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									                      Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)


The Waxing Moon Day 1 of the year 2750 (the         racy is prevailing today.
Karen Era) - falling on the 5th January 2011, is
New Year day of the Karen people. The Karen         We, the Karen people would like to take this
Era and year have been computed since they          opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to the
migrated to the land called Burma for the sec-      Australian Government and the Australian
ond time in BC 739.Therefore the present            people, for their continuous support of our
Christian era is to be added to BC 739 and con-     struggle for freedom, democracy and human
sequently this year is 2750.                        rights; and in providing humanitarian assistance
                                                    to the suffering people of Burma.
During the past year Karen people had have
traumatizing experiences and continue to flee       Australia has further enriched its reputation by
from Burmese army attacks, forced repatria-         receiving Burmese refugees for resettlement;
tion by Thai authorities and many others life       and its support in promotion of their culture
threatening situations.                             and literature is greatly appreciated. We would
                                                    also like to thank the Australian Government
The people of eastern Burma have been suffer-       for supporting the recommendation of the UN
ing under one of the most brutal military re-       Special Repporteur on Human Rights in Burma
gimes for many years. Since 2006, the Burmese       to establish the UN Commission of Inquiry for
army has been carrying out an offensive opera-      crimes against humanity.
tion in eastern Burma, which has led to the
massive displacement of the Karen civilians We wish you and your family a happy and
who have fled to Thailand and regions within prosperous new year.
eastern Burma.

More than 3500 villages in eastern Burma have       Contents
been destroyed since 1996, with at least one        ♦Editorial
million people displaced. Forced labour, rape       ♦KNU President New Year Message
and torture are widespread and systematic.          ♦ Business -Music School
                                                    ♦ Karen Languge School
We have witnessed that the recent elections in      ♦ Fairfield Festival Event
Burma were clearly neither free nor fair. After     ♦ Housing Co-orperative
spending 15 of the 21 years unjustly under          ♦ National Karen Youth Seminar
house arrest, Burma’s pro-democracy leader-         ♦ Political Activities
Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi was freed
                                                    ♦ Education
on 13th November 2010. She is just one of the
                                                    ♦Culture Activies
2200 political prisoners in Burma punished for
                                                    ♦Karen New Year in 2009
simply engaging in peaceful political activities.
                                                    ♦Karen Community Activies
The calling for true national recondition is the    ♦ Karen Community Profile - NSW
only path to democracy and the establishment        ♦ History of the Karen New Year
of genuine federal union in Burma. The plight
of Karen refugees and the struggle for democ-

                           Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                          Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                          OFFICE OF THE SUPREME HEADQUARTERS
                                 KAREN NATIONAL UNION
                Address of KNU President Saw Tamlabaw on Karen New Year Day of 2750 KE

Dear All Karen Nationals,

           Day one of Pyatho Waxing Moon 2750 Karen Era (KE), which falls on January 5, 2011, is New Year Day
of the Karen people. The opportunity for us to welcome such a singular and gracious day means that we are to
receive happiness and various kinds of blessings. On this New Year Day, I would like to wish all the Karen people
living inside the country, abroad and in the border areas to be full of bodily strength, high morale and to be able to
enter the field of work with high spirit and full energy in the New Year!

         The Karen people are one of the major ethnic nationalities in the country, but as they do not have freedom
and rights befitting a nationality, many have gone to different parts of the world, and those remaining in the country,
far from having guarantee to the security of life and property, have to live constantly in fear and anxiety.

         We the Karen people, since the days of our forefathers, have been deprived of the right to our native
regions and lands, by force. Though the KNU has struggled for liberation of the Karen people from persecution
and for existence as a free people, it is still in the mode of liberation struggle.

          In liberation movement in the past, due to weakness in unity and cooperation, victory had been beyond
our reach and so we have to struggle on. In this New Year, it is necessary for every Karen to be involved in building
up unity and cooperation, at every level of our national liberation movement. Unity of the Karen people is a vital
element in national liberation movement. Every Karen has the responsibility for liberation of the Karen people from
persecution and for their development, and cooperation of the entire Karen people is especially necessary. I
would like to remind all of you to work with discretion so as not to let our unity and our beliefs to become divided
among ourselves, as a result the enemy’s machination.

         For that reason, Karen national unity is one of the vital elements for victory of the Karen national
revolutionary resistance. It is especially necessary for all of us to work with unity and with one mind in order to
achieve the national goal of the Karen people, in this New Year.

           Similarly, it is necessary to cooperate with unity with the other fellow persecuted nationalities living together
in the country, as they also are still in the mode of national liberation movement. Since every nationality has the
right to live in freedom and self-determination, all of us must strive on.

         It is necessary for every Karen, living in different parts of the world, to uphold the Karen people’s cultural
heritage and language, and hand them down to posterity so that the Karen people may not become extinct.

          Accordingly, I would like to urge, in conclusion, all the Karen nationals to work with unity and in cooperation
in this year of 2750, until the Karen people gain the right to live in freedom as a nationality, while resisting the
enemy endangering our Karen people.

                 ————————————————— <> —————————————————-

                                 Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                              Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                                                   International School of Music–Wentworthville
                                   p:(612) 98747150 e: ismwentworthville@ismaustralia.com
                                       The Internatioanl School of Music - Wentworthville is run by Thramu Naw Deborah Tin,
                                       a Karen qualified Music Teacher and a professional musician settled in Australia. The
                                       School is located in 52-54, Railway street, Wentworthville NSW 2145.
                                       ISM Wentworthville is operated under the net work of ISM Australia which has many
                                       other schools in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS & ACT.
                                       ISM provides music courses in group tuition for students from 2 years of age. The use of
                                       piano starts from the age of 4. All the programs have been carefully structured to give the
                                       maximum benefit to each student, developing all technical and musical components.
                                       Individual tuition can be integrated from year 3 of the program for students wishing to
                                       cover any of the federal examination system.
                                       Jitterbugs 2 year old music: Lots of singing, percussion, dancing and musical games;
                                       THEY LOVE IT!
                                       Beebopper 3 year old music: A stimulating environment to introduce your child into the
                                       world of music. Singing, percussion, action and movement, musical games-all aiming to
                                       develop an ability in aural, rhythm, pitch and co-ordination skills.
                                                                           ·     Musically stimulating, effective, in an unpressured
Junior course: from 4 years                                                      environment
Primary course: from 7 years                                               ·     Extension courses can continue after fundamental
Grouped according to age.
                                                                           ·     AMEB examination options available
     ·    Group piano/keyboard tuition studying all styles of
          music                                                            ·     A class room of maximum 10. Each student is
                                                                                 provided with a digital piano for use in the class
     ·    Individual and ensemble experience                                     room.
     ·    Reading, aural and rhythmic skills are developed            Singing Lessons are available in group as well as individually.

                                            Karen Community Language School
                                                                      relieving teachers who contributed their labor by turn. Hopefully
By Tamla Gaw                                                          the school aims the syllabus of its language to be able to integrate
                                                                      in the mainstream setting of Australian Education system but it
Karen Community Language School has been established in               depends on how much interest do the community members have
November 2005 at Old Guildford Public School, initiated by            on the school, how much support will be available from Karen
Australian Karen Organization. However the school had been            community and Australian society, and how smart the leaders of
run since previously as a short term course in summer holidays.       Karen community to convince the members of Karen community
Unfortunately the school had been postponed for eight months          in Sydney to participate in this program for the development of
and then moving around in Auburn, Fairfield and Guildford             the school.
afterward during 2007 and 2009 due to the unavailable of venues       Apparently the school meets some of its criteria which include
for its stability. Fortunately the school ends up its program         Listening and Responding, Reading and Responding, Speaking,
successfully for the academic year of 2010 in Old Guildford Public    and Writing in which they performed perfectly except Reading
School, by running its classes on every Saturday, from 9:30am to      and Responding, and Writing. The problem is especially for some
1:00pm. At the same time we would like to express our sincere         of those students who were born here. However 85% of the
gratefulness to Ms Kay Campbell, the principal of Old Guildford       students have achieved in these areas.
Public School and all school staff who provided us with the venue     Even we meet some of the criteria in which they are supposed to
because our program wouldn’t be able to go further without their      be met there are many staircases that we need to come across to
support.                                                              reach our aim, such as the curriculum, the levels of the classes,
There are 32 students who enrolled in this year and three classes     numbers of students, venue, financial support and the numbers
had been divided for those students according to their ages. The      of teachers are necessary for the substantial and development of
great thing for the community is that the school is free and it was   Karen Community Language School.
taught by six volunteer teachers and looked after by twelve
                                     Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                       Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                           Fairfield Multicultural Festival 2010

T   he group photo was taken of the
    cultural team of the Australian
Karen Organisation-AKO Inc.(NSW
Branch) together with Mr. Chris Bowen-
Minister for Immigration and
Citizenship, ,Fairfield Mayor Nick
Lalich, Mr. Ninos Khoshaba MP and
team members of Fairfield Multicultural

The AKO cultural team presented the
Karen Traditional Done Dance at the
Fairfield Multicultural Festival on 28th
November 2010 at the Club Marconi
Stadium. The program included with an official opening acknowledgement of Country by Billy Carrall;
Keynote addressed by Minister Chris Bowen; and many speakers as Fairfield Mayor Mr. Nick Lalich,
Mr. Joeseph Tripodi MP; and Mr. Ninos Khoshaba MP. There were 22 cultural performance items by
various community groups and participants from the local and surrounding areas.

The Fairfield Multicultural Festival is part of the “Engaging Diversity” programs by NSW Spanish and
Latin American Association for Social Assistance-NSWSLASA. It is sponsored by the Australian
Government, Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Diversity and Cohesion Program.

 The Formation of Karen Community Housing Cooperative Limited-NSW
(The Management committee and executive members of Karen Community Housing Cooperative NSW).

T    he Karen community housing cooperative was formed on the 11th December 2010 with the supports
     of Karen community members, the Common Equity –CENSW, the NSW Services for the Treatment
                                                                   and Rehabilitation of Torture and
                                                                   Trauma Survivors –STARTTS- NSW,
                                                                   THHP MRC and Fairfield FMRC .The
                                                                   meeting unanimously approved the rule
                                                                   of A Housing Co-operative without
                                                                   Share Capital (Co-operative ACT
                                                                   1992,NSW ) and elected the
                                                                   management committee and executive
                                                                   members of 2010-2011. At present
                                                                   there are 95 families of the Karen
                                                                   Community who have registered as
                                                                   members; and the new management
will continue to a for officially register with the Fairtrading NSW and translation of Co-operative rules.

The aim of the Cooperative is to provide secure and affordable tenancies for cooperative members. The
CENSW provides information and assistance on forming a housing cooperative as well as resources
and technical assistance including meetings, workshops and material supports.

For more information about the Karen Housing Co-operative, please contact Saw Eh Soe Kyat Oo –
Secretary on 04340 82476.

                             Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                        Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

 The 5th National Karen Youths Seminar (27-31 December) Kangaroobie-Victoria
                                                          The Karen youth seminars were organised
                                                          by the Australian Karen Organisation-AKO Inc.
                                                          Branches; and is held every two years in
                                                          nominated states. This year, on the 27th to the 31th
                                                          December 2010 , it was held in the state Victoria.
                                                          The participants included the youths of Karen
                                                          communities around Australia with an estimated
                                                          number of 200 participants ( from NSW, VIC,
                                                          WA,TAS,SA,ACT,QLD and New Zealand ) and
                                                          100 observers from Melbourne , ACT whom

The AKO believes the Seminars are to be of a worthy cause, with exceptional aims and objectives
which include:

♦       To build up friendship and solidarity within Australia Karen Communities

♦       To understand the cross culture broadly for the purpose of living in harmony

♦       To understand the nature of conflict and find the peaceful resolution and

♦       To gain the knowledge of the Karen people and their struggle.

                              The global day of action in Australia
                                                                    The Karen communities in 11 countries
                                                                    have joined forces for a global day of
                                                                    action on 9th March 2010, calling on the
                                                                    international countries to take action to
                                                                    stop new attacks by the Burmese army
                                                                    against Karen civilians in eastern Burma.
                                                                    Since mid January-2010 thousands of
                                                                    civilians have been forced to flee from the
                                                                    Burmese army attacks.

                                                                    The Australian Karen Organisation
                                                                    members and activists across Australia
                                                                    took a democratic stand on that day at
                                                                    Canberra, rallying outside the Australian
parliament House at midday; and then peacefully protesting outside the Burmese embassy.

The objectives of the rally outside the parliament House were to call the Australian Government to support the
establishment of a UN Commission of Inquiry into Crimes against humanity in Burma.

Currently the countries who support a UN commission of inquiry into war crimes in Burma are Australia, U.K,
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, US, the Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, New Zealand and Belgium.

Senator Ludlam of the Green Party who is also the Co-convener of the Australian parliamentarians for Democracy
in Burma , was very motivating in his address which supported the cause. The petition addressed to Prime
Minister which was signed by over six hundred people was delivered to the Prime Minister after the rally.

                              Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                       Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                                              cessful efugee
                                           successf ref
                                         A successful refugee story
                               My name is Nay Wah      I completed one term at the Chester Hill Intensive
                               Chit Oo. Born on 23rd   English Centre, then went on to study Year 11
                               October 1990, in        Bridging Course at Chester Hill High School where
                               Kyite         Done,     I continued my mainstream Year 11 and Year 12.
                               Dooplaya District, I    In 2010, I graduated from high school having
                               was the fifth of the    finished my high school certificate (HSC) with an
                               six children of Mr.     ATAR of 95.40.
                               Chit Oo SEIN and
                                                       With my outstanding ATAR, I am privileged to
                               Mrs. Ma Moe CHIT
                                                       choose a course in many universities however with
                                                       my keen interest in the field of medicine; and my
                              Having just finished     personal ambition is to become a useful person for
kindergarten, in 1997, my family had no choice but     the world and especially for my own Karen people.
                                                       Therefore, I decided to do post graduate Entry
to abandon our village due to the launch of the
                                                       Medicine where I need to finish a bachelor degree
Ethnic Cleansing Policy by the current Burmese
                                                       and sit a special test with interview which is
military junta; and became refugees in Nupo Camp
                                                       absolutely hard and competitive.
along Thai-Burma border.
                                                       Lastly, I’d like to say a few words to my fellow Karen
I commenced my first grade in Nupo camp and            youths that: Education is the backbone of your
successfully finished my primary schooling there.      future success in this competitive and modernized
In 2001, my parents decided to enrol me in a school    world. Therefore, please, Karen youth, do not
called Eden Valley Academy (EVA) in Mae La Camp        hesitate to grab every opportunity you have and
to attain my secondary education. In 2007, my          try your best to achieve your higher goals. We
family was granted the opportunity to resettle in      should aim high with steadfast perseverance. As
Australia and eventually landed in Australia on 21st   Winston Churchill once said, ‘continuous effort, not
November 2007.                                         strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our

                        Karen Traditional Wrist Tying Ceremony
The Australian Karen Cultural Association (AKCO) organised the Karen Traditional Wrist Tying
Ceremony on 21st August 2010 at Villawood Senior Citizens’ Hall-Villawood Road, Villawood, Sydney.
                                            Over 200 participants from the Karen community,
                                            Burmese prodemocracy organisations and Australian
                                            friends attended. The program included the Karen
                                            traditional wrist tying ceremony, speeches by elder,
                                            traditional music, done dance, bamboo dance and serving
                                            refreshments of Karen traditional foods.

                                              The wrist tying ceremony is a Karen tradition and also
                                              part of the Karen culture for many generations. This
                                              tradition is celebrated once a year, and is a special family
                                              reunion. In originated in the past, when the elderly people
                                              asked for their family and relatives who are away or
aboard to return and reunite together once a year for a family gathering, sharing food and tying thread
to the wrists to show and remember that they are one.

                             Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                      Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

               Quotes from Speakers 2749 Karen New Year Celebration

              Mr. Gavin Mc Cairns               Mr. Paul Power Chief Executive officer
    State Director NSW DIAC ( Immigration             Refugee council of Australia
      and Citizenship Affairs Department)

    “ Karen New Year celebration offers us       “ It is very clear for all of us the
    special opportunity such as for Karen        improvement of Karen community and the
    community to learn more about culture for    way of interaction into Australia society
    celebration and traditional which really     and also strong support from Karen
    make me incredible.”                         community in Sydney.”

              Ms. Monique Atlas                            Mr. Lachlan Murdock

     Representative of Ms Naomi National            Acting chief executive officer NSW
        Director of Australia UNHCR
                                                               ( STARTTS)

“The Karen community in Australia had           “I also would like to acknowledge the
already brought a great reachments of           struggling of Karen people in Burma, Thai-
diversity about culture and society. We look    Burma border and in Sydney. The brilliant
forward to work with you in the future to       Karen community here in support for struggle
support refugee both Thai-Burma and all         for self-determination in Karen state and
around the world.”                              Thai-Burma border always impress me.”

                           Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                     Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

              Quotes from Speakers 2749 Karen New Year Celebration

               Ms. Zetty Brake
                                                                 Dr Saw Joe Pereira
           Campaign Coordinator
                                                    Convener of Karen New Year celebration Sydney
        ( Burma Campaign Sydney)

  “I always amaze at the Karen people               “On your behalf, I thank Australia
  despite a decade of pressure, offensive           government and Australia people particularly
  and human rights abuses, the Karen                for giving us opportunity to begin new life
  people are still resist against military          in Australia.”

Saw Rostan Po (Closing remark and vote of thanks)
                                                      Saw Lwin Oo, AKO National president
 Convener of Karen New Year celebration
                                                                Karen update report

“Today our Karen New Year has been                   “The New Year which is the time of hope
successfully celebrated due to our solidarity        and also for celebration especially for Karen
and conciliation of national spirit where            , we have to continue our struggle also
everybody is full of participation on this day.”     recommit ourselves for the peace strggle.”

                           Karen Community Sydney,Australia
     Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

             Community Activities

                            International School of Music–Wentworthville
                             Sydney (Establish by; Deborah Shwe)

                              Karen New Year Celebration
                                     2749 Sydney

         Karen Community Sydney,Australia
              Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)





                       Old Guildford

                        Public School     Karen New Year 2749 Sydney

Fund Rasing funtion for Karen IDP.         Saw Krimoo(First Prize)
                                              Karen Got Talent

                   Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                             Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                  Karen Community Profile - NSW
Saw Victor, The Hills Holroyd Parramatta MRC 06/01/2011
Migration                                                   Events & Ceremonies
First wave: Since the late 80 and early 90s                    •   Karen New Year Day
Special Assistant Category Program (SAC)                       •   Karen National Day
     ·    Visa Sub Class 211 (Burmese in Burma)                •   Karen Resistant Day
     ·    Visa Sub Class 213 (Burmese In Thailand)             •   Karen Martyrs’ Day
Second wave: Since 2005                                        •   Karen Wrist Tying Ceremony
Special Humanitarian Program (SHP)                             •   Refugee Week
VIsa Sub Class XB 200, 202 & 204                            Activities
Total 6541                                                     ·   Karen Women Gathering (Women at Risk –
                                                                   Visa Class 204)
Where do they live?
                                                               ·   Settlement Consultation – Advocacy Report for
Top locations in NSW are:-
                                                                   Centre for Refugee Research, UNSW
     ·    Fairfield LGA
                                                               ·   Refugees Week Celebration
     ·    Holroyd/Parramatta LGA
                                                               ·   Bi-Annual National Karen Youth Seminar
     ·    Bankstown LGA
                                                               ·   Annual Karen Baptist Churches Camp
                                                               ·   Trip to Taree, Bathurst & Snowy Mountain
Sagaw Karen and Pwo (East & West) Karen
                                                               ·   Visiting ALFALFA House Community Food
Religious                                                          Co-op limited

Christian (Baptist, Anglican, Catholic, Seventh Day            ·   Karen Language School
Adventist) and Buddhist
                                                            Trainings and Programs
Interpersonal Relationship
                                                               ·   Low Income household energy Refit Program
Many Karen have a cultural value of not imposing on
                                                               ·   Employment Pathway Program (Aged Care -
others or being quiet or less talkative. Elders are
                                                                   Statement of Attainment)
respected as well as teachers, pastors, priests and those
with education. The Karen persist on upholding the high        ·   Pathways to Primary Industry Program
moral qualities in all political and characteristics of            (Farming)
simple, honesty, purity, brotherly love, co-operative
living and loyalty.                                            ·   Veggie Box and Backyard Gardening Program

Dance                                                          ·   Home work Support Program (High School)

     ·    Done Dance

     ·    Bamboo Dance

                                     Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                            Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

     ·    Karen Community Housing Co-operative                    (1) IHSS Case Coordinator and (6) Case Workers – ACL
                                                                  (1) Support Worker, Family Service Team – Auburn
     ·    Introducing to Social Enterprise                        Diversity Service Inc

Manpower                                                          (1) Community Development Worker and (1) Bilingual
                                                                  Counselor - STARTTS
(12) Gained degrees in universities; Accounting (CPA),
Social Work, Social Science, Education, Sociology,                (2) Teachers’ Aid (ACL Fairfield and Old Guildford
International Social Development, Dental Science,                 Public School)
Nursing and Music
                                                                  Volunteers (Mission Australia)
(1) Gained Graduate Certificate in Community
Organisation Management                                           Karen Community Organisations

(1) Gained Diploma in Social Work                                 Karen Churches

(1) Builder                                                       Knowledge Gained Since 2008
Employment                                                             ·     Road and Drivers Safely Information

Karen community members are currently employed at the                  ·     Tenancy, Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
following industrials:-
                                                                       ·     Health Information (TB, Cervical, Women &
STARTTS, Community Service NSW, ACL, Migrant                                 Men, Reproductive)
Resource Centres (The Hills Holroyd Parramatta, Auburn and
                                                                       ·     Immigration Information
Fairfield), Interpreter Services (TIS, Centrelink, Health Care,
CRC), High Schools (Chester Hill, Fairfield & Holroyd),                ·     Child Safety Restraints in Cars (New NSW
Nurseries (Down Pty Ltd & Andreasens Green), Aged                            Law)
Care (Twilight, Fairfield, Canlevalle & Berala On the
Park), Esther Somerville Retirement Village, Hospitals                 ·     Community Service (Formerly DoCS)
(Greenwich & Seventh Day Adventist), Australia Post,
Music School, Silverwater Box company, Laundry                    Issues & Challenges
Services, Ingham Food Company, SES Interiors Pty Ltd
                                                                       ·     Health Service Provision Related
and Design & Construction
                                                                       ·     Employment
Origanisations and Churches
                                                                       ·     Housing
     ·    Australian Karen Organisation (NSW Branch)
                                                                       ·     Sponsoring family back home
     ·    Australian Karen Cultural Organisation
                                                                       ·     Document Help
     ·    Karen Youth Organisation – Australia Inc
                                                                       ·     Language difficulties
     ·    Karen Baptist Church Inc-Sydney
                                                                       ·     Homework assistance for children and
     ·    Exalt the Lord Karen Baptist Church
     ·    Smyrna Karen Baptist Church                             212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                       Karen Settlers by LGA in Sydney in the last 5 years
     ·    Baythaseda Karen Baptist Church                         212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                     (From 5 May 2005 to 4 May 2010)
Formal and informal Support                                       212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                     DIAC Settlement Database (Extracted 11/06/10)
(2) Settlement Grant Program Worker – The Hills                   212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
Holroyd Parramatta and Fairfield MRC                              212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321

                                   Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                      Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                     History of the Karen National New Year
The Karen National New Year celebrations are        Ba Maw's cabinet ratified the proposal, and
held during the pleasant monthof Pyathoe            presented it to the Governor General for ap-
(on the Roman calendar ? Dec/Jan). People           proval. In late 1937, the Governor General
mark the occasion bysounding the Karen horn         signed the legislation. The first day of Pyathoe,
and drum, to maintain the tradition of the Karen    1938 (Karen Year 2677), was declared the first
NewYear, until the end of time.                     Karen New Year.
Officially, the Karen New Year began in 1938.       Initially, the Karen leaders had been divided
Celebrations were first held in 1939. It was on     over the best day for the New Year to fall on.
the first of January 1938, (which that year         Three alternatives were put forward.
correspondedwith the first of Pyathoe), that
Karen national leaders demands to the British       1.      The same day as the Roman calendar.
administration for the Karen New Year were          2.      The date when (the missionary) Dr.
finally recognized, anddeclared an official holi-           Judson first arrived in Burma.
day. That date was also formally acknowledged       3.      The first day of Pyathoe.
as being the year 2677 on the Karen calendar.
                                                    The options were discussed and the matter re-
In fact, the movement for a distinct Karen na-      solved. The first alternative has global signifi-
tional day was begun by SayaSan Baw, in 1935.       cance, and it was felt that a distinctive date for
As member of parliament for Tharyawati Dis-         the Karen New Year would be more appropri-
trict, he argued that a Karen National Day          ate. As for the second alternative, Dr. Judson
should be introduced. However, the                  was a Christian missionary, so this date would
Britishcolonial administration suggested that a     be suitable for Christians, but not Karens of
Karen New Year day would be a better alterna-       other religions. The first day of Pyathoe was
tive. In 1937, the Karen parliamentary repre-       best.
sentatives again
presented the case for a Karen National Da,         Additionally the month of Pyathoe is special
again unsuccessfully.                               for Karen cultural solidarity,
                                                    given the following reasons:
The Karen National Association (KNA) real-
ized that they instead had to work towards the 1.           Although Karens have different names
Karen New Year day. On 2 August 1937, Saw                   for Pyathoe (Sgaw Karens call it Th'lay
Johnson Deepominn, member of parliament for                 and for Pwo Karens, Htike Kauk Po)
Taungoo District, presented the case to the                 the first of each of these months falls
lowerhouse. However the Karen representa-                   on exactly the same date.
tives in the chamber were split in their support
across the two sides of parliament ? U Pu's 2.              The rice harvest is completed in the
governing faction, and the opposition lead by               period leading to Pyathoe, and accord-
Dr. Ba Maw. As the demands were coming                      ing to Karen traditional religious prac-
from a member                                               tice, there must be a celebration for con-
of U Pu's side (Johnson Deepominn was an                    sumption of the new crop. It is also the
assistant minister), those supporting Ba Maw                time to divine the date for commence-
opposed the legislation. It failed to be ratified.          ment of the next crop. Typically, this is
                                                            also whennew houses are constructed,
Soon after, Dr. Ba Maw's group formed a coa-                and the completion of these must be cel-
lition, allowing it to seize power. The proposal            ebrated.
seemed to be left with no chance of getting past
the lower house. Members of the upper house, 3.             The first of Pyathoe is not a distinct fes-
lead by Saya San Baw, Sir San C.Po and Saya                 tival for any religious group, so it is a
Mahn Shwe Ba, discussed the matter together.                day that is acceptable to all Karen
They lobbied for, and gained the support of,                people.For these reasons, on the first of
some among the new Karen ministers. The                     Pyathoe annually, we celebrate the
demand                                                      Karen New Year.
was retabled, and passed.

                           Karen Community Sydney,Australia
                        Karen New Year Celration (Karen Era -2750)

                     Karen New Year 2750 Celebration Commitee -Sydney
                                               Flower arrangement
   •      Saw Maurice Myaing
                                                              L.Myint Ni and team
   •      Dr. Joe Pereira
                                               Sport          Saw Eh Say Aung
   •      Saw Rostan Po
                                                              Saw Daniel Thein
   •      Mahn Chit Oo
                                                              Saw AB Htoo
   •      Coordonators:
                                               Security       Saw Win Men
   •      Saw Lwin Oo
                                                              Saw Htoo Wah
   •      Saw Aung Kyaw Htut @ Saw Victor
                                               First Aid      Saw David Than Aung
   •      Saw Eh Soe Kyat Oo
                                               Welcome        Saw Daniel Zu and team
   Sub- Committees and Coordinators:
                                               Mini market    Naw Lar Gay Moo Gaw and
Finance           Mahn Chit Sein
                  Saw Heh Eh

Culture           Saw Takaw Wah
                                               Masters of Ceremony
                  Saw Chit Thein
                                               First Part Program
                  Saw Eh Shu
                                                       Tasneem Roc
                  Grace El-winu
                                                       Emily Shee
Entertainment Saw Aung Nyein Han
                                               Second Part (Culture Program)
                  Sa Eh Phan Shaung
                                                       Zin Wint Mar
Refreshment       Nan Moe Moe Chit Oo
                                                       Saw Patrick Maw
                  Nant Helen Sein
                                               Third Part (Entertainmaent Program)
                  Nant Sunshine
                                                       Eh Wah Shee Do
Information       Mahn William Phan
& News Letter                                          Saw Hsa Law Lah Tha Nya
                  Saw Eh Kaw
                                               Our thanks to Fairfield City Concial,
Video Record Saw Say Nay Blu Zu                STARTTS, FMRC, THHPMRC, ACL and In-
                  Saw Kyaw Kwee
                                               dividuals for their assitance to our Karen New
                                               Year 2750 Celebration.
Decoration        Saw Eh Shee

                  Saw Hser Mular Shwe

                               Karen Community Sydney,Australia
Karen Global Day of Action
 9-3-2010 Organize by AKO

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