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Sweet Java Girl (PowerPoint)


									        Its deer hunting time…

 Sweet Java Girl never forgets to pack her Ginseng
coffee when she goes hunting. She swears it brings
  her “luck” and helps her to stay warm and alert.
venturing out into the Whitetail world…

   Packing her Browning bow and a bag of Ginseng
    coffee, she heads out in search of a giant buck.
        the woods get thicker…

 That’s it, Sweet Java Girl, just a bit further. Hunt
right by that rub where we spotted that giant split
                     G-2 buck!
  Wait a minute…

Not THAT rub Sweet Java Girl,
the one on the Spruce tree!
      Fooling the buck…

Sweet Java Girl sprays the tree with a magic
potion that triggers every bucks weak spot…
            ”The scent of a doe”.
    Two hours later – no deer!

Sweet Java girl is losing patience, but keeps on
  rattling because she knows it takes extreme
 discipline and patience to outwit a wary buck.
   Moves to a new location…

Sweet Java Girl decides to check out the old
oak ridge. So once again, she packs up her
      “lucky” coffee and “trusty” bow.
       At the oak ridge…

Sweet Java Girl has had no luck yet, and is
 feeling a bit sleepy. So, she drinks a cup
Ginseng coffee to help hurry things along.
  Uh, oh! What’s that noise?

 Sweet Java Girl has just taken her first sip,
when, all of a sudden, she hears a snort and
      the loud snap of a single twig!
  Sweet Java Girl’s in trouble!

Out of nowhere there he is, a magnificent buck
 with a “rocking chair rack” that every hunter
                only dreams of.
Oh, no! The buck has spotted her!

 Sweet Java Girl knows she only has seconds
   and her heart is pounding as she slowly
             reaches for her bow.
Busted! By a buck of a lifetime!

 Sweet Java girl sits in disbelief shaking like a
whipped pup, and wondering if she just woke up
 from a dream or did this just really happen?
     Dejected, with spirits low…

Cheer up! Sweet Java Girl, you’ll get over it… in
 about “10 years”. Come on back to camp, your
  hunting buddies are all waiting to pour you a
       cup of that “lucky” Ginseng coffee.
 Git-R-Done - Aye
That’s what it is all about!

    Happy Hunting…
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