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Club _ Society Sponsorship


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									                      Club & Society Sponsorship
If you’d like to approach an external organisation check with the Activities Centre
who will be able to help with the process, provide sample letters and contracts and
may be able to recommend companies to approach or avoid!

Finding a sponsor

Make sure potential sponsors know who you are, what you do and what you want
money for. The most successful requests for funds are those that meet the
company’s broad aims and objectives. You should demonstrate that you’re well
organised and will successfully carry out the project. Clearly show how sponsoring
your group will benefit the sponsor, e.g. put your logo on your group’s clothing or by
bringing your members to their venue.

To find sponsors consider if any existing or past members have links with suitable
companies through family, friends or work. Remember that commercial organisations
are approached on an almost daily basis for sponsorship, so don’t be disheartened if
you receive a lot of rejections. Plan a strategy that involves targeting specific
companies who may share common goals or interests with your group.

Sponsorship ideas

Sponsorship doesn’t just have to be money, you could negotiate a discount for your
members at your favourite restaurant or a good shop for them to buy cheap
equipment. You could ask them to give you equipment or clothing for you to
distribute to your members or put on an end of term celebration for you. Be
imaginative and see if you potential sponsor has any good ideas.

Don’t undersell yourselves, you are valuable. For advice on the amount of
money/deals you could ask for, contact a member of the Activities Centre team. You
could offer to email your mailing list with information about your sponsor, include
their logo on your kit/equipment, name an award after them at your end of year
celebrations, encourage your members to buy their equipment from them, mention
them in your programme, the list goes on!

The following examples are for sports teams but they can obviously be adapted to
suit you group;

Team Main Sponsor:
Cost £850 plus vat
Package: Brand new kit for team with title sponsor logo across chest. Playing kit will
be worn by team throughout the season

Club Main Sponsor:
Some clubs have 3+ teams, if the company is interested in sponsoring the whole
club you could offer
Cost £800 + vat per team within that club
As above plus:
Company logo on all publicity produced by the team including posters, leaflets and
Your company banner displayed when team competes (banner to be supplied by

Team Social Sponsor:
Cost: £300 + vat
Package: Most teams purchase their own ‘social’ kit, this includes kit such as hoodies,
t-shirts & jackets. These are owned by individual students who tend to wear them
around campus, in Brighton and in their home towns. Suggest to a local company
that whenever your team orders ‘social’ kit you can include their logo on the kit.

Agreeing the deal

Once you have a sponsor interested please contact Lisette Glanvill, Sports
Development Co-ordinator – l.glanvill@sussex.ac.uk (for sports clubs) or Jo Walters,
Societies Development Co-ordinator – societies@ussu.sussex.ac.uk (for societies) so
we are aware of your potential agreement and can check it over for you.

Make sure your side of the agreement is realistic; don’t promise to take your whole
team to a bar every week if you think exams and other social activities might mean
this won’t happen. If you can’t fulfil your side of the agreement you’ll annoy your
sponsor and they won’t support you in future and may withhold some of the agreed
deal. Ensure they’re aware of term dates if necessary so they know when to expect
you and your group.

Please note that any on campus publicity, e.g. handing out flyers, publicity stalls or
putting up posters for your sponsor, may breach our advertising policy as they may
have to pay separately for this service. For more information contact a member of
the Activities Centre team.

Signing the contract & maintaining the agreement

Make sure that any agreements are confirmed in a written contract, we can help you
prepare this and ensure you get your money! Under no circumstances should anyone
other than the USSU Finance Officer sign a contract on behalf of your group or the
Students’ Union. By doing so you leave yourself open to potential financial liability
and direct legal action. This is part of the Union’s financial policy and is aimed at
protecting you, your members and the Students’ Union as a whole.

Once your contract is signed we can invoice your sponsor to get the money which
must be paid into your club/society account held by USSU. Once we’ve got the
money you can start spending!

Once your agreement is in place make sure you keep your sponsors happy by
keeping them updated on what you’re up to, how you’ve been supporting them and
how they’ve helped your group.
            USSU Club/Society Sponsorship Form

Company Name:

Contact Name:

Company Address:

Invoice Address and Contact (if different from above):

Full Name of Club/Society/Team:

Club/Society/Team Representative Name and Contact Details:

Amount of Sponsorship revenue:


Period of Agreement:
Sponsorship package agreed, please include as much details as possible:

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