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Custom Promotional Stickers by iupon13


									?Custom promotional stickers and decals are some of the cheapest ways to enhance
visibility for a brand, a personality, or an association. They come in many shapes and
sizes, and are available in black and white, translucent, or full color.

Some of the many sticker applications are as follows:

- Security — Car stickers help enforce safety by managing entering and exiting
vehicles in high-security areas. Companies can issue special custom promotional
stickers to employees to ensure that they are able to get in and out of corporate
jurisdiction without any problem. In the UK, some groups have used color-coded
stickers to guard against car theft: certain colored stickers denote that an automobile
should be out at certain hours of the day.

- Parking permits — Windscreen parking permits in sticker form easily identify
automobiles that are allowed to park in certain areas.

- Promotion — Custom promotional stickers and decals are good ways to reach out to
many people in the streets. Placed on car bumpers or on the back of automobiles,
these stickers can be used for jokes, political campaigns, and brand promotions.

- Safety — Static-cling window stickers and decals enable you to post safety signs to
warn passing employees before they bump into sliding glass doors.

- Labels — Custom promotional stickers can also be used as address, shipping, and
corporate ID labels, or just about anything you need to label: books, monitors, phone
units, office chairs, office cubicles, cabinet doors, and storage rooms. Companies that
wish to market their in-house brands can also make use of sticker labels, which are
cheaper than the commercial kind.

- Holidays and special events — Custom stickers have also been manufactured as
memorabilia for special occasions such as a university's centennial year, a republic's
independence day, or a major league game.

Vinyl is one of the more popular materials used in stickers, but if you want to be more
environment-friendly, you can choose to go with paper labels. This type of label is
available in UV- and matte-coated, and water- and weatherproof varieties.

Recent technologies have enabled manufacturers to carry out automatically the entire
sticker-making process—from design to cutting—that a batch can even be finished in
as fast as half a day.


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