Lloyd
                                                or Deb Gardener at
       Student Government             Association
(SGA) –Lawrenceburg.

         Students celebrated St. Patrick’s Day
with free pizza in the student lounge on Thursday,                        Virtual Speak
March 18. Even a dancing shamrock came by for                    By Library Director Tim Renners
the celebration. Special thanks to Nick Powell for
helping out!                                                      This part of the newsletter provides infor-
                                                         mation regarding the Library. Southeast Region
                                                         Library Director Tim Renners has included some
                                                         interesting news in the following article.

                                                            Interlibrary Loan is a Community Service

                                                                  Interlibrary Loan Service is available to
                                                         the entire Ivy Tech Community (faculty, students,
                                                         staff, local citizens, and local businesses) in the
                                                         Southeast Region. An interlibrary loan is the act
                                                         of one library borrowing an item, or items, from
                                                         another library and making the item, or items,
                   Nick Powell                           available for patrons to use.
                                                                  In the Southeast Region we rely on the
         If you are interested in joining SGA at the     Interlibrary loan service to satisfy the diverse in-
Lawrenceburg campus come to the next meeting             formational needs of our patrons. In the current
on April 5 or send an e-mail to Samantha Ambur-          semester, we have borrowed over 40 items
gey at                            (journal articles, books, and videos) to satisfy our
                                                         patron’s informational needs and we are just half-
         Membership. Madison students who are            way through the semester.
interested in joining SGA should contact Presi-                   When is interlibrary loan a good option
dent     Jerrica     Anderson    at   jander-            for you? The simple answer is anytime we do
                                                       8 not have the item, or items, available in our col-
lection (print or electronic format) we try to borrow                  According to the College Sunday web-
the item, or items, from another Indiana Library.            site, College Goal Sunday is a charitable program
What does it cost you to use the service? There              of the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association
is no cost for you to use the interlibrary loan ser-         (ISFAA) that provides free information and assis-
vice, so it is free.                                         tance to Indiana families filing the Free Applica-
          Is it difficult to use the Interlibrary loan       tion for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Now in its
service? It is not difficult, as you just request an         21st year, College Goal Sunday has helped more
item from the staff and we do all the work. What             than 75,000 Indiana students and families com-
are the limitations, if any, to using the service?           plete the complicated FAFSA form properly on
The service does have one limitation -- It takes             time, and it has been cited as a valuable resource
two weeks to receive most items through interli-             for first-generation college students and at-risk
brary loan.                                                  youth.
          Which Indiana libraries participate in the                   At the event’s 37 sites statewide, finan-
interlibrary loan service? Most Indiana libraries            cial aid professionals from Indiana colleges and
(academic and public) including private academic             universities walk through the FAFSA line-by-line
colleges and universities like Hanover College,              and answer families’ questions. With the addition
St. Joseph’s College, and the University of Notre            of Ivy Tech Lawrenceburg as the College Goal
Dame are willing to share their collections with             Sunday site for the region, all 37 sites offered
you. Currently, corporate libraries do not partici-          FAFSA online capabilities. Families were able to
pate (share their private resources) with other              bring their tax and income information and file the
Indiana libraries. However, local Southeast Re-              FAFSA online during the event.
gion non-profit organizations are more than wel-                       The Lawrenceburg site was staffed by
come to use the Ivy Tech interlibrary loan service           eleven volunteers, several of which were financial
to gain access to scientific and technical journal           aid officers from the Lawrenceburg and Madison
articles that can advance their research and de-             Ivy Tech campuses. Main Source Bank and Law-
velopment efforts.                                           renceburg High School employees also volun-
          Once again, the community is able to               teered.
benefit from our interlibrary loan service. Stu-                            College Goal Sunday
dents, faculty, staff, local citizens and local non-
profit organizations are able to access the infor-
mation they need to be successful. Please note,
by offering the interlibrary loan service to local
non-profit organizations we are able to expand
our role in the community.

          Noteworthy News and
             Special Events
         The following pictures capture some of
the activities and events that have occurred at Ivy
Tech Community College during the semester.
Southeast Regional Marketing Director Hank
Bentz contributed many of the pictures and some
of the content contained in the following pieces.

           College Goal Sunday
By Deborah Bowman, Associate Director of Finan-
            cial Aid Lawrenceburg
          Ivy Tech Community College Lawrence-
burg campus hosted the 2010 College Goal Sun-
day event on Sunday, February 21. This was the
first time the event was hosted by Ivy Tech in this
region. It had previously been held at Lawrence-
burg High School.
                                                             C o l le ge     Go al      S u nd a y            a t

                                                             Employee        Appreciation          Luncheon
                                                                      In the previous issue of The Commu-
                                                             niqué, the 2009 Annual Employee Appreciation
                                                             Luncheon for Lawrenceburg/Batesville was dis-
                                                             cussed. As you recall, it was held on November
                                                             30 at Lawrenceburg campus and at Madison
                                                             campus on December 7.
                                                                      Julie Murphy, Executive Director of Hu-
                                                             man Resources, recognized faculty and staff
                                                             members who had reached bench marks in years
                                                             of service. The following lists contain names of
                                                             the faculty and staff who earned awards for years
                                                             of service and it also appeared in the last issue of
                                                             The Communiqué. This time we have included
                                                             pictures of some of those who received awards at
                                                             the Lawrenceburg and Madison events.
                                                                      Paula Heiderman also thanked employ-
                                                             ees who had made contributions to the Ivy Tech
                                                             Foundation. Some of those employees from
                                                             Lawrenceburg are pictured below.
                                                                  Lawrenceburg and Batesville Foundation
          Ivy Tech staff helping with the event in-
cluded Assistant Director of Financial Aid Anne
Cusker and Director of Financial Aid Richard Hill
from Madison campus. The Lawrenceburg staff
members consisted of Associate Vice-Chancellor
of Student Affairs Hank Ahaus, Associate Director
of Financial Aid Deborah Bowman, Associate Di-
rector of Student Support and Development Beth
Kemper, and Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs
Margaret Stewart. Southeast Regional Marketing
Director Hank Bentz also took pictures.
          Over 130 people attended this year’s
event, and over 50 students filed their FAFSA
online. Students attending came from several
area high schools, including Rising Sun, South
Dearborn, Lawrenceburg, South Ripley and                     Full-Time Service Awards-Madison
Batesville. Not all attending, however, were
graduating high school students. Several adult               Paula Powell-5 years
learners also took advantage of the opportunity to           Rhonda Bradley-10 years
file their FAFSA.                                            Tamara Hall-10 years
          This year LearnMore Indiana and College            Susan Cartwright-15 years
Goal Sunday provided a $1000 scholarship to                  John Erickson-15 years
one attending student at each of the 37 sites.               Hank Bentz-25 years
The winners will be selected March 30 with notifi-           Annabet Garner-25 years
cation to occur by the end of that week.
          For more information, visit the website for

     Part-Time Service Awards-Madison

Jane Ann Breen-5 years
Brenda Cummins-5 years
Susie Hamner-5years
Linda Herrmann-5 years
Vernon Johnson-5 years
Elizabeth Sorba-5 years
Janet Brubaker-10 years
Tara Hamilton-10 years
Linda Terrell-10 years                                  Lawrenceburg and Batesville Employees Earning
Randall Bell-20 years                                                    Service Awards
Sandra Johnson-25 years                                  Eleanore Blair, Margaret Stewart, Steve Kristoff,
                                                        Suzanne Scudder, Leigh Allen, Barb Newton, and
                                                                        Chancellor Helms
          Full-Time Service Awards

Eleanore Blair-5 years
Steve Kristoff-5 years
Suzanne Scudder-5 years
Margaret Stewart-10 years

          Part-Time Service Awards-

Robert Kelnhofer-5years
Hazel Stewart-5years
Chris Jameson-10 years
Richard Koch-19 years
Albert Mathews-10 years
Barb Newton-10 years
James Perdue-10 years                                   Chancellor Helms Addresses Madison Employees
Leslie Simonton-10 years
Donna Borders-15 years
Martha Welti-15 years
Leigh Allen-30 years

 Madison Employees Honored for Service Awards
 (L-R) Paula Powell, John Erickson, Tamara Hall,
       Susan Cartwright, Rhonda Bradley,
        Annabet Garner, and Hank Bentz

            Upcoming Events                             Daffodowndilly
                                                           By A.A. Milne

Easter-Building Closed                        She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
Saturday-Sunday, April 3-April 4              She wore her greenest gown;
                                              She turned to the south wind
Last Day to Drop with Grade of “W”
Friday, April 9                               And curtsied up and down.
                                              She turned to the sunlight
Student Registration for Fall Begins          And shook her yellow head,
Monday, April 19                              And whispered to her neighbour;
                                              “winter is dead.”
Spring Classes End
Sunday, May 9

Graduation-1:00 pm at Hanover College
Sunday, May 16

Memorial Day-Building Closed
Monday, May 31

Faculty Non-Instructional Service Days
Tuesday-Thursday, June 1-June 3

Summer Classes Start
Monday, June 7

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Design and Layout, Samantha Amburgey


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