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					        Montgomery County Flyrodders Newsletter
                                     March 2004

                    Monthly Meeting
                    Please note our meeting location: The Woodlands Community Center located on the
                    SE corner of Lake Robbins Dr. and Grogans Mill. Meeting times are 7 PM till about 8:45

                    Mr. Barkley Souders of Epoch Marketing is giving a presentation on
                    leaders and knots.

                    Given his past presentations to the club, remember to ask him
                    about industry trends. If he has time perhaps he can bring you
                    up to date on the world of fishing equipment from an insider's

Barkley also is going to bring a large selection of Rods, reels spare spools, lines and
other fly fishing stuff he is selling at 70% off of MSRP. He has a large selection of
spare spools for Scientific Angler Reels so if you need one he has a good deal for you.
He also has a couple hundred SA Mastery Series fly lines for $20.00 and a couple cases
of Academy quality SA fly lines for $5.00. Please bring cash if you plan to buy
something. He has rods lines reels, spare spools and lots of other supplies and
equipment from his years as a manufacturer's rep. Cash is most appreciated as he is
trying to rid himself of most of the samples he has been acquiring the past couple of

Fly of the Month:
Kirby Thomson will demonstrate a pattern by Kevin Hutchison from Austin. Kevin was one
of the commercial tyers at the Texas Flyfishers’s Festival. This will be the Yellow
Llano Fly (YLF) and is suitable for many bass in the local areas.
      Yellow Llano Fly (YLF or GLF or BLF or…) Recipe
      Hook:        2x or 3X Long Streamer Hook, #6
      Thread:      3/0 or similar thread to match body color
      Body:        2mm Craft Foam – Yellow (Green, Black, Tan all work well)
      Underbody: Dubbing of your selection in matching color
      Wing:        Elk hair, stacked
      Legs:        Rubber, Round color to match or to taste
Kevin said that he has several clients that will only use this fly when they use his
guide service. Pattern has been effective on the fresh water fish in the Highland
Lakes chain. Plus Kevin has heard of similar endorsements for those after the summer
Brown Trout as this pattern works well as a hopper imitation. For more fliew by Kevin
contact him at as he is custom fly tyer and offers guide service to
the regional lakes.
The Past Month in Review
February Meeting
Due to a mix-up our featured speaker, Debbie Watson, did not show as anticipated. We
want to apologize to our members and guest that attended with the expectations on
hearing some insight to fishing Lake Conroe.

Rod Raffle
We bought three rods recently for club use. We now have a 7 wt and an 8wt available for loaners and casting clinics.
Also we bought a 5 wt, 4 piece, 9 foot Quarrow ML3 (50 MM Modulus) that we will raffle to some lucky winner. Tickets
are $2.50 each or 2 for $5. The winner will be drawn at the May Meeting. Tickets can be bought at the meetings or
ordered from Dan Houchin through e-mail or mail.

               Conversation Corner
                        Robert ‘Bob’ Sigsby

           Worldwide, 60 % of the 227 major rivers have been interrupted by dams,
           diversions or other infrastructure. Human society has built an average
           of two large dams per day for the last half century. An estimated
           800,000 dams now impede the flow of the world’s rivers. Most of the
industrialized rivers are now controlled by humanity’s hand rather than Nature’s.

World water demand has tripled since 1950.

Researchers estimate that during recent decades at least 20% of the world’s 10,000
freshwater fish species have become endangered, threatened by extinction, or have
already become extinct. The loss of North American freshwater species is comparable
to that of species in tropical rainforests, recognized as one of the most stressed
ecosystems on the planet. In developing countries the challenge is to preserve
enough of the natural flow pattern to maintain ecological functions even while the
river is managed for other economic purposes.

The worlds marine fish catch topped out in the late 1980’s, and has since been in
ominous decline. Sixty-five percent of commercial fish stocks are either being
fished to their sustainable limits or worse. About 30 percent are over-fished, some
to the point of being commercially dead. Big fish are becoming scarce and the
global ocean has lost more than 90 percent of its large predatory fish. Smaller
fish are next.

And now for the good news! Flow restoration is now under way in more than 230
rivers in a least 20 countries. The river Thames is full of fish and officially
cleaner than it has been for 130 years. The bald eagle has come back from 200
breeding pairs to the present 5000. Peregrine falcons from 39 to 1,300 breeding
pairs today. Over the last 10 years the most precious habitat has been protected at
the rate of 4,635 acres per day. (This article liberally excerpted from the Nature
Conservancy, vol. 54, no. 4.).

RJS 2/2/2004
Local Fishing
March is normally the best freshwater fishing of the year. White bass start spawning first, then crappie and largemouth
bass. Channel cats also are easy to catch as they cruise along the banks at dusk. Look for the white bass in creeks and
rivers that feed into large lakes like Conroe and Livingston. These fish swim up stream „till the water is shallow and
flowing. This is where they spawn. They drop their eggs into the flowing water where they drift until they hatch. Bass and
Crappie wallow out nests in shallow water along the banks of ponds and lakes. Sunlight has to hit the eggs for them to
hatch. The male and female bass make the nest together and hang around it for a week or so before the female lays the
eggs. Both fish eat heavily at this time. The male stays with the eggs for three weeks after they are laid. The female
swims off to deep water and eats to regain weight. The male does not eat while on the nest but can be provoked to strike
by anything threatening the eggs. A large rabbit strip leach works well. Cast it just beyond the nest and pull it into the
nest and let it fall. If the fish swims off, he will be back soon. He won‟t leave the eggs to be eaten by minnows. The fish
may gently pick up the fly and move it over several times but eventually he will eat it if you keep casting. Sometimes it
may take an hour, but it is worth it for a really large fish.

Product Review
Yesterday I bought a Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Distance Taper line for my 8 wt rod. I wanted this line because it
is bright orange for better visibility in giving casting lessons and because I had read it allows you to keep more line in the
air while false casting thus resulting in longer casts. The line is 100 feet long and has a longer belly section and rear
taper than normal lines. It also is slightly stiffer to help prevent the casting loop from collapsing in air. I tried it out at the
soccer field today and found it to be exactly as I had read. I can easily false cast with 15 feet more line in the air and I
was able to cast the full line after just a few minutes getting used to it. This line enabled me to cast further than I have
ever cast with any other fly line. I don‟t recommend it for everyone, however, anyone who is a fairly good caster and will
be fishing where distance will help, may want to try this line. Mine is available for anyone who wants to try it out on the

Events coming soon!
March 4th – Monthly Meeting
March 11th – Fly Tying
March 12-13th – Sowbug Roundup, North Arkansas Fly Fishers
March 13th – Fly Fish Texas at Athens Fish Hatchery
March 13-14th – Shallow Water Fishing Show – Austin, Texas

                            Fly Fish Texas
                            The Athens show this year has a new name but basically the same format. It is scheduled for
                            Sat. March 13. They have fly tying, fly casting lessons, fly fishing for rainbow trout and
                            seminars. This show is aimed at the general public rather than experienced fly fishermen but
                            has something for everyone. It is located at the Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens. For
                            more on this event check out this web page:

                            Sow Bug Roundup
                            March 12 & 13, 2004, the North Arkansas Fly Fishers will again kick off the spring trout season
                            with our 6th annual celebration of fly fishing, the SOWBUG ROUNDUP, to be held at the
                            Ramada Inn in Mountain Home, Arkansas. The cost to get in is $5.00 per adult for both days.
                            They have the usual fly tying demos, casting lessons, seminars and vender booths. Check out
                   for more details.
Items for Sale
Looking for a slightly used canoe, then check with Mike Riebold. He has a 14‟ model (Old Town) that is less than a year
old. List price was $500 but he is willing to take a good offer to find it a good home.

Volunteers Needed
It time again for the Montgomery County Fair and we have been offered the chance to demonstrate again this year. The
fair has an area dedicated to the local crafts of the county residents. We have for the past three plus years setup tables
at the Pavilion to demonstrate fly tying. Much of the interest has been shown by the children attending the various
shows in this section. So we need volunteers that would like to donate your time and tie up some of your favorite
patterns for the crowds. Dates we need you are Saturday March 27 with time slots of 10 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM.
Sunday March 28 the hours will be 11 AM to 2 PM and 2 PM to 5 PM. One final option would be Saturday April 3 in
either time slot: 10 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 4 PM. You would be offered free parking and entrance to the event on these

Loose Ends
Woodland Residents
If you see someone keeping fish from one of the Park Ponds that is marked “Please Release All Fish”, you can call 936-
273-4990 and menu option 9 to report them. The superintendent on duty will talk to them and if they are caught a second
time they will be fined $250.00. It helps to get license plate numbers when you report them.

Club Loaner Equipment
The club has numerous rods and reels with lines to loan to club members. We also have 8 fly tying vises and various
tools. These are very inexpensive vises but will work for a beginner trying to see if he likes fly tying. Also Bob Sigsby and
Dan Houchin each have a Hobie Cat kick boat that club members can borrow. We also just acquired two new rods to
complete rod selection. Dan has obtained new 7 and 8 weight rods with reels to help when we do fly casting instruction
and to use as loaners.

Web Page
Any member who is interested in getting a photo on our web page can send a hard copy or an electronic version to Dan
Houchin. Anyone who wants an article put in the newsletter can send it to Kirby Thomson in electronic form please.

Casting Instruction
Don‟t forget Dan Houchin is a FFF Certified Basic Casting Instructor. Dan will give a one hour private casting lesson to a
club member for a $10.00 donation to the club. If this cost is too high, give him a call and he will work something out.
936-321-3373 or

In future newsletters…
Want something special in your newsletter? Then bring all the suggestions to Kirby Thomson or send email to him at . Want to submit an article? Then send them in too! If you are planning a trip and want
others to go or have something for sale, put it in the newsletter or e-mail Dan Houchin and he will send it out to

Questions or Suggestion write to:

Montgomery County Flyrodders
83 W. Summer Storm Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77381