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Total Fitness For Couples - Walter Derksen Total Fitness Review


									Marriage, indeed, entails commitment – which includes love, unity, respect, unconditional support, and fidelity which should last the rest of their (couple) lives. It has been said that the wedding ceremony transforms two people into one. Couples begin to commit themselves to sharing both their joys & sorrows, while still conserving their own individuality.
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After 25 years of marriage, however, certain changes become to set in and become noticeable. As the years go by, we experience “a certain deterioration of our organism”. We become a bit overweight and out of shape, and that’s when we decide that it’s about time to implement some lifestyle changes. Now, the big question is: What do we do to lose weight and get fit? Well, there are two elements that are directly linked to people’s health – physical exercise and nutrition. Regular, moderate, physical exercise not only prevents many conditions associated with old age, but also provides an overall sense of wellbeing in those who practice it. Likewise, balanced nutrition plays an important role in preventing certain illnesses. Furthermore, adequate nutrition helps boost our immune system and provides us with the energy necessary for us to carry out our activities of daily living. Isn’t it great that a get-fit program has been conceptualized and discussed in detail in this book for you to follow? You also get to do it with your spouse, which is a plus. According to various comparative studies, married partners enjoy a healthier lifestyle. They tend to engage in better eating habits and physical exercise,

probably because of the mutual support they give to each other. Doing this program together will not only strengthen the bond between couples, but will also exhibit the true commitment expected of couples. Go on, read this book, get into the program, and stay true to the covenant for the rest of your married life.

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