Affective Learning Domain Verbs by hcj


									Affective Learning Domain Verbs
Arrive                      Cooperate   Observe
Assume responsibility       Engage      Participate
Attend                      Examine     Regulate
Be consistent               Feel        Relay
Be ready to                 Grow        Value
Be sensitive to             Initiate    View
Change                      Judge       Weigh
Contribute to               Obey

Psychomotor Learning Domain Verbs
Act                       Display       Modify
Adjust                    Drill         Operate
Apply                     Fasten        Organize
Assemble                  Fix           Perform
Break down                Follow        Pull
Build                     Hammer        Push
Calibrate                 Hook          Repair
Change                    Influence     Replace
Close                     Listen        Revise
Connect                   Load          Show
Construct                 Locate        Sketch
Copy                      Loosen        Solve
Demonstrate               Manipulate    Trace
Design                    Measure       Use
Dismantle                 Mend          Volunteer
Cognitive Learning Domain Verbs

    Taxonomy Knowledge Level                       Action Verb
Knowledge                         Choose, define, describe, enumerate,
                                  identify, know, label, list, match, name,
                                  outline, quote, recall, recite, recognize,
                                  reproduce, select, show, state, state
Comprehension                     Comprehend, convert, defend, demonstrate,
                                  describe, distinguish, estimate, explain,
                                  extend, generalize, give examples, infer,
                                  interpret, paraphrase, predict, relate,
                                  rephrase, rewrite, show, summarize,
                                  translate, visualize
Application                       Apply, build, calculate, change, choose,
                                  classify, compute, construct, develop,
                                  discover, experiment, indentify, interview,
                                  manipulate, model, organize, plan, prepare,
                                  produce, relate, select, solve, use, utilize
Analysis                          Analyze, assume, categorize, classify,
                                  compare, conclude, contrast, deconstruct,
                                  deduct, discover, dissect, distinguish,
                                  divide, examine, infer, inspect, investigate,
                                  list, organize, outline, research, role play,
                                  subdivide, survey, take apart, test for
Synthesis                         Adapt, build, change, compose, construct,
                                  create, design, develop, devise, explain,
                                  forecast, formulate, hypothesize, imagine,
                                  improve, invent, make up, modify,
                                  originate, predict, propose, solve,
                                  speculate, suppose, tell, theorize
Evaluation                        Agree, apprise, assess, conclude, criticize,
                                  deduct, defend, determine, disprove,
                                  dispute, estimate, evaluate, influence,
                                  interpret, judge, justify, mark, measure,
                                  rate, recommend, rule on, select, self-
                                  evaluate, standardize, support, value, weigh

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