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									         Juan’s Flan the Easy Way

 I once had a Spanish restaurant called Café Sevilla.
We made Flan from scratch then but I’m too old and
  tired to do anything the hard way when there is an
easy way available. The easy way to make Flan is to
buy the box and just add your own personal monkey
     business to it………and this is mine. Various
      companies make the Instant Mix…….e.g.:

 Flan is just Flan but you can be creative with it and
                make it something more.
 I like to put Fruit in and around mine and add extra


            1. A box of Instant Flan Mix
            2. Milk
            3. Fruit……..I like Berries &
               Pears…..Apples too
            4. Caramel and Butterscotch
               Topping……I like Smucker’s
           5. Mint Leaves for Garnish
           6. 8 Custard Dishes
           7. Apple Juice
           8. A can of Whipped Cream

Hoard some nice goodies
  Squirt a good little pile of the Caramel into little
                    custard dishes.

   Most of the Instant Mix boxes come with a little
   packet of Caramel Syrup which you add to the
Topping. But be careful and read the instructions at
the store to be sure if you want it. I know of at least
 one brand which requires that you buy the Caramel
  separately. Otherwise, just use the Topping in the
                   Squeeze Bottle.
You can use something like a muffin pan if you have
to but later it is much harder to get the Flan out intact
  and pretty. You are much better off with the little
                     Custard dishes.
I put the Custard dishes in an oven pan and pour hot
       water around them to melt and blend the
 Caramel……….you can just put the Muffin Pan in
        the oven for a few minutes to do this.

  When it cools a little, I roll the Cups around at a
slight angle to make the Caramel stick to the sides.

 Now pour the Milk (usually 2 cups but follow the
    instructions on the box) in a Sauce Pan.
                Bring it to a boil.

                       Dump in the
packet of Flan Mix.
        Beat the pie-whacky out of it.

     Bring it to a boil again and cut off the
fire……………….careful, don’t let it boil over if
     you don’t want to clean up a big mess.
Pour it into a pitcher so you won’t make a mess when
  you pour it into the cups. I find that, overall, I’m
          happier when I don’t make a mess.

       Sometimes I like Black or Raspberries.

     Sometimes, Strawberries or Cherries are
 nice…………even Grapes. The berries are like the
  little prizes we used to get in Crackerjacks boxes
                     when I was a kid.
   The first guest to find one gets to throw it at any
              other guest of their choosing.

                  Pour in the Flan.

             And put it all in the Fridge.
     At my first elementary school, there was a
 Persimmon tree and a Pear tree behind the baseball
diamond screen. We enjoyed climbing the trees and
  getting pucker mouth from the persimmons that
weren't ripe yet. We also liked to gorge ourselves on
           the pears and have diarrhea later.
     As much fun as that was, I still like Pears.

Core the Pears or Apples and pour a little apple Juice
                     in a pan.
 Cook the pears or Apples for just enough time to
soften them ever so slightly. The kind with the Red
          skin is, of course the prettiest.

 And after the Flan has chilled and become firm,
           comes the moment of truth.
 Cover a cup of Flan with a saucer and then turn it
over. I forgot: you cloud run a knife around the edge
  first and this is especially important if you used a
  muffin pan. The idea is to have the Flan plop out
 intact on the plate. If you were dumb and used the
 muffin pan, you will have to try to dump the whole
  thing on a cookie sheet first and then try to scoop
    each one up without dropping it on your shoe.
Arrange the Pears, and whatever other nice little thing
 you have, around the flan and squirt it all with some
      Butterscotch Topping or some Whipped
                Cream……..or both.

 Decorate all with some Mint Leaves and beware of
    Beggars hangin’ around your kitchen door.

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