Warming It Up in the Greenhouse by pogungrejo


									Warming It Up in the Greenhouse

Planting is some places can only be done in during a certain season. Some species can’t survive
the cold or hot climate which prompts farmers to rotatea this during certain times of year. It is
also the reason why some goods such as fruits and vegetables that are ripe during the autumn
months can hardly be seen during the summer.

Given that there is a demand for a certain product throughout the year, scientists and farmers
have come up with another way to make these grow. These people have decided to grow the
crops in greenhouses with the use of a heater to keep it warm.

These machines do not take up the much electricity which only consumes 1.8 to 4.8 watts. It
might take more than 2 heaters to do the job in each structure which really depends on the size
of the greenhouse.

Since certain plants grow well at certain temperatures, the farmer should make sure that it is
set at all times to maintain the growth of the crops. Since the machines are expensive, the
person has to choose the ideal heater that is within the budget that can perform the required

Some other things to consider are the types of plants to be grown in the greenhouse, the
existing weather conditions and the how often will planting be done.

There are many kinds of heater in the market.

The first is the electric heater. This is good for hobbyists because of the small area that is used
to grow plants. This small machine does not discharge anything into the air making it safe to
These machines are not big and can be placed inside the enclosed structure. Some models are
stationary while there are other models that can be suspended on the ceiling.

Another is the gas heater. These machines can be powered using propane and natural gas. This
requires the person to have ventilation inside the greenhouse to let the air go out of the
structure. This type of machine is costly since the gas consumed has to be refilled from time to

The paraffin heater is another type that is used for the greenhouse. Just like the gas heater, it
emits smoke into the air which requires the person to have ventilation preferably in the form of
a smoke stack on top.

There are other ways to fuel heaters such as using coal and gas. Though these are non-
renewable resources, these are the best so far until better ways of generating heat are

The use of heaters in greenhouses allows the farmer to plant almost anything even during the
coldest times of year. This gives the people an ample of supply of goods that can be purchased
anytime and provides good business to farmers.

Given that farming is not an easy task; the person has to find the right kind of heater to do the
job. To ensure that the plants are at the right temperature, a thermometer must also be
installed inside the greenhouse.

The use of heaters can only go so far. For this reason, the farmer has to choose the right type of
panels to ensure that the heat does not leave the greenhouse. This can be done by using proper
insulation that is essential to plant growth.
Seasons change four times of the year and it is for this reason that farmers must be prepared to
handle any situation. The use of heaters and a proper ventilation system should be more than
enough to give the crops the proper heating and oxygen it needs to grow.

The right heater that is ideal for the plants should be something that a person who does this as
a hobby or commercially must have. This will ensure that flowers, fruits or vegetables may
produce the same quantity at any time of the year.

There are many suppliers that can provide the right heater to the individual. Those who live in
farms shouldn’t have any problems. For individuals who need this at home, the best place to go
to will be the gardening shop that carry a wide range of supplies and accessories to choose

However, if these are still expensive, then perhaps checking online can give the person better
value for money.

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