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Custom T-Shirt- Apparel Design Application Software


									?To start your customized online T-shirt designing shop you really need high-end
feature web application tool that guaranteed full fill the expectation of your customer.
Many competitive website already presence that have good feature and if you want
your existence in the neck to neck competitive market, you must approach for best
solution that must have maximum possible feature.

Think what type of facilities should be in your online T-shirt/ Apparel designing store.
Let me explain in easy way: the application must be easy to operate for end user like
filling colors in art book as we did in our childhood and end users can pick and
choose different available t-shirt/ apparel. Users can modify by shifting the size, font,
and color on the T-shirt / apparel and can write what ever they wish. Application must
be flexible like text and images can be turned, enlarged or mirrored for desired design.
Finally when users make final design they can order and other details with instantly
payment. Now the technical features of web application module are:

User Side: Sub module for user registration and user log in.
Main Account: Manage shopping particulars and add / edit / delete contact details.
T-Shirt/ Apparel Category: Show the sub-categories of the preferred products with
image and description.
Text and Logo: Show text and logo, select and font size, color and alignment etc.
Include option to upload there own images with features like rotate, back-front-side,
colors adjustment.
Save and add to cart: Send design details to admin, list of ordered products and
purchase items.
Order: Size, item to buy and payment details.
Admin Side: Sub module for admin log in, add category, add sub-category, add
product, maintain product, orders history, and manage user details.

No-Refresh is one of pioneer name for web application development for custom
design web application tool. No-refresh has the entire feature product application tool
for web application that is best option in the present online designing market having
addition feature with every recently launch. For more information please visit .

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