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					                                       Beachmont School
                                        November 2010

Dress for the Cold
As the colder weather approaches we ask for your
cooperation in assuring your child comes to school
dressed appropriately with a warm coat/jacket, hat,
mittens/gloves, and a scarf. Please label all items for    Nov. 2       Election Day. Get out and
quick identification. Even on the coldest days,                         Vote.
teachers will bring their students out after lunch for a
breath of fresh air if the temperature isn’t extreme.
Students need that time to expend some energy and          Nov. 11      Veterans Day ~ No School
to take a brain break. Your child will remain indoors
if they are not dressed properly.
                                                           Nov. 16      American Education Week
Dates ~ Dates ~ Dates                                                   Parent Visitation from 9AM to
Please refer to the dates given in our newsletters or                   11AM
to the dates on the school calendar for school
                                                           *Thank you for drinking your coffee
activities or for early dismissals. Be aware that the
middle schools and high school are on different            before your visit.
schedules than the elementary schools. The middle          *Please check that your cell phones have
school and high school year continues to be divided        been turned off.
into quarters while the elementary has changed to
trimesters. This translates into different progress
report dates, report card dates, and conference            Nov. 23      Wacky Hat Day ~ $1 optional
dates. You may have an older child in middle or high                    donation. Wear your wackiest
school with a different early release day than your
child in elementary school. All the dates can get                       hat to school
confusing; try writing each date on a calendar to help
you keep all the upcoming activities/events in order.      Nov. 24      First Trimester Ends
                                                                        Early Release
Safety Calling System
It is very important that you call us if your child is                  No afternoon session for Early
going to be absent from school. If you haven’t called                   Childhood
the school and your child appears on the absentee list                  Ms. Traci’s and Ms. Lori’s
on any particular day, we will be calling you to
confirm the absence. We firmly adhere to the                            classes will be dismissed at
district’s absentee policy which appears on page 2 of                   11:30
the 2010-2011 Student Handbook. Remember                                Kindergarten dismissal 11:20
medical reasons are generally not excused. More
                                                                        Grades 1-5 11:30 dismissal
importantly, your child needs to be here to receive a
high quality education.
                                                           Nov. 25-26   Thanksgiving Holiday ~ No
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone                  School
in our school community a Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy
your family and friends as you gather together to
celebrate the holidays. Mrs. O’Connor
                     Ms. Lori’s Class                          Ms. Elizabeth’s Class

                We continue to enjoy celebrating               We would like to welcome all of our
                Fall here at school. Our Fall                  new families to the Early Childhood
                Festival Fun wall is filled with               Program. This month we will be
students’ artwork including, leaf rubbings, apple              studying People and Places. The
prints, and pumpkin paintings. We have kept                    children will be learning about
ourselves busy studying the alphabet to follow      neighborhoods. We will explore types of
our Letter of the Week theme. Students are          buildings and types of businesses.
working hard to learn the different letter sound           We will also begin to learn about
combinations to promote early literacy skills.      community helpers including policemen and
        We now have incorporated working in         firemen. As part of this unit, we will introduce
Centers into our school day. Students seem to       our classroom job chart. By having a job, the
enjoy rotating through the variety of Centers       children will discover that they can help take
such as, Art, Math, Writing, and Science.           care of our classroom environment.

                                                    Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Jodi
              Ms. Traci’s Class

           Greeting Families!
           Your children are fast becoming
           experts in the classroom, following
           the schedule and routine with ease.               KINDERGARTEN NEWS
           They continue to work on gaining            Mrs. Mantenuto and Mrs. Mastrangelo
           independence with their morning jobs,
choice activities, and social interactions. They    Happy Thanksgiving!
are enjoying new games like fishing, Barnyard                      Now that all the letters in the
Bingo, and Lucky Ducks. These games require                        alphabet have been introduced,
fine motor skills and enhance concepts of color                    students are now learning the
matching, counting and number sequence. Of                         sounds that go with them. Please
course rice, sand, and water are still the                         use the Family Times that come
favorites!                                                         home on Mondays to reinforce
        Over the past few weeks we have read 5      the sound of the week. In math students are
Little Pumpkins and It Looked Like Spilt Milk. If   learning to read, write, and count using the
you are at your local library or bookstore, be      numbers 0-10. Continue to look for your child’s
sure to ask for these titles! Also we would love    homework on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
to know what books your children love reading at    Your involvement with their homework is
home.                                               essential to their learning.

Ms. Traci
              GRADE 1 NEWS                                             GRADE 3 NEWS
Mrs. Doherty, Ms. Harris and Ms. McCabe                          Ms. Kielbasa and Ms. Roberts

                 November will continue to be a                    The third grade has started a new
                 busy month for all of our first                   read aloud called The Miraculous
                 graders. We have been                             Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate
                 learning lots about Animal                        DiCamillo. We are reading to find out
                 Habitats.                                         what this journey will bring. In math
       We have almost completed our first unit          we are finishing up the topic of rounding. Please
in Reading and we will soon begin Unit 2. The Big       continue to practice this skill with your child –
Ideas of Unit 2 are People in Communities and           the supermarket or any store is a great place to
Communities in Nature. This unit will focus on          round and estimate about how much money you
learning about long vowel sounds, digraphs (sh,         will be spending. In science we are studying the
th, tch), contractions n’t,‘m,‘ll and inflected         moon. All students have been assigned a moon
endings –ed.                                            journal where they are drawing the phase of the
       In our math program, we will focus on            moon and writing down a moon fact. Four entries
learning Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12.          are due each Monday. After this, we will start
We look forward to learning and reading about           our study of the Wampanoags and Pilgrims.
Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving.
                                                                     GRADE 4 NEWS
               GRADE 2 NEWS                               Ms. Brigante, Ms. Howard and Ms. Reyes
        Mrs. Geddry and Mrs. Robinson
                                                            As the weather gets colder and
         We have been learning a                        the days get shorter the fourth
lot in the second grade!                                grade continues to move forward
In math, we have been working                           towards the end of the first
with subtraction strategies and                         trimester with a positive attitude.
we are moving on to learn about                         The fourth grade has many things to
place values. Your children have                        look forward to this month. We have
been working hard on writing!                           begun our second unit in the reading program, and we
         They are learning all of the important parts   are learning many different algorithms for
of a story and how to add lots of detail to a story!    multiplication to add to our repertoire of strategies.
When you go somewhere, ask your child to explain        Our writing is getting stronger every week in
what they see around them by using their 5 senses!      preparation for the MCAS long composition in late
This will help them become better thinkers and          March, and our math minds are being filled with
writers!                                                different tools we can use in the future. We have
         Thank you for continuing to encourage your     also begun reading The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B.
children to read at home! Reading at home truly adds    White to move us forward in our Million Minutes of
to your child’s learning and understanding! Take time   Reading.
to read your child’s school library book together!         Friendly reminders:
 Time reading together can also be added to the               American Education Week Visitations-
reading logs!                                                  November 16th 9:00am to 11:00am
         The weather is getting cold! Please                 Letters will be sent home the week of
remember to send your child to school with the                  November 8th to set up appointments for
appropriate outerwear.                                          conferences on December 9th
                                                             Trimester 1 ends November 24th
                                                            We look forward to meeting with you to discuss
                                                        your child’s progress next month!
                 GRADE 5 NEWS                                          Resource Room News
                                                                               Ms. Adamo
                        The Fifth Grade is gearing up
                        for another great month of
                                                                           We have been very busy in the
                        learning. In Reading we will be
                        reading to answer the                              learning center this year!
                        essential question: “What                          Students are working together in
                        makes people want to do the                        reading and math to build on the
right thing?” Selection stories will focus on people,                      curriculum in the classroom. We
like Jane Goodall, who make a difference in the world      spend many days reading stories and learning
by doing the right thing. We will begin another new        spelling patterns we see in our everyday readings.
book for our Rocket into Reading, called The Pushcart             At home students can continue reading
War by Jean Merrill. Students will finish
                                                          with a family member or friend. Some online
multiplication and move on to the inverse: Division.
                                                          resources for families are:
         In Science we will conclude our unit on Earth
                                                 which offers many
Science with climate and weather and a look at Earth
in space. Students will also participate in the           different activities in various curriculums. Also
partnership: Science from Scientists (formerly called
WhizKids.) Each month, Yvonne Yueng will be working       offers resources for parents in choosing just the
with students on hands-on science experiments. In         right books and other suggestions on working with
History, students will be studying European               your student on reading. Happy Reading!
Settlements in North America. Because November
celebrates so much of what it is to be American, Mr.
Catyb will also be discussing voting on Election Day
(November 2nd), Veterans Day (November 11th), and
Thanksgiving (November 25th).
                    RESPECT CORE
         During the last week of October, the Peer                             Computer Room News
Leaders sponsored the Spooktacular Raffle.                                           Mrs. McLaughlin
Haunting treats were raffled off to each grade. The
following students won:
                                                                            Kindergarten and Grade 1
Kindergarten – Veronica Arango, Madison Lucchesi,
                                                                            students are using the program
Ava Mahon
                                                                            Sammy’s science house. They
Grade 1 – Angel Bilimoria, Sidi Chakkour, Daniel
Francione                                                  are sorting and classifying animals and plants.
Grade 2 – Amir Ayed, Kaitlin Mendalka, Carla Reis-         They are also reading stories on Bailey’s book
Barros                                                     house.
Grade 3 – Destinee Baldi, Christian Prisco                 Grade 2 are telling time and counting
Grade 4 – Ouissal Ait El Hadj, John Gomez, Alexa           money online using
Panzini, Olivia Sears                                      Grade 3 researched facts about Massachusetts
Grade 5 – Faith Cook-Carter, Aimane Mahtar,                using the website They are
Alejandra Restrepo
                                                           currently typing a paragraph using Microsoft
         The Peer Leaders plan to hold another raffle
in December to help purchase gift cards for the
                                                           Grade 4 just completed Halloween poems and are
Beachmont Holiday Giving Tree. We thank all
students who bought raffle tickets to support our          practicing math facts using flashcards on the
school. The Peer Leaders will be assisting with the        website
Respect Core’s First Term Celebration.                     Grades 5 researched an explorer and are now
                                                           typing an explorer poem in Microsoft Word.
                                                           They are also adding science vocabulary to their
                                                           slides in PowerPoint.
           Literacy Corner
                Ms. Mehr

                                                               Reading Coach ~ Ms. Murphy
            Ways to Improve Reading Skills
                                                                         The Night Before
           Here is a list of ways to help your                           Thanksgiving by Natasha
           children become more effective                                Wing, Tammie Lyon
           readers:                                                      (Illustrator)
                                                                         A creative spin on the
1. Set aside a regular time to read to                                   Clement C. Moore classic,
    your children every day.                                             The     Night    Before
    Regular reading out loud to children of all                          Thanksgiving is a warm,
                                                  whimsical celebration of everyone's favorite
    ages will produce significant gains in
    reading skills.                               fun-filled, family-filled, food-filled holiday!
2. Surround your children with reading            Follow along as the feast is prepared, cousins
    material.                                     are greeted, and thanks are given, all with an
                                                  extra helping of holiday fun. (from
    Have a variety of books and magazines at
    their reading level in your home.
3. Have a family reading time.                    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi
    Set aside 15 to 30 minutes daily when         Barrett, Ron Barrett (Illustrator)
    everyone in the family reads.                 Grab your plates! In the land
4. Encourage a wide variety of reading            of Chewandswallow, meals -
    activities.                                   rather than rain or snow - fall
    Have children read menus, signs, game         from the sky. But something
    directions and other every day                goes awry: the food falling
    information.                                  from the sky gets larger and
5. Visit your local library regularly.            larger, causing the residents to make an escape
6. Be knowledgeable about your children’s         before being squashed by giant pancakes or rolls.
    reading progress.                             Ron Barrett dishes up some droll art work in this
    The school curriculum will tell you what      zany tall tale. (from
    reading skills are expected at each grade
7. Use a variety of aids to help your
children.                                             Greetings from the Auditorium!
    Use textbooks, computer programs,
    books-on-tape, and games to help improve                     We are working away on our
    their reading skills.                                        winter concert music with
8. Show enthusiasm for your children’s                           dedication and excitement! We
reading.                                                         can’t wait to show you all of our
     Praise them for their efforts!                              hard work. Please stay tuned for
                                                  the date and time!


                                                  Mrs. Keplin
                  OT NEWS
                                                                         Art News
                  Mrs. Trainor
                                                                         Ms. Green
Before Handwriting Part II
                                                                   It has been a busy month in the art
                                                                   room at Beachmont. The students
              We are continuing our series on
                                                                   have been working hard to
              activities to do at home to help with
                                                      understand new vocabulary such as
              the prerequisite skills needed for
                                                      transformation. Please ask your child to show
              handwriting. Here are the next two
                                                      you what we have been doing. They are all
              prerequisite skills that children
                                                      learning new skills that are not only for the art
              need before taking on the demands
                                                      room, but for any time outside of school.
of handwriting in school. These skills can be
                                                             Also, as we get closer to the New Year, I
worked on at home. Next month will focus on
                                                      ask that if you have old calendars that you plan
the perception of letters and understanding
                                                      to throw away, please bring them into the art
                                                      room. There are so many beautiful images on
Holding Skills
                                                      calendars, and the students would have a lot of
        Children must be able to
                                                      fun working with them. Thank you so much and
hold a writing tool before they can
                                                      enjoy this beautiful time of year.
write. Children will benefit from
learning how to grip other objects
before learning how to grip a pencil. Provide
children opportunities to use objects like
funnels, spoons and cups for sand and water play,
give them gardening tools and kitchen utensils to
play with to help prepare them for holding a
Ability to Make Basic Strokes
                                                                         ELL NEWS
        Most children learn to make lines and
                                                                        Mrs. Carbone
circles necessary for handwriting before
arriving at Kindergarten, but these strokes need
                                                                      According to ESOL specialist
to be refined. Circles need to be round and
                                                                      Valerie SchifferDanoff,
closed. Lines need to intersect properly.
                                                                      teachers should be
Activities such as drawing, painting and stirring
                                                                      differentiating instruction and
give children the opportunity to develop these
                                                                      using multiple intelligences when
basic strokes.
                                                                      designing lessons for ELLs and
                                                      English only
                                                      students. Activities should include different
                                                      kinds of opportunities for individual, paired, and,
                                                      group work, as well as tasks that appeal to a
                                                      range of learners, like creating charts, drawing,
                                                      information, and presenting. Differentiating
                                                      instruction enables teachers to connect with
                                                      more of their students, especially ELLs.
         Physical Education News                                FROM THE NURSE’S OFFICE:
                     Mr. Dore

                 This month in physical education                       October was a very busy
                 we are wrapping up capture the                         month, vision screenings for
                 flag with the older grades, and                        grades K-5 and hearing
                 parachute games with the                               screenings for grades K-3
                 younger grades.                                        will continue this month.
We will be moving on to soccer with all grade
                                                        Also, cold season is starting so a few
levels, working on developing skills and improving
                                                        friendly reminders about good hand hygiene
students’ knowledge regarding strategies,
terminology, and rules to provide students with a
                                                        to prevent the spread of germs; wash hands
complete overview of the sport.                         with warm, soapy water more often and
                                                        remember to cover our noses and mouths
                                                        when sneezing or coughing. Thanks for
                                                        everyone’s participation in keeping
                  Math Corner                           Beachmont a safe and healthy community. As
                   Ms. Squitieri                        always feel free to contact me with and
                                                        questions or concerns 
                  Here are some fun interactive
                  websites to help children             Megan Pelletier, RN
                  practice telling time. Try them       Ph: (781) 286-8312
                  at home!                              Email:

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