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									Visit The Holy City Of India With Varanasi Tours

Famous for being the centre for attaining “moksha” or salvation the city of Varanasi is
the holiest place in India. People from all over the country come to Varanasi to take a
dip in the holy river Ganga and attain purification of body and soul. India has always
been considered as a mystical country with many layers to it. A trip to the city of
Varanasi will introduce you to one of the many layers India has in it. India is home to
many great religions like Hinduism, Bhuddhism and Jainisim, which have co-existed
peacefully with religions from outside like Islam, Christianity, Jew and Parsi.

Varanasi is the oldest city in the world and has many places of historical and cultural
importance. Varanasi is not just an important Hinduism centre but also Buddhism and
Jainism. There are many Hindu temples as well as Buddhist Stupas and Jain Temples.
The centre of attraction in Varanasi has to be the bank of river Ganga. The sight of
Sadhus and Sanyasis sitting at the bank, praying to almighty is bliss. The riverbank is
also centre of many other activities, including small heritage walks, shops and other
items. Bharat Kala Kendra, Jantar Mantar, Ramnagar Fort, Chunar Fort, and
Chandraprabha Fort are few of the most famous sightseeing options. There are many
famous temples in Varanasi including Sankat Mochan Temple, Tusli Manas Temple,
Bharat Mata Temple, Durga Temple, and Vishwanath temple etc. the Buddhist Stupas
and temples at Sarnath are also a very popular tourist attraction.

Varanasi has been the learning centre of ancient India. People from all over used to
come here and study religion, art, history and astrology. The trend still continues so.
Varanasi is a hub of intellectual and learning centers. Varanasi is also famous for its
music and dance. Most of the music, vocal and instrumental both take inspiration from
the spiritual and devotional aura of Varanasi. Sadhus in their orange attires roam
around happily singing and paying their ektara. Cuisine of a place tells a lot about the
kind of place it is. Varanasi has a vegetarian based cuisine most of which has sweets
and snacks. One of the most popular snacks is “paan” or betel leaf. You can get
hundreds of variety of paan here. Golgappas, Chaat, Dahi-Bhalle are few other popular
snacks of Varanasi. Jalebi-Dhoodh, Rabri and Peda are famous sweets of Varanasi. If
you want to shop for some exclusive jewelries and silk then Varanasi is the place to be.
Local markets here offer you good deals with silk fabrics and silver ornaments.

There are many tour packages tailor made to suit your demands to visit Varanasi and
immerse in the spiritual aura. Ganges Tour Package is one of them. This package takes
you to the City of Varanasi starting from Delhi. India mystical tour Package introduces
you to the mystical land of Varanasi and lets you explore the various facets of the city.
India Temple Tour Package will suit your need to see Varanasi and its temples.
Come to the mystical land of Ganga and forget all worldly affairs. Soak your senses in
the daily evening aarti at Ganga bank. The famous lines from a Hollywood movie - Eat,
Pray and love suits Varanasi the best. Come here and enjoy few of the best and
relieved moments of your life.

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