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Brooks Brothers 3


									                                                                                                    February 28, 2007

 Dear PWA Club Members,

        All PWA Club Members have the opportunity to join the Brooks Brothers Corporate
 Membership Program. Retail Brand Alliance, the parent company of Brooks Brothers, has
 developed this program that benefits you as a PWA Club Member. This relationship was initiated
 to provide you with an everyday discount when shopping for your wardrobe needs and a way to
 provide you with enjoyable incentives.

 As a Brooks Brothers Corporate Member, you will be afforded a 15% discount on regular and
       everyday value priced merchandise at all Brooks Brothers retail and factory stores
                             nationwide when you enroll online at:


         How can you start receiving this wonderful benefit today? Simply visit the web site
 indicated above and follow the enrollment instructions. You will be asked to enter the following
               information to validate your association with PWA Club Members:

                                         Organization ID #: 92800
                                   Organization Enrollment PIN #: 45268

         Once you have entered the PWA Club Members Organization ID# and Organization
Enrollment PIN#, please follow the prompts to complete your enrollment. At the end of the online
enrollment process, you will have the opportunity to print out a temporary shopping pass. You
may use this temporary shopping pass to receive your discount until your Corporate Membership
Card arrives. If you provided your email address when enrolling, you will also receive a
confirmation email the next business day that can be used as a temporary shopping pass. You
will receive your personalized Corporate Membership Card in approximately 3-5 business days.

        If you should have any questions or comments during your enrollment process, please
call a Retail Brand Alliance Coordinator at the following toll-free number. Coordinators are
available Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm ET.

                       Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership: (866) 515-4747

  Your Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership discount is valid in-stores nationwide, it is not valid for online or catalog
                   purchases. For a store location near you, please visit:

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