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									Spaghetti Dinner
              SILENT AUCTION

        to benefit the children of Little Harbour School
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• Letterhead
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                                                                      The Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction began five years ago as a way to raise
                                                                      funds for Environmental School. Since then it has grown to be the highlight of
                                                                      the school year, and our largest fundraiser. Profits from this event ensure that
                                                                      every student in every grade will be able to attend Environmental School when
                                                                                M U R P H Y
• Envelopes
• Color Copies                                                        they are Fifth Graders. Funds also go toward field trips, books, supplies, and
• Business Cards                                                      school-wide enrichment activities.

                                                                                & LOWN
• Brochures
• Newsletters                                P 603.431.0142           The Spaghetti Dinner committee has worked hard over the past several months
                                                                      to plan this evening. The event would not be possible without the many fifth
• Flyers                                     F 603.431.1024           graders who contribute their time in the role of waiters and waitresses along
• Annual Reports
• Presentation Folders                    Bowl-O-Rama Plaza           with the many parent volunteers who work in the kitchen and dining room on
• Rubber Stamps
• Note Cards
                                        599 Lafayette Road, #4        the night of the dinner.

• Lamination                                 Portsmouth, NH           The Auction Committee began working in January to coordinate the collection
                                                                      of items for bidding and organize the auction process. We are fortunate to live
                                                                      in a very generous community that is happy to support our school. Please
                                                                      show your support to the many local businesses who have donated to this
                                                                      event. When shopping in their store or enjoying a meal in their restaurant,
                                                                      please consider thanking them for their support of Little Harbour School,
                                                                      and tell them where you won your prize!
                                                                      The various committees have worked hard to enhance this event over the
    BURNS, BRYANT, COX,                                               years and we hope you will find the food to be tasty, the service to be excellent
                                                                      and the auction items to be exciting.
        “Legal Excellence Since 1870”                                 Good luck bidding!

                                             Tel: (603) 742-2332
  255 Washington Street
  Dover, NH 03820
                                             Fax: (603) 749-4970
                                                    LAWYERS DOING GOOD
                                                                       TIM COUGHLIN, PAST PRESIDENT, NEW HAMPSHIRE TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION

                                                                      439 MIDDLE STREET, PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE (603) 431 1993
How to Bid                                                                                 Art                                             Black Trumpet Gift Certificate
                                                                                                                                           Enjoy	dinner	at	one	of	Portsmouth’s	most	
•	 Each	person	attending	the	Auction	and	wanting	to	bid	should	check	in	at	a	              Original Pastel by Local Artist                 romantic bistros.
                                                                                           Framed	pastel	drawing,	“The	Pasture”.           DONOR:	BlACK	TRuMPET
   cashier desk to receive their bidding number. This number is what will identify                                                         vAluE:	$25
                                                                                           DONOR:	BARBARA	ADAMS
   you on the bid sheets when you are placing a bid.                                       VALUE: $400
                                                                                                                                           Bob’s Broiled Chicken Gift Certificate
•	 Each	item	up	for	bid	will	have	a	Bid	Sheet	defining	the	item,	including	the	            Antique Coastal Oil with Full Rigger            Enjoy	home	cooking	at	Bob’s	Broiled	
   description, value, minimum bid and minimum bid increment.                              and Steamer C.1890 signed                       Chicken. Take-out or sit down in our full
                                                                                           Genuine Oil on canvas. Signed with a mono-      service dining room.
•	 To	place	a	bid,	simply	write	your	assigned	number	(not	your	name)	and	your	             gram	to	the	lower	right.	K.M.C.?	Possible	      DONOR:	BOB’S	BROIlED	ChICKEN
   bid amount in the corresponding columns on the bid sheet.                               European artist. The work dates back to the     vAluE:	$25
                                                                                           late	19th	century	(1890	-	1900).	Excellent	
•	 Please	bid	in	the	increments	requested	for	each	item.	(A	bid	that	does	not	             antique	coastal	view	with	a	full	rigger	and	    Fresh City Gift Card
                                                                                           steamer at sea. Very detailed painted and a     Where	you’ll	find	our	unique	take	on	stir	
   follow	the	increment	requested	may	be	disqualified.)	                                                                                   fry, burritos, salads, sandwiches, soups,
                                                                                           quality	oil.The	golden	frame	and	stretcher	
•	 Make	sure	to	check	the	bid	sheet	often	to	see	if	you	have	been	outbid.	                 is newer than the canvas and dates back to      smoothies and more.
                                                                                           the	1950’s.	Measurements:	10	1/2x8”	with-       DONOR:	FRESh	CITY
•	 You	may	bid	as	many	times	as	you’d	like	up	until	the	closing	of	the	Auction.                                                            vAluE:	$20
                                                                                           out	frame,	14	x11	1/2”	with	frame.
•	 At	the	end	of	the	auction,	an	auction	volunteer	will	highlight	the	winning	bid.	        DONOR:	GRETA	MCEvOY                             Dinner at Harbor’s Edge
                                                                                           ESTIMATED	vAluE:	$350-$500                      Dinner	for	two.	Meal	and	tax	included.	
   Bidders	should	then	check	back	on	their	items	of	interest	to	see	if	theirs	was	
                                                                                           Pastel Artwork by Local Artist                  Alcohol and gratuity are not included. Not
   the winning bid!
                                                                                           An	original	5x5”	pastel	is	complemented	        valid over holiday periods as determined
•	 If	you	are	the	winner,	please	take	the	bid	sheet	along	with	the	item	to	the	            by a clean white mat in a contemporary          by	the	hotel.	Not	valid	Dec.	31,	2010	or	
                                                                                           frame	which	measures	15x12”.                    Jan.	1,	2011.
   cashier for checkout. If you have won a gift certificate, the cashier will have it at
                                                                                           DONOR:	TERESA	MCCuE                             DONOR:	hARBOR’S	EDGE	RESTAuRANT
   the check out table.                                                                    vAluE:	$325                                     vAluE:	$80

•	 Cash	and	checks	are	accepted	for	payment.	If	you	have	won	an	item	and	are	              Original Oil Painting by Local Artist           Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café
   not present at the end of the auction, you will be contacted to arrange payment         Framed original oil painting of winter scene.   Dinner	for	2	with	up	to	$30	in	beverages.	
                                                                                                                                           Excludes	tax	and	gratuity.	Jumpin’	Jay’s	was	
   and pick up of the item. Payment is due within one week of the auction.                 DONOR:	BARBARA	ADAMS
                                                                                                                                           just	chosen	as	“Best	of	New	England”	in New
                                                                                           vAluE:	$275
                                                                                                                                           England Travel Magazine ‘09.
Buy it Now                                                                                 Framed Drawing
                                                                                           Framed drawing by LHS Art Teacher,
                                                                                                                                           DONOR:	JuMPIN	JAY’S	FISh	CAFé
                                                                                                                                           vAluE:	$120
A	new	feature	at	our	auction	this	year	is	the	“Buy	It	Now”	feature.	Many,	but	not	         Andrew French.
                                                                                           DONOR: ANDREW FRENCH
                                                                                                                                           Loco Coco’s Tacos Gift Card (2)
all	items	will	offer	this	option.	If	you	would	like	to	“Buy	It	Now”,	you	may	take	the	     vAluE:	$200                                     Delicious,	authentic,	Mexican	cuisine	at	a	
item	and	bid	sheet	to	the	cashier	for	checkout.	The	“Buy	It	Now”	option	will	expire	                                                       reasonable price.
                                                                                                                                           DONOR:	lOCO	COCO’S	TACOS
15	minutes	prior	to	the	close	of	the	auction.	No	“Buy	It	Now”	payments	will	be	
accepted after 7:15.
                                                                                           Dining                                          VALUE: $15

                                                                                           Anneke Jans Gift Certificate                    Mojo’s BBQ – Party for Four
                                                                                           Anneke Jans is a neighborhood bistro-           Come check us out in our new location at
Schedule                                                                                   style restaurant where old and new friends
                                                                                           gather to eat delicious food, and drink
                                                                                                                                           95	Brewery	lane!	Same	great	menu,	large	
                                                                                                                                           dining room, full lounge, plenty of parking
Dinner will be served from 5-7 pm                                                          good wine. Our menu changes often and           and live entertainment!
Auction will be open from 5-7:30 pm                                                        parking is easy.                                DONOR:	MOJO’S	BBQ
                                                                                           DONOR: ANNEkE JANS                              vAluE:	$52
Buy	It	Now	option	expires	at	7:15                                                          VALUE: $100
Auction closes promptly at 7:30
Winners	declared	at	7:35	(You	do	not	need	to	be	present	to	win!)

2      Visit for an updated list of items.                                                                                                          3
A Taste of The Emerald Isle
Traditional Irish fare and classic American
                                                     Food/Gourmet Items                             Lobster Feast
                                                                                                    Gift certificate redeemable for six
                                                                                                                                                     100 Loaves of Bread!
favorites with an Irish twist.                       A Yummy Lunch (2)                              chix lobsters.                                   When Pigs Fly
DONOR:	RIRA	IRISh	PuB                                Enjoy a salad, sandwich or loaf of bread       DONOR:	SANDERS	lOBSTER	COMPANY                   Purchase a ticket at the Silent Auction for
vAluE:	$25                                           from	Beach	Pea	Baking	Co.,	“Your	Native	       VALUE: $50                                       $5 then redeem for a fresh loaf of bread at
                                                     Wildflour”                                                                                      When Pigs Fly bakery on Islington Street.
River House Gift Card                                DONOR:	BEACh	PEA	BAKING	COMPANY
                                                                                                    Have a Fiesta!                                   LHS keeps all proceeds from the sales of
Casual waterfront dining.                            VALUE: $15                                     Plan	a	fiesta	with	your	amigos	and	I’ll	bring	   the tickets. We will have 100 tickets to sell,
DONOR: RIVER HOUSE                                                                                  the	paella	and	the	flan.	Serves	6-8	people.	     limit 1 per person.
vAluE:	$25                                           Basket of Tea                                  Available for delivery on a Saturday or
                                                                                                                                                     DONOR:	WhEN	PIGS	FlY	BAKERY
                                                     Tea pot, two tea cups and a variety of         Sunday.                                          vAluE:	$4-6	PER	lOAF	
Taipei & Tokyo Gift Certificate                      teas and cookies. Perfect for an afternoon     DONOR:	SEAN	AND	lINA	TRACEY
Chinese and Japanese cuisine in a casual             break.                                         vAluE:	$200
                                                     DONOR: CAROL RIDDLE
                                                     VALUE: $40                                     Dinner-on-the-Go from                            Getaways
vAluE:	$20                                                                                          Terra Cotta Pasta (2)                            Back Bay Stay
                                                     Cold Stone Cake (2)                            Makers	of	fresh	pasta,	sauces	and	ravioli.	      A	Back	Bay	hotel	near	Boston	Common,	
Friendly Toast Gift Certificate                      One Small Round Cake from Cold Stone           Prepared meals to go, imported and               Newbury St. and area shops, businesses
Enjoy a meal at this funky local eatery.             Creamery.                                      domestic cheeses, dry cured meats, refill-       and sporting facilities. One night Stay for
vAluE:	$25
                                                     DONOR:	COlD	STONE	CREAMERY                     able Greek olive oil and Italian balsamic.       Breakfast	Package	for	a	Friday	or	Sunday	
                                                     vAluE:	$23.95                                  DONOR: TERRA COTTA PASTA                         evening. Room, tax and breakfast for two
The Golden Egg Gift Certificate                                                                     VALUE: $15                                       the following morning.
                                                     Calling All Chocoholics
Breakfast	for	two.                                   Assorted chocolate products. Every single                                                       DONOR:	BOSTON	MARRIOTT	COPlEY	PlACE
                                                                                                    On the Grill
DONOR: THE GOLDEN EGG                                                                                                                                vAluE:	$250
                                                     piece	is	created	by	lindt’s	unmatched	         A	portable	gas	grill	from	lowe’s,	great	for	
vAluE:	$25
                                                     passion	for	high-quality	chocolate.            picnics,	tailgating	or	camping	(fuel	not	        Getaway in North Conway
The Ice House Gift Certificate                       DONOR: LINDT CHOCOLATE                         included).	Cook	a	delicious	meal	from	the	       Three nights in a contemporary, 4-level
Enjoy one of the most authentic New                  VALUE: $75                                     Meat	house	who	offers	a	wide	selection	of	       North Conway condo. 3 bedrooms,
England dining experiences on the NH                 Little Milkman Delivers to Your Door           expertly butchered premium meats, fine           3	baths.	Brand	new	kitchen,	fieldstone	
Seacoast. Choose from ice cream, lunch,              Home delivery of dairy, meats and other        cheeses, fresh produce, prepared side            fireplace in living room. Lower level set
dinner, seafood, take-out or eat-in.                 fine products from around the region.          dishes,	Boar’s	head	Deli	products,	hearty	       up for kids with pool table, playstation,
DONOR: THE ICE HOUSE RESTAURANT                                                                     breads, delectable desserts and pastries,        bunk	beds.	2	sleeping	lofts.	Quiet	develop-
                                                     DONOR:	lITTlE	MIlKMAN
VALUE: $35                                           VALUE: $50                                     and other gourmet grocery items.                 ment tucked in the woods near Cranmore
                                                                                                    DONOR:	ThE	MEAT	hOuSE	&	lOWE’S                   Mountain	with	a	pool	and	tennis	court.	
The Rusty Hammer                                     Homemade Spaghetti & Meatball                  VALUE: $65                                       located	1/2	mile	from	downtown	and	only	
Gift Certificate for two entrees. The Rusty          Dinner                                                                                          minutes	from	most	Mt.	Washington	valley	
Hammer has been serving great food in                Tired	of	cooking?	Running	around	with	no	      Trader Joe’s Gift Basket
                                                                                                                                                     attractions. Available any mutually agreed
a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for over              time	to	cook?	Bid	on	this	yummy	dinner	        Assorted	Trader	Joe’s	items.
                                                                                                                                                     upon weekend in the spring, summer or
30 years.                                            of	homemade	Spaghetti	and	Meatballs.	          DONOR:	TRADER	JOE’S
                                                                                                    VALUE: $50                                       fall, excluding the 4th of July weekend.
DONOR:	ThE	RuSTY	hAMMER                              A big pot of sauce will be delivered to your                                                    No smoking, no pets please.
vAluE:	$25                                           home	(with	extra	sauce,	enough	for	dinner	     Organic Produce on Your Doorstep                 DONOR:	ThE	RuSS	FAMIlY
Wentworth by the Sea Gift Certificate (2)            for two nights and perhaps even a third        One month of organic produce delivered           VALUE: $750
$50 Gift Certificates for use at Wentworth           night	for	meatball	subs).	Dinner	includes	     to your door.
                                                     salad, bread, dessert and a bottle of wine!                                                     Portsmouth Shop & Stay Package
by the Sea.                                                                                         DONOR: WAITHAkA ORGANICS
                                                     DONOR:	MAuRER	FAMIlY	&	                        vAluE:	$120                                      Two night stay at The Port Inn. Enjoy
DONOR:	WENTWORTh	BY	ThE	SEA	hOTEl                                                                                                                    dinner	at	Ristorante	Massimo	with	dishes	
                                                       llOYD-MARTIN	FAMIlY
VALUE: $50
                                                     VALUE: $75                                     Cooler Backpack with Treats                      from all regions of Italy. Advance reserva-
Bread Box Gift Certificate                                                                          Take along backpack filled with tasty treats     tions	required.	valid	November	1-April	30	
                                                     A Year of Organic Valley Milk                  and a bottle of wine. Use it for spring          (expires	April	30,	2011).	
Enjoy your favorites from our menu includ-           52	coupons	each	valid	for	up	to	$10	
ing pizza, subs calzones and more.                                                                  skiing, a hike in the woods, a walk on the       DONOR:	ThE	PORT	INN	&	RISTORANTE	MASSIMO
                                                     toward one Organic Valley product.             beach or on a road trip.                         VALUE: $194.95
                                                     DONOR:	ORGANIC	vAllEY                          DONOR:	DAlY	&	MAuRER	FAMIlIES
vAluE:	$25
                                                     vAluE:	$520                                    VALUE: $70

4      Visit for an updated list of items.                                                                                                                       5
Two Night Stay in NYC                                Baby Boy Gift Package                            Hand-Painted Vase (3)                            tennis	courts	at	Great	Bay,	140	group	
Fabulous two bedroom condo in midtown                Handmade baby blanket for baby boy and           Hand-painted vase with floral design.            fitness	classes	weekly,	yoga,	Pilates,	Body-
Manhattan,	on	50th	Street,	between	1st	              5-piece	Melamine	Zoom-Zoom	Plate	Set	            DONOR:	PAT	lINChEY                               Pump,	BodyStep,	BodyJam,	Zumba,	state-
and	2nd	Avenues.	5-10	minute	walk	to	the	            with vehicle designs.                            VALUE: $30 EACH                                  of-the-art	strength	and	cardio	equipment,	
United Nations, Rockefeller Plaza as well            DONOR: LEANNE EDWARDS                                                                             sauna,	whirlpool,	steam	room,	racquetball,	
                                                                                                      Felted Bag by Roddy Cole                         squash,	basketball,	and	boxing!		         	
at	St.	Patrick’s	Cathedral	and	5th	Avenue.	          VALUE: $45
                                                                                                      Hand-knit felted bag made by former
2	nights,	full	kitchen,	bath,	washer	and	                                                                                                              DONOR:	SEACOAST	SPORTS	CluBS
                                                     Baby Girl Gift Package                           LHS parent and friend.                           vAluE:	$800
dryer. Parking is abundant in area and
                                                     Handmade baby blanket for a baby girl            DONOR:	RODDY	COlE	
generally	costs	about	$38	per	day.	Can	
                                                     and	super	soft	book	with	Taggie’s	Tags.          VALUE: $75                                       Seacoast YMCA
be used anytime over the next two years,
                                                     DONOR: LEANNE EDWARDS                                                                             Three month membership for one family
except holidays.                                                                                      12 Handmade Cards
                                                     VALUE: $45                                                                                        including	2	adults	and	all	the	children	in	
DONOR:	SIlER	FAMIlY                                                                                   A dozen handmade cards designed and
vAluE:	$800		      	
                                                                                                                                                       the	household	under	the	age	of	18.
                                                     Carry Anything Tote Bag                          made by Andrea Ardito.
                                                                                                                                                       DONOR:	SEACOAST	YMCA
                                                     This fun and funky laminated fabric bag          DONOR:	SWEET	TOMATO	CARDS                        vAluE:	$285

Handmade                                             will	carry	all	your	items	whether	it’s	to	the	   VALUE: $40
                                                     beach, on a trip or to the store.
Kid’s Elf Hat (2)                                    DONOR:	luCKY	ThREADS/ShERI	NADEAu
                                                     VALUE: $150
                                                                                                      Handmade Purses (2)
                                                                                                      6x9”	purse	with	long	strap,	zipper	front	and	    Home
1 hand knit hat in burgundy and green.                                                                back pocket by Tammy Gewehr.                     BJ’s Wholesale Club
1 hand knit hat in green and red. kid size.          Hand-Knit Hat by Misa                            DONOR:	TAMMY	GEWEhR                              Gift of one year membership.
DONOR:	FERN	GullY	CRAFTS                             Beautiful	hand-knit	hat	by	Misa.                 vAluE:	$20	EACh
VALUE: $10                                                                                                                                             DONOR:	BJ’S	WhOlESAlE	CluB
                                                     DONOR:	MISA	ERDER                                                                                 VALUE: $40
                                                     VALUE: $60
                                                                                                      One-of-a-Kind Throw Pillow
Kid’s Hat and Mitten Set                                                                              20x20”	hand	knit	felted	throw	pillow	            Spruce Up Your Garden
Hand knit hat and mitten set.                        Handmade Fabric Tote with Key Fob                decorated with needle felting design.            Just in time for Spring! Spruce up your
DONOR:	FERN	GullY	CRAFTS                             Wonderfully-sized tote perfect for work or
VALUE: $30
                                                                                                      DONOR: TRISHA DONOHUE                            garden with two hours of gardening from
                                                     school bag, diaper bag, shopping, knitting       VALUE: $65                                       Trisha. Add a few new plants courtesy of
Fleece “Alien” Doll (2)                              or just everyday. Roomy interior. Four large                                                      Rolling	Green	Nursery	($25	gift	certificate).
Snuggle up with one of these handmade
cuddly	fleece	“alien”	dolls.	
                                                     pockets – two inside and two on front of
                                                     bag. Wristlet key fob in matching fabric         Health & Fitness                                 DONOR: TRISHA DONAHUE &
                                                                                                                                                         ROllING	GREEN	NuRSERY
DONOR:	JODY	KAhN                                     included.                                        Sonicare Complete Sonic Toothbrush               VALUE: $105
vAluE:	$25	                                          DONOR: NAN GATES DESIGNS                         Rechargeable sonic toothbrush.
                                                     VALUE: $75
                                                                                                                                                       Treat Yourself to Flowers
                                                                                                      DONOR:	BRIAN	MAGuIRE,	DMD                        The Flower kiosk offers a full selection of
Great Bay Pottery Water Pitcher                                                                       VALUE: $100
Two	quart	pottery	pitcher.	Each	piece	is	            10 Handmade Cards                                                                                 fresh	flower	arrangements,	unique	and	
handmade and individually glazed before              Collection of ten handmade cards and             Yoga Instruction or New Mom Care                 rustic flower baskets, gourmet fruit and gift
its final kiln firing. Lead-free and suitable        envelopes; birthday, thank you or blank, by      Your	choice:	5	hours	of	private	yoga	            baskets, and plants for all interiors.
for daily use. Oven, microwave and dish-             Francie Osgood.                                  instruction	in	your	home	(a	$250	value)	         DONOR: THE FLOWER kIOSk
washer safe.                                         DONOR:	OSGOOD	FAMIlY                                                                              VALUE: $35
                                                                                                      by	a	RYT200	Instructor	OR	5	hours	of	
                                                     VALUE: $30
DONOR:	GREAT	BAY	POTTERY                                                                              postpartum doula care of the new mom,            Digital Photo Frame
vAluE:	$42                                                                                            newborn care and breastfeeding support
                                                     Handmade Coat Rack                                                                                Pandigital	7”	digital	photo	frame.
                                                     handmade	coat	rack/shelf	by	Scott	               by	a	Certified	Midwife.	Makes	a	great	baby	      DONOR: JEFF CROTEAU
Handmade Felted Scarf
                                                     Osgood.	Made	from	reclaimed	redwood.             shower	gift	(a	$150	value).	Either	service	is	   VALUE: $70
Handmade scarf, sewn from recycled,
                                                                                                      available	starting	in	late	June	2010.	
felted sweaters.                                     DONOR:	OSGOOD	FAMIlY
                                                                                                                                                       Toro Electric Power Shovel
                                                     vAluE:	$200	    	               	                DONOR: SAGE CLARkE
DONOR:	JODY	KAhN                                                                                      vAluE:	$200                                      The exclusive power curve design throws
VALUE: $75
                                                     Hand-Painted Plate (3)                                                                            snow farther, and cleans right down to the
                                                     Hand-painted plate with floral design.           Seacoast Sports Clubs                            pavement at a rate of 300-lbs. of snow per
Handmade Embellished T-shirt
                                                                                                      A one-year membership that includes full         minute! Ideal for sidewalks, decks, porches
Women’s	t-shirt	with	hand	knit	peace	sign.	          DONOR:	PAT	lINChEY
                                                     vAluE:	$20	EACh                                  access	to	all	3	clubs	(Downtown,	Greenleaf	      and small driveways.
Size small.
                                                                                                      and	Great	Bay).		Full	access	to	all	3	clubs	     DONOR:	KIM	SEEFRIED	
VALUE: $35
                                                                                                      includes the pool at Greenleaf, 4 indoor         vAluE:	$120		

6      Visit for an updated list of items.                                                                                                                      7
                                                                             Custom Design Lampshade                         Necklace and Earring Set
                                                                             with Lamp Base                                  Sterling silver necklace and earring set.
                                                                             DONOR:	KIM	MCCuE                                handcrafted	New	Zealand	Paua	set.	

                                                                             VALUE: $95
           A GREAT BIG                                                                                                       handcrafted	in	Bali.
                                                                             DVD Player/Recorder                             DONOR:	TIGER	MOuNTAIN	
                                                                                                                             VALUE: $65
                                                                             Panasonic	DvD	Player/Recorder	with	
                                                                             1080p	resolution,	hDMI	connectivity,	SD	        Women’s Wallet
                                                                             memory	card,	uSB	Slot,	and	digital	tuner.       Women’s	multi-colored	wallet	with	

                                                                             DONOR:	ROllINS	FAMIlY                           card holder, photo holder, zip change
                                                                             VALUE: $199                                     compartment.
                                                                                                                             DONOR:	TAMMY	GEWEhR

                                                                             Jewelry/Handbags                                vAluE:	$20

                                                                                                                             Timberland Men’s Watch
                                                                             Floral Ink and Ivory Disk Earrings              Men’s	Timberland		Outdoor	Performance	
                                                                             Handmade sterling silver and flameworked        Watch.
                                                                             glass earrings. kristina is a LHS parent and
                                                                                                                             DONOR:	lAlIME	FAMIlY
                                                                             is recognized internationally for her glass     vAluE:	$265
                                                                             work and jewelry.
                                                                             DONOR: kRISTINA LOGAN                           Women’s Italian Leather Handbag
                                                                             VALUE: $165                                     and Matching Key Fob
                                                                                                                             Cape knot Tote and key Fob in greige color.
 Thanks to the following local business who contributed                      Seahorse Glass Necklace/Earring Set
                                                                                                                             DONOR:	lAlIME	FAMIlY
 to the Spaghetti Dinner:                                                    Seahorse glass necklace and earring set         VALUE: $300
                                                                             purple tones with silver chain.
 Applebees                           Philbrick’s	Fresh	Market                DONOR:	NORRIS	FAMIlY
 BJ’s                                The Rosa
                                                                             VALUE: $75                                      Kids
 Café Espresso                       Ronaldo’s	                              Sea Glass Sterling Silver Pendant               Playmobil Take Along Castle
                                                                             and Earrings                                    Playmobil Take Along Castle for kids ages
 Hannaford                           Shaws
                                                                             Handcrafted sea foam green sea glass            4 and up. Transforms easily into a large for-
 Momma	D’s	Casa	di	Pasta	            Starbucks                               pendant has a sterling silver spiral and        tress wall. Play, store and carry along! Size
 Me	and	Ollie’s                      TGIFridays                              hangs	on	an	18”	omega	chain.	The	               (lxDxh	closed/open):	13/29	x	8/7	x	9”.
                                                                             coordinating handcrafted earrings               DONOR:	ABODE
                                                                             complete the ensemble.                          VALUE: $30
 Special thanks to our Fifth Graders, Sue Pederzani, the many                DONOR:	REDMOON	
                                                                             VALUE: $54                                      Hand-painted Doll Bed
 friends and families of LHS who have contributed an item to the                                                             Hand-painted doll bed by LHS graduate
                                                                             Vera Bradley Mini Hipster and                   Laura Saxe.
 Dinner or Auction, or volunteered their time to help make this              Change Purse                                    DONOR:	lAuRA	SAxE
 event possible.                                                             This little bag doubles as a purse and a        VALUE: $40
                                                                             wallet! Four interior slots keep credit cards
                                                                             at hand. Pattern: Café Latte.                   Corelle Doll
 Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction Committee
                                                                             DONOR: CAROL RIDDLE
                                                                                                                             17”	soft	body	doll,	dressed	in	pink	floral	
 Jennifer Cotrupi, Sharon Dubois-Carney, Leslie Stevens, Erika Taylor, and   VALUE: $59                                      dress with hat and scarf. *Note, minor
 Ann Wheeler.                                                                                                                damage to box.
                                                                             Necklace and Earring Set                        DONOR:	COTRuPI	FAMIlY
 Silent Auction Donation Committee                                           Hill Tribe sterling silver flower pendant on    vAluE:	$88
                                                                             twisted leather necklace with matching
 Mike	DeCristofaro,	Jill	horgan,	Karen	Mountjoy,	Sheri	Nadeau,	Carol	                                                        Spaghetti Dinner Book Pack
                                                                             sterling silver flower earrings.
 Riddle, Christine Riddle, Francis Riddle, karin Scott, Anna Shultz.         DONOR:	TIGER	MOuNTAIN	
                                                                                                                             Three pack of spaghetti-themed books
                                                                             VALUE: $65                                      and whimsical bookmark.
 Graphic	design	courtesy	of	Cathy	Arakelian	•                                                                   DONOR:	SCOTT	FAMIlY
                                                                                                                             VALUE: $30

Birthday Extravaganza
A party that will be perfect for your special
                                                     Tooth Fairy Box
                                                     The perfect childhood keepsake. Crafted
                                                                                                    Miscellaneous                                    Kids’ Bank Savings Account
                                                                                                                                                     Add	$250	to	a	new	or	existing	Kids’	Bank	
day! At Atlantic Gymnastics we supply the            from sterling silver and adorned with a        Blue Man Groupie                                 account.
fun, you supply the smiles! Gift Certificate         gold	tooth	fairy.	Made	in	the	uSA.             Blue	Man	Group	t-shirt,	mouse	pad,	pens	         DONOR:	PISCATAQuA	SAvINGS	BANK
good	for	$20	at	Joe’s	New	York	Pizza.                DONOR:	RIDDlE	FAMIlY                           and other souvenirs.                             vAluE:	$250
DONOR:	ATlANTIC	GYM	NEWINGTON	&	                     VALUE: $55                                     DONOR:	BluE	MAN	GROuP
                                                                                                    vAluE:	$25
VALUE: $150                                          Moon in My Room
                                                     Remote	controlled	“Moon	in	My	Room”	           Scrapbooking & Stamping Supplies
Family Game Night Goody Box                          hangs on your wall and shines moonlight        3	boxed	sets	of	Stampin’	up	stamps;	             Sticks, Strings & More
There’s	a	game	for	everyone	in	the	                  just like the real moon. Twelve different      1 S.E.I. gift scrapbook set; 1 set of boxed      Pick up some new strings or set of sticks.
Family	Game	Night	Goody	Box!	unplug	                 phase settings let you match what the real     inspiration	cards	“Power	Thought	Cards”	by	      Daddy’s	Junky	Music	has	it	all	for	your	
and unwind as you roll the dice and take             moon looks like outside...tonight! Easy to     louise	l.	hay	(not	greeting	cards);	3	sets	of	   musical needs.
your chances. Snacks included!                       hang on wall.                                  3	tins	each	–	aluminum	tins	1	1/4x3/4”	for	      DONOR:	DADDY’S	JuNKY	MuSIC
DONOR:	FABREGA	&	OuTSEN-GARSIDE	FAMIlY                                                              beads and tiny items; 1 Stampin ‘Up 5-in-1       vAluE:	$25
                                                     DONOR: DONNA
VALUE: $50                                           vAluE:	$20                                     Card	Cover	(make	your	own	envelope	              Shake, Rattle & Roll!
                                                                                                    covers	–		6x3	3/4”)	–	template;	2	sets	          Live band for party or function. We play
Primigi Backpack and Book Outlet
                                                                                                    Alphabitties repositionable alphabet
Gift Certificate
Red and blue kids backpack. Carry your
                                                     Kids’ Camp                                     stickers; 6 adhesive scrapbook die-cuts in
                                                                                                                                                     music for people who want to dance! With
                                                                                                                                                     a	playlist	that	spans	from	the	60’s	to	today,	
                                                     We Like to Move it, Move it                    pastel colors, plus more!                        Rattlesnake Shake plays all kinds of music.
books in style! Fiction, non-fiction, mystery
                                                     Use this gift certificate toward summer        DONOR:	NORRIS	FAMIlY                             Includes	up	to	2	hours	of	entertainment	at	
or biography, pick up a new or used book
                                                                                                    VALUE: $115
from	the	Book	Outlet	and	feed	your	brain!	           day camp, sports camps, swim lessons,                                                           location within 30 minutes of Portsmouth,
DONOR:	GOODIE	TWO	ShOES	&	ThE	BOOK	OuTlET            vacation week camps, trips, sports leagues,    Primo Parking Spot                               Nh.	Date	subject	to	availability	and	requires	
VALUE: $60                                           adult classes – anything offered by the City   Pull right up to your reserved parking spot      minimum of 30 days advanced notice.
                                                     of Portsmouth Recreation Department.           for	the	2010-2011	school	year.                   Outside	venue	may	require	weather	
Perplexus Puzzle and Gift Card                                                                                                                       protection.
                                                     DONOR:	CITY	OF	PORTSMOuTh                      DONOR:	lITTlE	hARBOuR	SChOOl
from G.Willikers!                                    VALUE: $100                                    VALUE: PRICELESS                                 DONOR: RATTLESNAkE SHAkE, PAUL WHEELER
Perplexus	is	a	bendy,	trendy,	can’t-put-it-                                                                                                          VALUE: $300
down challenge! With plenty of twists and            Tennis Camp with Littlefield Tennis            “Friends” DVD Collection
turns and barriers between start and finish,         A week-long tennis camp for ages 9             “Friends	–	The	One	With	All	Ten	Seasons”	        Marimba Band
it will leave you perplexed. Once you try it,        and under.                                     (2006)                                           A five-person marimba band will play
you’ll	be	hooked!	use	the	gift	card	on	a	toy	        DONOR: LITTLEFIELD TENNIS                      DONOR:	ROllINS	FAMIlY                            music for your event within 30 miles of
or book of your choice.                              VALUE: $54                                     VALUE: $155                                      Portsmouth. Appropriate for kids parties as
DONOR: G. WILLIkERS!                                                                                                                                 well	as	other	gatherings.	2	hours	of	music.
VALUE: $46
                                                     We’ll be Jammin’                               Knit One, Purl Two…                              DONOR:	ROBIN	hACKETT
                                                     Gift certificate toward a summer program.      Shop for yarn or take a class with a gift        VALUE: $300
Hit the Road                                         Rock out in a summer Rock Workshop, learn      certificate	to	the	Yarn	Basket.
Children’s	bike	courtesy	of	the	Mountjoy	            to improvise in a Jazz Workshop or create a    DONOR:	YARN	BASKET
family	and	helmet	from	Bicycle	Bob’s.	
(helmet	can	be	exchanged	for	different	
                                                     masterpiece in one of our visual arts camps
                                                     or learn to master a new instrument.
                                                                                                    vAluE:	$25                                       Photography
size	or	color.)                                      DONOR:	PORTSMOuTh	MuSIC	&	ARTS	CENTER
                                                                                                    Men’s Custom Fit Shirt                           Photo Session with Alyssa Duncan
                                                     VALUE: $100                                    Personally measured to fit you & your style.     Use this gift certificate toward an indoor or
VALUE: $110                                                                                         An	Italian	fabric,	hand-tailored	men’s	shirt.	   outdoor photo session and artwork. New
                                                     Rumble Tumble Camp                             You	pick	the	fabric	and	select	the	collar	&	     customers only, please.
Vintage School Desk                                  Two days of Rumble Tumble camp. Each           cuff styles.                                     DONOR:	AlYSSA	AlMEIDA	DuNCAN	
Fully refinished school desk with                    day includes time to play and tumble,          DONOR: JOANIE DICkINSON                            PhOTOGRAPhY
adjustable desk and seat height.                     stories, snack, fun gym games, and arts        VALUE: $79                                       VALUE: $400
Beautiful	birdseye	maple.                            and crafts. Have a playful day!
                                                                                                    Stationery Gift Basket                           Photo Sessions with Bobbi Slavin (2)
DONOR:	NAThAN	MCKEE                                  DONOR:	RuMBlE	TuMBlE
VALUE: $350                                          VALUE: $60                                     Write in style. Gift basket filled with          1	photo	session	+	8x10”	photo	in	
                                                                                                    stationery for every member of a family.         Portsmouth, Rye, New Castle.
                                                                                                    DONOR: JOANIE DICkINSON                          DONOR:	TIMElESS	ART	PORTRAITS	
                                                                                                    VALUE: $75                                         BY	BOBBI	SlAvIN
                                                                                                                                                     vAluE:	$250	EACh

10     Visit for an updated list of items.                                                                                                                   11
Family Photo Session with                             Assessment of Interpersonal Style              Kittery Trading Post Shopping Trip             Look Your Best (2)
Danielle MacInnes                                     with Coaching by Intellectus                   Enjoy	a	shopping	trip	to	KTP	where	you’ll	     Two certificates, each good toward any
Family	photo	session	and	$25	photo	credit.	           Business Coaching                              find everything for the great outdoors.        service offered at New Freedom Laser Full
Photographer	specializing	in	children’s	and	          The coaching is especially productive for      DONOR:	KITTERY	TRADING	POST                    Service Cosmetic Center.
family portraits and special events. Using            those facing leadership or management          VALUE: $50                                     DONOR:	NEW	FREEDOM	lASER
natural	light	and	simple	settings,	Danielle’s	        challenges for transitioning to a new                                                         VALUE: $100 EACH
                                                                                                     It’s a Girl Thing
artistic eye will capture those beautiful             organizational role, and when some one
                                                                                                     Shop at Serendipity, a favorite downtown       Facial by Sheila Duffy
moments on film.                                      has been derailed in their career by limita-
                                                                                                     boutique	for	the	latest	in	women’s	clothing	   One hour facial by licensed esthetician,
DONOR:	DANIEllE	MACINNES	PhOTOGRAPhY                  tions in interpersonal behavior. If you
                                                                                                     and accessories.                               Dr. Hauschka Certified.
vAluE:	$225                                           would like to increase your influence and
                                                                                                     DONOR:	SERENDIPITY                             DONOR:	ShEIlA	DuFFY
                                                      effectiveness with your boss, your peers,      VALUE: $50                                     VALUE: $75
One Hour, On-Location Portrait Session
                                                      your subordinates or your customers and
At a location of your choosing, Speaking
                                                      other stakeholders, this coaching will help.                                                  Classic Trisara Facial
Photography	will	photograph	you	(and/or	
your	family)	and	provide	you	with	the	nega-
                                                      DONOR:	INTEllECTuS	BuSINESS	COAChING
                                                      vAluE:	$380
                                                                                                     Spa & Beauty                                   Customized European facial addressing
                                                                                                                                                    specific skin needs with deep cleansing,
tives	of	all	photos	and	a	single	8x10”	print.                                                        Massage with Cindy Choquette, LMT              exfoliation,	warm	steam,	extractions	(if	
DONOR:	SPEAKING	PhOTOGRAPhY                           Electrical Work by Mike Kuchtey (2)            Relax with a one hour massage with Cindy       needed),	relaxing	massage,	a	personalized	
vAluE:	$200                                           Two certificates each for 4 hours of           Choquette,	lMT.                                mask and final protective cream.
                                                      electrical work, excluding materials.          DONOR: ATLANTIC CHIROPRACTIC                   DONOR: TRISARA FACIAL SPA
Services                                              Work to be performed within a
                                                      20	minute	radius	of	Portsmouth.
                                                                                                     VALUE: $65                                     VALUE: $70

                                                      DONOR:	KuChTEY	ElECTRIC                        Custom Tooth Whitening Trays                   Pedicure of the Month at the
Lighting Consultation
                                                      vAluE:	$260	EACh                               Fabrication of custom dental whitening         Wingate Salon and Spa
One hour of lighting consultation.
                                                                                                     trays. A brief exam is included to insure      Take care of your tootsies! Enjoy a
DONOR:	KIM	MCCuE                                      Three Hours of Handyman Services
VALUE: $65
                                                                                                     that no conditions exist which would           “Pedicure	of	the	Month”.
                                                      by Paul Strand Handyman                        contraindicate tooth whitening.                DONOR: WINGATE SALON & SPA
Estate Planning by Brad Lown                          Why call the handyman when you can             DONOR:	BRIAN	MAGuIRE,	DMD                      vAluE:	$58
Preparation of your Will, Living Will,                call	the	Strandyman?	Carpentry,	painting,	     VALUE: $500
Heathcare Power of Attorney and                       home repair.                                                                                  6 Degrees Salon Haircut
                                                      DONOR:	PAul	STRAND	hANDYMAN                    Teeth Whitening                                Gift Certificate for a haircut.
Durable Financial Power of Attorney.
                                                      VALUE: $75                                     Brighten	your	smile	and	look	your	best	        DONOR: 6 DEGREES SALON
VALUE: $350
                                                                                                     after this teeth whitening treatment.          VALUE: $50
                                                      Somnia Style Design Consultation               DONOR:	DANIEl	h.	DETOllA	DENTISTRY,	DDS,	MD	
House Cleaning or Pet Sitting                         Services include 4 hours of Design             VALUE: $500                                    6 Degrees Salon Facial
by Chores and More                                    Consultation: Color consultation, custom                                                      Gift Certificate for a Signature Facial.
                                                      upholstery, furniture layout, custom bed-      Manicure & Pedicure at Elizabeth Grady
2	hours	of	house	cleaning,	yard	work,	                                                                                                              DONOR: 6 DEGREES SALON
                                                      ding, linens, rugs and window treatments,      Pamper yourself with a manicure and            VALUE: $70
landscaping	OR	48	hour	period	of	pet	
                                                      room	styling	(artwork	and	accessories),	etc.   pedicure.
sitting in my home. References available
                                                                                                                                                    Sports & Recreation
                                                      DONOR:	SOMNIA	STYlE                            DONOR:	ElIZABETh	GRADY	OF	PORTSMOuTh
upon	request.                                                                                        VALUE: $67
                                                      VALUE: $400
VALUE: $50                                                                                           Signature Facial at Elizabeth Grady            Skateboard & Helmet
Preventative Maintenance by                           Shopping                                       A six-step treatment to flush out and purify
                                                                                                     the skin, try the Signature Facial to feel
                                                                                                                                                    Custom	Mini	Skateboard,	including	treks,	
                                                                                                                                                    wheels and helmet. Free assembly is available,
East Coast Heating and A/C
                                                      Downtown Shopping Spree                        your best!                                     if	needed,	by	“Red	Alert”	skateboard	shop.	
Preventative maintenance visit for any gas
                                                      Enjoy a downtown shopping spree at two         DONOR:	ElIZABETh	GRADY	OF	PORTSMOuTh           Size:	7.375”	width	–	appropriate	for	K-5th.
or	oil-fired	piece	of	heating	equipment.
                                                      local favorite shops.                          VALUE: $70                                     DONOR:	ARChIBAlD,	hEIDINGER,	hITChCOCK,	
DONOR: EAST COAST HEATING AND AIR CON-                                                                                                                MCCANN,	O’NEIll	&	POuND	FAMIlIES
  DITIONING	/	ERIC	lITTlEFIElD                        DONOR:	FA	lA	lO	&	RIvERRuN	BOOKSTORE
                                                      VALUE: $45                                     Assorted Arbonne Items                         VALUE: $144
VALUE: $159                                                                                          Assortment of Arbonne facial and
                                                                                                     body products.                                 Youth Bicycle Helmet
Language Lessons with Hope Martin
                                                                                                     DONOR:	MARY	FOY                                Children’s	bicycle	helmet.	May	be	
Six, one-hour sessions in French or Italian.
                                                                                                     VALUE: $161                                    exchanged for size or color.
vAluE:	$250                                                                                                                                         DONOR:	BICYClE	BOB’S
                                                                                                                                                    VALUE: $30
12      Visit for an updated list of items.                                                                                                                13
Outdoorsman Combo (2)                                 Round of Golf at the Ledges                    Red Sox Tickets                                 Spend a Magical Day at StoryLand
Ultralight water filter system filters up to          Golf Course                                    Two tickets for a Red Sox game. Sunday          2	tickets	for	admission	to	Storyland.	Enjoy	
50 gallons. North Face hat.                           Round of golf for four at the beautiful        July	18th	@	1:35	versus	Texas	Rangers.	         the	21	family-friendly	rides,	shows	and	
DONOR:	EASTERN	MOuNTAIN	SPORTS                        ledges	Golf	Course	in	York,	ME,	offering	      Seats are in section 31, above the 3rd          attractions at this magical park.
vAluE:	$38	EACh                                       you the finest public golf experience on       base line.                                      DONOR:	STORYlAND
                                                      the	seacoast.	18	holes	round	of	golf	for	      DONOR:	COTRuPI	FAMIlY                           vAluE:	$53.98
Hit the Slopes
                                                      four with cart.                                VALUE: $100
Mental	Gear	helmet	Cover	and	Ski	Tune	up	                                                                                                            A Bit of Portsmouth History
                                                      DONOR: THE LEDGES GOLF COURSE
at	Putnam’s.	Get	ready	to	hit	the	slopes	in	          vAluE:	$280
                                                                                                     Red Sox Tickets                                 Explore	Strawbery	Banke	Museum	where	
this red warrior ski or snowboard helmet                                                             Pair of Red Sox Tickets tickets to a to-be-     two	adults	and	any	number	of	children	(or	
cover.	Makes	wearing	helmets	fun!	                    Round of Golf at Wentworth                     determined game this season. Right field,       grandchildren)	will	receive	free	admission	
Compatible with goggles strap clips.                  by the Sea Country Club                        box	10,	section	5,	row	F,	seats	1-2.            to	the	Museum’s	daily	programs	including	
Make	sure	your	skis	are	ready	to	go	                  A round of golf for 4 with carts. Expires      DONOR: ERIC GREGG                               the 4th of July, Halloween or Candlelight
with	a	tune	up	at	Putnam’s.                           10/30/10.                                      VALUE: $100                                     Stroll. Just around the corner, enjoy a tasty
DONOR:	hORGAN	FAMIlY	&	PuTNAM’S	                      DONOR:	WENTWORTh	BY	ThE	SEA	                                                                   Italian meal at The Rosa where the service
                                                                                                     Downtown Dinner and a Movie
VALUE: $60                                              COuNTRY	CluB                                                                                 is great and the atmosphere always makes
                                                      VALUE: $300                                    Enjoy	dinner	and	a	Movie	in	downtown	
                                                                                                                                                     you feel welcome.
Titleist Golf Items                                                                                  Portsmouth.	Dine	at	Café	Med	and	enjoy	
                                                      Thule Ski Rack                                                                                 DONOR:	STRAWBERY	BANKE	MuSEuM	
1	dozen	Pro	v1	Titleist	Golf	Balls	and	                                                              fine Italian fare in a casual setting then        & THE ROSA RESTAURANT
golf glove.                                           Roof top rack for up to four pairs of skis.    take	in	a	movie	at	the	Music	hall	with	these	   VALUE: $75
DONOR:	luDES	FAMIlY                                   Cross bars not included.                       six tickets.
VALUE: $95                                            DONOR:	WhEElER	FAMIlY                          DONOR:	MuSIC	hAll	&	CAFé	MEDITERRANEO           Daycation at Water Country
                                                      VALUE: $115
                                                                                                     VALUE: $73                                      Enjoy a day at Water Country with four
Helmet & Gift Certificate by                                                                                                                         tickets for admission…Have Some Fun!
Papa Wheelie’s                                        Golf & Ski Gift Card                           Take Me Out to the Ball Game!                   DONOR:	WATER	COuNTRY
Bicycle	helmet	and	$75	Gift	Certificate.              DONOR: GOLF & SkI WAREHOUSE
                                                      vAluE:	$25
                                                                                                     Certificate redeemable for four tickets from    vAluE:	$148
DONOR: PAPA WHEELIES                                                                                 the	Portland	Sea	Dogs.	Must	be	redeemed	
vAluE:	$120                                                                                          at	the	Box	Office	or	through	the	mail.	         Bowl-o-Rama Gift Certificate
Splash Pass at the Portsmouth                         Tickets/Entertainment                          Tickets subject to availability.
                                                                                                     DONOR: PORTLAND SEA DOGS
                                                                                                                                                     Gift card valid for fun and food at
                                                                                                                                                     Bowl-o-Rama.	Grab	a	sandwich	at	the	
Indoor Pool                                                                                                                                          Honey Ham and Sub shop on the way!
                                                      Whale Watch Tour for Two                       vAluE:	$32
Good for admission to the Portsmouth
                                                      Two	tickets	to	cruise	on	the	M/v	Atlantic	                                                     DONOR:	BOWl-O-RAMA	&	hONEY	hAM	
Indoor Pool for Portsmouth residents only.                                                           Bow Street Combo – Dinner & Show                  AND	SuBS
                                                      Queen	II,	the	only	whale	watch	vessel	
DONOR:	PORTSMOuTh	INDOOR	POOl                                                                        at the Rep                                      VALUE: $45
vAluE:	$20
                                                      in Rye Harbor with the ability to reach
                                                      Jeffrey’s	ledge	or	the	Stellwagen	Bank	        Enjoy	a	2009-2010	Mainstage	performance	
Deluxe Ski Tune-Up
Including a Stone Grind
                                                      National	Marine	Sanctuary	in	a	half	day	
                                                      trip.	Marine	biologists	from	the	Blue	Ocean	
                                                                                                     at the Seacoast Rep for two, accompanied
                                                                                                     with	a	dinner	out	at	Poco’s	Bow	Street	         Unique Experiences
DONOR:	PuTNAM’S	SKI	&	SNOWBOARD	ShOP                  Society	for	Marine	Conservation	serve	as	      Cantina.                                        Explore the Seacoast from the Air
VALUE: $30                                            naturalists on all the trips.                  DONOR:	SEACOAST	REPERTORY	ThEATER	&	            Air tour for two. A one hour aerial tour of
                                                                                                       POCO’S	BOW	STREET	CANTINA                     Portsmouth	in	a	DA40	Diamond/Diamond	
                                                      DONOR: ATLANTIC FISHING & WHALE WATCHING
Learn to Surf                                         vAluE:	$62
                                                                                                     vAluE:	$81
                                                                                                                                                     Aircraft. Trip departs from Port City Air
We’ll	provide	the	board,	wetsuit,	and	                                                                                                               at Pease.
lesson for one child or adult for as long
                                                                                                     Discover the Mysteries of the Sea
                                                      Kids Day Out in Dover
                                                                                                     Family membership to the Seacoast Science       DONOR:	SIvERTS	FAMIlY
as it takes to surf!                                  visit	the	Children’s	Museum	of	Nh	with	                                                        VALUE: $150
                                                                                                     Center	admits	2	adults	named	on	card	
DONOR:	STEvENS	FAMIlY                                 these four guest passes good for admis-
                                                                                                     along with their children and grand-            Lobster Cruise with Mr. Schulten
VALUE: $100                                           sion.	Grab	dinner	at	Margaritas	with	a	gift	
                                                                                                     children	under	age	18.	Members	receive	         lobster	cruise	on	the	Piscataqua	with	lhS	
                                                      certificate good for any two items off the
Surf’s Up!                                                                                           discounts on programs.                          Gym	Teacher,	Mr.	Schulten!	You	get	to	keep	
                                                      dinner menu.
You’ll	get	4	boards	and	4	wetsuits	for	                                                              DONOR: SEACOAST SCIENCE CENTER                  what you catch! Up to 6 people.
                                                      DONOR:	ChIlDREN’S	MuSEuM	OF	Nh	
the day.                                                &	MARGARITAS
                                                                                                     VALUE: $65
                                                                                                                                                     DONOR: STEVE SCHULTEN
DONOR:	SuMMER	SESSIONS	SuRF	ShOP                      VALUE: $67                                                                                     VALUE: $150
VALUE: $140

14      Visit for an updated list of items.                                                                                                                15
Portsmouth Boat Cruise                                 Fishing Excursion
Enjoy an afternoon or evening cruise in the            half	day	sport	fishing	on	the	Piscataqua	
Portsmouth area with the Taylor family.
For up to 6 people.
VALUE: $150
                                                       River	aboard	the	21’	center	console	boat	
                                                       “Taco”.	Fly	fishing	or	light	tackle.	All	gear,	
                                                       bait and tackle included. Valid June 15 -
                                                       October	1,	2010.
                                                                                                                  C O U G HL I N
                                                       DONOR:	SEAN	AND	lINA	TRACEY
Tour of a Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker                  VALUE: $300
& 2 hours in the KC-135R Simulator
This item is offered for a family and
requires	scheduling	flexibility.	About	two	
weeks after the auction, the tour and sim
                                                       Raffle Item

                                                                                                                  M U R P H Y
can	be	scheduled	for	7:30-9:30am	Mon.-Fri.	            Principal for the Day
in June, July or August only. All base re-             Do you like to be in charge and make
quirements	will	take	priority,	meaning	last	           decisions?	Ever	wonder	what	it	would	be	
minute	rescheduling	is	a	possibility.	Your	            like	to	principal	of	lhS?	Try	your	luck	on	

                                                                                                                  & LOWN
tour	guide	will	be	Thomas	and	Evelyn’s	                this raffle, free and open to all kids – simply
dad,	ltCol	Bill	Sylla.                                 fill out a ticket.
DONOR:	BIll	SYllA                                      DONOR:	PRINCIPAl	FOR	ThE	DAY
VALUE: PRICELESS                                       VALUE: PRICELESS

                                             Children                        Adults
                                             Study SkillS                    StreSS
                                             college planning                work/career

                                             family/peer                     family
                                             behavioral                      relationShipS
                                             weight loSS/exerciSe            weight loSS/exerciSe

Child & adult Life Coaching
                                             if you would like further information or to schedule an
     brooke baSSett, m.ed, cplc              appointment please contact brooke bassett, m.ed, cplc,
       aShley hokanSon, b.a.                 at 207-232-0976, or Dr. Anita Remig at 603-430-9644 •
        dr. anita remig, edd       

      Grandmother of LHS student
      available for house cleaning, nanny
      sitting, pet sitting, and overnites
      for elderly and children.
                                                                                                                  LAWYERS DOING GOOD
                                                                                                          TIM COUGHLIN, PAST PRESIDENT, NEW HAMPSHIRE TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION
      judi vioLa            j u d i a H 1 7 7 @ m e t r o c a S t. n e t            603-978-5173

                                                                                                         439 MIDDLE STREET, PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE (603) 431 1993
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