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					                                          The All Saints

Volume 30 Issue No. 11                  Website:       December 2006

                      CHRISTMAS PROGRAM
                       Mark your calendar . . . the Sunday School Christmas Program has been scheduled
                       for December 17 at 4 pm. We have almost thirty kids signed up to share special music,
                       drama, worship and the Christmas story. Your children can be part of this program even if
                       they are unable to attend Sunday School on a regular basis. At this time, an extra practice
                       date is still questionable, however, several of the children will be given special help with
their part in the program and may have different rehearsal times. Parents with questions or anyone who has
not already signed up but would like to, call Melanie.
                                                                                    ~~ Danny and Melanie Anderson
  NO Sunday School on December 24th & 31st. Education Hour resumes on January 7th.

                             UPDATE ON 2007 PROJECTED GIVING
With 99 Estimated Giving Cards turned in, here is the present outlook for 2007 as the result of the recent
financial stewardship effort under the theme: “Rock-Solid Giving”. We have received a generous response
totaling:                                      General Fund: $ 90.665
                               Facilities Maintenance Fund: $ 33.582
                                                      Total: $ 124,247
                            120 individuals have volunteered their time and/or talents.
A warm thank you to everyone who has completed “giving plans” and Time & Talent Sheets. Your generous
“intentions” of time, talent and financial resources will make a difference as we respond to the hopes and hurts
in our community as an extension of God’s gracious love in Jesus Christ. If you haven’t yet returned your 2007
stewardship responses, kindly do so by December 17th.

                          THREE CHRISTMAS EVE - DAY SERVICES
On the Fourth Sunday in Advent, December 24th, we will have only one morning service at 9:15 am.
Then come to the 7:00 pm Family-focused Christmas Eve Communion Service to celebrate the birth of Jesus
Christ in the glow of the glistening Chrismon Tree.
At 10:30 pm, there will be the traditional Christmas Eve service of carols, communion
and candle-lighting in the red poinsettia adorned sanctuary.
Invite your whole family and neighbors to praise God for the uplifting joy and good
news of the Savior’s birth. If you or your children would like to share some “special
music” (instrumentals, solos, etc.) please call Pastor Bill to make the arrangements.
                            [NO Monday, December 25 Christmas Day Services]

                                         Worship Team Schedule
 On Sunday, December 10 , the Worship Team will lead the contemporary music at the 10:30 am service.
 Rehearsals will be Sundays, December 3rd & 10th at 9:30 am. Instrumentalists and new singers are welcome!

Enhance the beauty of our sanctuary on Christmas Eve by ordering a red poinsettia plant
through the church. Plants need to be ordered by December 3rd, but some last minute
additions can be made. A red order form is available on the narthex table. You may list
persons you would like to honor, remember, or thank at that time; these remembrances will
be listed in the Christmas Eve bulletins. The cost of the 5-8-bloom plant in an 8” pot wrapped in gold is
$10.00. Plants are purchased from Merlin’s in Oregon. Checks should be made payable to “All Saints Altar
Guild.” Please give money or check to Pastor along with order form NOW. You may pick up your plant after
the 10:30 pm Christmas Eve service, or you may leave it through the Sundays of Christmas. Christmas Season
ends with the Epiphany, January 6th. If you wish your plant to be given away, please indicate that on the form.

                 THE GIVING TREE
                 The tree in the fellowship area is for the Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) annual
                 Christmas drive. Please do not wait to put items on it/or under it as the last day for items is
                 Sunday, December 10th.
                All gifts go to LSSI for 100 foster children, 130 children in community programs, 24 children
in residence at Nachusa Lutheran Home, developmentally disabled adults at the Sterling and Dixon group
homes, and 200 senior citizens cared for by LSSI programs and the Intouch Services Program.
Many children, adults and senior citizens begin their treatment with LSSI in November and December, therefore
they have a need for the following suggested items: mittens, hats, caps, scarves (children through adult),
educational toys, puzzles, games, crayons/coloring books, dolls, skate boards, sport equipment, toy cars &
trucks, assembly toys, building blocks, picture books, Frisbees, stationary, card games, board games, Frisbee &
nerf balls, videos, markers, pens, disposable cameras, blank (audio) tapes, makeup kits, cologne, body lotion &
sprays, manicure sets, after shave/cologne, sweatshirts & sweatpants (medium, large, and X-large), car models,
teen books, radio/tape walkmans, stuffed animals, jewelry & hair accessories, men’s & women’s white socks,
women’s colored socks or hose, shampoos, playing cards, word search books (large print if possible), large print
books for seniors, school supplies, hand held electronic games, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Shopko, Walgreens, CVS or
Snyders gift cards in a $10.00 amount.
This year there is a special need for educational games such as flash cards, card games, Uno, crossword puzzles,
Candyland, Go Fish, Monopoly, Scrabble, ABC books, Follow the Dots books, etc.
All gifts should be unwrapped, but wrapping paper, nametags, bows, etc. are also needed and can be placed
under the tree. Bring something for those who don’t have as much as you do. Have your child or teen shop for
a gift to give, not to get. Share the true Christmas spirit with others and decorate our Giving Tree with your

Every year All Saints participates in the Christmas Gift program for Neighbors Nursing
Home. A list is be posted on the hall bulletin board for you to select a senior citizen. We
have been given 15 names. The limit on spending is $10, however some gifts might cost less.
Specific suggestions are included. Please sign up for a name and take the instruction sheet.
Items need to be labeled with their name on both the item itself and also wrapped and on the gift card. You must
deliver the item to the Byron nursing home before Friday, December 15th so it will be ready for the residents’
Christmas party the next day. Be a friend to a neighbor at Neighbors!

DATE                  EVENT                     COMMENTS                          MEAL HOST
December     6        HUDDLE                    STAFF ONLY (5:30 pm)              No meal
            13        Review                    New Testament                     Sue Wild
            20        TEST                      Fellowship and Pizza Party        Julie Danielowski
            27        No class                  Christmas Vacation                  ---
January      3        No class                  Christmas Vacation                  ---

                                              Sunday School News
                    The Sunday School kids sang "Jesus Loves Me" in church on November 26. It was great to
                    hear such a traditional tune and they all seemed to be having fun. We hope everyone
                    enjoyed it!
                    Pete Raum's 5th and 6th grade class put on a puppet show for the children's sermon. The
                    show, titled "John 18:33-37", was written and performed by the students: Breanna
                    Eastman, Amanda Harn, Courtney Loomis, Trevor Rahn, and Ben Reibel. It was a great
                    introduction to the day's Gospel lesson and Pastor's sermon. Thanks kids!!
November 26 was also our Sunday School Open House. Parents and grandparents joined their children in class
for fun and fellowship. This was a special event to connect parents with the activities in our classrooms, and to
show our appreciation for the blessings that come from being involved in Sunday School. However, parents
are welcome in our program every Sunday. We encourage all parents to talk with their children's teachers if
they have ideas or concerns that we could address through our program.
Attendance at All Saints Whole Family Education hour has been strong and steady. Average attendance has
been 67 students and teachers since the beginning of September. About 2/3 of that are children and their
teachers, the remaining third regularly attend the adult class or the Bible study groups that meet every week.
We are blessed to have so many in our congregation who are committed to learning more about the Good News.
We received a nice thank you letter from People Helping People after making our donations from the October
Harvest Food Drive. Our collection efforts totaled 127 items! We also received a note of thanks for decorating
a Christmas tree for the Miracle on 2nd Street event. All the children's classes made special ornaments and
Audrey Adams saw to the delivery. Thank you!
Yours in Christ,
Danny and Melanie Anderson

                   NEW OFFERING BOXES
                   The new offering boxes for 2007 are now ready for pick up. Be sure to look for them when
                   you come to worship in December. They will be on the table near the sanctuary.
Also, for those who wish to make sure contributions for the year 2006 are recorded by year’s-end, they will need
to be received at the church NO LATER THAN SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31st. Please try to turn in all 2006
offerings during 2006…it definitely helps the bookkeeper and would be greatly appreciated. The treasurer, Jo
Marie Branson, the financial secretaries, Tammy & Jerry Hall, and the Expansion Fund financial secretary,
Craig Gugliemetti, spend many volunteer hours doing a careful thoughtful job. If you ever have a question
about your financial statement, please contact them and they will be glad to clarify any concerns.

   The quilter's will meet on December 7th and January 4th at 9 am. The ladies tied 10 quilts in November.
What a good start to fill up the shelves with comforters for people in need. Thank you for all the generous
donations of materials. We would be glad to have any old sheets, pillow cases, 3-4 ply yarn, old thin blankets
for filler, and any fabric you wish to donate at any time. Helping to make these quilts is a wonderful Christian
gift for people who have so little. Please come and help us whenever you can. It is such a pleasant way to
spend a couple of hours.                                                                   ~~ Millie Knodle

Saintly Crafters
                  The Saintly Crafters are going to have a Pot Luck for our Tuesday,
                  December 12 meeting. Meet at 11:30. Please bring a dish to pass, main
                  dish, salad or dessert. Time for holiday fun! We will resume work on Jan. 9.
                  Join us for this social time.        ~~ Lois Lapp & Gloria Olsen

                      RELIGIOUS BOOK CLUB
There is no book club scheduled for December—enjoy the holiday! Looking ahead . . . relax when it is
snowing and read up on the January book selection: Welcome to the World, Baby Girl by Fanny Flagg. The
leader is Millie Knodle; Sharon Provencher has refreshments. Save the date—Monday, January 22nd, 1–3 pm.
All women are invited. It’s a new year—the perfect time to come and bring a guest, too!

                                                            NEWS FROM THE
The All Saints’ Library has again been “blessed” with many donation of interesting
books. Give yourself a gift of time this month and check out a book from the library;
put your feet up for a few minutes and read.
The new donations by Audrey Adams:
        Just Like Jesus – Max Lucado                What if God were the Sun – John Edward
        Miracle – Danielle Steel                    Rivers Edge – Terri Blackstock
        What a Girl Wants – Kristin Bellerbeck      Troublesome Creek – Jerry B. Jenkins
        A Woman of Value – Dee Brestin              To Dream Anew – Tracie Peterson
        A Gentle Thunder – Max Lucado               Take My Hand – Ruth Scofield
        All I Want (is a cute Christian guy who doesn’t live with his mother – and maybe a Prada handbag.)
Given by Jo Marie Branson: Beyond Tuesday Morning – Karen Kingsbury
Given by Joyce Niehaus:
        Constantine’s Sword – James Carroll         When Jesus Became God – Richard E. Rubenstein
        Augustine – James J. O’Donnell              God – Alexander Waugh
The books are greatly appreciated for all to enjoy. We always welcome books that are appropriate for a church
library. If you have borrowed books, please be sure you return them promptly. Also check your children’s
bookshelves as we were notified by the town library that some were accidentally returned to them. Can’t read a
whole book? . . . Remember, the library has many magazines also. These do not need to be checked out or
returned.                                                                               ~~ Kathy Burrows

                                WISH LIST ITEMS
Additional cushioned chairs for fellowship hall                         $45.00 each
More Sauder chairs for sanctuary                                       $175.00 each
Paper Shredder                                                          $60.00
Donations for Digital Projector for laptop PowerPoint (i.e. contemporary
        service and Faith INKubators confirmation presentation)     $ 2,000.00 – 5,000.00
Gifts to Mission Endowment Fund                                    Any amount appreciated
HP printer 6960 for Pastor’s office computer                           $129.00

All Saints’ constitution lists two minimal requirements in order to be considered an “active” or voting member:
              1. Receive Holy Communion at least once during the year
              2. Make at least one financial contribution “of record” (any amount)
“Of record” means that you use your offering envelope or a check, or place your gift in an envelope with your
name on it so that the financial secretary knows of the donation.
The constitution indicates that anyone who is not an “active member” for two consecutive years may be
removed from the roll of members.
The purpose for these provisions is to encourage faithfulness. Jesus urged his disciples to celebrate Holy
Communion, and God asked his people to worship and to give. The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated on
December 3rd, 17th, 24th Christmas Eve (9:15 am, 7:00 pm and 10:30 pm). All who consider themselves
Christian need to take seriously what that faith means -- not only in God’s love for us, but in our response to
                               INFORMATION GROUP FOR NEW MEMBERS
                  The next 4-session information group for new members begins on Monday, January 15th,
                  7:00 – 9:00 pm. The Lutheran Handbook will be a key resource used with some videos. If
                  you are interested in this opportunity, let Pastor Bill know by calling 234-5277 or just come.
                  New partners will be welcomed on Sunday, February 11th at the worship service.

                                      YOUR 2006 OFFERING
We thank all those who have faithfully given offerings during 2006 to support the mission of our church, both
locally and worldwide. You have helped new pastors to be trained and you have helped start new mission
congregations throughout the United States.
You have demonstrated your support for a partnership with God and with your neighbors in the faith at LSSI &
LOMC. We -- individually and as congregations -- are not islands. We never walk alone. To God be the Glory!
As we approach the end of the year, we hope each family will try to fulfill their giving “intentions” for 2006.
Special year-end gifts are always welcome, as well as donations from friends who
remember the church with Christmas gifts. All offerings for 2006 should be received at
the church by December 31st. Any money received after that date will be listed on the
2007 record of contributions.
Needed thru December to reach our General Fund goal for 2006: $21,397

                              STEWARDSHIP PROGRESS (Through November)
                                 General Fund        Facilities Maintenance Fund               Expansion Fund
                          Monthly Year to Date          Monthly Year to Date                Monthly Year to Date
Receipts, 11-05          10,706.67    113,576.30 (91%) 2,976.00         31,895.75           5,046.00     46,226.00
2006 Missions Goals      10,655.36    127,864.32        5,014.68        60,176.16           3,353.60     40,243.20
Gifts to God, 11-06      11,598.10    117,123.24 (91%) 3,830.00         35,714.50           4,157.00     39,564.00
Status                  + 942.74      - 10,741.99           - 1,184.68     - 24,461.66    +803.40         - 679.20
In November, the treasurer sent in a Mission Support check for $1,525.70 to the Northern Illinois Synod, ELCA,
moving us to 87% or $15,426.98 of our 2006 goal of $17,750.00. $360.00 was given for ELCA World Hunger
Appeal. Your faithful stewardship of financial resources is greatly appreciated.

Congregation Council Business...November 13th
    •   Approved transfer of Mike Silverwood family to Faith Lutheran, Clay, Alabama and transfer of Gary
        Lameyer to Cherry Valley United Methodist Church, Cherry Valley, IL
    •   Reviewed Constitution By-Laws through B3.04
    •   New member group will have first of 4 sessions on Monday, January 15th, 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
    •   Removed 17 members at their request—most are now living out of town.
    •   Heard progress report on Fall stewardship response (See front page for latest results).
                                                                                  then you are giving the fullest
                                           It is important to remember
                                                                                  capacity of your spiritual,
                                         that tithing is an attitude of
                                         giving. The amount you give or           physical and mental resources.
                                         how it compares to the gifts of            A true gift is a portion of
                                                                                  yourself. When you give in this
                   GIVIN                 others really doesn’t matter.
                                                                                  manner, you become an
                                           What matters is that when you
                   G IS A                                                         instrument of God. It is the gift
                                         give, you give of yourself, all
                   GIFT                  your loving concern, your                of love.
                   OF LOVE               affirmation of devotions to God,
–                                        your good will to humankind,
                                         and your service to Christ.
                                         When you give with this spirit,

Attention all Organizations, Committees, Secretaries and Treasurers: Now is the time to review the past
year and get all the information in for the January Congregational Report so typing can begin on this booklet.
Please include a financial report and a brief write-up of what your group has done in 2006. The church needs
the reports by January 8th -- (now don’t say you haven’t been told way in advance!) Copies of last year’s
report are also available if needed. If you are typing yours up on a computer, please consider copying your
report onto a disk (in Word if possible) and turn the disk into the office or email your report to the church
( It would be a great help to the secretary and would also save a lot of time. Please
mark the disk with your name and it will be returned to you. Thanks!

  A father wanted to read a magazine but was being bothered by his little girl, Shelby. She wanted to know what
the United States looked like.
  Finally, he tore a sheet out of his new magazine on which was printed the map of the country. Tearing it into small
pieces, he gave it to Shelby and said, “Go into the other room and see if you can put this together. This will show
you our whole country today.”
  After a few minutes, Shelby returned and handed him the map, correctly fitted and taped together. The father
was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly. “Oh,” she said, “on the other side of the paper is a picture
of Jesus. When I got all of Jesus back where He belonged, then our country just came together.”
                                                                                         -- submitted by Bill Runnion

                                             Lutheran News
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) office has moved. As of December 1, the new location is 1030 Pines
       Rd., Oregon, IL. Special Notice for those participating in LSSI’s Holiday Hope Chest: Hold your items
       and deliver to new office on Monday, Dec. 4. Call Kathy Hall at 284-7796.
Mark Odland, a Luther Seminary student, is in the process of publishing an anthology of poetry titled “SIMUL –
       Lutheran Voices in Poetry”. Interested in submitting poetry, email:

                                  Community Bulletin Board
Bell ringers for the Salvation Army needed: Contact Bridget Reibel at 234-2403 if you are interested in
       ringing the bell at either Byron Food Mart or Felker’s Snyder Grocery.
Saturday, December 9, 2:00 pm: “A Classical Guitar Christmas” concert at P.A.Peterson Center at 1311
       Parkview Ave., Rockford. Refreshments will be served. Questions—call 815-399-8832, ext. 4142.
Sunday, December 10, 3:00 pm: Free Christmas Concert at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mt. Morris. “A
       Celebration of Lessons & Carols” tells the Christmas story through music and scripture. It will feature
       75 singers and musicians from surrounding communities, and is sponsored by three Mt. Morris churches.
       Donations will be accepted to help families in need. For more info call 815-734-6354.

           Preventive Health Screening sponsored by Swedish American Health System
                             to be held at United Church of Byron
                                              Tuesday, January 9
                        Appointments are necessary                  Call 1-800-324-1851
    Life Line Screening screens the carotid arteries in the neck to determine if you are at risk for stroke. Up
    to 75% of all strokes are linked to carotid artery blockage. Screenings of the arteries of the legs are
    offered to check for peripheral artery disease, which is linked to heart disease. A third test is
    performed for aneurysms in the aortic vessel of the abdomen. Life Line also offers a bone density screen
    to test for early detection of osteoporosis.
    These non-invasive, completely painless, ultrasound screenings take about 10 minutes each. Each of the
    3 vascular tests are offered for $45 each, Osteoporosis for $35. Complete vascular screening (3 tests) for
    $109 or all 4 tests for $129.
    New Blood Tests Now Available – Glucose (Blood sugar to test for Diabetes) and Complete Lipid Panel
    (LDL, HDL, & Triglycerides) – all from a finger stick blood test – results available in 10 minutes.
    Glucose - $25 and CLP - $45. Call for package pricing with vascular screening.
                                     PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.
                   Please call 800-324-1851 for your appointment or for more information.

or more information.
                                         PARISH PATTER
        Sign on a church bulletin board: “You aren’t too bad to come in, You aren’t good enough to stay out!”
That’s what Advent is involved with—preparing to meet Christ—both as the child Jesus in the Christmas story
and as the Savior now and in the final times. As we prepare during this Advent (“Coming Again”) Season, may
you realize that God always extends an open invitation to you to be part of His community of believers and to
worship Him with praise and thanksgiving.
        “It is not what we have that is important, but what we do with what we have.” We so appreciate your
financial gifts but also the use of your time and talents in helping with all the things that need to get done during
the week. Your volunteer help is greatly appreciated.
        Thanks to Jan & Mike Sloan for washing windows, helping with decorations and donating the courtyard
tree; to Kay & Reuben Johnson, Dick Johnson, George Wrasse, George Krebs for Christmas decorations; to
Anne Morgart and Pastor Bill for nursing home devotions; to Tom & Mary Raney, Pete & Laurie Raum, Alan
& Laurie Whitlow, Hank & Penny Ebert, Jan Sloan, Dick Johnson, Mel & Millie Knodle and Marlene
Roberts for coffee hour refreshments; to George Wrasse and Lynn & Kathy Burrows for office help; to Kathy
Burrows, Cindy Gackstetter, George Wrasse, Lore Bogdanovich, Mel & Millie Knodle for stewardship
mailings; to Mel & Millie Knodle, Lore Bogdanovich, and Al & Gloria Olsen for Thanksgiving letter mailing;
to Lynn Knodle, Carla Combs, Gary Lameyer, and Tammy Myers for providing dinners for the confirmation
class; to John Sisouk for garbage set-out; to Chloe Wild, Joanna & Jacob Sisouk, Kathleen Combs,
Jaminique & Jarmanda Danielowski, Judy & Jessica Mathers, Lexie Williams, Tyler Myers, Josh Carter,
Courtney Loomis, Taylor Sellers and Mackenzie Dill for taking part in the Thanksgiving Service; to Jan Ball,
George Krebs, Ethel & Elmer Montgomery, Al &Gloria Olsen, Mary & Tom Raney, Marlene Roberts and
George Wrasse for delivering Meals on Wheels for our church’s turn; to Rosie Hyle for a new coffee maker; to
George Wrasse for help with offering envelopes.
KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN HOSPITALIZED: Wes Young, Kit Reif, Barb Kinner, Jennifer Cover, Isabelle
Wittig, Carl Palmgren, Jim Wilcox
PRAYER CONCERNS: Arlene Ekstrom, Jim Wilcox, Eileen Jacobson, Wes Young, Barb Kinner, Kamron
Townsend (that God will stablelize her creatin & kidney function so she will not have to go to dialysis before
surgery to receive a kidney from Vicki Miller on December 21st.) Sharon Zitter, Mattea Lesorgen, Amanda
Bontjes, Jack Bull [Laurie Raum’s father (cancer)], Wayne & Dessie Whitlow, Lenore Mohr, Nathan Clem
(recovering from wounds in Iraq), Dan Laulawski, Carter Johnson (Swedes); wisdom for leaders dealing with
conflicts in the Middle East & North Korea; Ogle County Hospice; safety for those in overseas military service:
Christopher Amundson, Tony Berkeley.
BEST WISHES to Brian & Jennifer Cover on the birth of Haley Rae on November 19th in Rockford.
CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY is extended to Darcy (Burrows) Friede and family on the death of her father-in-law,
Allan Friede on November 13th. Funeral services were held in Peoria.
                                           PASTORAL ACTS
FUNERAL: On November 7 , memorial services were held for Walter Huber, 82, at Farrell-Holland-Gale
funeral home with burial in Byron cemetery. May the comfort of the Lord be with Steve and his family.
                                           CHURCH NOTES
    NEEDED: We need people to fix, set up, and put out luminaries in the church driveway and parking lot
    on December 24th and light them on Christmas Eve before 6:00 pm. This is a good family project.
    Please let Pastor Bill know now of your willingness.

January Spokesman articles are due by Dec. 26. Please email your articles to the church if possible. Thanks!
There is NO travelogue in December or January. The next one is February 10th.
We are still looking for the following positions. If you are interested or have suggestions please contact the
church. Openings for Choir Director, Choir Accompanist.
Church members are always welcome to attend a Congregation Council meeting the 2nd Monday of the month.
Next Congregation Council Meeting: Monday, December 11th at 7:00 pm.
During this greeting card season please continue to save cancelled stamps, Campbell soup labels. NO pull tabs
from pop cans are needed any more here.

 Parents needed to chaperone Middle School Youth Quake II (April 13-15, 2007) and High School Youth
 Encounter (March 16-18, 2007). Contact Joyce Niehaus or Pastor Bill for more information if interested.

  PLEASE NOTE: Pastor Bill does not call off church services for bad weather. There is always
  somebody who tries to come and didn’t hear the announcement. Therefore consider that church is always
  on. You make the judgment call on what is best for your situation. Small meetings may be changed
  when all members can be notified, but services here are not cancelled.

On Christmas Eve, the family sang Christmas carols. During a lull, little Kay said to her aunt, a
semi-professional singer, “What were you singing?” The aunt replied, “Alto.”
The little girl blurted, “No wonder you sounded funny. We were singing ‘Joy to the World’!”

       ~      ~       ~      ~       ~      ~       ~       ~     ~       ~      ~       ~     ~      ~     ~

SPOKESMAN STAFF: Editor - Bev Nelson; Pastor - Bill Nelson; Secretary – Carol Vander Wyst;
Reporters: Dan & Melanie Anderson, Kathy Burrows, Lois Lapp, Millie Knodle, Gloria Olsen
Assembly Team: Lore Bogdanovich, Martha Cupp, Sandy Hedges, Mel & Millie Knodle


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