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RAY Lithium Polymer battery packs


Li-polymer with a high energy density, more compact, ultra-thin, lightweight, and high safety and low cost, and other obvious advantages, is a new battery. In shape, with a thin lithium-polymer battery technology features, can meet the needs of a variety of products, made into any shape and capacity of the battery. Such batteries can reach a minimum thickness of up to 0.5mm.

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									                            RAY Lithium Polymer battery packs
WARNING: This sheet contains vital information on the safe use of Lithium Polymer batteries. Be sure to
read it carefully before you even touch Lithium Polymer (Lipo) cells or batteries for the first time.

Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery packs offer the modeller high capacity with low weight. Because of the nature of
Lithium Polymer cells they require careful selection for use and careful handling. RAY Lithium Polymer cells are
genuine 25C cells suitable for model aeroplane use. 1C is the 1 hour rate for the cells. 1C for a 1000mAh pack is
1A, and 10C is 10A.

All lithium cells from all manufacturers lose capacity with use. The loss in capacity is related to the current drawn
from the pack. When used at up to 5C, lithium cells can last for up to 1000 cycles. When used at the nominal
discharge rate (25C), RAY lithium polymer cells will lose up to 10% of capacity after 100 cycles. We suggest
buying packs with a good reserve of capacity for long service life.

Warning: Charging a Lithium battery using a charger intended for Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) or
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells can lead to a violent chemical reaction.
Please follow these dos and don’ts for successful use of lithium polymer batteries.

Allow lithium batteries to cool fully before re-charging.
Charge lithium batteries at no faster than the 1C rate.
Only use a charger with a dedicated programme for lithium batteries. Shark 10 , Shark 20 or higher, Schultze, and
Graupner Ultramat are all suitable for charging lithium polymer batteries. We highly recomend to use a good Lipo
balancer (Shark PB-5, PB-6).
Charge lithium batteries at no more than 4.2V per cell.
Only charge a lithium battery on a non conducting and non flammable surface.
Only charge lithium batteries outside.
Always monitor lithium batteries during charging.
Only use lithium battery packs as supplied by the manufacturer.
Store lithium batteries in a part charged state and out of the reach of children, always keep out of the reach of any
person who has not read this manual or refuses to follow the instructions.
If a lithium battery becomes damaged, the battery should be monitored outside as it could then be a fire risk.
Store and dispose of any suspect battery outside.
Always use a speed controller suitable for lithium batteries such as the Jeti Advance range of speed controllers
for brushless motors, or Speed Max controllers for brushed motors.
Always land your model when the power starts to reduce.

Never charge lithium batteries inside a house, car, model, or near inflammable material.
Never use a charger that does not have the facility to confirm the number of lithium cells before charging is
Never overcharge lithium cells. Shark line chargers, Schultze, and Graupner Ultramat chargers include protection
against overcharging.
Never store lithium batteries in a car or other container which may get hot.
Never modify lithium battery packs.
Never discharge lithium batteries below 3V per cell (measured off load).
Never puncture a lithium cell.
Never short circuit a lithium cell.
Never touch the contents of a lithium cell.

RAY lithium polymer batteries have earned an excellent reputation for reliability when correctly used.
Unfortunately because of the potential for damage to lithium polymer cells, no warranty is offered or implied with
lithium polymer battery packs.

If you have any questions at all about the responsible use of lithium polymer battery packs please do contact your
All RAY Li-po battery packs are supplied with standard service connectors of the same type used with PolyQuest,
SharkPower, E-Tech and other packs.
Air Pack – power packs for planes and helicopters, charging cables without connectors.
Car Pack – 1:18 or 1:10 RC car power packs, charging cables without connectors.
Tx Pack – packs for Futaba a Sanwa pistol transmitters, charging cables with the connector corresponding to the Tx branch.
Rx pack – receiver packs, charging cables with 2-pin JST (BEC) connectors.

AIR PACK Specification
    Nominal            Typical            Pack             Nominal      Max. Discharge       Dimensions        Weight (g)
 Capacity (mAh)     Capacity (mAh)                        Voltage (V)        Rate               (mm)
                                              2s              7.4         25C/11 A            59x32x12             30
       480                430
                                              3s             11.1           25C/11 A          59x32x18             44
                                              2s              7.4           25C/20 A          59x32x17.5           46
       850                800
                                              3s             11.1           25C/20 A          59x32x26             68
                                              2s              7.4           25C/25 A          72x37x16.5           62
      1100               1000
                                              3s             11.1           25C/25 A          72x37x25             93
                                              2s              7.4           25C/38 A          93x36x19             88
      1600               1500
                                              3s             11.1           25C/38 A          93x36x27            132
                                              2s              7,4           25C/52 A          108x36x20           126
      2200               2100
                                              3s             11.1           25C/52 A          108x36x29           198
                                              2s              7.4           25C/80 A        139x46.5x20.5         208
      3300               3200
                                              3s             11.1           25C/80 A         139x46.5x30          310

CAR PACK Specification
    Nominal            Typical            Pack             Nominal      Max. Discharge       Dimensions        Weight (g)
 Capacity (mAh)     Capacity (mAh)                        Voltage (V)        Rate               (mm)
      1800              1550                  2s              7.4         25C/39 A            91x32x19             82
      5000               4700              2s2p               7.4          25C/117 A        137.5x46x24.5         268

Tx PACK Specification
    Nominal            Typical            Pack             Nominal      Dimensions       Weight (g)
                                                                                                         For transmitters
 Capacity (mAh)     Capacity (mAh)                        Voltage (V)      (mm)
      2700              2450                  3s             11.1       142x46x15.5         168             Sanwa M8
                                                                                                        Futaba 3PK, Sanwa
      3000               2900                 3s             11.1       104x57x17.5         175

Rx PACK Specification
    Nominal          Typical Capacity              Pack             Nominal Voltage    Dimensions (mm)        Weight (g)
 Capacity (mAh)           (mAh)                                          (V)
       1500                1300                     2s                   7.4                52x31x22              54
       2200                 2050                    2s                    7.4               85x30x20              83
       2300                 2100                   2s2p                   7.4              55x32x34.5             90

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