Funding Opportunities in the Life Sciences

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					                                                           Funding Opportunities in the Life Sciences
     ORGANIZATION                         WEB ADDRESS                         SUBJECT                          DEADLINE                   CONTACT NAME                  E-MAIL               PHONE         NEW LISTING
 DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH           Microchemical oligonucleotide           5/24/01                          Parney Albright                           ✔
 PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA)              programs/meb.htm           manufacturing, manipulation,
                                                                 and amplification technologies
 NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE              Molecular target cancer drug            5/17/01 for letter of intent;    Toby Friedberg            (301) 496-8783
                                                                 discovery exploration                   6/14/01 for application
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE                   Identification of Single Nucleotide     5/18/01                          Marilyn B. Whaley     (919) 541-0416       
 OF ENVIRONMENTAL                                                Polymorphisms (SNPS in
 HEALTH SCIENCES                                                 Disease Susceptibility Genes
 FOGARTY INTERNATIONAL CENTER            Malaria                                 5/23/01 for letter of intent;    Barbara Sina      (301) 402-9467
                                                                                                         6/28/01 for application
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DIABETES AND         Molecular and genetic                   6/1/01                           Thomas F. Kresina            (301) 594-8871       
 DIGESTIVE AND KIDNEY DISEASES                                   mechanisms in pancreatitis
 CENTERS FOR DISEASE                        Microbiology related to infectious      6/1/01                           Merlin Williams             (770) 488-2765       
 CONTROL AND PREVENTION                                          disease prevention and control
 CAP CURE                               Prostate cancer research                6/1/01                           Cindy Berkson      (310) 458-2873       
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GENERAL         Quantitative approaches                 6/1/01                           James Cassatt           (301) 594-0828       
 MEDICAL SCIENCES AND DEPARTMENT                                 to the analysis of complex
 OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES                                    biological systems
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE                   Developing the                          5/16/01 for letter of intent;    Steven Klein  (301) 496-5541        
 OF CHILD HEALTH AND                                             Xenopus tropicalis                      6/11/01 for application
 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT                                               as a genetic model
 MESOTHELIOMA APPLIED                      Research for the treatment of pleural   6/15/01                                                   (805) 560-8942       
 RESEARCH FOUNDATION                                             or intraperitoneal mesothelioma
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF               Mechanisms of kidney                    5/11/01 for letter of intent;    M. James Scherbenske           (301) 594-7719       
 DIABETES AND DIGESTIVE                                          diseases and disorders                  6/22/01 for application
 AND KIDNEY DISEASES                                             among infants and children
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF                      Digestive diseases                      6/29/01                          Judith M. Podskalny            (301) 594-8876
 NATIONAL HUMAN                      DNA sequencing of regions               7/1/01                           Bettie J. Graham    (301) 469-7531       
 GENOME RESEARCH INSTITUTE                                       of high biomedical interest
                                                                 from model organism genomes
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF                Sex-based differences                   6/3/01 for letter of intent;     Denise Wiesch    (301) 496-7104       
 ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES                                 in the immune Response                  7/10/01 for application
 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION                Eukaryotic genetics                     7/10/01                          Delill Nasser          (703) 292-8439       
 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION                Microbial genetics                      7/10/01                          Phillip D. Harriman         (703) 292-8439       
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY          Non-human primate immune                6/11/01 for letter of intent;    Shiv A. Prasad          (301) 402-2571       
 AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES                                         tolerance cooperative study group       7/17/01 for application
 NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE           Isolating exfoliated                    10/11/01 for letter of intent;   Sudhir Srivastava             (301) 435-1594       
                                                                 cells in bodily fluids                  11/15/01 for application
 NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH           Molecular genetics of                   7/1/03                           Jonathan D. Pollack           (301) 443-6300
                                                                 drug addiction vulnerability
 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF                Metals in medicine: inorganic/          6/1/04                           Peter C. Preusch   (301) 594-5938       
 GENERAL MEDICAL SCIENCES                                        organic interactions
 THE CAMPBELL FOUNDATION       HIV/AIDS                                Open                                                  (954) 493-8822
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