IN COUNCIL CHAMBERS @ 7:00 p.m.                                                 Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comments from the Public are welcomed at two different times during the course of the meeting: (1) Comments on
items not on the Agenda will be heard under Citizens Concerns, and (2) Comments on all items listed on the Agenda
will be heard during Council’s consideration of said item. A Sign-In sheet will be made available on the small table
at the rear of the Council Chambers. Please write your name and the topic you wish to discuss.




     February 2, 2009 Regular Meeting


     The Clerk will receive and file:
             AMP-Ohio Newsletter(s)
             County Pools to Close
             Paul Abendroth re: Cable Advisory Board Renewal
             Jean Payne re: Cable Advisory Board Renewal
             William Mullins re: Cable Advisory Board Renewal
             OML Legislative Update for February 16th
             Small Business Admin re: Economic Injury Disaster Loans
             Liz Porter re: Greenspace Fund
             News Release re: The Antioch Company/Chapter11
             DDN re: Fairborn Council/City Manager
             Mary White re: Greenspace
             OML re: PERS Benefit Change
             Stanley Bernstein re: Disposal of Materials

     Resolution #2009-06 Authorizing the VM to enter into an agreement Glen Helen Ecology Inst.
     Resolution #2009-07 Authorizing the VM to entering into an agreement Nature Works Grant


     YS Chamber of Commerce Annual Report

OLD BUSINESS (8:10 pm)
     2009 Council Goals
     Verizon Site Update
     Budget/Levy/Fund Balance

     Visioning/Planning-RFP recommendations
     HRC Appointment
     Council Meeting Dates (MOTION)
    Annual Report
    Antioch University Update
    Time Warner Petition/Effective Competition

          Lori Askeland                        Environmental Commission
          Lori Askeland                        Planning/Bike Com/N Gateway (on file)
          John Booth                           Village Mediation Program
          John Booth                           Human Relations Commission
          No Rep.                              Community Council
          Judith Hempfling                     Cable Advisory Panel (on file)
          Kathryn Van der Heiden               Library Commission
          Kathryn Van der Heiden               Reg. Planning Commission-Greene County
          Karen Wintrow                        Chamber of Commerce (on file)
          Karen Wintrow                        Miami Valley Regional Planning (on file)
          Wintrow & Hempfling                  Electric System Task Force
          Wintrow & Van der Heiden             Visioning/Planning Task Force (on file)

The next meeting of the Council of the Village of Yellow Springs will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Monday,
March 2, 2009 in Council Chambers, John Bryan Community Center, 100 Dayton Street.

       Items for discussion on Monday, March 2, 2009:
               Council Notes
                YS Library Lease
               John Chambers-Conflict of Interest/Stutzman
               First Reading re: Ordinance Gaunt Park Pool Fees
               Electric Systems Taskforce-Next Steps
               Investment Report for 2008
               January 26, 2009 Special Meeting.
               February 3, 2009 Budget Workshop

     Bryan Center Guidelines (March 16)
     Environmental Commission (March 16)
     Bicycle Friendly Community Application (March)
     Council Retreat
     ICMA Public Library Innovation Grant Info
     Travel and Training Policy-Council
     Resolution -Red Flag Rule/Identity Theft Prevention Program
     Economic Development CIC/CR
     Comprehensive Plan 4.1 et al
     Planning Commission Requests from Annual Report
     Economic Development/Task Force
     Recycle-Bryan Center
     HRC-Domestic Partnership
     Sidewalks-Rules and Regulations-Village Manager/Guidelines
     Electric /capacity, contracts, capital projects, equipment
     Green Space Legislation
     Blue Ribbon Finance
     Tree Committee
     Personnel Policy Manual Update
     Guidelines for Utility Resolution Dispute Commission
       Fairfield Pike/Polecat Rd. Citizen’s Petition Update
       Marking State Route 68 Bikeway
       Conservation Easement-Well Fields
       Parks and Recreation Master Plan



“The Village of Yellow Springs is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for people with
disabilities. The Council meeting is wheelchair accessible. Any person requiring a disability
accommodation should contact the Village Clerk’s Office at 767-9126 or via e-mail at for more information.”

                             COUNCIL OF THE VILLAGE OF YELLOW SPRINGS

IN COUNCIL CHAMBERS                                                                      February 2, 2009

Comments from the Public are welcomed at two different times during the course of the meeting: (1) Comments on items not on
the Agenda will be heard under Citizens Concerns, and (2) Comments on all items listed on the Agenda will be heard during
Council’s consideration of said item. A Sign-In sheet will made available on the small table at the rear of the Council Chambers.

     President Judith Hempfling called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

       Judith Hempfling, Karen Wintrow, Kathryn Van der Heiden, John Booth and Lori
Askeland were present. Village Manager Mark Cundiff, Assistant Planner Ed Amrhein and
Police Chief John Grote were also present.

       The first Budget Workshop has been scheduled for February 3rd at 7 pm in Meeting
Rooms A and B. The topic will be capital improvements. Two other workshops have been
scheduled for February 23rd and 28th.

     Review of the minutes from January 5, 2009. Wintrow MOVED and Van der Heiden
SECONDED a MOTION to APPROVE the minutes as submitted. The MOTION PASSED.

     Budget Hearing Locations-Old Business

       The Clerk will receive and file:
           AMP-Ohio Newsletter
           Mayor’s Monthly Statement
           Patti Dallas re: HRC Application
           Paul Abendroth re: Council Packet/Website
           Greene County EMA Advisory Board
           EC re: CEMEX/Tire Burning
           MVRPC re: County Census Boundaries
           YSPD re: Pay Increases-New Business
           Gov. Strickland re: State of the State Address
           State Senator Widener re: Economic Development and Transportation
           County Bd. of Elections re: Officials List

       Resolution #2009-05 Business First Participation. Wintrow MOVED and Booth
SECONDED a MOTION for APPROVAL. Cundiff stated that he supports the efforts of
Business First. The MOTION PASSED.

         Chris Roberts had been in touch with Vernays regarding her suggestion of a feasibility
study regarding a solar panel program on the property. Vernays expressed concern about the
ability to place the panels on the land due to the remediation but was not opposed to the idea.
        Matthew Derr-Update on Negotiations/Antioch College. Derr is the Chief Transition
Officer for the Board ProTem of the Antioch College Continuation Corporation. Derr spoke
about the letter of intent between the University and this group to separate the College from the
University. They have 90 days to complete the agreement. The Great Lakes College Association
has been assisting in this effort. He believes that there will be many opportunities for the College
and the Village to work together. The Antioch Review will remain a part of the College, however
the study aboard program and WYSO will not. They do hope to retain the Coretta Scott King
Center. Derr explained that some assets such as the library may be used by both in a
collaborative effort.

        Safe Routes to School. Amrhein that although the project had been set aside for a short
time the Village has not missed any deadlines. In answering Wintrow’s question regarding
sidewalks and bike ability Amrhein explained that the project will have components that will
include sidewalks and bike routes but that these were not the main components of the project.
        Economic Development with Shuman Update. Megan Quinn explained that the Yellow
Springs Foundation gave a grant that assisted in the group meeting their expenses. She also gave
an electronic copy of the report which can be placed on the Village website. She also reviewed
some of the evaluations of the weekend by participants. She also had a CD of the PDF files from
the weekend.
        Dimi Reber the next step was to translate the words of the workshop into actions. Smart
Growth will be hosting a follow-up meeting on February 22nd at 3 p.m. Location for the meeting
will be announced at a later date. DVD’s from the sessions with Shuman will be available for
Channel 5.
        Visioning/Planning Update-RFPs. Len Kramer explained that they had hoped to be
done with their work and ready to present their recommendations for this meeting, but
circumstances dictate that this will not happen until the next Council meeting. Kramer did inform
Council that the group would be recommending four groups out of the 27for consideration. He
further explained that Council had 120 days from January 9th to complete its process.
        Resolution re: Library Lease. Council reviewed the new proposed lease. Van der
Heiden explained that she had been asking for the lease for two years and was glad to finally see
it come to fruition. Benning explained that this new lease included more detail about the
responsibilities of each party. Benning stated she would forward copies to the County, the YS
Library and the YS Library Association once Council has approved the language. Benning would
schedule the legislation for March. Van der Heiden asked how problems library’s physical plant
get resolved. Benning explained that the Head Librarian in an emergency can call Dave Conley
or Mark Cundiff at the Village offices. Non-emergency items can be brought to Council via the
Library Commission. Benning was directed to forward the draft lease and ask for comments.

        Budget Workshop. Council suggested using Meeting Rooms A and B for the
workshops. They also suggested using a U-shape table set up and theatre seating. Cundiff hoped
to have the information placed on PowerPoint for the audience.
        2009 Goals Update. Hempfling reminded Council that they had from February thru
October to meet some of their goals. This is an election year and council membership could
change. She suggested that Council’s commissions, committees and boards assist in meeting
some of the goals. Van der Heiden and Askeland agreed to review the goals and try to categorize
the items listed under the goals. Hempfling and Wintrow would work on a proposal for the work
of the next ESTF.
         Bryan Center Guidelines. Benning explained that John Bryan had added deed
restrictions regarding alcohol and religious worship and these restrictions had been supported by
the previous councils. With nondiscriminatory laws currently in place that were not during the
writing of the restrictions, Council agreed to seek a legal opinion from the Village Solicitor.
         Paul Abendroth asked Council to consider what would happen if other deed restrictions
were ignored. Joan Edwards suggested that Council should honor John Bryan and support the
original deed restrictions. Council would uphold the deed restrictions until a final decision can be
         Letter from the YS Police Dept. re: Raises. Cundiff referring to a memo from the YS
Police Dept. explained that there had been a change in how the Village determines cost-of-living
raises. The PD expressed concern that they were not consulted about the newer process, they
would like a raise and they would like the cost-of-living amount refigured using the previous
process. Cundiff stated that he did not to use the CPI to determine the cost-of-living. Cundiff
suggested that the annual increase should be based on comparable rates of the similar
communities. He further suggested and Council agreed that he research and prepare
comparisons. Hempfling thanked the PD for expressing their concerns.

       Cundiff announced that the father of WWTP Supervisor Joe Bates had passed away.
Council directed the Clerk to send flowers.
       Time Warner has petitioned the FCC regarding the 50/15 rule regarding competing
providers. If approved, Time Warner would not be subject to rate regulation. Cundiff will speak
with John Weithofer former Interim Village Manager and current Miami Valley Cable Council
Director regarding this issue.
       Cundiff reported that during the recent snow event, the Village employees had performed
106 hours of overtime with a cost of $3,720.49 and used 40 tons of salt at a cost of $6,600.49.

The next general meeting of the Council of the Village of Yellow Springs will be held at 7:00
p.m. on Tuesday, February 17th in Council Chambers, John Bryan Community Center, 100
Dayton Street.

               Items for discussion on the Tuesday, February 17, 2009
                      ESTF Next Steps
                      Investment Report for 2008
                      Village Manager-Annual Report
                      Gaunt Park Pool Fees
                      Review of the minutes from January 26, 2009 special meeting
                      Verizon Site Update

         EC re: CEMEX Letter
         ICMA Public Library Innovation Grant Info
         Travel and Training Policy-Council
         Resolution -Red Flag Rule/Identity Theft Prevention Program
         Appointment to HRC
         CIC/CR Economic Development
         Comprehensive Plan 4.1 et al
         Planning Commission Requests from Annual Report
         Economic Development/Task Force
         Recycle-Bryan Center
         HRC-Domestic Partnership
                 Sidewalks-Rules and Regulations-Village Manager/Guidelines
                 Electric /capacity, contracts, capital projects, equipment
                 Green Space Legislation
                 Blue Ribbon Finance
                 Tree Committee
                 Personnel Policy Manual Update
                 Guidelines for Utility Resolution Dispute Commission
                 Fairfield Pike/Polecat Rd. Citizen’s Petition Update
                 Marking State Route 68 Bikeway
                 Conservation Easement-Well Fields
                 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

    No Executive Session was held.

      Having no further business, Wintrow MOVED and Askeland SECONDED a MOTION
to ADJOURN. The MOTION PASSED at 9:25 p.m.

“The Village of Yellow Springs is committed providing reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. The
Council meeting is wheelchair accessible. Any person requiring a disability accommodation should contact the City
Clerk’s Office at 767-9126 or via e-mail at dbenning (at) for more information.”
                      VILLAGE OF YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO
                           RESOLUTION 2009-06


WHEREAS, the Village of Yellow Springs is aware of the importance of Glen Helen; and

WHEREAS, the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, an operating unit of Antioch University,
wishes to apply for a grant from NatureWorks from the Ohio Department of Natural
Resources in the amount of $29,790 to increase wheelchair access, indoor air quality and
energy efficiency at the Trailside Museum in Glen Helen; and

WHEREAS, application for such a grant and administration of such a grant must be done
by a municipality.


Section 1.     The Village Manager is hereby authorized to enter into the Trailside
Museum Inter-Agency Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit A and to perform all of the
tasks as provided for under the Agreement.

Section 2.     This Resolution shall go into effect immediately upon its adoption.

Judith Hempfling, President of Council


Attest: _____________________________
      Deborah Benning, Clerk of Council


       Judith Hempfling _____

          Karen Wintrow _____

Kathryn Van der Heiden _____

             John Booth _____

          Lori Askeland _____
entered into as of the _______ day of ______________, 2009, by and between the GLEN
HELEN ECOLOGY INSTITUTE, an operating unit of Antioch University ("Glen Helen")
and the VILLAGE OF YELLOW SPRINGS, an Ohio municipal corporation ("Village").

        WHEREAS, Glen Helen operates Trailside Museum, a non-profit educational facility           Deleted: the Outdoor Education Center

open to the public, and located in Miami Township, Greene County at 505 Corry St., Yellow
Springs, Ohio 45387 ("Trailside"); and

         WHEREAS, the Village recognizes Trailside as an important community resource,
utilized by over 25,000 visitors per year, and conveniently located at the main entrance to Glen
Helen, near downtown Yellow Springs, and adjacent to the Little Miami Bike Trail; and

        WHEREAS, Glen Helen desires to increase the wheelchair accessibility, indoor air
quality, and energy efficiency of Trailside (the “Project”); and

       WHEREAS, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (“ODNR”) has funding
appropriate for this purpose through the NatureWorks Program (“NatureWorks”), totaling
$29,790 in 2009; and

   WHEREAS, the ODNR only accepts NatureWorks applications from municipalities
   and other political subdivisions; and
        WHEREAS, the Village has determined that it is in the best interests of the citizens of
the Village and the surrounding region to partner with Glen Helen for the purposes of pursuing
NatureWorks funds for the Project; and

        WHEREAS, in order to memorialize the above described arrangement, Glen Helen and
the Village desire to set forth their agreement in writing.

        NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the recitals set forth above, the mutual
covenants and agreements set forth below, and for other good and valuable consideration to be
derived by the parties from the execution of this Agreement, the sufficiency of which is hereby
acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows:

represents and warrants to and for the benefit of Glen Helen that:

        (a)     the Village will apply for 2009 NatureWorks funding on behalf of Glen Helen
on or before the March 1, 2009 deadline; and

        (b)    if NatureWorks funding is approved by the ODNR, the Village will direct these
funds to Glen Helen in accordance with the requirements of the grant.

represents and warrants to and for the benefit of the Village that:
        (a)     all work for the Project shall be completed in a workman-like manner by
competent professionals possessing the necessary skill and experience to properly complete
such installation;

        (b)     Glen Helen has obtained, or will obtain, all required environmental and other
                permits required for the Project; and

        (c)     all aspects of the Project shall, at the time of completion, conform with all
                applicable State, federal and/or local laws, rules, regulations, codes, ordinances
                and/or resolutions.

        (d)     Glen Helen will document all expenditures for the Project, for purposes of
                reimbursement from the Natureworks funds.


         (a)     Glen Helen shall be responsible for all aspects of designing and installing the
Project that will provide new water service to Trailside, wastewater line from Trailside, fully
ADA compliant bathroom within Trailside, new furnace, high performance windows, and
related improvements. Plans for the Project shall be provided to the Village for review and
comment before being submitted to Greene County for building permits.

4.      COSTS.

        (a)     Glen Helen hereby agrees to bear the entire up-front costs for design,
permitting and construction of the Project. Glen Helen will submit documentation of
expenditures to the Village for the purposes of reimbursement through NatureWorks.

       (b)    Glen Helen hereby agrees to bear all costs for the Project beyond the portion
covered by NatureWorks.


         (a)    Glen Helen shall be responsible for maintaining all components of the Project
in fully functional condition at no cost to the Village.


        (a)     This agreement shall terminate only upon agreement of the parties hereto, or

        (b)     in the event that the Village application for 2009 NatureWorks funding is


        (a)      Notices. Unless otherwise agreed, all notices and other communications
required to be given hereunder shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly given
when delivered by hand, by facsimile transmission (with receipt confirmed, which
confirmation may be mechanical) or one day after being sent by nationally recognized
overnight courier, freight prepaid, addressed as follows (or at such other address for which
notice is given in the manner provided herein):
      If to Glen Helen:                       405      Corry    Street
                                              Yellow Springs, Ohio
                                              Attn:          Executive
                                              Fax: (937) 769-1910

      If to the Village:                      Village    of    Yellow
                                              Bryan        Community
                                              100     Dayton    Street
                                              Yellow Springs, Ohio
                                              Attn: Village Manager
                                              Fax: (937) 767-9281
         (b)     Entire Agreement. This Agreement, including any exhibits, schedules, or other
attachments hereto, constitutes the entire agreement among the parties hereto and supersedes
all prior agreements and understandings, oral or written, among the parties hereto with respect
to the subject matter hereof.
         (c)     Assignments Successors, and No "Third Party” Rights. No party to this
Agreement may assign any of its rights or delegate any of its obligations under this Agreement
without the prior written consent of the other parties. Nothing expressed or referred to in the
Agreement will be construed to give any person other than the parties to this Agreement any
legal or equitable right, remedy or claim under or with respect to this Agreement or any
provision of this Agreement, except such rights as shall inure to a successor or permitted
assignee pursuant to this paragraph.
         (d)     Binding Effect. This Agreement shall be binding upon, and shall inure to the
benefit of, the parties hereto and their respective permitted successors, assigns and transferees.
        (e)      Time Of Essence. With regard to all dates and time periods set forth or
referred to in this Agreement, time is of the essence.
        (f)     Headings; Construction; Exhibits. The headings in this Agreement are for
convenience of reference only and shall not limit or otherwise affect the meaning hereof. The
use of singular or plural form in this Agreement shall include the other form, and the use of a
masculine, feminine or neuter gender shall include all other genders. The Exhibits attached
hereto are incorporated by reference herein in their entirety and shall constitute a part of this
Agreement for all proposes.
        (g)     Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in
accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio, without regard to its conflicts of law doctrine.
        (h)    Severability/Deemed Amendment. In the event that any provision of this
Agreement is found invalid or unenforceable pursuant to a judicial decree or decision of a
court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid
and enforceable according to their terms.
        (i)     Execution of Agreement/Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in two
or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original copy of this Agreement, but
all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument. The exchange of copies of
this Agreement and of signature pages by facsimile transmission shall constitute effective
execution and delivery of this Agreement as to the parties, and may be used in lieu of the
original Agreement for all purposes.
        (j)      Waiver, Remedies, Cumulative. No consent or waiver, express or implied, by
any party hereto or of any breach or default in the performance by the other party of such other
party's obligations hereunder shall be deemed or construed to be a consent to or waiver of any
other breach or default in the performance by such other party of the same or any other
obligations hereunder. The giving of consent or a waiver by any party hereto in any one
instance shall not limit or waive the necessity to obtain such party's consent or waiver in any
future instance. The rights and remedies of the parties to this Agreement are cumulative and
not alternative.
        (k)     Amendment. No provision in this Agreement shall be amended, modified,
waived, changed, terminated, or rescinded, except by a writing signed by an authorized official
of each party hereto.
        (l)     Further Assurances. Each party agrees to execute and deliver, or cause to be
executed and delivered, all such other instruments, certificates, and documents, and to take all
such other actions necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby.
       (m)     Effective Date. This agreement shall become effective when authorized by
               Resolution of Village Council and signed by both parties.
       (n)     Indemnification. Glen Helen hereby agrees to indemnify and held harmless the
               Village from any and all claims, causes of action, accidents, losses, injuries or
               other matters arising from this Agreement (“Claims”) whether direct, indirect or
               consequential. Glen Helen acknowledges that the Village is accepting significant
               administrative burdens by entering into this Agreement and agrees that full
               indemnification of the Village as stated above shall be provided unless the Village
               is shown to have exhibited gross negligence in the matter relating to the Claims.
                    BLANK; SIGNATURE PAGE TO FOLLOW]
                         VILLAGE OF YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO

                                    RESOLUTION 2009-07


WHEREAS, the State of Ohio through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, administers
financial assistance for public recreation purposes, through the State of Ohio Nature Works
Program, and

WHEREAS, the Village of Yellow Springs, to assist the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, desires
financial assistance under the Nature Works Program.


Section 1.      That the Village of Yellow Springs, on behalf of the Glen Helen Ecology
Institute, approves filing an application for financial assistance.

Section 2.     That the Village Manager is hereby authorized and directed to execute and file an
application with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and to provide all information and
documentation required to become eligible for possible funding assistance.

Section 3.    That the Village of Yellow Springs, through written agreement with the Glen
Helen Ecology Institute, does agree to obligate the funds required to satisfactorily complete the
proposed project and become eligible for reimbursement under the terms of the Nature Works

Section 4.     This Resolution shall go into effect immediately upon its adoption.

Judith Hempfling, President of Council


Attest: ________________________________
        Deborah Benning, Clerk of Council


       Judith Hempfling _____         Kathryn Van der Heiden _____          John Booth _____

                 Karen Wintrow _____              Lori Askeland _____
                                   2008 Annual Report
                             Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio

2008 was a year of transition for the Village of Yellow Springs. The Village had three different
Village Managers at the helm during 2008, but neither this transition in the Manager’s Office nor
being hit by a hurricane, deterred the Village from making significant progress towards the
following goals:

   •   Inspected, cleaned and videotaped Wells #3, #4 and #5.
   •   Instilled Electrical Panel at Well Field for back-up generator
   •   Changed testing laboratories, thus saving $6,000/year
   •   Well-field tree trimming
   •   Began Water & Sewer Rate Study
   •   WWTP Clarifier Parallel Sludge Return Line Design Bidding and Contract Award
   •   Preliminary design of WWTP Improvements (overflow basin et al.)
   •   Glen Helen Sanitary Sewer Force Main Project
   •   Moving and servicing of Vernay Generator to prepare it for Village use
   •   Install new generator box on Influent screen at WWTP
   •   Cleaned out center wells of both clarifiers at WWTP
   •   Install new gear box and motor on East Clarifier at WWTP
   •   Fixed underground air leak and moved air line above ground at WWTP
   •   Major maintenance and repair to Lift Station generator (first since 1991)
   •   Cleaned out Lift Station with Vac-truck
   •   Installed new Mechanical Seal in 20hp pump at Lift Station
   •   Oversaw removal of cabooses
   •   Bid out tree trimming/line claim
   •   Scanned electric, system to detect potential faults on insulators, bushings, transformers
       and equipment
   •   Painted approximately ¾ of fire hydrants
   •   Installed new transformer at Bryan Center
   •   Contracted with leak detection company to locate water main break and also check entire
       water distribution system for possible problems
   •   Village employees Brad Ault, Jane Richardson and Jason Hamby successfully earned
       licenses/certifications in their respective fields
   •   Repaired 10 EMERGENCY water main breaks
   •   Repaired 20 EMERGENCY electrical lines (63% decrease from ’07 due to maintenance
       such as tree trimming & wildlife guards placed on transformers)
   •   Responded to 166 service & locate requests (OUPS).
   •   Post Hurricane Ike response and clean-up
   •   Repaired streets (Livermore, Center College, Whiteman, Davis, Walnut, High, Winter)
   •   Comprehensive Plan Updated progressed
   •   Development and issuance of Visioning/Planning RFP
   •   Selection of Consultant for design of improvements at CBE
•   Rebuilt the two catch basins in the double curve on Corry St. and repaired
    the curb in the area to prepare for the new paving.
•   Repaired the storm line on Corry St. where the paving is to start and
    replaced two long sections of curb in the same area one 13 foot and the
    other 23 feet.
•   Prepared the parking lots at Gaunt Park and the Bryan Center for chip and
•   Rebuilt catch basin across from Mills Lawn School and a section of curb
    to prepare for new pavement.
•   Raised the catch basin on Winter St. near Elm St. to prepare for new
•   Cleaned gravel off the curb and gutter plate on Whiteman St. where, the
    pavement doesn’t go all the way to the curb to prepare for the new
    pavement also did a spot on Phillips St. and one on W. C. College St.
•   Installed 100 feet of 10 inch storm sewer and a catch basin on Paxson Dr.
    and replaced the pavement there and repaired a low spot in the pavement
    at the head of the cul-de-sac.
•   Installed 300 feet of Storm Sewer on Ridgecrest with two catch basins and
    replaced the street crossing at Fairfield Pike
•   Installed 250 feet of storm sewer on S. High St. from the corner of Dayton
    St. to the south and installed a catch basin.
•   Installed 100 feet of storm sewer near the alley east of S. Stafford St.
•   Replaced two large sections of the concrete deck at the pool and installed
    the handicap lift and the E-Z Ladder. We also made repairs to the roof and
    some fascia and spouting on the buildings.
•   Cut the floor and removed the concrete in the women’s restroom at the
    pool for AC Service to install a mop sink.
•   Replaced catch basin at the corner of Glen St. and Corry St.
•   Installed a french drain at the library where the roof drain comes down the
    north side of the building also had the rear entrance stairs and railings
    replaced and reconfigured and a new door and frame installed also,
    installed the web based HVAC controls.
•   Installed a catch basin and 300 feet of 10 inch storm sewer and street
    crossing on Cemetery Street near Fairfield Pike.
•   Extensive brush clean up after September storm which lasted for over a
    month, chipping brush, hauling large logs, and other debris with backhoe
    and dump trucks.
•   We had the Train Station exterior painted.
   •   Repaired pavement at locations where we had water leaks.
   •   Repaired pavement at the intersection of Kahoe Ln. and Southgate Dr.
       where we had potholes caused by water not getting to the catch basins
   •   Had the work at the pool started for repairing and repainting and
       separating the filtering of the baby pool from the main pool.
   •   Work at the Bryan Center on the web based HVAC controls.

In conclusion, 2008 was a very busy year for the Village of Yellow Springs. The
Village Staff looks forward to another year of providing high quality service to
the citizens of the Village of Yellow Springs.
To Council: Note that I have used my judgment as to where there is broad agreement, and
what we may need/decide to discuss. If you do not agree with my assessment, don’t hesitate
to clarify or correct. Unfortunately, I kind of ran low on time today, so the last section, on
energy, is probably the least organized. Thanks to Kathryn for laying out the groundwork.


   •   Visioning / Planning Process Oversight and Participation
   •   2009 Budget preparation and Monitoring
   •   WWTP Clarifier Parallel Sludge Return Line Project
   •   WWTP Improvements (Overflow Basin and others)
   •   Morris Bean Sanitary Sewer Force Main
   •   Glen Helen Sanitary Sewer Force Main
   •   Water/Sewer Rate Study
   •   Friends Care Senior Apartment PUD Final Approval
   •   Center for Business and Education Utility Extensions, Roadway Design, Bus. Park
   •   Comprehensive Plan Update


Items that seem to have broad agreement or which have already been approved:

   •   Bring together key constituents, which may include representatives from Community
       Resources, villagers interested in economic localization (Michael Shuman’s lecture),
       Miami Township, the Greene County CIC, Chamber of Commerce, AC, AUM, the
       school system, Council for [at least two?] dialogues about Economic Development.
           o to improve communication, transparency of process, and
           o to help us determine a good way forward for using the economic development
              levy monies.
   •   Hold other public discussion regarding economic development, particularly as part of the
       Visioning process.
   •   Have on-going communication with AC, AUM, AU,the school system, etc. to see where
       our mutual plans for development interface, connect.
   •   Continue to support Business First retention and expansion efforts.

Items (possibly) to be discussed:

   •   Establish an Economic Task Force to work on hiring an Economic Development Staff
   •   Re-establish (and/or re-vamp) the Revolving loan fund
   •   Research the availability of, and possibly apply for, State and federal money for ED
  •   Some ideas for business development in the community of in conjunction with AC, AUM,
      AU and/or community entrepreneurs have so far included:
         o Business Incubator
         o Local food
         o Policy on hiring/purchasing locally
         o ESTF ideas
         o Grant program for start-ups around energy issues
         o Economic Sustainability
         o Support local food growers
         o Expand Farmer's Market
         o Youth Mentorships


      Broad agreement?:

  •   Complete CBE improvements, assist with efforts to find tenants when complete
  •   FCC PUD Projects
  •   Complete update of comprehensive plan by April
  •   Visioning and Planning process with a primary goal a revised zoning code
  •   Complete next phases of Northern Gateway project per MVRPC funding schedule
  •   Walkability/bikeability improvements:
          o Safe Routes to School;
          o improvements to sidewalks between Friends Care Campus and downtown, with
             ADA compliant crosswalks;
          o clarify our plan for overall sidewalk improvement.
  •   Support green space fund in a way that fits with Village’s priorities (exact amount needs

      To be discussed:

  •   Coordinate the development of way-finding signs for the business district with the
      Chamber of Commerce and Green County Parks
  •   Support the Planning Commission’s goal to inventory our historical properties and
      possibly develop a process for property owners to go through before they tear down any
      historical structure.
  •   Look at, revise if necessary and make plan to enforce Property neglect statutes
  •   Identify and inventory available land for development in town
  •   Revise/increase zoning for mixed use in town
  •   Revise building codes
  •   Work with community groups on plans for development/marketing of the now empty
      Vernay property

Broad agreement?:

   •   Include budget for HRC (exact amount needs to be discussed)
   •   Task legal counsel to work with HRC’s initial research on the issues below (ask for more
       information if necessary), and report to us on the feasibility of:
           o Creating a hate-crime ordinance
           o Creating a Domestic partnership registry
           o Modifying anti-discrimination policy to include transgender people.
   •   Promote dialogue with Youth Council, particularly around safe places for youth
   •   Create a “grandmother” clause for the pool
   •   See also sidewalk improvements, ADA compliant curb cuts (included under land use)

To be discussed:
   • Civil union plan for Village employees (domestic partner benefits) if allowed by law
   • HUD home program
   • Skate park improvements and
   • Increase other recreation opportunities,
   • Teen stage/gazebo


Areas of broad agreement?:
   • Council members agree to disagree and strive to act in a professional, non-aggressive
   • Use Visioning Process
   • Reach out to under-represented citizens
   • Improve Village website: make archives up-to-date & complete for past 6 months
   • Keep minutes updated to include at least the last full year.
   • Examine Village policy regarding website links

To be discussed:
   • Village blog site/community board
   • Community meetings( this might fit under the visioning process in 2009-2010)
   • Defining roles of boards, commissions and committees to Village Council( village
       council and commissions retreat)
   • Use 5th Mondays to set meetings with Miami Township Trustees and YS School Board
   • Emergency communications system – neighborhood capts
   • Village-wide wireless internet

Broad agreement?:

   •   Continue all projects (as listed at top of page), including: Visioning Planning process to
       completion, 2009 budget, WWTP progress, Sewer projects, Water-Sewer rate study, Barr
       property PUD, CBE progress, Comp plan
   •   Create readable budget documents that clearly reflect Council goals, delineate use of levy
       funds, and are understandable to non-experts
   •   Power contracts: renew existing ones where possible and work with AMP-OH to explore
       options to replace them
   •   Encourage Village Manager to use his expertise to improve our HR policies and to
       provide staffing levels that are adequate but fiscally responsible.
   •   By June, set up a committee to work towards assessing the current levy’s
       use/effectiveness in order to establish guidelines for potential renewal (“Blue Ribbon”
       finance committee possibly as a part of this?)
   •   Review ESTF report and determine plan for improving electrical distribution to all rate

To be discussed:
   • Develop a 5-year capital improvement plan
   • "Blue Ribbon" finance committee
   • Review staff vs. consultant cost effectiveness
   • Increase/attend to the diversity of subcontractors
   • Revisit plan/budget schedule: get it done earlier?
   • Neighborhood emergency network


Broad agreement?:

   •   Continue work with AMP-Ohio on
           o renewable options and
           o baseload coverage and
           o energy conservation programs
   •   Continue review of ESTF Phase II report, and the exploration of a potential new Energy
       Task Force (much still to be discussed here, especially regarding funding
       recommendations, but there seems to be broad agreement to not let it simply drop)
   •   See also recommendation regarding Green Space (under land use)

Items to be discussed:
   • Consider lower-emissions/energy efficient vehicles for village
   • Catalog of local resources for related services for conservation (audits, insulation,
       retrofiting etc.)
   • Set agenda for task force or environmental commission to research:
•   -Feasibility of local generation from renewable sources
•   -Policy on purchasing for energy-efficiency
•   -Lighting: look into Amp-OH's programs for bulk buying and recycling of energy saving
    light bulbs.
•   -Task EC to continue research on air pollution
•   -Task EC to coordinate with other community venues for Energy "fair" around Earth Day
•   -Task EC or staff to begin researching and proposing legislation regarding "No idling"
•   -Task EC to research policies in other communities regarding clean water, air, etc.
•   -Task EC and /or HRC to appoint subcommittee to work on Cooperative list-serve for
    sharing resources and defining data base for emergency neighborhood support.
•   look at possibility of instituting energy conservation in fee structure of electric system
•   Taskforce on Village facilities
•   Decide whether to pay for expert advice on renewable policy options
•   Zoning for solar/wind power use/generation in village
•   Energy Conservation
•   Next steps:
        o Develop feasibility of alternative energy sources
        o Work to increase % of energy purchased from renewable sources
        o Street Lights...what is cost for changing to more efficient options of lighting?
        o CFL's...bulk buying and recycling?
        o Re-signing Green Energy Program
        o Change utility rate system to reward conservation
        o Put conservation ideas on website
        o Publish amount of electric, water consumed
DATE:          February 11, 2009 

TO:            Yellow Springs Village Council 

FROM:          Mark Cundiff, Village Manager 

SUBJECT:       Cell Tower Location Options 

As you are aware, I met with Ron Hertlein and Doug Bartsch (representing Verizon) back in 
early January.  Police Chief John Grote and Planning Assistant Ed Amrhein were also in 
attendance.  We discussed what had occurred in previous discussions with the Village prior to 
my arrival at Yellow Springs.  I explained that Village Council was very clear in not wanting the 
tower located immediately to the northeast of the Bryan Center as proposed by the previous 
Village Manager, but the Council did not rule out the use of Village property as the site for the 

I asked if co‐location on either of the existing towers at Sutton Farm or the Pitstick Farm would 
work.  They indicated that both towers were too far away from the targeted area (downtown) 
and that the Sutton Farm tower could not accommodate any additional cell antennas.  I asked if 
placing the antenna on one of our water towers would work.  They felt that those towers also 
were too far away and possibly not of sufficient height.  Seeing how no existing tower would fit 
their needs, we begin to discuss other sites.  Four other possible sites were identified, and we 
made site visits to each.  Please find a map attached depicting the possible site locations. 

Alternative #1:  As a flag pole near the southwest corner of the Bryan Center.  This alternative 
was discussed with the previous Village Manager, but I was not sure if Village Council was also 
part of this discussion.  This tower would be designed as a flag pole (complete with flag) and the 
support equipment would be housed inside the Bryan Center rather in a stand‐alone building.  
This would allow the Village to receive rent for the use of the Bryan Center space in addition to 
the lease of the land.  This would place the tower the closest to the downtown and likely 
eliminate any need for future towers to serve the downtown area.  However, this would be a 
fairly tall flag pole and would be in the most visible spot.  It is not known if the tower would 
need a zoning variance as it would depend upon the height of the tower.   

Alternative #2:  On the same site as the Village Pump Station on the east side of Xenia Avenue.  
This alternative would require the removal of trees to accommodate the tower and support 
building.  Additionally, this location is much lower than the others and it was unknown if a 
tower would work very well at this location. The tower would not meet zoning setbacks and 
would need a variance.  

Alternative #3 :  Along the south side of Cemetery Street.  The location of the tower and the 
support building could be integrated into the design of the bike path parking area of the 
Northern Gateway project.  This location is a bit further away from the downtown than 
Verizon’s representatives would like which could necessitate another tower somewhere in 
order to fully cover the downtown area.  Additionally, this site it appears to be a bit lower than 
the sites nearer to the Bryan Center.  There also are residential units across the street that 
would be impacted and it is likely that the tower would not meet zoning setbacks and would 
need a variance to be installed. 

Alternative #4:  Behind (north) of the Bryan Center adjacent the skate park.  This location would 
require the relocation of a swing set and the construction of an access drive to the support 
building.  However, Village crews could use this drive to access the manholes and underground 
utilities that run along the creek.  No variances would be needed at this site.  This site is slightly 
further away from the downtown that some other alternatives. 

I hope this information is useful to you.  I look forward to further discussion this matter with 
you at the Council meeting. 



DATE:          February 6, 2009 

TO:            Yellow Springs Village Council 

FROM:          Mark Cundiff, Village Manager 

SUBJECT:       Information on Levy and Survey of Other Community’s GF Fund Balance Goal 

At last Tuesday’s Budget Review Session, questions arose as to what commitments were made 
during the campaign to pass the Property Tax Levy as to where this additional revenue would 
be spent.  While I was unable to find any “official” Council action such as a resolution, I did find 
a copy of some materials that were sent to our residents.  This information is attached. 

Additionally, I mentioned a survey of Ohio communities as to what was their targeted fund 
balance for the General Fund.  I have also attached a copy of these survey results for your 

I hope that this information is helpful.  It might be helpful to have further discussion on each of 
these items at our next budget review.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate 
to contact me. 
       February 12, 2009 
                                       Executive Summary 

The Task Force received 27 proposals from its request for proposals for a 
community visioning/action planning process. A sub‐group of the Task Force 
reviewed all the proposals, culling those they did not think were strong and 
selecting six proposals for further consideration. The whole Task Force reviewed 
these six proposals. Different members called their references and reported on 
these. A ranking of these six showed that two proposals had significantly more 
support than the others.  

The proposals that most Task Force members felt were the strongest were those 
from ACP – a large firm with a branch in Columbus, Ohio and the Regenesis/KKG 
collaboration. Regenesis is located in New Mexico and KKG is located in Columbus, 
Ohio.  ACP and the collaborative of Regenesis and KKG received almost equally high 
rankings, with ACP receiving a total of 11 votes for first and second place compared 
to nine votes for Regenesis/KKG. The Task Force wanted to include more than two 
potential candidates, therefore two additional proposals were included that 
demonstrated strengths. These are the proposals from Bird Houk/42 Fish, two Ohio 
firms that are collaborating, and Studio Three, an Indiana firm. It should be noted 
that these proposals were ranked considerably lower than the first two by most 
Task Force members. 

ACP has a national presence with several branches across the country, one of which 
is in Columbus. Task Force members were impressed with the firm’s long history of 
visioning work in a variety of types of communities. References who were contacted 
rated them very high across the board. Most Task Force members felt ACP was 
strong on all the criteria we had identified. It was felt that their experience in college 
towns and across jurisdictions would be a good fit for Yellow Springs and Miami 

The compelling feature of Regenesis is its unique process called “the story of place.” 
Task Force members who favored Regenesis felt that this process has the capacity 
to reach deeply into the community and draw out groups that tend not to participate 
in public processes. They also felt that the process would provide a compelling 
vehicle from which to develop a vision and action plan. While Regenesis is based in 
New Mexico, its partnership with KKG would enable it to have a more local and 
accessible presence to help with implementation. 

Bird Houk, working with 42 Fish, are Ohio firms. Bird Houk has had experience 
working with townships and several Task Force members felt its collaboration with 
42 Fish – a marketing firm – produced a strong proposal. Staff of Bird Houk had 
visited Yellow Springs and developed a strong narrative description of the village 
and township.  

Studio Three is an Indiana firm that has a strong commitment to small towns and an 
understanding of the importance of sustainability. Task Force members who 
favored this firm felt they would make a good fit with Yellow Springs. 

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                            Page 2 of 23
February 12, 2009
                                       Task Force Report 


The Visioning/Planning Task Force received 27 Proposals on January 9, 2009 in 
response to the Request For Proposal (RFP) issued by the village on November 28, 
2008.  A list of proposers is at Attachment 1. 

At our meeting of January 10, we decided to form a smaller group to review the 
proposals and identify the strongest for evaluation by the entire Task Force.  The 
small group included Matt Reed, Byron Hart Arnett, Ed Amrhein, Ted Donnell, Mark 
Cundiff, Len Kramer, Dimi Reber, and Pat Murphy. 

Identification of Semi­Finalists: 

The small group met twice, January 15 and 19, and was able to reduce the 27 
proposals to 6 “semi‐finalists”.  The small group process included a straw poll of the 
members where each identified those they felt should be evaluated by the entire 
task force.  

The results disclosed a good deal of agreement on the strongest proposals.  The 
small group agreed not to address or forward any proposal receiving 0 votes and 
then discussed the strengths of each proposal that received 1, 2, 3, or 4 votes.   After 
extensive discussion, the small group unanimously identified six proposals as semi‐

    •   ACP Visioning + Planning 
    •   Bird Houk Collaborative 
    •   Lincoln Street Studio 
    •   Olsson Associates 
    •   Regenesis/Kinzelman Kline Gossman (KKG) 
    •   Studio 3 

The Task force met on January 19 and accepted the small group’s recommendations.  
At the meeting, members of the Task Force volunteered to call references for each of 
the six finalists provide in the proposals.  Callers used a questionnaire developed for 
the calls (attachment 2).   

Evaluation of Finalists: 

The entire Task Force evaluated the six proposals.  Task Force members, ex‐officio 
members and community members all participated in the evaluation.  We used a 
worksheet that took the five areas described as criteria in the RFP and related the 
nine criteria in the Task Force charge to those areas.  A copy of the worksheet is at 
attachment 3. 

Task Force members read the proposals and recorded strengths and weaknesses for 
each criteria area for each of the six proposals. 

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                          Page 3 of 23
February 12, 2009
The Task Force met on January 24 and 31 to discuss the six proposals.  We did an 
initial straw poll of attendees, including input provided by members who couldn’t 
attend.  Task Force members voted for which of the six they thought were the best 
to be recommended as finalists to Council and Trustees.  Members voted for 
between two and four semifinalists.  Once again, there was a good deal of 

Task Force members then reported on the reference calls made.  A summary of the 
information for each finalist is at attachment 4. 

The Task Force then discussed strengths and weaknesses of each proposal, 
including the reference information.  After much discussion on January 24 and 31, 
the Task Force unanimously agreed to forward recommendations for four finalists 
to Council and Trustees: 

    •   ACP Visioning+Planning 
    •   Bird Houck Collaborative 
    •   Regenesis/KKG 
    •   Studio 3 

The Task Force believes this group includes the strongest proposals received.  These 
finalists provide different capabilities and approaches.  The Task Force documented 
strengths, weaknesses and concerns for each of the four.  Concerns are areas where 
further information, obtained during interviews, would clarify the proposal.  The 
strengths, weaknesses and concerns are organized by the five RFP criteria for each 
recommended finalist at attachment 5.  

Lastly, the task Force conducted a ranking poll to provide Council and Trustees 
information about the overall results of our review.  Task Force members ranked 
the four finalists in order of preference.  A weighted score was then computed: 

                                       Bird Houk/42   Regenesis/
                             ACP                                   Studio 3
                                           Fish         KKG
          Byron                2             1            4           3
          Dimi                 1             4            2           3
          Fred                 2             4            1           3
          Gina                 1             4            2           3
          Len                  1             3            2           4
          Marianne             2             3            1           4
          Matt                 1             3            2           4
          Pat                  1             3            2           4
          Ted                  2             3            1           4
          Ed                   2             1            3           4
          Mark                 1             4            2           3
           # Ranked 1          6             2            3           0
           # Ranked 2          5             0            6           0
           # Ranked 3          0             5            1           5
           # Ranked 4          0             4            1           6
                              16           33            22          39

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                          Page 4 of 23
February 12, 2009


Attachment                             Attachment                 Page 

       1           Visioning/Planning RFP Proposals Received       6 

       2           Reference Questionnaire                         9 

       3           Evaluation Worksheet                            10 

       4           Reference Call Summary                          12 

       5           Finalist Strengths, Weaknesses and Concerns       

                           ACP Planning+Visioning                  15 

                           Bird Houk Collaborative                 17 

                           Regenesis/KKG                           19 

                           Studio 3                                21 

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                              Page 5 of 23
February 12, 2009
                                          Attachment 1 
                                   Visioning/Planning RFP
                                    Proposals Received 

                                         As of 01/09/09 

        ACP Visioning+Planning                            Lincoln Street Studio 
        1269 Grandview Avenue                             45 East Lincoln Street 
        Columbus, Ohio 43212                              Columbus, Ohio 43215‐1515 
        614‐586‐1500                                      614‐461‐1144 
        Jamie Greene, AIA AICP                            Frank Elmer, FAIA, FAICP 
        Principal                                         Principal 
        American Structurepoint, Inc.                     Marilyn Hyland Agency 
        7260 Shadeland Station                            7100 Drake Road 
        Indianapolis, Indiana 46256                       Cincinnati, Ohio 45243 
        317‐547‐5580                                      513‐284‐4192 
        Shane Burkhardt, AICP                             Marilyn Hyland 
        Director of Planning Services                     Principal 

        Bird Houk Collaborative                           Mead & Hunt 
        600 Creekside Plaza                               2605 Port Lansing Road 
        Gahanna, Ohio 43230                               Lansing, Michigan 48906 
        614‐418‐0600                                      517‐321‐8334 
        Jim Houk, AICP, ASLA                              Doug Christensen, PE 
        www.bird‐ Brian Hollars, AIA              Project Manager 
        Carmel Advisors, LLC                              Meisner + Associates 
        PO Box 2318                                       2043 Madison Road  
        Windermere, Florida 34786                         Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 
        407‐346‐7974                                      513‐321‐2796 
        Jon Anthony DeLuzio, AICP                         Gary W. Meisner, FASLA 
        President                                         Partner
        Economic Stewardship, IIInc.                      MSI Design 
        26 West Pine Street                               462 South Ludlow Alley 
        Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235                     Columbus, Ohio 43215 
        920‐743‐2010                                      614‐621‐2796 
        Elaine Van S. Carmichael, AICP                    Richard Espe, LEED AP, ASLA 
        President                                         Principal             

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                                 Page 6 of 23
February 12, 2009
        Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin           Olsson Associates 
        120 North Orange Avenue                   1111 Lincoln Mall, Suite 111 
        Orlando, Florida 32801                    PO Box 84608 
        407‐843‐6552                              Lincoln, Nebraska 68501‐4608 
        Dan Burden                                402‐474‐6311 
        Principal‐In‐Charge                       Nick Bowden                          Project Manager 
        Houseal Lavigne Associates                Pace & Partners, Inc. 
        114 East Van Buren Avenue                 1223 Turner Street, Suite 101 
        Naperville, Illinois 60540                Lansing, Michigan 48906 
        630‐305‐0036                              517‐267‐9800 
        John Houseal, AICP                        Deborah Hoak 
        Principal                                 Principal/Vice President                       
        Jacobs                                    Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc. 
        1880 Waycross Road                        1168 North Main Street 
        Cincinnati, Ohio 4524                     Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 
        513‐595‐7500                              419‐352‐7537 
        Della G. Rucker, AICP                     Paul Z. Tecpanecatl, AICP 
        Senior Planner                            Principal Owner         
        Jacobsen Daniels Associates, LLC          Project Innovations, Inc. 
        121 Pearl Street                          22000 Springbrook Avenue, Suite 106 
        Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197                 Farmington Hills, Michigan 48336 
        734‐961‐3200                              248‐476‐7577 
        Bradley Jacobsen                          Charles Fleetham 
        CFO/Managing Partner                      President         
        James Kent Associates                     Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. 
        PO Box 3493                               130 south Main Street, Suite 302 
        Ashland, Oregon 97520                     Bowling Green, Ohio 43402 
        541‐601‐4797                              419‐353‐7372 
        Kevin Preister                            Glenn Grisdale, AICP, GISP 
        Senior Associate                          Project Manager          
        Kinzelman Kline Gossman/ Regenesis        Studio Three, LLC 
        Group                                     125 East Charles Street, Suite 116 
        444 South Front Street                    Muncie, Indiana 43705 
        Columbus, Ohio 43215                      765‐749‐7110 
        614‐224‐6601                              Brian Hollars, AIA 
        Brian P. Kinzelman, ASLA, AICP  

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                           Page 7 of 23
February 12, 2009
        Kleingers & Associates                  The Edge Group 
        6305 Centre Park Drive                  1400 Goodale Boulevard 
        West Chester, Ohio 45069                Columbus, Ohio  
        513‐779‐7851                            614‐486‐3343 
        Jay Stewart, Esq, AICP                  Tedd N. Hardesty, ASLA, LEED AP               Principal 

        Land Vision, Inc.                       The Morehouse Institute 
        500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 910    5537Forest Green 
        Chicago, Illinois 60611                 Toledo, Ohio 43615 
        312‐245‐2735                            419‐867‐8201 
        Ronald E. Lanz, AICP                    Keith Morehouse 
                                                Urban Advisors, Ltd. 
                                                1211 NW Glisan Street, Suite 204 
                                                Portland, Oregon 97209 
                                                Edward Starkie, Principal 



Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                        Page 8 of 23
February 12, 2009
                                             Attachment 2 

                                        Reference Questionnaire 
Candidate:  _________________                            Date:  ____________ 

Reference:  ____________________ 

Description: The Village of Yellow Springs and Miami Township are evaluating consultant
proposals to conduct a communitywide visioning process. Consultants will work with community
members, village, township, and school district officials, businesses, and other community
organizations to prepare a Vision Statement and a Vision Action Plan. ________ identified your
community in describing their qualifications for this work.

Can you tell me about your community’s experience with ___________? 


What challenges did ____________ face and how were they overcome?? 


Can you tell me about ________ success in helping the community reach a vision and develop a 


How did ________ organize meaningful community participation in developing an
implementable plan?


Can you tell me about _________ ability to communicate with the community and keep the 
community aware of their progress? 


What specific expertise did _____ bring to your community that helped the process be 


What difference did the process make to your community? After 1 year, 5 years? 


Are there other people or groups you would suggest we talk with? 


Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                               Page 9 of 23
February 12, 2009
                                            Attachment 3 

                                       Evaluation Worksheet 
Proposer:  ______________                              Date:  ____________ 
Evaluator:  _____________ 

Understanding: The proposal reflects a clear understanding of the nature and objectives of 
the visioning/planning project and the kinds of services needed to prepare the Vision 
Statement and the Vision Action Statement. 

    a. Help us develop a unifying vision that can be used to guide planning efforts. 
    b. Articulate clearly how we can move from visioning to implementation and what part 
       of the process they can assist in (it may be that different groups help us with 
       different phases of the process ‐ each group should have clear, actionable goals). 
    c. Address sustainability in their framing of the issues and demonstrate understanding 
       of the linkages between economic, ecological and social issues. 
    d. Work from a knowledge base that includes our history as a town and an ecological 
       niche and with understanding of the central role that Antioch and Glen Helen have 
       played in shaping the town and its culture. 
Strengths & Weaknesses: 






Consultant team qualifications: The consultant team has the experience, professional skills 
and resources needed to provide the services needed to complete the project successfully 
and on schedule. Professional references may also provide strong indication of the firm’s 

    a. Demonstrate expertise and success in working with a variety of communities that 
       reflect highly diverse cultures and situations and why their approach could work 
       well here. 
    b. Provide design expertise that can very literally help us see a variety of options and 
       be able to visually imagine the consequences of our choices. 
Strengths & Weaknesses: 


Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                              Page 10 of 23
February 12, 2009
Approach:  The proposed plan demonstrates an approach that incorporates an effective and 
clear decision‐making process, links all aspects of the scope of work, successfully integrates 
technical and public involvement activities, offers creative ideas for public involvement, and 
for cost efficiencies. 

    a. Develop a process that engages broad and deep participation in the community ‐ 
       this goes beyond "key stakeholders" to all segments of the community and includes 
       positive outreach to those who do not spontaneously join the process.   
    b. Create an agenda that is adaptable to the needs of the community in terms of the 
       shape and content of the process. 
    c. Help us develop a vision and plans that are related to surrounding communities and 
       provide the possibility of cooperative action. 
Strengths & Weaknesses: 





Budget: The proposed budget comes in at or below the maximum limit ($75,000). Any 
additional tasks proposed for consideration are reasonable in terms of cost and hours. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: 





Clarity: The proposal is presented in a professional and understandable form.  It must be 
clear, and responsive to the requirements of this RFP. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: 


Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                              Page 11 of 23
February 12, 2009
                                       Attachment 4 

                                  Reference Call Summary 

Pat Murphy called references for ACP. These included calls to representatives from 
Oxford, OH (home of Miami U.); Franklin, TN (suburb of Nashville); Upper Arlington, 
Amherst, MA 

        Strengths: great at helping assist public to develop and gather ideas; help to 
        attract a diverse population and work well with diversity and conflict; 
        brought in an outside economic consultant when needed; helped with the 
        adoption of a plan; “played the role of honest broker” not taking sides on 
        issues but helping each group express their concerns/desires and get them 
        met collaboratively (for example with the pro‐growth and no‐growth 
        constituencies); a pleasure to work with; good job of training volunteer 
        facilitators (mentioned twice); strong public meeting process (mentioned 
        twice); people felt heard; they documented stuff; strong on graphics but 
        more focused on public process; very exciting; helped a community that 
        didn’t know where to begin get started; high integrity; their assistance was 
        “absolutely critical for one community’s progress; institutionalized how the 
        plan could move forward; helped with publicity 

Ed Amrhein called references for Bird Houck. These included Gahanna (NE of 
Columbus), Jerome Township (between Dublin and Marysville, OH), Plain Township 
(between Columbus and New Albany). 

        Strengths: very good over all and they have been rehired for additional work 
        (where they are located in Gahanna), the town “changed the playing field” 
        during the process and the consultants adapted well to the change; have a 
        diverse skill set; good at gathering information for themselves so they know 
        the community; good at running public meetings; good feedback 
        presentation after public meetings; helped with a Comprehensive Plan in a 
        place squeezed by two towns; consultants lobbied for clients with 
        neighboring jurisdictions; “helped them create a community of one”; good 
        presentation, planning and mediation; “green” design 

Stephen Anderson called references for Lincoln St. (Ed Amrhein reported): Only one 
contact – with Clark State plan. 

        Strengths: good at bringing people together; good graphics; ability to 
        communicate with public; worked to draw out needed information 

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                         Page 12 of 23
February 12, 2009
Dimi Reber called references for Olson and CC:  Contacts with Warrensburg a college 
community and for CC Kansas Health and Hagerstown (Two of the phone numbers 
for references had been disconnected, had a hard time finding phone numbers for 

        Strengths: liked the presentation but weren’t the team they had expected; 
        responsive to concerns; good job with public meetings, public liked them, did 
        website but didn’t stay on top of updates; dealt well with difficult people; 
        very approachable but sometimes needed to be prodded. Strengths of CC: 
        very good in front of groups, used servant‐leadership model of leadership; 
        very flexible; in a town with a population of 1700 helped people who didn’t 
        know how to get started; helped get elements of government that were 
        reluctant to be involved to get involved. 

Dimi reported on Regenesis references: In one instance a thorough analysis of the 
       past history of the place assisted in the ecological restoration of a site in 
       which new homes were built. Regenesis worked with residents on 
       contentious issues and the exit interviews yielded excellent ratings. The 
       consultants heard what people said, assisted in developing representational 
       designs, reached out to diverse constituencies, were excellent at managing 
       process and achieving objectives. A yearlong process worked with small 
       groups, which led to a free flow of information between the larger groups. 
       They were most effective in small groups of up to 30 people. They work less 
       on being presenters than having people talk themselves. One reference said, 
       “I wouldn’t hire them to do a report.” 

        In a sustainable development in New Canaan, CT, a developer hired them. 
        They got standing ovations from the community, kicked off a large public 
        process of forums that got things going. This was in a wealthy community 
        with some big guns. They got the “iconic” people as well as young people and 
        elders involved doing purposeful work and helped to heal community 

Byron reported on KKG: They were strong advocates, went beyond what was 
      needed. One reference said they would “rehire them in a heartbeat”. Byron 
      noted they were not the lead firm (not sure in what). People especially liked 
      Gossman. The reference from Xenia said doesn’t hire them unless they are 
      the lead firm. They are proactive; there were no problems with them. They 
      used GIS, charettes, had good presentations, good community involvement, 
      were very professional, strong, aggressive and you “don’t have to baby‐sit 
      them.” They gave fabulous service, were able to work on the fly when the 
      project was changed in mid‐course. They always produced usable products, 
      had good public meeting performance. Mr. Gossman is thorough and detailed. 
      They had good public outreach and got wide participation. The only negative 
      was the original price was too high but they were able to revise it and low it 
      and still produce what was they said they would do. 

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                       Page 13 of 23
February 12, 2009
Mark Cundiff called references for contacted Studio Three: Ivy Tech – an educational 
institution outside of Muncie, IN, a foundation working with “trail towns” in PA and 
Kansas City, MO were the places contacted. 

        Strengths: very creative, deliver what they say they will do; were local to 
        Muncie and knew the area; would hire them again; high integrity; good 
        graphics; worked well with unsophisticated citizens; helped people to “see” 
        using graphics; didn’t do advertising; have unique experience with rural 
        communities; didn’t provide the people they thought they were going to get 
        but replaced the original project manager and the replacements were good; 
        did what they were asked to do. 


Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                      Page 14 of 23
February 12, 2009
                                            Attachment 5 

                         Finalist Strengths, Weaknesses and Concerns 

ACP Visioning+Planning, 1269 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212, 614‐

Jamie Greene, AIA AICP, Principal, jgreene@acp‐


        •   Thorough research on people / place / prosperity
        •   Reference to Shuman
        •   They seem to understand us
        •   Good skills on sustainability 


    Consultant team qualifications:  

        •   Experience with visioning
        •   Good references
        •   Experience with multi-jurisdictions
        •   National perspective of where communities are going
        •   Experience with college towns
        •   Different areas of expertise on team
        •   Proposal reflects ability to facilitate diverse groups
        •   Good regional experience
        •   Economics expert on higher education on team


        •   Are they so big that they'll just swoop in with their proven methods and knock out a
            "cookie- cutter" visioning plan for us? 
        •   Alignment and roles of team members
        •   Be sure to interview principals who will participate

        •   Community involvement process well articulated
        •   Understand need for outreach to traditionally uninvolved segments of population
        •   Understand need for volunteers
        •   Good process for documenting discussions

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                                  Page 15 of 23
February 12, 2009
        • Some felt they weren’t clear about how to get from vision to implementation 
        •   Role of volunteers


        •   Flexible on budget

        •   Are expenses covered in budget?






Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                               Page 16 of 23
February 12, 2009
Bird Houk Collaborative, 600 Creekside Plaza, Gahanna, Ohio 43230, 614‐418‐
0600 (partnering with 42 Fish) 

Jim Houk, AICP, ASLA, Brian Hollars, AIA, www.bird‐


        •   Good connection between public input and plans
        • Good executive summary  
        • Talk about smart growth 

        •   Errors in their reading of our history raises questions about their accuracy and
            attention to detail
    Consultant team qualifications:  

        •   Good references
        •   Experience working with townships
        •   GIS tools
        •   Relate to region
        •   Relevant experience in the team resumes does not list any visioning projects
        •   Same with sustainability
        •   Not sure they have experience with diversity
        •   Alignment and roles of team members
        •   Role and expertise of 42 Fish

        •   Flexible approach
        •   Visioning process appears simple and effective
        •   Consensus building first
        •   Includes plan for media strategy
        •   The 2 open house formats only include members of the task force and not the larger
            community and therefore seems to limited in scope.
        •   Not sure they would reach "broad and deep"
        •   No public feedback on distilled vision
        •   Simplistic notion of two roundtable public visioning sessions.
        •   Consulting team develops the strategies.

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                                   Page 17 of 23
February 12, 2009
        •   Role of volunteers
        •   When does “branding get done” – for the process or for the result?
        •   When is outreach to individuals from other communities done?




        •   Budget does not include expenses, no price guarantee provided



        •   Not written particularly well.


Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                             Page 18 of 23
February 12, 2009
Regenesis Group/Kinzelman Kline Gossman, 444 South Front Street, Columbus, 
Ohio 43215, 614‐224‐6601 

Brian P. Kinzelman, ASLA, AICP, Principal,,



        • They seem to understand that they are helping us, not giving answers
        • Understand re-localizing and involvement with environment
        • Well-stated core reason for doing this now: secure economic future
        • They address community goals well
        • They describe an evolutionary process / capacity building
        • They seem to understand us


    Consultant team qualifications:  


        • They have national & international perspective
        • Good references
        • Some very relevant experience [KKG)
        • Sound information on perma-culture
        • Understand volunteers’ importance to effect action
        • Mang's resume: entrepreneurial and cross-cultural
        •   Their experience doesn’t specifically list visioning
        •   Little or no experience with Village/Township size visioning

        •   Alignment of partner firms and roles of team members



        •   'Story of Place' process will resonate with community
        •   Ability to show human-environment interaction
        •   Broad involvement possible
        •   Attractive process

        •   No description of using graphical expertise
        •   No real description of how to engage public
        •   Some felt deliverables were not clear

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                             Page 19 of 23
February 12, 2009
        •   Some felt Glenzberg's background seems narrowly focused on permaculture.
        •   Some felt a need to rethink the charrette as primary vehicle for public participation.
        •   It may take more than the 3 Charettes to actively engage everyone we hope to reach
        •   Role of volunteers
        •   Timing of public events (one planned for July)
        •   Some have concerns that Story of Place emphasis on history may distract from
            current contentious issues
        •   Need further definition of public involvement in testing ideas generated by the
        •   Role of advisory group vs. consultant in analysis of information










Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                                  Page 20 of 23
February 12, 2009
Studio Three, LLC, 125 East Charles Street, Suite 116, Muncie, Indiana 43705, 765‐
749‐7110 (partnering with JEO) 

Brian Hollars, AIA,,



        • They seem to understand what we want
        • One principal wrote small town handbook
        • Some evidence of research in the proposal
        • Good grasp of sustainability
        •   Very focused on physical design, which some felt is not the heart of what YS needs
            at this stage.

    Consultant team qualifications:  


        • Good planning experience
        • Experience in Midwest
        • Good references –especially graphic skills, facilitation skills
        • Experience in environmental design 
        •   Wasn’t sure how experienced the team members working with us would be.
        •   Client base doesn't show much diversity.


        • Clear process
        • Describe concrete outcomes
        • Extensive opportunities for public involvement
        •   It is not clear how they plan to help engage the surrounding communities
        •   No discussion of outreach to non-participating community segments
        •   Seems to be a formula approach, little depth
        •   Very conventional approach.
        •   Very reliant on consultant input.
        •   No mention of working with Miami Township in the proposal.


        •   Role of volunteers 

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                                   Page 21 of 23
February 12, 2009

Visioning/Planning Task Force Report   Page 22 of 23
February 12, 2009



        •   Expenses (other than travel) not included in budget, no price guarantee provided
        •   JEO (a partner firm) not mentioned in budget
        •   Unclear on grad student hours vs. principal hours
        •   Hourly rates are quite low. Is this firm in a big enough league?


        •   Proposal lacked clarity throughout




Visioning/Planning Task Force Report                                                Page 23 of 23
February 12, 2009
February 13, 2009

To: Council
Fr: Clerk
Re: Council Dates for 2009

The following dates have been established as general meeting dates for Council. These
dates are the first and third Mondays of the month except when there is a Village
recognized holiday, at which the Council would meet on the first or third Tuesday.
A motion is required for approval.

January 5th                   Tuesday, January 20th
February 2nd                  Tuesday, February 17th
March 2nd                             March 16th
April 6th                             April 21st
May 4th                               May 18th
June 1st                              June 15th
July 6th                              July 20th
August 3rd                            August 17th
Tuesday, September 8th                September 21st
October 5th                           October 19th
November 2nd                          November 16th
December 7th                          December 21st

In addition, the recognized Village holidays are as follows:
New Year’s Day         January 1st
Martin Luther King January 19th
President’s Day        February 16th
Memorial Day           May 26th
Independence Day       July 3rd
Labor Day              September 1st
Thanksgiving           November 27th and 28th
Winter Holiday         December 25th

Council also approved a floating holiday for the employees and staff.
To:  Mark Cundiff 

From:  Ed Amrhein 

Date:  Feb. 13, 2008 

Re:  Antioch College Clean‐Up 


At your request, I visited Main Building on the College campus yesterday at around 1:30 P.M.  I 
observed at least four trucks from the Buckeye Carpet Services, two of which appeared to be 
vacuum trucks.  There were also three trucks present from Munter’s, a large clean‐
up/remediation company, which is the prime contractor for the Main Bldg. clean‐up.  I spoke 
briefly with Ron Hampton, a member of the College maintenance staff, who said that Munter’s 
had already mobilized large pieces of equipment used for heating and drying, and that the 
workers on site had estimated a timeline of up to two weeks to complete the scope of their 
contract with the University.   



DATE:          February 13, 2009

TO:            Yellow Springs Village Council

FROM:          Mark S. Cundiff, Village Manager

SUBJECT:       Time-Warner Petition

At your last Council meeting, I reported that the Village had received a copy of a petition that
Time Warner Cable (TWC) had filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
asking that the FCC find that TWC’s cable television system serving Yellow Springs is subject
to “effective competition” and therefore exempt form and rate regulation.

TWC is claiming that at least 50% of the households are served by at least two unaffiliated
multichannel video programming distributors (DirecTV and DISH Network) and the number of
households in the franchise area subscribing to these other providers exceeds 15%. As evidence,
TWC uses an analysis of the 45387 Zip Code, which as you know, includes a large area of land
outside of the Village. In this area outside of the Village, satellite dishes are the only way to
access multichannel video programming and are likely bulk of those who do currently subscribe.
If we could use the Nine Digit Zip Code Plus Four versus the traditional five digit zip code, I
think the percentage of those in the Village subscribing to one of the satellite providers would
not exceed 15%.

I spoke with former Village Manager and MVCC Director Kent Bristol about this matter and he
indicated that he had a similar petition filed against the Village of Germantown when he was at
MVCC. He stated that he did a visual survey of the homes within the corporation limits to refute
the claims that 15% of the homes were subscribing to one of the dish companies. He said he
retired from MVCC before the FCC ruled on the matter

I also contacted John Weithofer at the Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC) about
this matter. He, in turn, forwarded the petition to MVCC’s attorneys and asked them if the
Village could appeal and what would be the chances of being successful upon this appeal. They
reported back that the Village has 30 days in which to appeal, but likely would need to hire a
Washington D.C. based law firm to handle this matter. The notice was mailed on January 30,
2009 and received by the Village on February 2, 2008. So if we wish to appeal, we need to start
to make arrangements quickly. Our appeal would be based on the fact that the five digit zip code
is not truly reflective of the Village since the zip code area encompasses so much land area
outside of the Village. Perhaps if the nine digit zip code was used, it would result in very
different percentages of satellite dish subscribers.
However, a September 2, 2008, public notice issued by the FCC stated that the nine digit zip
code will only be used for five digit zip codes the boundaries of which only lie partly within a
franchise area, and the traditional five digit zip code continues to suffice for zip codes the
boundaries of which lie entirely within a franchise area. In other words, if your jurisdiction is
one that has multiple zip codes, then you can use the nine digit zip code to determine which are
actually within your corporate limits. If your community is entirely within the five digit zip
code, then the five digit zip code is what will be used.

So what does all of this mean? It is likely that the FCC will approve TWC’s petition. Then
TWC will likely apply for the state-wide franchise agreement through the Ohio Department of
Commerce (SB 117). Once the State grants them this agreement, TWC’s franchise agreement
with us will terminate. Our Franchise Agreement will expire in 2014, and TWC would be
seeking the state-wide agreement at that time.

However, before TWC can provide video services to our residents under this state-side franchise
agreement, they must provide us ten (10) days advance notice. Within 10 days of receiving this
notice, we must in turn notify TWC that we intend to collect a video service provider fee
(franchise fee) and the amount of that fee (currently 5%). If we do not send that notice, we
cannot collect the fee.

The biggest negative impact will be on the franchise fee since under the state-wide agreement it
is based only on the revenue from providing video services, not other services provided by the
cable operators. John Weithofer has told me that other communities have seen a drop of 11-15%
in their franchise fee revenues when their cable operator went to the state-wide franchise
agreement from a local franchise agreement.

Based on the information provided by MVCC, it appears that the Village would not be successful
in an appeal. It also is likely it would cost thousands of dollars in legal fees to just file an appeal
that is likely to be unsuccessful. Therefore, it would be my recommendation that we not appeal
this petition.

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