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									                      spring issue

                                          superintendent, principal, teacher and       Positive “Attitude” Outlook Magazine
                                          school board, even going so far as to        is a vehicle that can be used to assist
                                          threaten teachers and administrators         the school community and help educate
                                          with a lawsuit saying, “My child would       those passing the laws which affect our
                                          not do that.” As a parent I say, “Enough     youth. We must listen to the children
                                          is enough.” Parents, use discretion          and they must listen to positive adult
                                          when communicating with your child’s         authority. I hope and pray that as we
                                          teachers. Remember that you are the          continue to publish more issues we can
                                          example, the primary role model, for         grow closer to helping and fixing the
Positive “Attitude” Outlook Magazine      your child. The schools can’t raise your     problem that discourages good people
would like to thank our advertisers,      children. It’s up to you as the adult to     from working in the schools and not
local businesses and all those            raise them and what you instill in them      lose the ones who are trying to do well.
who have been so supportive of            will be the path they will take in their     This magazine is dedicated to all the
the hard work it takes to bring           adult years. The bible speaks of raising     teachers, principals, staff, volunteers,
another issue of this magazine            up a child in a way so that when he is       PTA and members of the community
to our community. Over the past           older he will not stray. Therefore, this     who are working in and with the schools
six months, the staff at ”Attitude”       job, in my opinion and experience, is        trying to make a difference. Don’t give
magazine has been working with            for parents first, then churches, then       up because you are appreciated and
the local and surrounding school          the schools. If all these components         each child and adult knows the impact
districts, meeting with their             are positive and striving to help one        you have on them.
principals and superintendents to         child at a time, that child has a greater
get the magazine into the schools.        chance to be a productive adult in           Keep up the good work.
I would like to personally thank all      the community.
the representatives from the Fresno,                                                   Regana McKinney Bunch
Clovis, Visalia, Madera and Central       Whether as parents, grandparents or
districts for allowing my staff to        entities dealing with children, we need
come to your campus and place             to get involved with our local schools. If
“Attitude” magazine in the hands of       you don’t have school age children, you
students, teachers, librarians            can adopt a school and help with one
and parents.                              of their programs. When a child comes
                                          to your door and asks you to buy a
Most PAO staff are parents,               product for a fundraiser, your purchase
grandparents, aunts and uncles who        helps. Donate your time or make a cash
know the importance of working            donation to the PTA in your community.
with our children and with the local      Consider a donation to the elementary,
counties that place foster children       middle or high school you attended. I’m
in our agency. By working with our        sure the children and school would
own children and foster children          be grateful.
we see the pain and struggle that
teachers and principals must deal         As we all know, most children will not
with because of budget constraints        attend college. Some who do attend
and laws which dictate to them how        do not complete requirements for a
to run their classrooms.                  degree. We must teach those who won’t
                                          go to college but seek a profession
It is a difficult job to teach children   which doesn’t require a college degree.
if their parents are not involved.        It doesn’t make a difference what
This burden is passed on to the           economic background you come from
teachers and the school system.           as long as you earn an honest wage.
When a teacher tries to convey            This is what we must instill in our
problems with a child’s behavior          children, especially those who will
in the classroom to the parent,           never see a junior college or university.
the parents want to blame the
  If you give a little love, it all comes back to you. You know you’re
       gonna be remembered for the things that you say and do.
                        Help a child and become a
            Positive Attitude Outlook, Inc. Foster Parent.

                    (559) 248-2670
 • Ages: Newborn to 18 yrs & Unwed Mothers • Social Workers Available 24/7 • Weekly
Social Worker Visits • Financial Compensation to Caregivers • Foster Child Medical/Dental
Coverage • Family Support Services • Specialized Support Staff for Certification Process

                   Positive Attitude Outlook, Inc. offices near you:
        4828 North First Street, Ste 101 • Fresno, CA • 93726 • (559) 248-2670
       1441 South Mooney Blvd., Ste F • Visalia, CA • 93277 • (559) 636-5880
       1706 Chester Ave., Ste 500 • Bakersfield, CA • 93301 • (661) 281-2670

  10700 Civic Center Dr., Ste 200 • Rancho Cucamonga, CA • 91730 • (909) 476-2782
                                       *see community calendar (page 38) for Foster Parent Orientation dates
This year’s
Fresno Earth
Day Festival
will take place
at Roeding                           is dependent on us. By forgetting this, our connection to nature, we not only put the
Park from noon                       health of our environment and other species at risk but also the health of our children
until sundown on April 25.           and communities. Our connection with nature has become eclipsed by a desire for
The Fresno Earth Day Festival        bigger and better things. Indeed, more than 30 years after the first International Earth
is a community event made            Day, our world faces a pretty alarming situation: an estimated 35-200 species become
possible through the efforts of      extinct EACH DAY due to the way humans are treating the earth. We have a world-
local organizations and green        wide fresh water shortage while 40% of United States’ household water is flushed down
businesses in order to promote       the toilet. Nearly half of the U.S. population lives in areas with levels of air pollution
environmental education and          considered harmful. Yet the real crisis is inside of us. Life is so busy and overwhelming,
awareness in the Central Valley      how can we ever change the world if we can’t change ourselves?
of California, to promote local
arts and music and to provide        Earth Day gives us a glimpse of how we might change the world by changing our
opportunities for environmental      habits. It is a time to remember that the most important things in life are the simple
and social justice organizations     things: air, water, music, dance, conversation, community, touch, song and laughter. It
to reach the widest possible         is a time to remember that as busy and complicated as life may get, we must take time
audience with their message.         out to stand up for those things around us that don’t have a voice. We must take time
Fresno Earth Day is a member         to celebrate creation.
of the Earth Day Network. To
find out more about the Fresno       Big change starts small. One person riding their bike to work may not necessarily
Earth Day Festival and other         make for bluer skies, but 1,000 people riding to work instead of driving makes a big
Earth Day activities, please visit   difference. Small + small + small = big. Here is some food for thought*:
www.fresnoearthday.org.              • Almost 80% of what we throw away can be recycled
                                     • You could operate a TV set for three hours with the energy saved from recycling
Even in the most trying of            one aluminum can.
times we must remember to            • By recycling all of your newspapers for one year you could save an estimated four
celebrate because there is            trees, 2,200 gallons of water and stop 15 pounds of pollutants from entering the air.
much to give thanks for in the       • The sun produces enough energy in one minute to supply the whole world for
world around us: our families,       one year.
our communities, the sunshine,       • If each commuter car carried one more person, 600,000 gallons of gas could be
the rain, the air we breathe,        saved and 12 million pounds of carbon dioxide could be kept out of the air.
the water we drink, the food
we eat. There is so much to          Don’t wait until Earth Day to do something great for the earth: ride your bicycle to work
celebrate and the earth is home      or school, plant native trees and shrubbery, install a low-flow showerhead, set up a
to all of these.                     recycling program at work, home or school. For other great ideas on how you can work
                                     for a cleaner environment check out www.earthday.net.
Humans are part of a large and
intricate web of life; we are as     By: Jeremy Hofer
dependent on this web as it
                                     Jeremy Hofer is the event coordinator of the Fresno Earth Day Festival. He can be
                                     reached at jeremy@fresnoearthday.org.

                                                        *From “One Makes the Difference” by Julia Butterfly Hill
                                                     after school. “They feel safer
                                                     here,” Fajardo said. They
                                                     have attended kids’ football,
                                                     baseball and basketball games
                                                     whenever possible. J. Mason,
Jaime Fajardo, manager of Hair Affair                a Mass Communications
International, has shared his life with many of      and Journalism graduate of
his customers over the course of his seven-year      California State University,
tenure.                                              Fresno, has been employed
                                                     at the shop for five years and
Fajardo’s decision to become a barber is the         said he has known some of his
result of his father’s influence. As a boy, he       clients since the fifth grade.
would sit on his father’s ranch and watch as he
provided haircuts to his visitors for free. “I saw   The staff has also made a
the joy he brought to people when he made them       habit of offering discounts
look and feel better,” he said.                      to kids who earn higher
                                                     grades. “T-Styles,” a
Taking cues from his father, Fajardo developed       Hair Affair employee
friendships with his own clients, especially his     for two years, said
younger ones. He has seen boys who frequently        he approached
entered his shop grow into young adulthood. As       the rest of the
a way to give back, Fajardo took an active role in   shop with the
providing more for kids than haircuts.               idea because he
                                                     noticed some kids’
He and his staff have actively participated in the   grades needed
lives of their younger clients. Some employees       improvement. The

have coached little league teams. Elijah             staff agreed and the policy was
Armstrong, the most recent addition to the Hair      implemented throughout the
Affair staff, said he joined after he heard many     shop. “T started looking at the            It is another way the
positive remarks regarding them. “The location       kids’ report cards and told them           staff of Hair Affair is
was great,” he said. “Plus I heard they love         that the better they do with               reaching out to youth in
helping the kids. Anytime they have a problem,       grades, the better the discount            an effort to positively
they can talk to us. We’ve developed a personal      will be,” Fajardo said. Students           impact their lives.
relationship with them.”                             now frequently visit the shop
                                                     with report cards in hand.                 By: Robert Silvas
Over the years, members of Hair Affair have
grown attached to the young clients they have        Most recently, they have
served. Youth who regularly visit his shop come      included events on the
from various high schools and visit because          weekends where kids can hold             e-mail us at
they say they do not have a lot of activities        dance, rap and DJ competitions. paom@poscall 559/248.2679
                                                   SOUL is a public charter high school serving Fresno youth. The seated program
                                                   holds approximately 100 students and also has an independent study option that
                                                   works with another 150 students. They enroll all year, but have a high number of
                                                   enrollees during the month of January, when a new semester begins. Throughout
                                                   the school year, new students enter and some of their student body transfer
                                                   to a conventional campus. With the rate of new and returning students shifting
                                                   constantly, Failla said conflicts sometimes arise among the student body. “Some
                                                   of the students feel isolated and separated, so we try to simulate the high school
                                                   experience as much as possible through sports, theater and the leadership team,
                                                   who is in charge of the yearbook and the prom.”

                                                   The school’s leadership team coordinated the event after attending a conference
Within the halls of the School of Unlimited        that focused on promoting diversity among high school students. The students
Learning (SOUL), students are viewing each         witnessed a variety of activities and games which the team would later incorporate
other in a new way.                                throughout Mix-It-Up Day. However, the spark that led the group to bring the
                                                   event to the campus of SOUL was a video entitled “Don’t Laugh At Me.”
Through an event entitled Mix-It-Up Day,
activities were held encouraging students to       According to the website that distributes the video, www.dontlaugh.org, its
explore the backgrounds of their peers and         purpose is “to reduce the emotional and physical cruelty some children inflict
discover common interests. Another aspect of       upon each other by behaviors such as ridicule, bullying and - in extreme cases
the day involved connecting students who do        - violence.” When the video was shown to the students, the reaction was
not normally associate with each other in an       positive. “They were making fun of it in the beginning, but then towards the end,
attempt to bring the student body
closer together.

“Mix-It-Up Day is our way of promoting
tolerance and acceptance among a diverse
group of students,” Rena Failla, SOUL’s
guidance counselor coordinator said. “Our
goal is to reduce student conflicts and            everybody learned something new,” Gerardo Gonzalez, 18, said. Gonzalez is a
increase acceptance among peers. We hope           member of the leadership team.
it will increase students’ awareness of how
different we can be, yet still share the same      In the days leading up to the event, the team built anticipation by posting signs
thoughts, interests, feelings and goals.”          around the campus. Gonzalez said the student body’s curiosity rose and when the
                                                   day finally arrived, the students found themselves enlightened by the day’s end.
“At all my other schools, we never had             “I believe new friends and a new attitude made miracles happen to those who feel
anything like this,” Julio Delcid, 18, said. “I    out of place,” said Kristina Garcia, 17.
think it was great because you actually saw
different people talking and it was pretty fun,”   As a result of the turnout, Failla hopes Mix-It-Up Day becomes an annual
Esteban Ramirez, 17, said.                         campus event.

                                                   By: Robert Silvas                                 e-mail us at
                                                                                                 or call 559/248.2679
From the footsteps
of the Fresno County
Economic Opportunities
Commission (EOC)
Sanctuary to Fresno City
Hall, volunteers and city
officials banded together
in support of keeping
youth safe.

The rally, to honor
National Safe Place
Week, was attended by
over 200 local youth,
who marched to
acknowledge the
efforts of local
communities that
cooperate with
each other to
assist in locating
and protecting
runaway, at-
risk and homeless
youth. It also featured
performances from
several youth organizations
including D.A.N.C.E. Empowerment and the
Cornerstone Academy Dance Troupe.

“The purpose of this walk is to make our
community and youth aware that there are
safe places for youth to go to when they
feel they cannot go home due to a personal      City as designated “EOC Sanctuary Safe Place Sites.” They were presented with
or family crisis,” said Lucianna Ventresca,     awards from EOC Sanctuary Director Lucianna Ventresca, City of Fresno Chief of
EOC Sanctuary Director. “No matter how          Staff Georganne White and District Three Councilmember Cynthia Sterling.
much we try to educate the community, the
message always comes best from kids.”           Sterling worked closely with Ventresca and other Safe Place partners in
                                                coordinating the event. She presented a proclamation in recognition of Safe Place
Every year, nearly 4,000 children from the      Week and spoke to the crowd about the importance of community involvement
city and county are runaways. To date,          with at-risk youth. “We support our children, no matter what the circumstances,”
over 250 have sought help and benefited         she said.
from the program.
                                                Any youth who is in trouble can reach Safe Place through any location displaying
Safe Place sites are in over 140 locations in   its yellow and black diamond-shaped logo. They can seek help by contacting a
Fresno including local Wal-Mart stores, the     volunteer who will provide assistance and, if needed, transport to the local
Boys and Girls Club, City of Fresno Parks       youth shelter.
and Recreation, Tree Fresno and Fresno
Area Express (FAX), which in particular,        The EOC Sanctuary operates as the only shelter in Central California for local at-
displays yellow and black placards              risk and homeless youth. They are home to the Safe Place Outreach program which
throughout all of its buses.                    provides shelter, food, clothing and counseling 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
These organizations, along with the Fresno      By: Robert Silvas                                          e-mail us at
Unified School District Neighborhood                                                                   or call 559/248.2679
Resource Centers, were recognized by the
                                                               employed, with 21 percent working more than 20 hours per
                                                               week. On average, 32 percent of teens in the United States
                                                               are employed.

                                                               Childtrends.org surveyed teens ages 14-17 from across 13
Working part-time and attending Central High School,           states including Texas, New York and Florida. They found
Giovanni Zamora, 16, runs a tight schedule.                    that moderate amounts of work, less than 20 hours a week,
                                                               can lead to positive development. Longer hours, 20 or more
He works an average of 25 hours a week at Albertson’s.         during the week, can have harmful effects on the development
Depending on his schedule, he is usually off work during       and family life of teens.
the late evening hours and has little time to study before
he goes to sleep at 11 p.m. At 7 a.m. he is off to school      The study warns that teens who work should only do so in
until approximately 3:30 p.m.                                  moderate amounts (20 hours or less.) Longer hours can affect
                                                               teens negatively in both their development and their family
Despite the circumstances, Zamora maintains a 3.2 GPA.         life. Teens who work excessively are shown to receive less
He said his schedule can wear him                                                           sleep, practice poor exercise and
down sometimes, but he does not regret                                                      nutrition habits and experience
entering the work force at a young age.                                                     greater amounts of stress.
“It was my choice to get a job. I want my
own things and I want to earn my own                                                         On the positive side, however,
money,” he said. “Sometimes I feel like                                                      teens entering the work force
I’m tired, but I’ve come to realize that I                                                   during high school have a higher
need money for the things I want and that                                                    rate of successful employment
means having a job.”                                           after graduation. In the case of lower-income families,
                                                               youth contribute earnings to help support the family and
Some of the ‘things’ Zamora refers to are accessories          are more independent later in life. When work hours are
and enhancement parts for his 1993 Honda Accord. His           kept in moderation, teens who work also yearn to achieve
passion for cars is undeniable. During his spare time, he      higher education as well. They can develop a greater sense
and his closest friends work on each other’s cars and enter    of self-worth, responsibility and feel more dependable than
competitions to showcase them. However, in order to pay        unemployed teens. Parents perceive them as independent and
for the parts he needs and fulfill his expectations, gaining   in general they feel greater life satisfaction.
employment was his only option.
                                                               For more comprehensive data, visit www.childtrends.org.
Zamora’s situation is not uncommon. According to a 2001
study by childtrends.org, 22 percent of California teens are   By: Robert Silvas

                                                                                            e-mail us at
                                                                                        or call 559/248.2679
we repair all makes and brands of gas or electric scooters
                                          Sanders and was sent to Indianapolis to train for the upcoming season.
                                          During a workout session, though, a drastic turn of events unfolded. A
                                          disc ruptured in his back and he was immediately sent to the hospital. “I
                                          knew it was serious when I hurt my back and I couldn’t walk,” he said.
                                          The injury and impending surgery would keep McCaffrey from entering
                                                       the NFL draft that year; however he would still be eligible to
                                                             enter the league as a free agent.
It was two years ago when
Brent McCaffrey made a life-                                        Six months passed before McCaffrey was able to
changing decision.                                                   recover from the surgery he had hoped would
                                                                      revive his dream of playing pro football. He was
He was starting offensive                                              sent to the Denver Broncos training camp, but
tackle for the USC Trojans                                             when he arrived, he knew it was already too
for three seasons and a                                                late. “They pulled me into their office and they
1999 All-Pac-10 honorable                                              said they want me to play and they expected
mention pick. A pro football                                          me to play by a certain date. I just knew in the
career was on the horizon,                                          back of my head I couldn’t play,” he said. “I knew
when in 2001, injury struck.                                      I didn’t feel right and to this day I think I made the
After surgery ended his hopes of                               right decision.”
playing for the NFL, he knew he had
to make a career change. He                         A New Endeavor
relied on the education                            Now, he is the Vice President of Construction for the McCaffrey
he received while he                                 Group, the company that his family owns. As a child, he grew
was at USC and                                        up around the business and felt the need to return home to
is thankful it has                                      work under his parents, Bob and Karen.
led him to a life
outside                                                   “My family is great. They support me in whatever decision
of football.                                              I make. If I wanted to pursue other endeavors, they are
                                                          all for it,” he said. “I’ve done my share of traveling and
“You never know                                           I’ve seen the country through football. I’ve always felt like
what kind of curves                                      this was a great community to come back to, the Fresno
you’re going to get                                     community. I always kind of knew I’d end up back here.”
thrown in life and
you have to prepare for
any obstacle that you can’t                  As vice president, his duties include meeting with the superintendents of
predict,” he said. “I had originally      the various job sites to ensure that the company’s standards are being met. In
thought, the average career for an        addition, he said he communicates daily with various workers about improving
NFL player is like two years, so I was    job quality.
thinking I’m going to be doing this for
another two years after USC.”             McCaffrey said he was eager to handle the responsibilities of his new job, but he
                                          knew he still had a lot to learn. “I work with a bunch of people that have been
A Fork in the Road                        doing this for 20-30 years that have knowledge you can’t learn in a classroom.
McCaffrey was on the fast track           You have to learn it out on the field,” he said. “I’ve accepted the fact that I have
to a pro career. He signed with an        to be a sponge in gaining this material and soaking it up.”
agent who was handling the likes
of all-star players such as Barry
                                          The Tools of the Trade
                                          Gaining an educational background is a key component when working in
                                          construction. Courses in math, specifically geometry, will help an aspiring
student gain knowledge that will lead
them towards collegiate courses in
engineering and architecture. In addition,
McCaffrey said courses at the community
college level will enlighten students about
the building, electrical and plumbing
codes. Most importantly, he said learning
effective communication will help build
morale on the job sites. “If you can’t
communicate with people, you’re not
gonna succeed out on the field,” he said.
“I’m always listening to people to see if
there are new things out there that we
could be doing to make things easier.
It’s a team effort. It goes from us to the
architect, to the engineer, to working
with city hall to the sub-contractors and
everybody being on the same page.”

Reflecting on the Past
McCaffrey stood firm in his choice that
life had more to offer besides sports.
“I thought it was just time to move
on. Once I had back surgery, football

   was over for me,” he said. “I was more
   appreciative of the fact that I had gone to
   school and finished my degree.”

   As a result of the surgery, McCaffrey
   still feels pain in his back to this day.
   In addition, he said the injuries and
   surgeries that occurred as a result of
   playing football still have lingering
   effects. Nonetheless, his experience has
   made him grateful for the education he
   received as well as for the opportunities
   he has now.

   By: Robert Silvas

                 e-mail us at
             or call 559/248.2679
                                                             their fears; mainly the fear of the unknown. I explain to them
                                                             about the program, where they are going, what to expect and
                                                             what the program will expect from them. I explain that it’s going
                                                             to suck for the first few days, however most kids get used to it
                                                             and may even get to like the program.”

                                                             A Rough Upbringing
                                                             Haywood is well aware of the signs of a troubled youth. During
                                                             his teenage years, he was one.

                                                             “I was brought up in a rough side of L.A. on Jefferson and 4th. It
                                                             was bloods and crips sitting across from each other. I was never
                                                             involved with gangs, but I was in that environment,” he said. “I
                                                             was a little clepto, my mom had some control but not much.”

                                                             He was raised by his mother, who passed away when he was
                                                             13 years old. His stepfather, who he had only known for two
                                                             years, raised him from that point on but they shared a strained
As a teen, John Haywood was always in

Born in Los Angeles, he frequently encountered
situations he knew he should have avoided.
Throughout his adolescence, he constantly
moved through several different homes
from L.A. to Fresno in search of stability and     relationship. After the passing of his mother, Haywood said his anger was
security. Instead he only found turmoil.           unleashed.

However, he now runs an organization which         “I was bored and did crazy stuff. I couldn’t focus my energy,” he said. He
locates teens experiencing the same difficulties   broke into a neighbor’s house and was charged with breaking and entering.
in life he encountered.                            On separate occasions, he was busted for joyriding. Eventually, he landed
                                                   in Juvenile Hall. “In juvy, my freedom was gone,” he said. “I knew then I
Haywood, the founder of Vision Adolescent          wanted to get away from my environment, away from everything. I wanted
Services, Inc., travels across the country         to do better, but I didn’t know how.”
to assist families with troubled teens on a
regular basis. He is a transport agent, whose      Finding Support
duty is to find young people and relocate          He was placed in a group home and formed a bond with some of the
them to programs provided by therapeutic           staff. He also bonded with Duckworth Ford, a probation officer who gave
boarding schools and wilderness camps which        Haywood a second chance. “My probation officer, I felt, was on my side,”
rehabilitate troubled youth. He has run VAS,       he said. “To be honest, my parents were some of the staff members of
Inc. for over ten years.                           some of the programs I went through. Some of them kept in contact with
                                                   me afterwards.”
“A lot of these teens are out of control,” he
said. “The parents are in distress and they want   Through their support, he made the decision to try to change his life.
to keep their kids out of trouble by finding       However, the transition would be rough. He joined the basketball team
suitable programs.”                                for Centennial High School in Compton, but his surroundings at home
                                                   and at school remained negative. He still clashed with his stepfather and
“These teens are mainly dealing with               Centennial was a dangerous school where violence occurred every day.
life’s issues and the pressures of being an        At 17, he moved to Fresno. He played basketball for Edison High, but
adolescent,” he said. “Many of them are just       soon transferred to Fresno High because he landed in fights at Edison. His
searching for guidance. I am their first and       search for stability was far from over, but he would soon find a purpose.
crucial step into getting the help they need.
I make it my job to be personable. I address       Changing for the Better
                                                   Finally, he met Ruby White. Haywood refers to her as a mother figure
                                                   who encouraged him to face his problems. He said it was her guidance
                                                   that helped him improve his lifestyle. As a result, he earned his diploma
                                                   through the Restart program, enrolled in Southern California College (a
 Christian college in Newport Beach),                               personal interest in them. As a result, he has formed
 where he played basketball. After                                  a wealth of friendships with the kids he has helped.
 college, he started work for a company                             “Some of them email me or call once in a while just
 similar to VAS, Inc.                                               to see how I’m doing or to give me a hard time.”

 As an adult, he enjoys reaching out to                             “I’m hoping I can make a difference. I’m just sharing
 kids who share a background similar                                my past. Vision’s goals are really to assist families
 to his. He also wants the teens he                                 with troubled teens,” he said. “Most of the kids are
 transports to realize the importance of                            great. They just need a little guidance down the right
 family, which is something he had to                               path.”
 search for in his adolescence.
                                                                    By: Robert Silvas
 While Haywood is only involved briefly
 with the teens he transports, he takes a
                                                                                                 e-mail us at
                                                                                             or call 559/248.2679

Through the Eyes of Youth is the second annual Youth      hundreds of students in Fresno County. The Youth Citizenship
Film Festival at Roosevelt School of the Arts in Fresno   Awards Program recognizes students, who demonstrate civic
on May 2 at 2:30 p.m. This free event highlights          responsibility, solving problems and serving others in their
youth produced videos which share art, ideas and                               school or community.
feelings of high school
students      in    the                                                         The Council facilitated the Fresno Youth
Central Valley. See                                                             Summit on October 15, at the Fresno
the winning videos                                                              Convention Center. 300 student leaders
and celebrate the                                                                from 30 schools participated in the
winners of the Youth                                                             Summit, which included leadership
Film Festival. This is                                                            training and development of school
one of several projects                                                           action plans.
co-sponsored by the
Fresno County Youth                                                                The Central Valley Stories of Service
Service Council.                                                                  Project documents stories of veterans
                                                                                  and creates digital mini-documentaries
The       Council    was                                                          (five minutes) about their wartime
established in 1998                                                                experiences and insights. These
to      involve    youth                                                           moving and inspirational digital
leaders      from    high                                                          stories record the extraordinary
schools, colleges and                                                               courage, commitment and sacrifice of
youth organizations in                                                              Americans who served their country.
leadership development
and community service                                                               In Operation Respect, youth leaders
projects.       The goal                                                            use the Don’t Laugh at Me video
is to provide a forum                                                                to lead other students to agree to
for youth voice and to                                                               Respect Zones, in which bullying
empower youth leaders to                                                              is not okay. This includes conflict
practice civic participation                                                          resolution training and commitment
and serve their school,                                                                to values of respect and
community and nation.                                                                  responsibility. The kNOw MORE
They meet on the third                                                                  group leads training to reduce
Monday of every month at                                                                relationship abuse.
the Fresno County Office of
Education and facilitate the
annual Fresno County Youth                                                             Applications and information are
Summit. See their web site:                                                            available at www.yesfresno.org.
www.yesfresno.org.                                                                    Contact John Minkler, Program
                                                               Coordinator, Fresno County Office of Education, phone:
The     Council      co-sponsors          several         497-3728, email: jminkler@fcoe.k12.ca.us. Sponsors include the
opportunities to involve and recognize youth service.     Fresno County Office of Education, Fresno, Clovis and Central
The President’s Volunteer Service Award is given to       Unified School Districts and the Civic Education Network for
                                                          Region 7. By: John Minkler
Mateo Rivera                                 so they put me in gym
can perform any                               classes. Ever since then
jump, flip and                                  I’ve loved it.”
tumble when he is
inside a gymnasium.                              At seven years old
As he manipulates                               he won his first award:
the rings, pommel                              first place in all-around
horse, trampolines                            competition in Berkeley.
and parallel bars to                         He has participated in state
his will, he is right at                      and regional competitions,
home.                                         winning awards and medals
                                               in Tempe and Phoenix,
An instructor for                                Arizona and Las Vegas,
Gymnastics Beat, Inc.,                            Nevada. At the Junior
Rivera, 19, said                                   Olympics in Vegas
he wants to                                          in 1998, he teamed
show kids                                              with the top
how fun                                                  six amateur
the sport                                                  gymnasts
can be.                                                    in Northern
As a child                                                     California;
growing                                                               at the
gave him                                                                       Chainey Humphrey (1996 Olympian-
confidence in                                                                  Men’s team) and Chris Waller (1992
himself. “I like to call myself                                                Olympian-Men’s team). During this
the ‘show monkey,’” he                                                         time he also kept a steady focus
said. “I show the kids how                                                     on his academics. While attending
exercises are done. It’s fun. I                                                Central High School, he earned an
get to use my skills and help                                                  overall grade point average (GPA)
other kids by teaching them                                          event,    of 3.95.
what I know.”                                                      he
                                                               earned a        Obstacles Arise
A Natural-Born Gymnast                                     gold medal for      Success in gymnastics came with
For Rivera, gymnastics was a            floor competition and the team         ease for Rivera, but factors beyond
perfect fit. “My mom and dad            won first place.                       his control kept him from turning
decided to get me into it because I                                            professional. “I went to the highest
was always hyperactive,” he said. “I    Excelling in the sport allowed him     point where no one in the Fresno
used to flip around when I was little   to accumulate a wall of awards.        area could teach me more than
                                        Along the way he met former            what I know,” he said. The costs
                                        Olympic champion Shannon Miller        associated with higher training were
                                        and other famous gymnasts such as      too expensive, so he reevaluated
                                                                               his goals. He switched to teaching
and began instruction at the Central Valley YMCA.
He welcomed the chance to pass his experience and
years of training to others and was especially excited
because he would have the chance to work with kids.

Sam Shima, the owner of Gymnastics Beat, Inc. said
the lack of programs for young male gymnasts in the
Central Valley is one reason Rivera did not go farther.
He said it is a shame because he has never seen a
gymnast as great in the Central Valley as Rivera. “If
I had his skills at his age, I’d have been state champ
if not higher,” he said. “I remember when his mom
approached me about training him. When I saw his
skill level, I told her I could not train him because he
surpassed my ability to train him.”

Shima saw an opportunity however. He approached
Rivera and asked him if he would like to be an
instructor at the facility when it was         ready
to open. Rivera jumped at the
offer to join. “I’ve known
Sam for five years. He’s
had more faith in me
than anybody I know.
He’s helped me
find several jobs.
He even got me a
scholarship worth
$500 from the Fig
Garden Rotary Club
when I was going to
Clovis Academy (Of
Gymnastics and Dance)
and Madera Gymnastics
and Dance.”

Teaching For Fun
Since then, he has had the chance to pass the
knowledge he acquired during years of competing
onto others who want to learn and have fun through
gymnastics. It is his hope that the kids he trains have
fun and grow in confidence in their abilities. He said
that confidence will give them the strength to achieve
their goals in life. “Gymnastics taught me if you try
hard, you can achieve your goals and your dreams,”
he said. He also hopes that Gymnastics Beat grows to
the point where they can conduct demonstrations and
become a training facility for aspiring amateurs looking
to turn pro.

Rivera is currently attending Fresno City College,
taking criminology classes. He is interested in law
enforcement and feels he has gone as far as possible
in gymnastics. For now though, he is happy to be an
instructor where he can promote a family atmosphere
and emphasize fun above everything else. “I love it,
there’s no other place that I’d rather be.”

By: Robert Silvas
     Ask any boxing fan about Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and you are
    likely to induce a heated reaction. The current WBC lightweight
   champion has been called brash, arrogant and mouthy, while in
  contrast, some label him as the best pound for pound fighter who is
 long overdue for credit.

He is a fighter with an incredible undefeated record (31 wins, 21 by
                   knockout). He fought in the Olympics during his
                          amateur days, then fought professionally in
                             the featherweight division and became
                               champion. After dominating the
                                featherweights he boldly moved up to
                                 the lightweight division and captured
                                  the title there as well.

                                 His skill in the ring, however, has not
                                 translated to success outside of it.
                                 Being in the limelight has not been kind
                                to Mayweather. He has had his share of
                               personal and legal battles, as well as felt
                                the scorn of the boxing fans and press,
                                 who have mercilessly bashed him as an
                                 individual while admiring his ability in
                                  the ring.

                                 A Perplexing Phenomenon
                                   Mayweather’s last two fights have
                                    been an example of the level
                                     of competition in the sport, as
                                     well as the capricious nature
                                      of boxing fans. In April, he
                                      defended his title against
                                      Victoriano Sosa at Fresno’s
                                      Selland Arena. With an arena
                                       full of fans simultaneously
                                       displaying their disdain for the
                                        champ, he nonetheless fought
                                         for 12 rounds and went on
                                          to win the contest by way
                                          of the judges’ unanimous
                                           decision. Fight reporters had
                                            a different perspective; they
                                              had the fight closer to a
                                               split decision, some had it
                                               in Sosa’s favor.
                                                 Mayweather in Private
His contest against Philip                         With his record currently at 31-0 with 21 KO’s, Mayweather is
N’Dou yielded the opposite                         looking to move past the lightweight division and trade fists
outcome. Taking place in                           with contenders in higher weight classes. One of the more
November in Grand Rapids,                          notable opponents mentioned is Oscar De La Hoya. “That fight
MI, the crowd was firmly                           is destined to happen,” Mayweather said. But can he prove to
behind their hometown hero as                      the boxing world that he can once again move up in weight class
he earned the praise of critics                    and effectively compete in another division?
by out-boxing and eventually
knocking out his challenger in                      Only Mayweather knows his true intentions. However, when
the seventh round. “I feel that                    Mayweather is away from the ring, the sport is the farthest
put me back at the top. The people should just   thing from his mind. Instead, he turns his focus towards his
give me my props,” he said. “I’m gonna be        entrepreneurial endeavors. He prefers to discuss his long-term
honest, people say I’m real arrogant. They say   goals, which include his record label/clothing line, $Philthy Rich
I’m cocky. Everybody is entitled to their own    Records and training other fighters. Currently, he has one artist
opinion. Some can love me, some can hate         to promote, Dirtbomb and one fighter under his wing, Wes
me. I know in my heart I can’t be beat.          Ferguson, who had his first pro fight during the undercard of the
At the end of the day, there’s only              Mayweather-N’Dou contest. “He’s a top amateur fighter who kept
one person I’ve got to answer to,                   getting bad deals and really wanted to fight a more professional
that’s the big man upstairs.”                        style,” he said. “The first guy he faced he beat, a guy with
                                                      record of 4-2-1. He was 17 and his opponent was 21.”
Fights outside the
Squared Circle                                        At home, he is concerned about his relationship with his
Disputes outside the ring have                        children, in particular his sons, Koraun Amir, 4, and Shamaree
been just as prominent as his                        Zion, 2. He does not want to repeat the cycle he had with his
battles inside of it. He has had a                  father. “I’m trying not to have that type of relationship with
rocky relationship with his father,                my boys so we can grow older as father and son. When I’m not
Floyd Mayweather, Sr., a former                  traveling and trying to take care of business, I see my kids
fighter who trained his son for a period         every day.”
of time and claimed to be the reason young
Mayweather is a phenomenon in the sport. The     At least two times a year, he travels back to his hometown of
champ credits his uncle Roger,                      Grand Rapids, MI to visit local schools and talk with children.
though, more than his father                         He visits with various alternative, elementary, junior high and
in developing his skills as a                        high schools about the importance of being positive. “We talk
fighter. In a well-publicized                        to them about accomplishing their goals in life and I tell them
and bitter split, his father was                     ‘whatever you wanna do in life, you can do it, but it’s not
removed from the team in                             gonna come easy,’” he said.
1999 and regrouped by joining
Oscar De La Hoya’s camp as                          During the holidays, he participates with Job Corps and the
head trainer. He has had little                     Ronald McDonald House of Charity, working at a Las Vegas
to no contact with his father                       McDonald’s for charity and giving away turkeys to feed the
since then. “My dad was there                       homeless in Las Vegas and Grand Rapids for Thanksgiving.
for me, boxing-wise, but as far                     “I’m appreciative of everything I got. I feel I’m truly blessed.
as just me and him spending                         I’m truly, truly blessed. The kids that are less fortunate, we
time together, going to the                         feed them,” he said. “I just went home, had a big dinner for
movies, having talks, father-son                    the homeless and all the children in Job Corps. I feel that if the
things, I never had that type of                    shoe was on the other foot, I would want somebody to help
relationship,”                                      me out.”
he said.
                                                     It is no secret in boxing that fighters are either loved or
A legal battle also surfaced                         despised. In Mayweather’s case, his proficiency in the ring
when a woman alleged she was                         is hidden by his antics outside of it. Boxing fans, critics and
run off the road by someone                          “experts” perceive him as full of himself with the praise that is
driving a vehicle owned by                           heaped upon him through good press and favorable opinion.
Mayweather. Tommy Smalls,                            They may never know the real Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; however,
a representative of his team, insists those      the man in private is struggling for separation from the character
troubles are over: “There have been false        seen in public.
accusations, but there has been no truth to
them and those misunderstandings have been       By: Robert Silvas
cleared up,” he said via telephone.                                   an
Mayor Alan Autry wants to wipe out graffiti in the        -Suspending the driving privileges of a minor upon conviction of
City of Fresno. As a result, he took drastic measures     vandalism.
throughout last year to eradicate it and he has more
plans on the way.                                         -One year in jail/$5,000 fine or pay for clean up.
“Fresno pays $1.5 million to rid our city of graffiti,”   -Pursuing parents for fines imposed for vandalism regarded as
Mayor Autry said. “Do you know how many after             infractions or misdemeanors.*
school programs and other programs we could start if
that money wasn’t used to stop graffiti?”                 In addition, one detective is now assigned to each of the five police
                                                          districts to handle graffiti violations. Graffiti Detective Ed Rij said other
Some of the Mayor’s new plans include stiffer             penalties for graffiti vandalism can be imposed by the court. They
penalties for graffiti which can be found on the city’s   consist of: one year in boot camp, formal probation status, electronic
website (www.fresno.gov). Those penalties include:        monitoring (ankle monitor), work detail, substance abuse/physiological
                                                          treatment and/or essays to victim.

                                                          Youth and Graffiti Prevention
                                                          Code Enforcement Graffiti Supervisor Jet Lim said last year
                                                          approximately 1.7 million square feet of graffiti was eliminated due to
the efforts of the city’s Anti-
Graffiti Team and volunteer
groups. More importantly,
he said teens have played a
vital role in improving the
community through graffiti
eradication. The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints alone enlisted 200
student volunteers to fight
graffiti in their neighborhoods
in 2003.

“Volunteer efforts like these
will help wipe the plague
of graffiti from our streets,”
Mayor Autry said. “After the
graffiti is gone, we must keep
working to catch those who
continue to vandalize
our city.”

Lim said other groups
who volunteered last year
included: McLane High
School JROTC, CSUF Sigma
Beta Mentoring Club and the
Weed and Seed Program.

Lim added campaigns such as
Adopt-A-Spot have been
successful in graffiti
elimination as well. Adopt-
A-Spot started in May                                                    classrooms. The program will revolve around a game show
of last year and is open                                                  format intended to present graffiti as a crime that destroys
to anyone 15 and older.                                                    their community.
The program provides
members with graffiti                                                       Graffiti Awareness
eradication kits, which                                                    According to the Fresno Police Department, the recidivism rate
contain materials needed for                                              for “taggers” is relatively low at 10 percent.
removal and a video on how
to properly use them.                                           Teachers and school staff are also helping in the fight against
                                                              graffiti. Many are always on the look out for those possibly involved
Block parties have also been                               with graffiti on campus. The Police Probation Team also conducts
developed by the City of Fresno and are               patrols on campus to handle graffiti as fast as it happens.
designed for any group with an adult sponsor or
organization. Lim said students as young as 13        “We always interview those who have been arrested for graffiti. The most
have participated.                                    common answers are habit or addiction to graffiti,” Rij said.

There are several ways more teens can get involved    Contact the Anti-Graffiti Team at 621-TAGS/8247 to report graffiti in your area
in stopping graffiti. They can form groups and        or to receive information on participating in graffiti removal and prevention.
encourage school clubs or church youth groups         To access information on the web, visit www.fresno.gov.
to spend a weekend or two volunteering to paint
out graffiti. School clubs and groups can also        By: Robert Silvas
adopt a neighborhood and keep it free from graffiti
throughout the year. The McLane JROTC, for
example, cleans graffiti around their campus          Thanks to Christine Cerda from Mayor Autry’s office for her collaborative efforts in compiling this report.
year-round.                                           *From the City of Fresno website: www.fresno.gov.

This year, the city will implement the Bob Bring-                                                                        e-mail us at
It-Down program, which will target 4th-6th grade                                                                paom@positiveattitudeoutlook
                                                                                                                     or call 559/248.2679
If you’re not aware what shoes draw attention these days, don’t worry.
 ATTITUDE has your back, or feet for that matter. With help from Shiekh
 shoes we give you, the reader the newest and hottest footwear.

    At the moment, Nike is the frontrunner on the athletic shoe market,
               capitalizing on its legendary Air Jordan line and looking
                    towards the future with Air Zoom Generation ($109.97),
 the signature shoe of NBA rookie sensation LeBron James. Nike’s latest
 concoction is the Air Huarache 2K4 ($124.97), which combines the elements
 of eight different shoes over 32 years including the Jordan XI, Air Penny
 IV, Air Force I and Air Flight Huarache.

    Speaking of Nike, its Air Force I ($74.97) is highly popular. So popular
     in fact they are sold as limited editions in limited quantities. Some
      styles have been collector’s items traded on Ebay, selling as high
      as $550.00. For the release dates for the newest Air Force 1’s, go to

   Another highly collectable shoe is the Air Jordan. Nike recently caught
 on to the value this shoe has generated over the years and has released
 limited editions of Jordan’s which recall the styles of the past. Currently,
 Nike has a remake of the first Air Jordan shoe; patent leather in its classic
 original colors; red, white and black ($99.97).

  For those who prefer fashion over function, Reebok has taken the cue
  from some of hip-hop’s hottest celebrities to find their niche in the world
  of footwear. The Sean Carter Mid ($99.97) inspired by Jay-Z and the 50
  Cent/G-Unit approved G6 ($84.50) have catapulted Reebok’s sales by
  catering to a hip-hop audience.

 Another company that is flourishing is Converse with its line of Chuck
 Taylor shoes ($29.97-34.97). This style, which has been a mainstay in
fashion since the 20’s, has been favorite among males and females alike
 and is very popular with skate and punk crowds.

        Ladies Only
        Now by this point, you ladies
        are wondering, what about
        us? There are plenty of styles
       coming out from brands like
    Delicious, Bamboo and Shiekh.
  Most companies have ditched the
  platform heel look and are now
     focusing on pump-style shoes.
      There are limitless possibilities,
      so whether you like sandals,
      pumps, flats or sneakers, these shoes
      will have you running out to grab the pair
     that’s just right for you.

                       For the athletic female, Bloch offers a dance
                       sneaker, the Boost DRT, for $69-75, depending on
                       the location.
It is a routine afternoon in Meoshe’s Los
Angeles headquarters until Delroy Morgan
frantically enters the room. Morgan,
the company’s Executive Vice President
of Operations, politely interrupts CEO
Lennox Barnes to share the news that
Eastbay, a national clothing catalog, has
featured Meoshe in an advertisement
that will run in XXL, a national hip-hop
magazine. Upon hearing this, Barnes
becomes ecstatic. “They did it on their
own,” he said. “We didn’t have to ask
them to endorse us. This is very good
news. I am very pleased.”

For Barnes, the announcement is proof
he made the right decision to form his
own clothing company. A Jamaican
immigrant, he arrived in the United States
in the summer of 1983 and resided in
New York for almost a decade. There, he
started a career as a tailor then
moved to Los Angeles to work
under other clothing companies.
He felt the move to L.A. would be
advantageous to him; most fashion        and the Eastside Boys
companies are based on the East          and the Ying Yang Twins.
Coast and very few manufacturers         In addition, celebrities such
                                                                         Rocawear, IceWear, Vokal,
decide to originate from the West        as Doug E. Fresh, Raekwon
                                                                         Snoop Dogg and Shady, all
                                         (Wu-Tang Clan), Coolio, 112,
Coast. As he became involved                                             brands related to hip-hop
                                         Jamie Foxx and Nelly have
in the design, marketing and                                             artists, have capitalized
                                         been shown wearing his                                           the attention of fashionably
advertising aspects of the fashion                                       on the mass popularity
                                         brand. Foot Locker, which is                                     conscious hip-hop fans, but
industry, he found his current                                           of the genre by designing
                                         owned by Eastbay, has also                                       eventually, he would like
position within reach. Finally, in                                       and manufacturing clothes
                                         featured Meoshe as hot items                                     to see his brand develop a
1997, he ventured on his own and                                         bearing their likenesses. It
                                         in online advertisements and                                     universal appeal. “To me, I’m a
created Meoshe (“good child”                                             is an attempt to use their
                                         throughout its website. He                                       businessperson. I want people
in Japanese).                                                            popularity to overtake the
                                         said these endorsements have                                     to like my product for the
                                                                         fashion industry and gain
                                         been a boost and a sign that
Facing Peril                             his company has found its
                                                                         further dominance in the         quality of it. I want to have a
As CEO, Barnes recognizes the                                            music business.                  little something for the old and
                                         place in the world of                                            a little something for
hazards of the fashion industry.         hip-hop clothing.
A potentially crippling situation                                        However, Morgan believes         the young.”
arose when he dropped his line of                                        these artists might not be
women’s apparel. It was a setback,
                                         Competing with Artist-          as dedicated to the brands       He credits his staff of designers,
but he said it gave him the chance       Driven Brands                   they are endorsing. He           marketers, key executives and
to restructure and focus solely on       In an industry flooded with     said success in music does       cooperating retailers for the
fashions for men.                        celebrity clothing lines and    not always translate into        success he has realized thus
                                         brands that focus on hip-hop    success in fashion. “Those       far. “I can’t complain. I am
“I had to drop the women’s               style, with most based in the   brands are only as good          successful. I could always do
line because it didn’t match the         East Coast, Meoshe is one       as their artists,” Morgan        better, but that comes
standard of the men’s line. The          of the few that designs and     said. “If your artist is hot,    with time.”
standard of the men’s line was way       develops its clothes from the   the clothes are hot, but if
ahead of the women’s and for me,         West Coast. They not only       an artist is on the decline,     By: Robert Silvas
they both have to have the same          compete with established        then his line is going to fall
high standard,” he said.                 brands but with celebrity-led   as well.”                        an
                                         labels as well. All of which                                                           exclusive
Since his decision to concentrate on     are vying for a coveted         Barnes sees more for
men’s apparel alone, his company         consumer group: the always      his company’s future. At
has flourished into a rising name        trend-conscious hip-hop         the present time, he has
in the industry. His fashions            aficionado.
have been featured in the movie
“Barbershop” and in videos by hip-
hop artists such as Ludacris, Lil’ Jon
                                           Cameron began designing shirts and sold them at local clubs featuring
                                           local bands. “It started off as something I wanted to do for fun. I was
                                           going to a lot of the shows and I wanted to be a bigger part of it.”

                                           He saw the potential for growth when he attended Spirit West Coast, an
                                           annual festival in Monterey, CA. “It was a great starting point. I got a
                                           good reaction and the people liked the idea behind the company.”
Being at the center of a burgeoning
business is no easy task. Just ask
                                           From there, his direction was clear. The clothes he designed would carry
Cameron, the driving force behind
                                           a meaning close to his heart.
Ephraim Clothing Company. Starting
a business of any nature comes with
pitfalls that most would rather not deal   The Meaning of Ephraim
with, including acquiring substantial      Cameron said the message of Ephraim is simple. “We chose Ephraim
debt. However, he presses on, fueled by    because we liked the way it sounded and we liked the message behind
the message behind the fashion.            it,” he said. “It represents the people of Israel, who were unfaithful and
                                           made mistakes but God was still faithful to them.”

                                           “I believe everyone can relate to it because it is such a realistic human
                                           condition. We fail all of the time and through it all God is there to pick
                                           us up and restore us if we are willing to let him.”
                                                Some of the bands currently sponsored
                                                by Ephraim are national acts such as
                                                Watashi Wa, Number One Gun, Kutless
                                                and local band Most Inspirational.

                                                Cameron’s future plans include
                                                overseeing the operation of his recently
                                                opened online store. He also obtained
                                                several retailers, including Skully
                                                Brothers and Berean Christian stores.
                                                He continues to set up booths at local
                                                concerts featuring local bands and will
                                                also attend several festivals throughout
                                                the year. In the long term, he hopes one
                                                day he can establish a youth outreach
                                                program through Ephraim to give back to
                                                the community once he is able to run his
                                                company on a full-time basis.

                                                Despite all he has accomplished, he
                                                realizes there is a lot to achieve. “We
                                                need to go to trade shows. We need to

Difficulties Arise
Along the way, Cameron discovered the
growing pains of a fledging business.
He ran into debt early due to the
overwhelming costs of printing and
manufacturing T-shirts. It took two years
for him to climb out of debt and earn           get picked up by a big company and we
enough revenue to cover production              need to sell a lot of clothes all the time. I
costs. Currently, he also maintains a           need to hire a graphics designer to work
full-time job while staying dedicated to        with me full-time. I have a friend who
operating Ephraim.                              helps me out, but I’d like to be able to
                                                pay him.”
He also found selling his shirts would be
difficult if he did not find retailers that     Overall, Cameron said he is satisfied.
would carry his shirts. At the present          “The thing I like about this is I’m my own
time, Cameron has the support of a few          boss,” he said. “I make the decisions, I
local retailers but sometimes still relies on   get to meet and work with people and
selling clothes directly from his apartment.    build relationships. People are interested
                                                in what I’m doing and it feels like God is
Despite the hurdles he has encountered,         opening all these doors for me.”
Cameron has remained positive. “We
don’t want to preach to people. We don’t        To see Ephraim’s line of fashions, visit
want to be about a religion. It’s not about     www.ephraimclothing.com.
following these rules, these ‘do’s and
don’ts,’” he said. “We want our shirts          By: Robert Silvas
to draw people in and ask ‘What’s that
mean?’ or ‘Why would you spend so
much time designing something like that?’
We definitely don’t want to push people
away. We want to create a dialogue and
draw them in.”                                                e-mail us at
Cameron has also been fortunate enough                    or call 559/248.2679
to run across rock, alternative, punk and
hardcore bands that share his views.
 We are now officially, a “city that rocks.”

 Sound strange? Not to the writers of Esquire Magazine. Inside its April issue, it listed Fresno as the sixth best city in the nation to
 experience live music. The city ranked above San Francisco (#8), the only other California city listed in the rankings.

 Until this declaration, Fresno had been labeled unfashionable when it came to music, fashion and pop culture. Soon that line of
 reasoning will be extinct if any of these artists can help it. The number of local musicians is too numerous to mention, but the list
 below should give an indication of the diverse musical talent in the Central Valley. The groups listed represent a scene that is vibrant
 and very active, with each artist making significant strides toward national stardom.

 Get to know these artists if you have not already. They may become the next big thing.

                                  40 WATT HYPE:                                             KAT JONES:
        A hybrid of jazz, hip-hop, latin and soul, the                                      24-year-old singer/songwriter Kat Jones was
   group has made huge leaps over their seven-year                                          already a respected local musician with a
  career. Budweiser chose them to represent Central                                         wealth of live and recording experience.
   CA in last summer’s True Music Live program and                                          But her big break came when, on a whim,
  bassist Darren Klassen said they will be sponsored                                        she submitted a demo to Velvet Blue Music,
     again this summer. This past January, they were                                        who liked what they heard and released her
handpicked by Billboard Magazine and Disc Makers                                            last demo, Building. She has been on tour
  to compete in the Independent Music World Series                                          throughout the country ever since, taking
         held in Hollywood. Out of 2,000 contestants                                        short breaks to record her next CD. The
     who entered, they ended up competing with six                                          result of her efforts, La Rosa, La Cavalera, is
    other groups in an event attended by producers,                                         expected to see a late April/early May release
   promoters and record label representatives. Even                                         through Velvet Blue Music.
      though they finished second place, the group’s                                        Current CD: Building
         momentum hasn’t faded. 40 Watt’s schedule                                          www.katjonesmusic.com
remains full, with upcoming gigs in April including a
 fundraiser for the music program at Roosevelt High
School on Apr. 16 and Fresno State Vintage Days on                                          ATARI CHAMP:
                                              Apr. 17.                                      If the band is the champ of anything, it’s their
   Current album: Grand Unification Theory (Vol. 4).                                        own destiny. The band, which is reminiscent
                               www.40watthype.com                                           of bands like At The Drive-In, Pedro the
                                                                                            Lion and Death Cab for Cutie, has booked
                                                                                            four regional tours themselves, traveling the
                                                                                            Midwest and the West Coast for the past two
                                                                                            years and played festivals in Washington and
                                                                                            CA along the way. According to the band’s
                                                                                            vocalist/guitarist Paul Chesterton, their future
                                                                                            plans include another summer tour to be
                                                                                            launched in July.
                                                                                            Current CD: Nostalgia
     Mention Mynis to a local music fan and chances
    are they have either heard their CD or seen them
  live. The group has actively headlined local shows
                                                              PLANET ASIA: Fed up with the politics of his former label,
                                                              Interscope Records, local rapper Planet Asia pulled a daring stunt
and festivals and is regularly played on rock station
                                                              when he left after waiting three years for his CD to be released.
KRZR, 103.7. In addition, they have shared the stage
                                                              Now, however, things are looking up for the Valley’s only Grammy-
with Papa Roach, Weezer and Green Day as support
                                                              nominated rap artist. He signed with Avatar Records and released The
 acts. The band toured the West Coast recently and
                                                              Grand Opening in February, featuring collaborations with Ghostface
headlined the local stage at KRZR’s annual Manfest.
                                                              Killa from the Wu-Tang Clan and his partner in the Cali Agents, Rasco.
        They will play shows throughout the summer.
                                                              Look for him to also hook up with his partner Rasco again when the
                           Current album: Self-titled.
                                                              Cali Agents release Head of State on May 4 through Pockets
                                                              Linted Entertainment.
                                                              Current CD: The Grand Opening
                                                                                                              by: Robert Silvas
                                                     bacon, avocado and cream cheese on a Basque
                                                     roll. The mixture of ingredients may sound strange
                                                     at first, but your mouth will thank you once you
                                                     try this exotic combination of flavors.

If you are looking for fresh food, a friendly        Exotic and tropical are words that come to
atmosphere and want to escape the safety net of      mind when describing Irene’s, for it not only
“restaurant chains,” look no further than Irene’s    explains the variety of its menu, it describes the
Café for your lunchtime needs.                       atmosphere of the restaurant as well. Decked in
                                                     tropical décor on the walls and on the uniforms
Located in the Tower District, the restaurant        of the friendly staff, they provide excellent
offers freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, soups    service and can accommodate you for indoor
and burgers. Of note are the sandwiches, like the    dining, or out on the patio adorned with flowers
Rio which is a hot smoked ham and Swiss cheese       and palm trees. In this comfortable setting, you
delight that melts into your taste buds the second   might lean towards trying something new, like the
you try it. For the more adventurous, try the        aforementioned Bahama Club, a Brownie Sundae
Bahama Club, a turkey sandwich flavored with         or dinner items such as their Spicy Caesar Salad
                                                     and Chicken Apple Fettuccini.

                                                     No review of Irene’s would be complete, though,
                                                     if their hamburgers were not mentioned. These
                                                     9 ounce monsters are sure to fill your stomach
                                                     and satisfy your hunger. In fact, you might find
                                                            any burger you try from this point forward
                                                            to fail in comparison to an Irene’s burger.
                                                             The California Restaurant Association thinks
                                                           so too, they voted Irene’s the number one
                                                       hamburger in the San Joaquin Valley. If you
                                                     are so inclined, order a basket of crinkle fries
                                                     along with one of their thick milkshakes in unique
                                                     Almond Joy, Oreo and Winter Mint Cream flavors.

                                                     If you are against the thought of devouring meat
                                                     though, don’t fret. Vegetarian selections are
                                                     available such as a veggie burger and the Islander,
                                                     prepared with avocado, lettuce, sprouts, artichoke
                                                     hearts, choice of cheese and all the extras.

                                                     You have no excuse to deny yourself a trip to
                                                     Irene’s Café. If you can’t dine during lunch,
                                                     remember they also serve breakfast and dinner.
                                                     They are open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to
                                                     9 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturday and
                                                     Sunday, they are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

                                                     Located in the Tower District:
                                                     747 E. Olive Ave.
                                                     (559) 237-9919

                                                     By: Robert Silvas
             13 Going on 30- PG-13- Release Date: April 23, 2004
             Starring: Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Shana Dowdeswell
             Director: Gary Winick

             In the case of “be careful what you wish for,” 13-year-old Jenna Rink makes
             a wish for a new life. She gets her wish, but with a twist…it’s 17 years later
             and she’s transformed into a 30-year-old ad executive (Garner). This movie
             will draw heavy comparisons to “Big.” However, judging from the trailer,
             Garner’s first lead role seems promising and she appears to possess enough
             charm to deliver a standout performance in an otherwise derivative film.

14           Other movies coming out in April:
             April 16:
             Kill Bill, Vol. 2, starring Uma Thurman –R
             The Punisher, starring Thomas Jane and John Travolta –R
             Connie and Carla, starring Nia Vardolos –PG-13
             Young Adam, starring Ewan McGregor –NR
             April 23:
             Man On Fire, starring Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken –NR
             13 Going On 30, starring Jennifer Garner –PG-13
             April 30:
             Godsend, starring Robert DeNiro and Greg Kinnear –PG-13
             Laws of Attraction, starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore –PG-13
             Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan –PG-13
             Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius, starring Jim Caviezel –NR

     Troy- NR- Release Date: May 14, 2004
     Starring: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Brian Cox, Sean Bean
     Director- Wolfgang Petersen

     In order to win back his honor, King Menelaus amasses a great army
     to assault the walled city of Troy where his wife has defected to
     live with her lover, the Prince of Troy. I can already hear English
     professors around the country sharpening their critical blades in
     anticipation of carving this film up. I am 50/50 as to whether this
     will be epic and great, or silly and self-indulgent. Hopefully, it will
     at least prove worthy as a visual companion to the great literary
     classic it is based upon, “The Illiad” by Homer.
Other movies coming out in May:
May 7:
Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet –NR
New York Minute, starring the Olsen Twins, Mary Kate and Ashley –NR

May 14:
Troy, starring Brad Pitt –NR
Breakin’ All the Rules, starring Jamie Foxx –PG-13

May 21:
Shrek 2, featuring the voices of: Mike Myers,
Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and
Antonio Banderas –NR
The Clearing, starring Robert Redford and
Willem Dafoe –NR

May 28:
The Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal –NR
Soul Plane, starring Snoop Dogg –R
Raising Helen, starring Kate Hudson –PG-13
Eulogy, starring Ray Romano and Winona Ryder –R

                               Spider-Man 2- NR- Release Date: June 30, 2004
                                Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina
                                Director: Sam Raimi

                                 Late word arrived that Spider-Man 2 would be released on June
                                 30, two days ahead of its scheduled release date of July 2. This
                                 time around, Peter Parker struggles with his duality as superhero
                                 and college student. His personal relationships start to fray as it
                                 becomes difficult to share his true identity with those closest to
                                 him, especially the love of his life, Mary Jane (Dunst). His best
                                 friend Harry Osborn (James Franco) grows increasingly obsessed
                                 with destroying the web-slinger, unaware of his true identity and
                                 the impact it would have on their lives. Parker’s troubles continue
                                 with his Aunt May, who has fallen on hard times since becoming a
                                 widow. To make things worse a new villain enters the fray to distract
Spidey: Dr. Otto Octavius, the infamous Dr.
Octopus (Molina). Add it up and you have what            Around the World in 80 Days, starring Jackie
is sure to be a blockbuster, surpassing the total        Chan –NR
of the previous film. If you’re smart you’ll buy         Darkness, starring Anna Paquin –NR
tickets early to ensure you won’t miss out when          Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, starring
it opens.                                                Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn –NR
                                                         June 25:
Other movies coming out in June:                         Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,
June 4:                                                  starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law–NR
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,                Garfield: The Movie, featuring the voice of
starring Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman –NR            Bill Murray as Garfield–NR
Mindhunters, starring Val Kilmer and LL Cool J –R        Door in the Floor, starring Jeff Bridges and
                                                         Kim Basinger –R
June 11:                                                 The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling–PG-13
The Chronicles of Riddick, starring Vin Diesel –NR       White Chicks, starring Marlon and Shawn
The Stepford Wives, starring Nicole Kidman,              Wayans–NR
Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken –NR             Before Sunset, starring Ethan Hawke and
                                                         Julie Delpy–R
June 18:
The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks and Catherine
Zeta-Jones –NR                                          by: Robert Silvas & Chad Jones
Miracle is a great family movie, safe for all children to watch. It is
highly recommended for a group of boys, instead of a violent video
game. For adults it reminds them of a good memory; for kids it’s
just a good story. I liked this movie because it documents a great
victory. The negatives are: there is no drama or strong personalities
that shine through. The assistant coach is super cheesy. It is not a
particularly GOOD movie, just a good memory to revive. Score one
for Disney!
                                                                                                     Upcoming DVD Releases
By: Tracy
                                                                                                                      APRIL 20
                                                                                                     Master and Commander:
                                                                                                    The Far Side of the World
Miracle is the story of the major underdog USA Hockey team’s battle to capture the                      The Haunted Mansion
                                                                                                                      APRIL 27
1980 Winter Olympics gold medal. It’s a surprisingly inspirational story. A great historic                             Big Fish
achievement in the history of American sports which gave the nation a much needed                              Love, Actually
morale boost. Kurt Russell’s portrayal of the head coach is exceptional. The only negative                            Timeline
was the film is short. It only hinted at the stories behind the majority of its characters.           Love Don’t Cost a Thing
Since it’s based on a true story, I wanted to know where the characters came from,                                 The Cooler
                                                                                                                         MAY 4
why they are the way they are, etc. I enjoyed this film because it effectively portrayed                     The Last Samurai
the USA Hockey team as a symbol of American values such as extreme belief in one’s                            Chasing Liberty
self, dogged optimism, and belief that merit supercedes position or wealth. Go see it                                Peter Pan
if you’re a coach, teacher, student, athlete, ok…no matter where you’re coming from,                                  Elephant
you’ll probably get something out of watching it. It’s a good reminder of how learning                                   MAY 11
                                                                                                                   In America
to be disciplined and to sacrifice ego and self –interests for the sake of a team can                          Scary Movie 3
lead to gold medals, but will always give one the understanding and depth it takes to                                   MAY 18
achieve one’s own meaning of success.                                                                                Paycheck
By: Chad                                                                                                      You Got Served
                                                                                                                       MAY 25
                                                                                                        The Lord of the Rings:
                                                                                                       The Return of the King
                                                                                                                         JUNE 1
                                                RATING GUIDE: 4 stars (best film ever)
                                                                                                            Angels in America
                                                3 stars (great film) 2 stars (entertaining video)                       JUNE 8
                                                1 star (complete waste of mind space)                       Along Came Polly
                                                                                                                 Mystic River

                             movie!                                                                                    JUNE 15
Tell us about your favorite                                                                               Tupac: Resurrection
            e-mail us at                                                                                              JUNE 29

paom@pos   itiveattitudeoutlook.com                                                                            Cold Mountain

               or call
As in all disciplines, the public       given repeatable, constant standards        at six or seven they already read well
school system incorporates both         that are applicable to everyone.            and will avoid the frustration associated
dedicated, skilled participants         Foundations that constantly change will     with not being able to perform at
and a portion of those who are          invariably bring a sense of confusion       their God-given levels because they
apathetic towards the purpose           and inconsistency, which results in         cannot read the material they are given.
of the particular specialty, being      indecision, loss of focus, inability to     Remember, you do not have to fear
only concerned with the amount          prioritize and disciplinary problems.       teaching your children the basic skills. It
of remuneration they take home.                                                     is not necessary to have a formal higher
Therefore, I would like to take this    The public school system over the past      education to teach phonetics. Even
opportunity to express that what        40 years has moved from dedicating          parents who do not know phonetics
is stated in these articles is not an   the first years in primary school which     will find that not only the child, but they
indictment of the public school         concentrated solely on the basic            will benefit from teaching their child
system in general, but an attempt       skills of reading, writing, composition     phonetics.
to point out some deficit areas         and the basics of mathematics. Each
which need reorientation so our         child had the appropriate reading           There is an important secondary benefit
children can get the benefits of        and writing ability before they were        that will come out of this process.
the purpose of why the system           introduced to any other social subjects.    The relationship between child and
was established in the first place.     Now they have moved to the early            parent will get closer, because you will
                                        introduction of social subjects, sex        demonstrate that you care about them
As previously stated in earlier         education, moral affectation programs,      and that you love them. You will find that
articles, it is extremely important     etc., and in the abandonment of the         it will become easier for you to instill in
to establish not only information       previous concentration upon the basic       them “values that will lead to victory.”
in the minds of our children, but       skills of reading, writing and arithmetic
also to teach them the process          discarded systematic phonetics which        Remember, parents, that your children
of recognizing the particular           was replaced with a “look-say” method       are yours and this country’s prime
principle involved so that through      of teaching, reading and writing that       asset. It is much easier to instill in
the use of transference they can        was initially developed for the deaf.       them the concepts of “Victory through
apply principles to multiple            Unfortunately this method requires          Values” if you can get their attention
similar situations without having       memorizing each word and of                 long enough to teach them values like
to depend upon a new set of             necessity limits one’s vocabulary to        integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility,
instructions for each and every         only the amount that person can hold        accountability, patience, delayed
circumstance. It is also mandatory      in memory. Phonetics, on the other          gratification and in simple terms, to be a
that the public school system           hand, relies on only memorizing the 40      dependable person of their word.
does not undermine the affected         sounds that make up the vast majority
moral training of the parents           of the English language. Therefore one’s
so their children can grow into         vocabulary becomes unlimited. That
individuals in the community            is to say that even when one does not
whose sense of accountability,          know the meaning of a word it can be
responsibility, integrity, honesty      pronounced.
and respect for their elders can
be depended upon.                       Parents, there are many simple
                                        methods on the market on phonetics.
This process of training is             It is a great idea to start teaching your
impossible to internalize for           children phonetics at home around age
our children if they are not            two to three. When they start school
          I am not rich and I am not poor.
         I am not bitter and I am not sore.
    I don’t see black and I don’t see white.
      I am just a youth trying to get it right.

           I am not smart. I am not dumb.
       I just want to know what is going on.
                  I am at a loss though,
I see adults around me not taking responsibility,
  to help the youth of today from going astray.
My God, how can I be a good citizen when my
            fellow brothers are full of sin?
      No, I am not right. Yet, I am not wrong.
     Please people tell me what is going on.
          Destruction is what I see because
               the system has failed me.
                I see strife everywhere.
    It is not even safe for a baby to live here.

  Wake up people, because we are the next
      And we do need you all to care.
     Please do not turn your back on us.
             We are the future.
    Don’t turn your back on us because
           we are your tomorrow.

                     by: R.B.
Fresno                                      Visalia                      Bakersfield          Rancho Cucamonga
559/248.2670                                559/636.5880                 661/281.2670         909/476.2782
April 5, 2004                               April 20, 2004               April 14, 2004       April 15, 2004
May 3, 2004                                 May 18, 2004                 May 5, 2004          May 20, 2004
June 14, 2004                               June 15, 2004                June 2, 2004         June 17, 2004
July 12, 2004                               July 20, 2004                July 7, 2004         July 15, 2004
Aug. 9, 2004                                Aug. 17, 2004                Aug. 4, 2004         Aug. 19, 2004
Sept. 13, 2004                              Sept. 21, 2004               Sept. 1, 2004        Sept. 16, 2004
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