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					                                             I this instant must depart.
Libretto:Don Giovanni                        LEPORELLO
Don Giovanni or The Rake Punished
                                             ('Tis my master! these eyes betray me,
Cast:                                        Or to fly he has at heart)
DON GIOVANNI (baritone)
IL COMMENDATORE (bass)                       DONNA ANNA
DONNA ANNA (soprano)                         Help, oh heav'n! will none befriend me?
DONNA ELVIRA (sopran)                        DON GIOVANNI
LEPORELLO (bass)                             May the furies all attend thee!
ZERLINA (soprano)
MASETTO (bass)                               DONNA ANNA
                                             Help assistance!
peasants, servants                           DON GIOVANNI
                                             Hush, or tremble!
ACT ONE                                      Silence, speak not 'bove thy breath!
                                             Thou shalt rue thy mad resistance!
                                             DONNA ANNA
SCENE I                                      Heaven come to my assistance,
A garden, night.                             I'll pursue thee unto death.
Leporello, in a cloak, discovered watching
before the house of Donna Anna; then Donna   Seeing the Commandant approach, she runs
Anna and Don Giovanni; afterwards the        into the house
Nr. 1 - Introduction                         ('Tis my master makes resistance,
                                             I will list to what he saith)
Rest I've none by night or day,              COMMANDANT
Scanty fare and doubtful pay,                Miscreant, unhand her,
Ev'ry whim I must fulfil;                    Draw, and defend thee!
Take my place whoever will!
I myself will go acourting,                  DON GIOVANNI
I the gentleman will play,                   Fly, or I warn thee,
But with him no more I'll stay,              To death I'll send thee.
No, no, but with him no more I'll stay
Gaily he within is sporting,                 COMMANDANT
I must keep off all intrusion,               Caitiff, and coward,
For his lordship needs seclusion.            Thus wouldst thou fly?
Hark, I think, I hear him coming,
I'll keep safe out of his way.               LEPORELLO
Hides himself                                How can I safely from hither fly?

DONNA ANNA                                   DON GIOVANNI
holding Don Giovanni firmly by the arm       Beware my anger, fly!
I will know unless thou slay me,             Die he must!
Vile intruder who thou art.
                                             They fight.
DON GIOVANNI                                 The Commandant falls mortally wounded.
Trying to conceal his features
Stay me not, fair maid I pray thee,          COMMANDANT
Help, assistance, all is ended!
Oh, to die alone unfriended,                 Don Octavio, Donna Anna and servants with
Vile assassin, thou'st undone me,            torches
Heav'n protect and guard my child!
                                             DONNA ANNA
He dies                                      Ah! My father's in danger,
                                             Let us haste to his aid!
Rash old man, I have undone thee!            DON OCTAVIO
In the pangs of death thou'rt lying!         I will defend him with this sword,
Mine's the deed, there's no denying.         With my lifeblood!
Why to fight was I beguil'd?                 But where is the assassin?

LEPORELLO                                    DONNA ANNA
Thou wilt rue this woeful error,             'Twas here I left him.
Deed of darkness, deed of terror.            seeing the corpse
Why to stay was I beguil'd.                  What is this I behold?
He will rue this woeful error.               Can I believe my senses,
                                             Ah, me unhappy!
DON GIOVANNI                                 My father, oh, my father, look upon me!
Leporello, where are you?
                                             DON OCTAVIO
LEPORELLO                                    Oh, terror!
I'm here, to my misfortune, and you, Sir?
                                             DONNA ANNA
DON GIOVANNI                                 Ah, by th'assassin art thou undone!
I'm here.                                    Thou art wounded, blood is flowing, this
LEPORELLO                                    Silent and pale, thou heedest not my crying!
Who's dead, th'old man, or you Sir?          I cannot hear him breathe! Cold as marble!
                                             Oh, my father, best of fathers,
DON GIOVANNI                                 Oh, help me, I die.
O, most stupid of questions, he surely.
                                             DON OCTAVIO
LEPORELLO                                    Assist me, friends, oh, leave us not,
Well done, the intention was pretty,         Give me aid - bring some water,
Seduce the daughter, and then dispatch the   Oh, bring it quickly,
father!                                      Donn'Anna! Dearest, oh, hear me!
                                             Her grief extreme hath cruelly overwhelm'd
DON GIOVANNI                                 her.
He insisted on fighting.
                                             DONNA ANNA
LEPORELLO                                    Ah!
And Donn'Anna,
did she insist too?                          DON OCTAVIO
                                             She awakens.
DON GIOVANNI                                 Newly revives her sorrow.
Silence. I'll not be vex'd, away now,
Unless you too on something insist.          DONNA ANNA
                                             Oh, my father!
Pray, excuse me, from comments I desist.     DON OCTAVIO
                                             Oh, hasten, and bear away ere she perceive it
Exeunt.                                      This memorial of terror, look up, my dearest,
Oh, turn to me! I'm near thee!
                                     SCENE II
Nr. 2 - Duetto                       A street; early morning.
                                     Don Giovanni and Leporello
despairingly                         DON GIOVANNI
Cruel, why art thou near me?         Well, speak what would you tell me? Say it
Leave me alone to perish!            quickly.
Since he I most did cherish
Is lost for evermore!                LEPORELLO
                                     Sir, what I'd say's
DON OCTAVIO                          A very serious matter.
Listen to me, oh, listen,
Turn but thy eyes upon me,           DON GIOVANNI
I know thou'll not disown me,        It seems so.
Who love thee evermore.
DONNA ANNA                           Of serious consequence.
'Tis thou forgive, oh dearest,
Of all now left me the nearest,      DON GIOVANNI
My father I would see!               All the better, come, out with it.

DON OCTAVIO                          LEPORELLO
Your father, � Hush, oh, dearest,    First promise that this time you'll not punish
Breathe not the word thou fearest,
Thou'st husband and father in me.
                                     DON GIOVANNI
                                     I promise on my honour,
                                     That is, provided the Commandant's not
Ah, my father,
my father I would see!
                                     No one listens?
Hush, oh dearest,
Breathe not the word thou fearest,
                                     DON GIOVANNI
Thou'st husband and father in me.
                                     Of course not.
Ah, if thou canst, avenge him,
                                     No one's approaching?
Swear it by heav'n above.
                                     DON GIOVANNI
I swear it,
By heav'n I will avenge him,
I swear it by our love!
                                     Then I can speak out freely,
                                     Safe from your anger?
Oh, vow of wratch and terror!
                                     DON GIOVANNI
Oh, night of dread lamenting!
Oh, when will heav'n relenting,
Grant us for hope a ray.
                                     Then at once I'll begin:
                                     Well, my much valued master,
                                     The life that you are leading, is that of a
                                                Nr. 3 - Aria
Fool, how dare you? This shall teach you.       DONNA ELVIRA
                                                Where shall I find a token,
LEPORELLO                                       To guide my steps to thee?
Think what you promis'd!                        My heart is nearly broken,
                                                The world is dark to me,
DON GIOVANNI                                    Ah! If he stood before me.
Such promisses I keep not,                      Fiercely his vows I'd spurn,
Silence, or I'll...                             The love that once he bore me,
                                                Can never more return!
Say no more, I will not breathe a whisper.      DON GIOVANNI
                                                Look yonder, 'tis a damsel
DON GIOVANNI                                    Who's by her swain forsaken!
Then I restore my favour, something I'll tell
you:                                            DONNA ELVIRA
Why think you I am here?                        The love that once he bore me,
                                                Can nevermore return!
I think of nothing.                             DON GIOVANNI
But, as it's just now daylight,                 Ah, poor girl, her grief becomes her!
What so likely as some new love-adventure?
You must name her, and I'll record her duly.    DONNA ELVIRA
                                                Can nevermore return,
DON GIOVANNI                                    No, can nevermore return!
The great recorder, see!
Now let me tell you:                            DON GIOVANNI
I am in love with the most charming creature,   I think I'll go and try just to console her.
She returns my devotion,
I saw her, I address'd her,                     LEPORELLO
She is to meet me in the arbour to-night;       No doubt, like many others, you'll cajole her.
Hush! There's odour, th'aroma sweet of
woman-kind...                                   DON GIOVANNI
                                                Fair Senora!
(I call that a refin'd sense of smelling!)      DONNA ELVIRA
                                                That voice!
She's handsome at this distance.                DON GIOVANNI
                                                She? Oh, confusion!
(What an eyesight, gracious!)                   LEPORELLO
                                                How charming! Donna Elvira.
Let us watch this fair lady,                    DONNA ELVIRA
Step aside here with me.                        Don Giovanni! You here?
                                                Falsest of men! Monster of baseness!
(On fire already!)                              LEPORELLO
                                                (Now compliments are passing!
Donna Elvira (in a travelling dress), Don       Waste of words, she by this time ought to
Giovanni, and Leporello                         know him)
DON GIOVANNI                                     LEPORELLO
Elvira dear, I pray you,                         aside to Don Giovanni
Restrain that voice impetuous!                   Whatever shall I tell her?
Now listen, and I will tell you all.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
DONNA ELVIRA                                     Yes, yes, keep nothing from her.
What can you say that will excuse your
falsehood?                                       Don Giovanni escapes
First you besought me secretly to receive you,
With vows of fondness, oaths of devotion,        DONNA ELVIRA
Love eternal profession.                         Proceed, what is it?
I believed that you loved me,
In your honour confiding                         LEPORELLO
When your wife you declared me;                  Well, Madam, it is certain ... This world we
Then on a sudden,                                live in...
Casting off ev'ry tie of earth and heaven        I mean to say, perhaps, that is, I mean,
That our hearts had united,                      You cannot square a circle...
After three days from Burgos you departed;
I forsaken, distracted,                          DONNA ELVIRA
Was left a prey to remorse and bitter weeping,   Heartless villain!
For I, alas, had learnt to love you dearly.      Dare you thus to insult my just resentment?
                                                 Turning as if to Don Giovanni
LEPORELLO                                        And you, oh, heav'n! He basely has fled!
(She says it off like a lesson)                  Oh, wretched me! Whither? Was it that way?

DON GIOVANNI                                     LEPORELLO
For my departure I had important reasons.        Come, be thankful he's left you;
to Leporello                                     Waste not your anger, he's not worth a regret.
You know them?
                                                 DONNA ELVIRA
LEPORELLO                                        But by his falsehood I'm deceived,
I know them. Oh, such important reasons!         I'm betray'd.

DONNA ELVIRA                                     LEPORELLO
What other reasons                               Pray, Madam, be comforted,
Than your constant heart,                        For you are not, nor have been, and neither
That will follow ev'ry fancy,                    will be,
But heav'n has led me hither                     Or the first, or the last of them.
That I might warn you to stay your wild          Look here now, see this not too small volume,
carreer of folly.                                'Tis almost full of the names, of his fair ones;
                                                 Town and village, distant countries, yes,
DON GIOVANNI                                     foreign nations,
Come, come, you'll not let me exculpate          Can witness bear to his infatuations.
(This woman will soon drive me mad).             Nr. 4 - Aria
Since you, alas, will not believe me,
Then let this honest fellow tell you.            LEPORELLO
                                                 Pretty lady, here's a list I would show you,
LEPORELLO                                        Of the fair ones my master has courted,
(Honest, truly)                                  Here you'll find them all duly assorted,
                                                 In my writing, will't please you to look,
DON GIOVANNI                                     Here is Italy, six hundred and forty,
Go, tell her plainly.                            France is down for five hundred and twenty,
Only two hundred the Rhineland supplied him,     And joy turn to mourning,
But mark the climax, Spain has already one       When your youth's giddy visions decay.
thousand and three,
Here are Countesses in plenty.                   CHORUS
Waitingmaids, nineteen or twenty.                Ah! Let us carol and dance and be gay,
Rustic beauties, Marchionesses,                  La, la, re, la, la, la, la, re, la.
Ev'ry grade his pow'r confesses.
Here are courtly dames and maidens,              ZERLINA AND MASETTO
Young and handsome, old and plain.               Ever happy with thee, oh, my treasure,
Is a maiden fair and slender,                    All our days are contentment and pleasure,
He will praise her for modest sweetness,         Let us carol and dance and be gay.
Then the dark ones are so tender!
Lintwhite tresses shew discreetness;
When 'tis cold he likes her portly,              Don Giovanni, Leporello and the others
In the summer, slim and courtly,
Tall and haughty, ne'er she alarms him,          DON GIOVANNI
If she's tiny, no less she charms him.           But softly, see there, in holiday attire,
Ripe duennas he engages,                         What pretty faces!
That their names may grace these pages,
But what most he's bent on winning,              LEPORELLO
Is of youth the sweet beginning,                 (Amongst so many, I, 'pon my faith,
Poor or wealthy, wan or healthy,                 May find something for myself).
Stately dame or modest beauty,
He to win them makes his duty,                   DON GIOVANNI
And you know it, not in vain.                    Friends, I bid you good morning,
                                                 I am glad to see you so lighthearted,
Exit                                             Pray, continue your singing and your dancing.
                                                 This surely is a wedding

SCENE III                                        ZERLINA
                                                 'Tis indeed, Sir, and 'tis I am the bride.
Nr. 5 - Chorus
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
Zerlina, Masetto, and chorus of villagers,       Much joy I wish you. The bridegroom?
dancing and singing
ZERLINA                                          I, at your service
Let's enjoy, while the season invites us,
'Tis not long that its pleasure will stay,       DON GIOVANNI
While the fair dream of youth yet delights us,   Oh, charming, at my service;
While youth yet delights us,                     'Pon my life, that's the word of a true gallant.
To her swain let no maiden say nay.
To her swain let no maiden say nay!              LEPORELLO
                                                 (Quite like a model husband).
Ah! To her swain let no maiden say nay,          ZERLINA
La, la, re, la, la, la, la, re, la.              Yes, my Masetto is always so good natured.

MASETTO                                          DON GIOVANNI
Oh, yes swains and young lasses take warning,    Just like myself, then; we are good friends
Ye lasses take warning,                          already.
Lest your true love ye trifle away, away in      How shall I call you?
And the season of joy turn to mourning,          ZERLINA
Zerlina.                                         ZERLINA
                                                 Go, and fear nothing,
DON GIOVANNI                                     In a gentleman's hands you can leave me.
And you are...
MASETTO                                          And why must I?
DON GIOVANNI                                     Yes, you must do whatever you are bid.
My very dear Masetto,
My sweetest of Zerlinas!                         MASETTO
From this hour you are under my protection.      Not I, confound it!
to Leporello, who is amongst the peasant girls
Leporello! Rascal, what are you doing?           DON GIOVANNI
                                                 Come, come, no more disputing;
LEPORELLO                                        At once you go, for if you breathe a word I
I too, my worthy master,                         shall resent it.
To these charmers am off 'ring my protection.    touching his sword
                                                 Masetto mine, beware, or you'll repent it!
These friends of mine you'll conduct straight    Nr. 6 - Aria
to my palace,
There with refreshments you will provide         MASETTO
them,                                            Oh of course, Sir, I perceive, I perceive,
With wine, ices, and sweet meats;                At your wish I'm deaf and dumb,
Let them all take their pleasure,                I will humbly take my leave,
Let them roam in the garden,                     Ne'er to common sense succumb.
Shew them the pictures, the furniture,           No, no, no, nevermore.
And above all, let your care be to please my     You're a gentleman, I know,
friend Masetto,                                  That to doubt were wrong indeed,
You perceive me?                                 Vulgar loves you can't allow, gentle wishes to
LEPORELLO                                        aside to Zerlina
I perceive you. Now come.                        By the Powers, I will shun thee,
                                                 Oh, thou flirt, thou hast undone me,
MASETTO                                          to Leporello, who wants to lead him off
Your lordship!                                   Yes, directly.
                                                 to Zerlina
DON GIOVANNI                                     Stay behind here!
Well, what now?                                  'Tis not what I thought to find here!
                                                 Always trust a noble's honour,
MASETTO                                          This should be the vassal's creed.
My Zerlina cannot stay without me.
                                                 Exit with Leporello.
What, not if here instead of you stays his       Zerlina and Don Giovanni.
You may be sure that he will escort her          DON GIOVANNI
bravely.                                         At last we have dispatch'd him,
                                                 Zerlinetta to leave the booby liked not;
DON GIOVANNI                                     Did I manage it well, my pretty daisy?
Oh yes, Zerlina shall be my special care,
Now go, she is in a gentleman's hands.           ZERLINA
                                                 My lord, he's my affianc'd.
                                                 Give me thy hand, oh fairest,
DON GIOVANNI                                     Whisper a gentle 'Yes',
Who? that clown?                                 Come, if for me thou carest,
Think you a man of feeling,                      With joy my life to bless.
A well-born Cavalier, such ev'n as I am,
Tamely can see such sweet and dainty             ZERLINA
freshness,                                       I would, and yet I would not,
Such delicate perfections,                       I dare not give assent,
All thrown away upon a senseless rustic?         Alas! I know I should not...
                                                 Too late, I may repent.
But, my Lord,                                    DON GIOVANNI
I have promis'd to marry him to-morrow.          Come, dearest, let me guide thee.

DON GIOVANNI                                     ZERLINA
Who could help breaking such a promise?          Masetto sure will chide me!
You were not intended by nature for a peasant;
A brighter fortune is in store                   DON GIOVANNI
For those balmy cheeks of roses,                 Danger shall ne'er come nigh thee!
Where sly Cupid reposes,
That snowy brow where not a shadow lowers        ZERLINA
That pretty mouth of coral, that breathes o      Ah � that I could deny thee!
                                                 ZERLINA and DON GIOVANNI
                                                 With thee, with thee, my treasure,
Ah, but I would not...
                                                 This life is nought but pleasure,
                                                 My heart is fondly thine.
What is't you would not?
                                                 Exeunt, arm in arm.
                                                 Donna Elvira and the formers.
I would not in my love be deceiv'd.
I know how seldom you great lords
                                                 DONNA ELVIRA
With us simple country maidens court with
                                                 Leave her, thou vile seducer!
loyal intention.
                                                 By heav'n I'm sent, thy perfidy to witness;
                                                 And to prevent thee
                                                 From deluding this poor girl's inexperience
That's a vile slander, a malicious invention;
                                                 With thy treacherous language.
With noble birth, noble manners
Go always hand in hand;
I'll shew you an example;
                                                 I wonder says she truly!
This very instant I will make you my wife.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
                                                 Cupid, inspire me!
                                                 softly to Elvira
                                                 Can you chide, dear Elvira,
                                                 A little harmless pastime?
I, for certain: Come to my quiet dwelling,
Oh, come, my fairest angel,
                                                 DONNA ELVIRA
There I will wed thee.
                                                 Harmless pastime? Indeed, Sir!
Nr. 7 - Duettino
                                                 Harmless pastime! Deceitful man
                                                 I know too much of your pastime.
                                                 DONNA ANNA
ZERLINA                                          We are in trouble,
But, my lord, please to tell me,                 And have need of your friendship.
Has she the right to say this?
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                     (This time I'm out of danger)
softly to Zerlina                                Pray, command me,
She's so infatuated!                             All I can do, friends and vassals,
But I must treat her kindly,                     My right hand, my possessions, my sword...
She cannot bear from my side to be parted,       Nay, life itself I give to your service:
Unfortunately I am too tenderhearted.            But why, fairest Donn'Anna, why thus for
                                                 ever mourning?
Nr. 8 - Aria                                     Who has dar'd to invade the tranquil peace of
                                                 that heart,
DONNA ELVIRA                                     With grief insidious?
The traitor means deceit!
His flatt'ry heed thou not,                      Donna Elvira and the others
While yet there's time, retreat,
Or woe befall thee.                              DONNA ELVIRA
From wrong unjust and cruel,                     entering
From long remorse and tears,                     Ah, do we meet again? Monster perfidious!
From wasted lonely years
I would recall thee.                             Nr. 9 - Quartetto

Exit, leading off Zerlina.                       DONNA ELVIRA
                                                 Oh, ere thou trust in him, beware,
Don Giovanni, then Don Octavio and Donna         His heart is cold as stone,
Anna.                                            Know that his vows are writ in air,
                                                 I their deceit have known.
It seems as if the very imp of mischief,         DONNA ANNA and DON OCTAVIO
This day were bent on thwarting all my           Heaven! A noble lady this!
pleasures;                                       She sorely seems distraught!
Nothing goes as I wish it.                       Her warning voice, her mien of woe,
                                                 By bitter grief were taught!
Now dearest, weep no more, look to the           DON GIOVANNI
future;                                          Poor girl, she's quite demented,
Let us speak but of vengeance. Ah! Don           I sorely do lament it!
Giovanni!                                        The fit may be prevented
                                                 If she's by me besought.
(Here comes the final blow!)                     DONNA ELVIRA
                                                 The traitor, oh, believe him not!
DONNA ANNA                                       I pray you, friends, stay near me!
Good, Sir, this meeting is opportune:
I know your courage, have you a heart that can   DON GIOVANNI
feel compassion?                                 Poor thing, she's quite demented!

DON GIOVANNI                                     DONNA ANNA and DON OCTAVIO
(Now I wonder if that same friend                Can I believe in aught?
Has set her on to track me)                      Sure some cause there must be for this
What a question! And why?                        raving...
                                                 None can tell, none can tell what befell thee,
None can tell what this grief on thee brought.    Makes me quite of thee ashamed.

DONNA ELVIRA                                      DONNA ELVIRA
I'll pursue thee, for vengeance craving.          to Don Giovanni
Who will tell thee,                               Villain, darest thou to blame me?
Who'll tell what befell me!                       Through the world I will pursue thee,
Who this grief, who this grief on me brought.     As a traitor I'll proclaim thee,
                                                  For by thee I am defam'd!
aside                                             DONNA ANNA and DON OCTAVIO
Is she injur'd or deceiving,                      aside, observing Don Giovanni
Ere we part from here, I'd know!                  Is he threat'ning? Is he pleading?
                                                  Why those loud and angry whispers?
DONNA ANNA                                        These are signs not hard in reading,
aside                                             That her griefs by him were fram'd!
Great her sorrow, past relieving,
But no madness doth she shew.                     DON GIOVANNI
                                                  Hush, be silent!
DON GIOVANNI                                      Thou'lt a rabble gather round us!
While they scan me, unbelieving,                  Hush, and stay thy silly raving,
From their presence I'll not go.                  Thy behaving makes me quite of thee
Friends, his wiles are past conceiving,           Exit Donna Elvira
Falsehood he will ne'er forego.
                                                  Ah, poor afflicted creature!
DON OCTAVIO                                       She needs a friend to watch o'er her steps;
to Don Giovanni                                   I go, that no evil may befall her.
Is this madness?                                  Then forgive me, dear lady, if I quit you,
                                                  Till your summons demand me,
DON GIOVANNI                                      Now and ever, devoted, your servant,
To my great sorrow!                               command me!

DONNA ANNA                                        Exit.
to Donna Elvira
I'd befriend thee...                              Don Octavio and Donna Anna.

DONNA ELVIRA                                      Nr. 10 - Recitative and Aria
Oh, heed my prayer! Vile betrayer!
                                                  DONNA ANNA
DON GIOVANNI                                      Don Octavio, oh help me!
Quite demented!
                                                  DON OCTAVIO
DONNA ELVIRA                                      What disturbs thee?
Vile betrayer!
                                                  DONNA ANNA
DONNA ANNA and DON OCTAVIO                        I cannot comprehend it yet!
Soon, me thinks the truth we'll know.
                                                  DON OCTAVIO
DON GIOVANNI                                      My dearest, say, what hath happen'd?
to Donna Elvira
Hush, be still,                                   DONNA ANNA
Thy silly raving will a rabble gather round us,   Oh, heaven! Oh, heaven!
Thy unwomanly behaving                            That was the murderer of my dear Father!
DON OCTAVIO                                         DON OCTAVIO
What say'st thou?                                   Oh, joy! That sav'd thee!

DONNA ANNA                                          DONNA ANNA
No longer can I doubt - his words at parting -      Aloud then I clamour'd for assistance,
His soft and honey'd voice - all bring before       Call'd on the household, he sought to fly,
me,                                                 But boldly I pursued him into the street,
Past the chance of a doubt,                         That we might trace him,
The vile intruder, who dar'd into my chamber.       (Becoming of my assailant assailer,)
                                                    'Twas there that my father straight-way
DON OCTAVIO                                         challeng'd him,
Heav'n, is't possible,                              And the villain, by whose strength he was
That 'neath the sacred mantle of long               easily overpower'd,
friendship...                                       Stay'd not his guilty madness, gave him the
But proceed, the whole, oh, tell me,                deathblow.
Of this dark adventure.
                                                    The wretch now thou knowest,
DONNA ANNA                                          Who sought my betraying,
Shadows of midnight all around me were              And vengeance thou owest
gathered;                                           My father's, my father's foul slaying.
In my own quiet chamber                             For justice I sue thee;
Sitting alone,                                      I ask of thy troth, I ask of thy troth.
By misadventure and dreaming,                       Remember when wounded,
When all at once there came in, wrapp'd in a        His lifeblood was flowing,
mantle,                                             Unsolaced, unshriven,
A man, whom for the moment I had taken for          He heard not, he heard not my crying,
thee.                                               My heart will be riven,
But soon I had discovered                           If thou break thy oath.
How great was my error!
Horror, continue!                                   DON OCTAVIO
DONNA ANNA                                          I can scarely believe it,
Silent he drew near me,                             That of crimes so degrading a noble can be
And my hand would caress,                           guilty!
Quick I withdrew it, and then he seized me... I     Closely I will pursue him,
struggled;                                          Till the truth is discovered,
No one was near, one hand upon my mouth he          Ev'ry emotion, my allegiance to the dear one
placed,                                             Whom my faith I have plighted,
My screaming to stifle, with the other he           Bids me avenge her wrongs and see her
press'd me                                          righted.
Close in his grasp - I scarcely could resist him.
                                                    Nr. 10 a - Aria
Miscreant! And then?                                On her, my treasure, all joy dependeth,
                                                    Life hath no pleasure, but that she sendeth,
DONNA ANNA                                          Sorrows that grieve her, torture my heart,
At last my dread,                                   E'en when she sigheth, my sighs awaken,
My horror of the bastardly ruffian lent strength    And joy it dieth, by her forsaken;
Unwonted for the moment,                            Oh, worst of torments, from her to part!
I struggled with tortuous writhings fearfully,
With an effort I flung him from me.                 Exit.
Leporello alone, then Don Giovanni.              LEPORELLO
                                                 Bravo! Now guess who was with her?
I'll stay with him no longer,                    DON GIOVANNI
I will not have this madman for a master!        Why, Elvira!
See, there he comes, look at him,
So cool, just as if nothing e'er had happened.   LEPORELLO
                                                 Just, so, and speaking of you...
Well, how are matters going, my Leporello?       DON GIOVANNI
                                                 As of a wretch hanging were too good for.
Much worse they scarcely could be, my gay        LEPORELLO
young master.                                    Shrewdly guess'd, nothing could be better.

DON GIOVANNI                                     DON GIOVANNI
Worse say'st thou? How can that be?              What said you to her raving?

LEPORELLO                                        LEPORELLO
To your palace I took all those peasants,        Nothing.
According to your orders.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                     She scolded?
LEPORELLO                                        Yes, that she did.
By dint of persuasion, much flatt'ry and some
lying,                                           DON GIOVANNI
Which your shining example well has taught       And you?
I for a while detain'd them...                   LEPORELLO
                                                 When it appear'd
DON GIOVANNI                                     As if the storm were subsiding,
Bravo!                                           From the house I gently led her conversing,
                                                 And there I left her, lock'd fast the door,
LEPORELLO                                        Put the key into my pocket,
Then I had some trouble to quiet that Masetto,   Outside she may pursue her lamentations.
No easy task to soothe his jealous anger.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                     Leporello, thou'rt a genius!
Bravo! Nothing could be better.                  'Twas managed to perfection.
                                                 Soon I will finish what so well you've begun.
LEPORELLO                                        But now these country-girls with their gay
Well, there I feasted them, the wine was         sports invite me,
flowing freely,                                  We will return to them. I'll now delight me.
They regal'd themselves nobly,
Some were singing, some were dancing,            Nr. 11 - Aria
Some did nothing but drink;
All on a sudden, can you guess who burst in      DON GIOVANNI
on us?                                           For a carousal,
                                                 Where all is madness
DON GIOVANNI                                     Where all is gladness,
Zerlina!                                         Do thou prepare.
Maids are pretty,                               Both your faith and my honour forgetting,
Dames that are witty,                           You rush on to your ruin! Oh, it is too much,
All to my castle                                If I did not contain myself I'd strike you.
Bid them repair.
I'll have no discipline,                        ZERLINA
Folly shall rule it,                            But it was not my fault;
Some minuetting,                                If for the moment his flattery pleased me,
Each one shall fool it                          How could I help it?
Some a fandango,                                Now, think of him no longer,
So they are fair,                               There was no harm, his words I scarcely
Some minuetting,                                answered.
So they are fair!                               Say, you believe me, ungrateful! Come here,
Then in the gloaming,                           strike me then,
Pensively roaming,                              I'll bear it all, kill me if you think my fault so
Some pretty damsel with me will stray...        heinous,
Beauties in plenty my list adorning,            And then, my own Masetto, peace be between
Will, ere the morning,                          us.
Not say me nay, none say me nay.
                                                Nr. 12 - Aria
                                                Canst thou see me, unforgiven,
                                                Here in sorrow stand and languish?
SCENE IV                                        Oh, Masetto, end my anguish,
A garden. Two closed doors in the wall.         Come, and let's be friends again.
Two alcoves.                                    Oh, believe I sore repent it,
Zerlina, Masetto, chorus of peasants,           But I did not understand.
scattered here and there, sitting or lying on   Come, no longer then resent it,
banks of turf.                                  Give me kindly thy dear hand,
                                                Ah, confess it, thou no longer, canst withstand
ZERLINA                                         me.
Masetto, hear me speak, I say, Masetto...       Peace and joy once more shall bless us,
                                                While united and delighted
MASETTO                                         All our days shall sweetly glide.
Let me alone!
ZERLINA                                         'Tis no use my resting, little witch, you've
And why?                                        cajol'd me!
                                                When a woman's determined,
MASETTO                                         Who can stay her?
And why, you ask me? Faithless girl!
No longer I'll bear your caprices,              DON GIOVANNI
Since no longer you love me.                    Soon will the guests assemble, let all be ready.

ZERLINA                                         ZERLINA
No, no, you are mistaken,                       Ah, Masetto, hark, 'tis his lordship,
Oh, how can you behave with such                How his voice makes me tremble!
MASETTO                                         Why should it, pray?
How so? And have you the face to make
excuses?                                        ZERLINA
A stranger leads you on,                        He comes.
For him you leave me on the eve of our
marriage,                                       MASETTO
I do not mind him.                                  Come, let all be mirth and gladness!
                                                    Deeply quaff the draught of pleasure!
ZERLINA                                             Let your revels have no measure,
Oh, for a corner                                    We will turn the night to day,
To hide myself from him!                            to the servants
                                                    Those who are for pirouetting,
MASETTO                                             Give them music in the ballroom,
Why do you tremble?                                 Those whose turn is for coquetting,
Why do you thus change countenance?                 In the garden let them stray, gaily pass the
Ah, I see it, there is something between you,       time away.
And you dread I should know it,
Flirt that you are, your terrors plainly shew it.   CHORUS
                                                    Come, let all be mirth and gladness!
Nr. 13 - Finale                                     Deeply quaff the draught of pleasure!
                                                    Our delights shall have no measure,
MASETTO                                             We will turn the night to day.
Quickly, quickly, I'll outwit him,
In some nook I'll creep and watch him.              Exeunt of servants and peasants.
None will see me, I will watch him,
Here in safety I can wait.                          Don Giovanni, Zerlina and Masetto hidden in
Softly, softly, why this hiding?                    ZERLINA
Oh, dear Masetto, do not grieve me,                 trying to hide herself
Think that if my lord perceive thee,                In this arbour I will hide me,
Sure his anger will be great.                       None my presence here perceiving.

MASETTO                                             DON GIOVANNI
Let him say whate'er he pleases.                    Sweet Zerlina, I'm beside thee.
                                                    To escape a lover's glance will ne'er succeed!
(All he wishes straight he seizes).                 detains her

MASETTO                                             ZERLINA
Why, speak out, what art thou fearing?              Ah, my lord, I'm greatly frighten'd!

ZERLINA                                             DON GIOVANNI
Do not bawl so in my hearing...                     Oh, how fair! With colour heighten'd!

MASETTO                                             ZERLINA
sotto voce                                          If thou'rt kind, I pray thee, leave me.
If she would blind me,
And my anger shall be subdued.                      DON GIOVANNI
Hides in an alcove                                  All my heart's thine own, believe me,
                                                    To yon arbour let me guide thee,
ZERLINA                                             There a tender tale I'll plead.
sotto voce
He doth use me - most unkindly,                     ZERLINA
He's to-day in surly mood.                          Ah, how would Masetto chide me,
                                                    If thy flatt'ries I should heed, he would chide.
Enter Don Giovanni with four gaily dressed
servants.                                           Don Giovanni goes towards the alcove, sees
                                                    Masetto, and stands petrified.
DON GIOVANNI                               DON GIOVANNI
Masetto?                                   Hoping they may not know us,
                                           Ask will they please ascend!
Yes, Masetto!                              DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA and
                                           DON OCTAVIO
DON GIOVANNI                               That voice, and manner, surely
So surly? Wherefore, pray?                 'Tis he whom we are seeking!
Zerlina here, is sighing.
Because the hours are flying.              LEPORELLO
And thou from her away.                    'St, 'st, ye gentle maskers, stay, 'st, 'st.

MASETTO                                    DONNA ANNA and DONNA ELVIRA
ironically                                 to Don Octavio
Your kindness would... I might repay!      What would he ask us?

DON GIOVANNI                               DON OCTAVIO
Come, think of no unkindness,              What is your pleasure?
Where music gay invites us,
We'll frolic, dance and play.              LEPORELLO
                                           My master sends t'invite you
ZERLINA and MASETTO                        An hour with him to spend.
He means us no unkindness,
Where music gay invites us,                DON OCTAVIO
Come let us haste away.                    Thanks, we accept with pleasure,
                                           His courteous invitation.
Enter Don Octavio, Donna Anna, and Donna   Without premeditation,
Flvira, masked, then Don                   Straightway they condescend.
Giovanni and Leporello.
                                           Goes in and shuts the window.
We come in night and darkness,             DONNA ANNA and DON OCTAVIO
By just resentment guided,                 Thou Pow'r above be near us,
To heav'n we have confided                 Our hopes on thee depend!
Our trust, our trust this woe to end.
                                           DONNA ELVIRA
DON OCTAVIO                                Thou wilt avenge, and hear us.
His daring crimes resenting,               To me thou'lt justice send!
Her grevious wrongs lamenting,
Allay thy fears, oh, dearest,              Exeunt.
Thy cause I will defend.

DONNA ANNA                                 SCENE V
My heart with hope thou cheerest,          A brilliantly lighted ballroom.
Our path is full of danger,                Don Giovanni is handing some young girls to
I tremble for thee, oh, dearest,           seats.
And thee, oh, gentle friend!               Leporello is amongst the men; a dance is just
LEPORELLO                                  Zerlina, Masetto.
Sir, see those charming maskers,
Here standing just below us!               DON GIOVANNI
                                           Pretty maidens, now rest from your dancing.
                                            Enter Don Octavio, Donna Anna and Donna
LEPORELLO                                   Elvira, masked.
Cooling drinks ye all want to refresh ye.
DON GIOVANNI and LEPORELLO                  Ye, maskers fair, to greet you.
If I lose now your presence entrancing,     My master is advancing.
You must promise me soon to return.
                                            DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                Come nearer I entreat you,
Here some coffee!                           Welcome I say to all!

LEPORELLO                                   DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA and
Chocolate.                                  DON OCTAVIO
                                            We thank your kindly greeting,
DON GIOVANNI                                We join your festive ball.
Here, some ice!
                                            DON GIOVANNI
MASETTO                                     I pray you, enter, come nearer,
Oh, Zerlina, be prudent!                    Welcome, welcome I say to all.
                                            Now play another measure!
LEPORELLO                                   to Leporello
Confectionaries!                            Go thou and place the dancers!

ZERLINA and MASETTO                         LEPORELLO
aside                                       Quite joyous they appear not.
There's too much of this giddy careening,
You will see that to grief it will turn.    DONNA ELVIRA
                                            to Donna Anna
DON GIOVANNI                                That is the peasant maiden.
Ever charming, my pretty Zerlina!           DONNA ANNA
                                            I tremble!
You're so kind.                             DON OCTAVIO
                                            Courage, fear not.
enraged                                     DON GIOVANNI
How the flirt is coquetting!                She's beyond recall!

LEPORELLO                                   LEPORELLO and MASETTO
amongst the girls, imitating his master     What says he? She's beyond recall?
Always lovely, my fine Alphonsina!
                                            DON GIOVANNI
MASETTO                                     to Leporello
That my cane to thy back I were setting!    Just keep away Masetto.
                                            to Zerlina
ZERLINA                                     Ne'er such a charming partner,
(That Masetto will get into trouble,        Zerlina, Zerlina, did I see!
All my plans he is sure to o'erturn)
                                            begins to dance with Zerlina
That Masetto will get into trouble,         LEPORELLO
How to punish this rustic I burn.           to Masetto
                                            Come, let us dance a bit together,
Come, man, I say you shall.                      DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA and
                                                 DON OCTAVIO
MASETTO                                          She is there,
No, no, I will not bear it!                      Oh let us haste to extricate her!

LEPORELLO                                        ZERLINA
Come dance, all eyes are on thee!                Oh, thou traitor! Ah, away from me!

DONNA ANNA                                       DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA, DON
My terror hath undone me!                        OCTAVIO and MASETTO
                                                 We are near, thou art protected!
Be firm, thy wrongs recall.                      DON GIOVANNI
                                                 comes out holding Leporello by the arm, he
DON GIOVANNI                                     pretends as though he would stab him, but
Dearest, a grace concede me, let me lead thee.   does not take his sword out of the scabbard.
                                                 Here's the scoundrel! Just detected!
leads Zerlina off against her will               Now receive thy just reward,
                                                 Thy just reward! Wretch, thou diest!
Ah, whither dost thou lead me?                   LEPORELLO
                                                 Oh, pray, have done, Sir!
Leporello forces Masetto to dance with him.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
MASETTO                                          Churl, thou liest!
Let me go! Let go! - Zerlina!
                                                 DON OCTAVIO
LEPORELLO                                        taking out a pistol
This fellow will undo us!                        Get you gone, Sir!

Exit hastily.                                    DONNA ELVIRA, DONNA ANNA and
                                                 DON OCTAVIO
DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA and                     unmasking
DON OCTAVIO                                      Falsehood here will not avail thee!
His guilty course fulfilling,                    Thou thyself art now ensnared, yes, ensnared.
He rushes on his fall!
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
ZERLINA                                          Donna Elvira?
from within
Help, oh, help me, friends, oh haste ye!         DONNA ELVIRA
                                                 Shame upon thee.
DON OCTAVIO                                      DON GIOVANNI
Not another moment waste we!                     Don Ottavio!

Musician: exeunt                                 DON OCTAVIO
                                                 Shame upon thee!
Oh, Zerlina!                                     DON GIOVANNI
                                                 to Donna Anna
ZERLINA                                          On my honour...
her voice is heard at the other side
Oh, thou traitor!                                DONNA ANNA
                                                 Shame upon thee!
                                                    DON GIOVANNI
ZERLINA AND MASETTO                                 Thou foolish fellow, 'twas all in fun.
Shame upon thee, nought can now thy fate
retard.                                             LEPORELLO
                                                    Such fun I like not, no, I thank you,
DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA, DON                       With me you've done!
Tremble, tremble, vile betrayer,                    Tries to go, Don Giovanni detains him.
To the world we will proclaim thee,
As a villain men will name thee,                    DON GIOVANNI
Be evermore abhorr'd!                               Leporello!
Fear the wrath of heav'n offended,
Fear its thunders o'er thee breaking,               LEPORELLO
That thy reckless course o'ertaking,                I hear, sir.
On thy guilty head will fall.
                                                    DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI and LEPORELLO                          gives him money
Not my (his) custom 'tis to tremble                 Come here, this will make peace between us.
sotto voce
What a storm on me (him) has broken,                LEPORELLO
I (He) no longer can dissemble,                     What, sir?
'Tis a scrape, upon my word.
But my (his) courage ne'er forsook me, (him)        DON GIOVANNI
And I'll (He) face the matter boldly,               Four gold pieces.
All their threats shall not withhold me, (him)
Tho' a sign from heav'n should fall.                LEPORELLO
                                                    Oh, now listen,
                                                    This is the last time
                                                    I'll take such compensation,
ACT TWO                                             You'll find yourself mistaken,
                                                    If you think to soothe a man of my mettle
SCENE I                                             Like those poor women, by coin and empty
A street                                            phrases.

Nr. 14 - Duetto                                     DON GIOVANNI
                                                    There's enough on that score!
DON GIOVANNI                                        Say, are You ready now to do me a small
I'll not believe thee, what e'er thou say!          service?

LEPORELLO                                           LEPORELLO
I would not grieve ye, but I'll not stay!           So you give up the women.

DON GIOVANNI                                        DON GIOVANNI
Do I illuse thee?                                   Give up the women! Mad man,
                                                    They're my first necessity of life,
LEPORELLO                                           More than the bread that feeds me,
Pray, sir, excuse me!                               Or the air I am breathing.

DON GIOVANNI                                        LEPORELLO
My wrath I'll stifle, say, what has chill'd thee?   Is't your intention they shall all be deceiv'd
Oh, a mere trifle, you've nearly kill'd me.         DON GIOVANNI
                                                    For love I do it.
Who to one is devoted,
To the rest must be faithless;                   DONNA ELVIRA
Mine is a heart                                  Oh hush, sad heart, from grieving.
Of such infinite affection,                      Thy days of joy are over,
There is not one I love not;                     The traitor with wiles deceiving,
And yet the women, dear unreas'ning              Hath broke my heart in twain.
My happy disposition call deceiving.             LEPORELLO
                                                 Softly, 'tis Donna Elvira,
LEPORELLO                                        Per change, you might regain her.
Indeed I cannot follow such a huge disposition
For deeds of kindness,                           DON GIOVANNI
But what is your small service?                  Thou here a while detain her,
                                                 I'll soon come back again.
DON GIOVANNI                                     stands behind Leporello
Listen! Say, have you seen the pretty damsel     Elvira, hear my sighing!
Of Donna Elvira?
                                                 DONNA ELVIRA
LEPORELLO                                        Ah, is it thou, ungrateful?
Not I.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                     'Tis I, and fondly relying,
It is your loss then not to see what is          My love thou'lt not disdain.
My sober Leporello,                              DONNA ELVIRA
With her this instant I would fain try my        Strangely his words affect me.
fortune,                                         Love, oh, do thou direct me!
And it has struck me, as evening is upon us,
'tWould make the jest both new and more          LEPORELLO
diverting,                                       She must be of the maddest,
If I put on thy cloak in this adventure.         In him to trust again.

LEPORELLO                                        DON GIOVANNI
I can see no occasion                            Oh come in beauty beaming,
For this strange masquerading.                   Oh come, through starlight gleaming,
                                                 My tender love requiting,
DON GIOVANNI                                     Oh, come, o'er this heart to reign!
Alas, a gentleman is apt
To be suspected by people of her station.        DONNA ELVIRA
takes off his cloak                              Oh, ne'er can I believe again!
Give it me, make haste!
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
LEPORELLO                                        Ah, do believe!
Oh, Sir, for sev'ral reasons...
DON GIOVANNI                                     to Don Giovanni
Delay me not! Delays in love are treasons!       I cannot keep from laughing!
They exchange cloaks.
                                                 DON GIOVANNI
Donna Elvira (at the window).                    I conjure thee!
Don Giovanni, Leporello.
It gradually becomes dark.                       DONNA ELVIRA
                                                 For this my heart has panted,
Nr. 15 - Terzetto                                Shall I refuse or grant it?
By some enchantment spell-bound,
Quite fled is my disdain.                      DONNA ELVIRA
                                               Once more we meet then.
disappears from the window
                                               DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                   (I'll stay awhile and watch)
She thinks I have recanted.
Poor girl she's quite enchanted.               LEPORELLO
To trick a thousand others,                    (Confound it!)
I feel quite in the vein.
                                               DONNA ELVIRA
LEPORELLO                                      Say, oh dare I believe that my devotion
Great is the pow'r of lying!                   At length touch'd thy heart?
Truly the trick is clever,                     And now repentant, my dearly lov'd Giovanni,
No great endeavour, now needs it,              To me returning, once more to joy restores
Her silly heart to gain.                       me?

DON GIOVANNI                                   LEPORELLO
in great spirits                               Yes, my treasure.
Well, am I not in luck?
                                               DONNA ELVIRA
LEPORELLO                                      Ah, faithless! I'll not tell thee all the misery,
You may be lucky, but you've a heart of        The sighs and the tears
marble.                                        That thou hast cost me!

DON GIOVANNI                                   LEPORELLO
Come, come, you're growing prosy!              I, lovely creature?
Now learn your part, sir;
When she makes her appearance,                 DONNA ELVIRA
Run to her and embrace her,                    Who else?
Do not spare your caresses,
Emulate well your master;                      LEPORELLO
Next you must find a pretext                   Oh, poor darling. 'Twas too bad to do so.
That calls you both off to some distance.
                                               DONNA ELVIRA
LEPORELLO                                      You'll leave me, nevermore?
But supposing....
DON GIOVANNI                                   No, pretty creature!
That is settled then.
                                               DONNA ELVIRA
LEPORELLO                                      And you are mine for ever?
And should she recognize me?
DON GIOVANNI                                   Ever!
If she should recognize you, you're a block-
head.                                          DONNA ELVIRA
Silence, she's coming, now, attention.         How dear you are!

He runs off to the side, leaving Leporello     LEPORELLO
alone.                                         How very dear! (This part is not unpleasant)
Donna Elvira enters from the house, she
advances to meet Leporello, Don Giovanni       DONNA ELVIRA
watches their movements from the side.         My belov'd one.
                                                   Oh, come, my fair, descend, I entreat thee!
LEPORELLO                                          Death shall my torments end, if death thee
Oh yes, my dear.                                   pleases.

DONNA ELVIRA                                       Don Giovanni; afterwards Masetto, armed
How I love thee, thou knowest.                     with gun and pistol, and some armed
I love you dreadfully.                             DON GIOVANNI
                                                   There's some one at the window, is 't my
DON GIOVANNI                                       charmer? 'st, st...
(It seems the rascal's warming)
DONNA ELVIRA                                       Come on and fear not;
You'll never more deceive me?                      I have a notion that we may find him here.

LEPORELLO                                          DON GIOVANNI
Never, never.                                      (There's some one speaking)

DONNA ELVIRA                                       MASETTO
Then swear it me.                                  Hush, what was that?
                                                   It seemed as if I heard some one whisper.
By this white hand I swear it,                     DON GIOVANNI
Which, if you please, I'll kiss, dear,             (As I live, that's Masetto!)
By those bright eyes.
DON GIOVANNI                                       Who goes there? No one answers,
pretends to waylay them                            Boldly now, gun to shoulder!
Ih, eh, ah, ah; surrender!                         Who goes there?

DONNA ELVIRA and LEPORELLO                         DON GIOVANNI
escapes with Leporello                             There are sev'ral, I must be cautious.
O, heaven!                                         imitating the voice of Leporello
                                                   Good comrades
DON GIOVANNI                                       That beginning's not bad. Sure that's Masetto?
Ih, eh, ih, eh, ah, ah!
Now fortune help me to persuade her, all's         MASETTO
quiet.                                             in a rage
This, I think, is the window; I'll serenade her.   You're not far out there,
                                                   and you?
Nr. 16 - Canzonetta
                                                   DON GIOVANNI
From out thy casement glancing, oh, smile          Why, don't you know me?
upon me,                                           The servant am I of Don Giovanni.
With sighs of hapless love I sing this ditty.
Thy bosom I would move, thou hast undone           MASETTO
me,                                                Leporello, servant of that dishonorable
Oh, grant the pray'r of love, and shew some        villain?
                                                   DON GIOVANNI
Than roses art thou fairer, than honey sweeter,    Alas, of that same rascal.
Balmier 'tis when thou sighest than western
breezes,                                           MASETTO
Say: that man lost to all honour;                    I'll cut him into pieces.
Ah, then you just can tell me where we may
find him;                                            DON GIOVANNI
These friends and I are seeking him to kill          Shew your weapons.
DON GIOVANNI                                         They're good ones
very pleasant                                        hands musket and pistol to Don Giovanni
You've a good head, Masetto!                         Look here, I have a musket,
I'll do my best to help you,                         Besides there is this pistol.
And play a trick upon my graceless master;
I have a plan will help to take him faster.          DON GIOVANNI
                                                     Besides these?
Nr. 17 - Aria
DON GIOVANNI                                         I thought that they're quite sufficient...
Go half to left, and half to right,
The road to pioneer,                                 DON GIOVANNI
And by the way look every where,                     beats him with the flat of his sword
He can't be far from here,                           They're quite sufficient, we'll try them?
If any you catch straying,                           There's something for your pistol,
Some youth and maid delaying,                        There's something for your musket.
Or 'neath a window sighing,
An am'rous ditty plying,                             MASETTO
Then strike him well and spare not                   Oh, my poor head is broken.
My master then is near.
Upon his hat a feather,                              DON GIOVANNI
A cloak his form concealing.                         Hush, or you're dead, man!
He bears in ev'ry weather,                           Here's for your promis'd killing,
Ne'er knew he doubt or fear.                         Know, ere you cut in pieces,
Haste away, as I've directed.                        You spiteful bragging knave, Fortune's
Exit villagers                                       caprices!
Thou, friend, abide with me,
Somewhat I have relected,                            Exit.
The end you soon shall see.
                                                     Masetto. Then Zerlina.
goes off, holding Masetto
Don Giovanni, Masetto.                               crying out
                                                     Oh, oh , my head is broken,
DON GIOVANNI                                         Oh, oh, my backbone, my shoulder.
Softly, first let us listen, that no one's coming.
So you're resolv'd on killing him?                   ZERLINA
                                                     with a lantern
MASETTO                                              Did I hear some speaking?
Determin'd.                                          I thought it was Masetto!

DON GIOVANNI                                         MASETTO
'Twould do, if with a blow you were to stun          Oh, dear Zerlina,
him,                                                 Zerlina dearest, come help me!
Or to give him a hiding.
MASETTO                                              What has happen'd?
No, no, I'll surely kill him,
MASETTO                                       All guard and cherish it:
The villain, the base assassin                Gold cannot buy it,
Has left no bone unbroken.                    Say, wilt thou try it
                                              Soft 'tis, and warm.
ZERLINA                                       Has thy wit flown,
Oh, dear, what can I do! Who?                 Hear, how it throbs within,
                                              lays his hand on her heart
MASETTO                                       'Tis all thine own,
Leporello, or else some friend, that looked   Ah, 'tis thine only,
exactly like him.
                                              Exit with Masetto.
The wretch! Did I not tell you that your
jealous                                       SCENE II
And most unruly temper would surely bring     A dark courtyard, with three doors, before the
you                                           house of Donna Anna.
Ere long into some trouble?
Where does it hurt you?                       LEPORELLO
                                              Lights ev'rywhere surround us,
MASETTO                                       Some are coming this way, we'll stand aside
Here.                                         here,
                                              Where they will not perceive us.
Besides, where?                               DONNA ELVIRA
                                              My ador'd one, and why should they not see
MASETTO                                       us?
Here and also here.
ZERLINA                                       Oh, for reasons, certain precautions...
Is nothing else the matter?                   Just let me see, I think they are retreating.
                                              How shall I fly, and she not perceive me?
MASETTO                                       My dear, wait here a moment.
Yes, there's something with this foot,        Leporello goes further away
And this elbow, I cannot bend it.
                                              DONNA ELVIRA
ZERLINA                                       Ah, do not leave me!
Come, come; if that's the worst, there's no
great harm done.                              Nr. 19 - Sestetto
Come with me home to supper,
And give your faithful promise, you'll        DONNA ELVIRA
nevermore be jealous;                         All around so dark and lonely,
Those bruises can be cured, where love is     O'er my heart a fear is stealing,
zealous.                                      Such a tremor, past all concealing,
                                              As if death itself were near.
Nr. 18 - Aria
Come, shall I tell thee,                      groping his way
How what befell thee,                         Deuce is in it, where's the doorway?
Soon can be cured                             These confounded walls on every side
By my potent charm?                           surround it!
No garden grows it,                           Softly, softly, I have found it...
Though it aboundeth,                          misses it again
Like furnace glows it,                        Stars be thanked, the coast is clear!
Yet none 'twill harm,
Enter Don Octavio and Donna Anna in              mistaken!
mourning.                                        Oh, how you scare me!
                                                 But, oh for pity's sake ... for pity's sake...
DON OCTAVIO                                      Oh, kill me not.
Cease from grieving, oh, belov'd one,
Think thy father sees from heaven,               DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA, DON
How sore for him thy heart is riven,             OCTAVIO, ZERLINA and MASETTO
Let a smile at last appear.                      What! Leporello? My eyes deceive me!
                                                 Who would believe me? This is some plot.
Ah, believe, I know thy kindness,                LEPORELLO
But I cannot cease lamenting,                    Fear and doubting quite distract me,
Ev'ry effort, ev'ry effort, but augmenting       All my head is in confusion,
Grief for him I hold so dear, I hold so dear.    Would indeed 'twere a delusion,
                                                 And I safely from this spot.
unseen by the others                             DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA,
Oh, my husband, I have lost thee!                ZERLINA, DON OCTAVIO and MASETTO
                                                 Fear and doubting quite distract me,
LEPORELLO                                        All my head is in confusion,
by the door, unseen by the others                'Tis a vision, a vile delusion!
Not for words, I'd have her find me.             Be this masking, be this masking ne'er forgot!

DONNA ELVIRA and LEPORELLO                       Exit Donna Anna with servants.
Sure the door must be behind me.
Ha! The door, escape is near.                    ZERLINA
                                                 It was you, then, who with your cruel blows,
as he is going out, Zerlina and Masetto enter.   This very night, nearly kill'd my poor
Zerlina, Masetto and the others.
                                                 DONNA ELVIRA
ZERLINA and MASETTO                              It was you, heartless ribald, who beguil'd me,
Wretch, now we hold thee, whither art going?     Who led me forth as though 'twere Don
Nought now can save thee, why art thou here?     DON OCTAVIO
                                                 Why dost thou wear those garments?
DONNA ANNA, DON OCTAVIO,                         Thou must be here for some unlawful
ZERLINA and MASETTO                              purpose!
Ah, thou perfidious one!
Death here we swear thee!                        DONNA ELVIRA
                                                 'Tis I who will chastise him.
Oh, heav'n forbear ye! He is my husband dear!    ZERLINA
                                                 So will I.
ZERLINA and MASETTO                              DON OCTAVIO
'Tis Donna Elvira! She for him pleading?         No, no, 'tis I.
Her wrongs all unheeding? No, no, no, he
dics!                                            MASETTO
                                                 How this viper to crush, we all will try.
as though in tears                               Nr. 20 - Aria
Good friends, oh, spare me! You are quite
LEPORELLO                                          Yet grieve not those who part.
Ah, be not so hard upon me,                        Tell her, to see her righted,
Give me leave, good friends, to speak!             Ne'er will I cease pursuing,
Wrongs like yours surely had undone me.            My sword and faith I've plighted.
But, believe me, I am not he you seek.             Nought my resolve shall thwart.
I will tell you how my master, did from bad to
worse descend.                                     Exeunt.
Donna Elvira, do you tell them,
By what arts he gains his end;                     Nr. 21 b - Recitative and Aria
As for thee, I've not a notion what befell thee;
As this lady here can tell thee,                   DONNA ELVIRA
For I met her, with him philand'ring,              In what abysses of error, into what dangers,
Well I knew how all would end;                     Thy reckless path pursuing,
And to your lordship, I will admit it,             Have guilt and folly brought thee!
I've acted wrongly, not as befitted...             The wrath of heaven will surely overwhelm
I know I've trespas'd, I ask your pardon,          thee,
Lost in the darkness, I entered the garden,        It is swift to destroy.
Not thought t'offend. 'Twas a blunder;             The lightning flash of retribution impendeth,
Greatly I wonder, how all was known!               It will soon be upon thee!
Masters, I would now with speed be gone.           Eternal ruin at last will be thy doom.
                                                   Wretched Elvira!
Making for the door and runs out.                  What a tempest within thee, thy heart
Donna Elvira, Zerline, Don Octavio and             Ah, wherefore is this longing? These pangs of
Masetto.                                           sorrow?

DONNA ELVIRA                                       Cruel heart, thou hast betray'd me,
Hold, thou shalt not escape me!                    Grief unending upon me he cast.
                                                   Pity yet lingers, I'll not upbraid thee,
MASETTO                                            Ne'er can I forget the past, the happy past.
He flies like any feather...                       When my wrongs arise before me,
                                                   Thoughts of vengeance stir my bosom,
ZERLINA                                            But the love that at first he bore me,
And how neatly, he evaded our question.            Binds my heart to him at last.
Friends, this confirms me, and the crimes we
have witnessed                                     SCENE III
We no further can doubt,                           An enclosed churchyard, several equestrian
That Don Giovanni was the villain murd'rer of      statues, statue of the Commandant.
Donna Anna's father.
Do me the favour here awhile yet to stay with      Don Giovanni and Leporello.
I will go now, and seek the law's assistance.      DON GIOVANNI
The day of reck'ning is at hand, oh, thou          leaps over the wall, laughing
traitor,                                           Ha, ha, ha, ha! Most amusing,
And thy doom is assured, or sooner or later.       They will not seek me here.
                                                   What splendid moonlight!
Nr. 21 - Aria                                      'Tis as light as in daytime;
                                                   This is just such a night as suits for the chase
DON OCTAVIO                                        of pretty damsels.
To my beloved, o hasten,                           What time is't? Ah, not yet two o'clock in the
To comfort, to comfort her sad heart.              morning;
Sweet are the tears that chasten,                  I wish now I knew how the droll encounter
ended                                             She seem'd uncertain, something tender I
Between that poor Elvira and Leporello.           whisper'd,
Let me hope he was prudent!                       And she mistook me,
                                                  Guess for whom?
'Faith I think he's determin'd on my ruin.        LEPORELLO
                                                  I can't think.
I hear him. Well, Leporello?                      DON GIOVANNI
                                                  For Leporello.
Some one call'd me?                               LEPORELLO
                                                  For me?
Don't you yet know my voice?                      DON GIOVANNI
                                                  For you.
I don't know it at all, sir.                      LEPORELLO
                                                  How pleasant!
What has happen'd?                                DON GIOVANNI
                                                  By the hand,
LEPORELLO                                         Then 'twas her turn to seize me.
On your account I have almost been murdered.
DON GIOVANNI                                      Better and better.
Indeed? How very lucky, 'twas an honour for
you.                                              DON GIOVANNI
                                                  She caress'd me, embraced me,
LEPORELLO                                         'Oh, my dear Leporello! Leporello, my
Pray, keep such honours.                          darling!'
                                                  At once it struck me,
DON GIOVANNI                                      She was one of your sweethearts.
How now? I spoke in fun.
Come let me tell you a pleasant thing.            LEPORELLO
                                                  Curses be on you!
Whatever brings you here?                         DON GIOVANNI
                                                  I did not undeceive her, but after a good while
DON GIOVANNI                                      she knew me,
Come down and I will tell you,                    Took fright, at her shrieking people came,
I got into some trouble,                          I shot by them, nimbly and swiftly,
Ev'rything has gone wrong since last I saw        Espied this wall, and leap'd in safety over.
That we'll leave for the present;                 LEPORELLO
One bit of scandal I must tell you at once.       And you dare tell me this
                                                  As if it were a good story?
Some new flirtation.                              DON GIOVANNI
                                                  And why not?
You're out there. As I was walking,               LEPORELLO
I espied a fair damsel with the gait of a Juno;   What if she were my wife,
Of course I followed, I tried to take her hand,   Then would you laugh, Sir?
                                                 You are mad! What is that, oh, do you see
DON GIOVANNI                                     him?
laughs loudly                                    What a terrible light in his eyes!
All the louder.                                  He sees us. He can hear us!
                                                 Oh, what if he would speak!
Your jest will turn to woe, ere it is morning.   DON GIOVANNI
                                                 Be quick, obey! Or I will kill you,
DON GIOVANNI                                     And in this churchyard lay you.
Who was speaking?
LEPORELLO                                        Oh, unfortunate me! I must obey you.
Oh, some soul tormented,
From the land of spirits,                        Nr. 22 - Duetto
Pays homage to your merits.
DON GIOVANNI                                     Oh, thou most noble monument,
puts his hand to his sword, looks about among    Our Commandant resembling,
the tombs and strikes at some of the statues     Oh, sir, see how I'm trembling,
Silence, rascal. Who goes there?                 I cannot further go.

THE STATUE                                       DON GIOVANNI
Misguided, perverted,                            Proceed at once, or I'll spear thee,
Anger not the departed!                          I'll kill thee at a blow.
                                                 His cowardice diverts me.
LEPORELLO                                        How can one tremble so?
As I told you!
DON GIOVANNI                                     He's madder now than ever.
It must be some one                              If I could only go.
Hiding by yon wall laughing at us.               to the statue
Say, can that hideous structure be the           Oh, thou most noble monument,
Commandant's statue?                             I speak with fear and wonder,
That inscription I'd like to hear.               Master, look! Oh, look yonder,
                                                 See how his eyeballs glow, see how his
LEPORELLO                                        eyeballs glow.
Excuse me, my eyesight is indiff'rent bad,
I cannot read by moonlight.                      DON GIOVANNI
                                                 Die then.
Read, I tell you.                                LEPORELLO
                                                 No, no, oh, wait a moment!
LEPORELLO                                        My master here invites thee,
reads                                            Not I, great sir, it frights me,
ŤI here await the vengeance                      To sup with him this night.
Decreed by Heaven upon a base assassinť. -       the statue nods its head
You hear it? I tremble!                          Ah, ah, ah, I'm not inventing,
                                                 He nods, he nods consenting!
An exquisite buffoonery!                         DON GIOVANNI
Tell the old man                                 Thou fool, what's there to scare thee?
I ask him to sup with me this evening.
LEPORELLO                                        Oh, master, oh look yourself and spare me!
                                                  Brighter days are before thee, say to-morrow
DON GIOVANNI                                      Thou wilt bless my affection,
What is this wondrous sight?                      Let thy hand be the pledge.

LEPORELLO                                         DONNA ANNA
See, with his head of marble,                     Ah, no, how can'st thou speak of joy when I'm
imitates the statue                               weeping?
He nods, just so, just so.
                                                  DON OCTAVIO
DON GIOVANNI                                      Ah then, since faithful love or pray'rs cannot
See, with his head of marble,                     move thee,
He nods just so.                                  Too well I see that thou dost not love me!
to the statue
Give answer, if thou hear'st me,                  Nr. 23 - Recitative and Aria
Wilt come to supper?
                                                  DONNA ANNA
THE STATUE                                        Not love thee? Ah, ne'er believe it!
Yea!                                              Could I accept, while my tears yet freshly
LEPORELLO                                         The blest fulfilment of my heart's dearest
Now we are ruin'd truly,                          wishes?
He takes it all so coolly,                        I cannot, I dare not, ah, nor seek to persuade
Oh, let us go, oh master, my limbs I cannot       me,
steady,                                           Till my grief is assuaged,
To run away is best, oh, come, to run away is     All my heart is thine own, of that be certain.
                                                  Tell me not, oh, thou belov'd one,
DON GIOVANNI                                      That thou'rt constant to me in vain,
Ah, strange adventure truly,                      That I love thee, ah well thou know'st it,
He hath accepted duly,                            That I'll ever thine remain,
Come let us go, make ready,                       Stay, oh stay thy fond misgiving,
To meet this stony guest.                         Doubt me not, oh I conjure thee;
                                                  Love and hope do both, do both assure me,
Exeunt.                                           That kind heaven yet will smile, will smile

SCENE IV                                          Exit.
A darkened chamber

Donna Anna and Don Octavio.                       SCENE V
                                                  A lighted hall. The table prepared for a
DON OCTAVIO                                       banquet.
Yes, all now reassures us;
The hand of justice will soon arrest his course   Don Giovanni, Leporello. Some musicians.
Of guilt and folly, and we shall be aveng'd.
                                                  Nr. 24 - Finale
My father, I've lost him!                         DON GIOVANNI
                                                  Ah, I see the table's ready,
DON OCTAVIO                                       Play a gay and festive measure.
What is decreed by heaven                         Costly is my cup of'pleasure;
We must patiently bear,                           And I'll drain it to the end.
Oh, rouse thee, my dearest, from the sad          Leporello, serve the supper.
All is ready to command.                    LEPORELLO
Musicians begin to play on the stage, Don   with his mouth full
Giovanni eating                             Yes, sir, coming!
Bravi! ŤCosa rara!ť
                                            DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                Well, speak out, man, what art thou
Is this music to thy liking?                mumbling?

LEPORELLO                                   LEPORELLO
I must own I have heard some things more    I beseech you, stay from grumbling,
striking.                                   I've a cold that will not mend.

DON GIOVANNI                                DON GIOVANNI
Here's a dish to be commended!              I expect thee to amuse me.

LEPORELLO                                   LEPORELLO
aside                                       Sir, I can't.
Would this meal were safely ended!
While I watch his giant mouthfuls,          DON GIOVANNI
I his courage comprehend.                   Why not?

DON GIOVANNI                                LEPORELLO
aside                                       Excuse me! When such viands dainty invite
While he watches ev'ry mouthful,            me,
Who on me is to attend?                     Wonder not if I partake, wonder not if l
Wine here!                                  partake.

LEPORELLO                                   DON GIOVANNI
Ready!                                      It is clear thou must partake, it is clear thou
Long life to ŤI litigantiť!                 must partake.

DON GIOVANNI                                Donna Elvira and the others.
Fill my goblet!
Leporello pours wine.                       DONNA ELVIRA
Choice aroma, goodly vintage!               rushing in distractedly
                                            Love bids me venture,
Leporello changes Don Giovanni's plate.     One more endeavour,
                                            Ere we forever
LEPORELLO                                   Asunder fly.
aside                                       Though you may scorn me,
I'll devour this piece of pheasant,         I'll not resent,
Softly, softly, while I downwards bend.     I come to warn thee!

DON GIOVANNI                                DON GIOVANNI and LEPORELLO
None to serve me, this is pleasant,         rising
Rascal, say, wilt thou attend?              Pray, why?

LEPORELLO                                   DONNA ELVIRA
That's a song I have heard but too often.   kneeling
                                            With love I've ended
DON GIOVANNI                                Joy long hath left me,
without looking at him                      Lone and unfriended
Leporello!                                  I long to die.
                                                  Good wine, and plenty,
DON GIOVANNI                                      To these are praises due,
You quite surprise me.                            To these alone!
Your wish reveal then!
If you must kneel then,                           Donna Elvira returns and rushes out at the
Why, so must I -                                  opposite side.
                                                  DONNA ELVIRA
DONNA ELVIRA                                      Ah!
Cruel deride me not,
For thee I'm sueing!                              DON GIOVANNI and LEPORELLO
                                                  A scream, what can have happen'd?
Her wrongs are all forgot,                        DON GIOVANNI
For him she's sueing!                             Go and see, go and see, what is the matter.

DON GIOVANNI                                      LEPORELLO
Come, sweet one, chide me not!                    goes, and when off the stage cries out
He gets up and raises her.                        Ah!
Nay, sweet one, chide me not
with affected tenderness                          DON GIOVANNI
Why wilt thou cry?                                What ever means this clatter?
                                                  Leporello art thou mad?
Thy life amend thou!                              LEPORELLO
                                                  Oh, good Sir! For heav'n sake,
DON GIOVANNI                                      Not a step do that way take,
Bravo!                                            Leporello returns dismayed, and shuts the
DONNA ELVIRA                                      White and stony, he's behind me,
Misguided one!                                    Oh good master, I'm fainting, don't mind me,
                                                  If you saw his marble features,
DON GIOVANNI                                      If you heard him nearer draw,
This fooling end now                              Ta, ta, ta, ta.
seats himself again at the table, and begins to
eat                                               DON GIOVANNI
When thou hast supped well,                       I believe thou art demented.
No more thou'lt sigh!                             One could scare thee with a straw!

DONNA ELVIRA                                      Knocking heard at the door.
Wretch, I abandon thee,
More and more hateful,                            LEPORELLO
Ever detested be,                                 Hark! He's coming!
Thee I disown!
                                                  DON GIOVANNI
Exit.                                             Some one's knocking
If he relents not                                 LEPORELLO
To see her grieving,                              trembling
His heart deceiving's hard as stone!              I dare not!

DON GIOVANNI                                      DON GIOVANNI
Maidens both fair and young,                      Go this instant!
LEPORELLO                                    DON GIOVANNI
Ah!                                          Speak then, tell me, of fear know I nought.

DON GIOVANNI                                 THE COMMANDANT
Coward, if I would be enlightened,           Thou didst thyself invite me,
I must go myself and see, I'll go and see.   For that I must requite thee,
                                             Then answer me, then answer me,
takes a light and goes to open the door      As my guest, when shall I claim thee?

LEPORELLO                                    LEPORELLO
Oh, to death I sure am frightened,           standing far off, trembling
Here I'll hide where none can see.           Say no, say no;
                                             He is engag'd, excuse him.
Leporello hides under the table.
                                             DON GIOVANNI
The Commandant and the others.               Of fear none shall accuse me,
                                             To none will I succumb!
Don Giovanni! Be thee invited,               THE COMMANDANT
Here behold me, as thou'st directed.         Determine!

DON GIOVANNI                                 DON GIOVANNI
Truly I did not expect it,                   I have determined...
But anew I'll sup with thee,
Leporello, serve the table,                  THE COMMANDANT
For my guest another cover!                  Thou'lt come, then?

LEPORELLO                                    LEPORELLO
puts his head out from under the table       Say that you can't, that you can't.
Sir, be still, say no more!
                                             DON GIOVANNI
DON GIOVANNI                                 My heart is firm within me,
Go, directly!                                I have no fear, I'll come.

Leporello rises as if to obey.               THE COMMANDANT
                                             Give me thy hand in token!
No need of that,                             DON GIOVANNI
Earthly food he no longer desireth,          Take it then. Ah, me!
Who of heavenly food hath partaken,
Cast away from thee now all such trifling,   THE COMMANDANT
Heed the sentence I hither have brought.     What is't?

LEPORELLO                                    DON GIOVANNI
Sure a fit of the ague hath seiz'd me,       What deadly chill is this!
Of all motion bereft, I'm distraught!
                                             THE COMMANDANT
DON GIOVANNI                                 Turn thee, ere heav'n hath doom'd thee,
Well, what would'st thou? Well, I listen.    There's time yet for repentance.

THE COMMANDANT                               DON GIOVANNI
Silence, and mark me, this hour thou hast    vainly tries to free himself
sought.                                      For me there's no repentance,
Vanish thou from my sight!                   What sounds, what sights of terror,
                                             Oh, I shall die, oh, I shall die of fright!
Dread then, the wrath eternal.               The flames increase and engulph Don
Away, thou spectre infernal!
                                             SCENE VI
THE COMMANDANT                               Donna Elvira, Donna Anna, Leporello,
Yes, repent!                                 Zerlina, Don Octavio and Masetto.

DON GIOVANNI                                 DONNA ELVIRA, DONNA ANNA,
No!                                          ZERLINA and DON OCTAVIO
                                             Where is the miscreant?
THE COMMANDANT                               Where is the traitor?
Yes, repent!
DON GIOVANNI                                 By fate o'ertaken.
No!                                          Now fallen low, now fallen low!

THE COMMANDANT                               DONNA ANNA
Yes!                                         Seize him,
                                             Imprison him,
DON GIOVANNI                                 Who ne'er relented,
No!                                          No mercy shew.

THE COMMANDANT                               LEPORELLO
Yes! Now must my soul take flight!           Not here you'll find him,
                                             For ever vanish'd,
Exit.                                        Flames went behind him,
                                             He's gone below.
Flames appear in all directions, the earth
trembles.                                    ALL OTHERS
                                             Say, what befell him?
DON GIOVANNI                                 Quick, tell us all you know.
Terrors unknown are freezing me,
Demons of doom are seizing me,               LEPORELLO
Is hell let loose to torture me?             That man gigantic, he's driv'n me frantic.
Or does it mock my sight?                    Nothing I'll garble, that man of marble,
                                             Grim and tremendous, oh, heav'n defend us.
CHORUS                                       Came here and warn'd him. He madly scorn'd
from below, with hollow voices               him,
Torments eternal wait thee!                  'Mid flamings sulphurous he went below in
Burning in endless night!                    fire and thunder.

DON GIOVANNI                                 THE OTHERS
My soul is rent in agony!                    Truly, a wonder!
Condemn'd to endless misery,
Oh, doom of wrath and terror,                LEPORELLO
No more to see the light!                    Truly, a wonder!

LEPORELLO                                    DONNA ANNA, DONNA ELVIRA,
The fire of doom surrounds him,              ZERLINA, DON OCTAVIO and MASETTO
Its fiery glare confounds him,               I saw the spectre with mien of woe.
Heav'n itself then our cause has righted.
Days of peace now dawn before us,
Grant, oh, grant then the vows plighted,
Now at last may be fulfill'd.

I but ask thee, oh, my belov'd one,
To delay but one short year ...
Lover's pleadings are commandments,
On thy faithful love I build.

To a convent I betake me,
There to end my troubled life.

Now dear, wait no longer till we two are man
and wife.

And I'll seek another master,
And begin another life.

And let him in flames atone,
Who no mercy e'er has shewn,
And now let us all united
Sing the verse of old indited,
Join in chorus ev'ry one.

He who wrought for selfish pleasure,
Shall depart without, yes without a friend.