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									CRI Board of Directors                             Leadership Council
Jonathan B. Goode                                  Jon Appelbaum, MD

Jeremy T. Holman, PhD,
Vice President
                                                   David Aronstein
                                                   Robert Beck
                                                   Douglas M. Brooks
                                                   Donald Butterfield, MD
                                                                                              YOU’RE INVITED
                                                   Mark Christofi
Frank A. Ribaudo,                                  Carolyn Crowley                             Saturday, July 17, 5-8PM
Treasurer                                          Jonathan Crutchley
                                                   Glenn Daidone
Lynn M. Deitzer, Esq.,                             Richard Dickinson
Clerk                                              Douglas Dolezal
                                                   Dixie Esseltine, MD
John W. Devlin, PharmD                             Clive Godwin
Bernard Dreiblatt                                  Joel Goldstein, PhD
Rosa L. Hunter                                     Sheila Hussey
Lisa A. Pintchman                                  Larry Hyer
Paul A. Ross, EdD                                  Bobby Kelley
Ann Webster, PhD                                   Tim Martinez, DMD
                                                   John Mazzullo, MD
                                                   Jim Morgrage
                                                   Ellen Morris McCann
                                                   Gregory Welch


                                                                                                            CRI’s Circle of Friends
                                                                                                            Summer Party 2010
                                                                                                            Provincetown, MA
                                                                                                            at the Crown & Anchor
C   o m m u n i t y            R   e s e a R C h     i   n i t i a t i v e   of New England

CR I Bos t on
                                                                                                            Friends, food, cocktails,
23 Miner Street
Boston, MA 02215-3319
                                                                                                            music, entertainment
tel: 617.502.1700
fax: 617.502.1701                                                                                           and auction.
toll free: 888.253.2712
tty: 617.502.1704
Host Committee (to date)                                                          CRI’s Circle of Friends Summer Party 2010
Douglas M. Brooks                        Bobby Kelley & Glenn Daidone
Judy Carter                              Crane McCune & Ron Chapman                                                Please join CRi for an early
Bill Coombs & Randy Boudreau             Michael McGuill & Jonathan Scott                                          evening at the Crown & Anchor
Marc Croteau & Steve Babjak              Michael o’Hagan & Mark Gallant
Carolyn & Michael Crowley                Bob o’Malley                                                              in Provincetown as we raise funds for
Jamie Curtis                             Peter Portney                                                             CRi’s leading-edge HiV/AiDS clinical
Victor DePoalo                           Arthur Rawding
John Devlin & Marc Hall                  Frank Ribaudo & Joe Posa                                                  research. With special guest emcees,
Richard Dickinson                        Ricardo Rodriguez & Michael Kelley                                        The Hat Sisters.
Amit Dixit                               Paul Ross
Bill Farmer                              Richard Scott
Julie Goodridge                          Bradley Seeman                           Saturday, July 17, 2010, 5-8PM
Bill Hahne                               Jeffrey Sladen
Don Harpin                               Barbara Torrey                           Crown & Anchor
Jeremy Holman & Marcus Matic             Andrew Simon                             247 Commercial Street
Larry Hyer                               Ann Webster                              Provincetown, MA
John Keith & Terry D. Lighte             Jim young
                                                                                  Special Guest DJ
Sponsors (to date)                                                                DJ JST

Bill Hahne    Rick Murray                   Frank Ribaudo & Joe Posa
                                                                                  Jon Goode & Cary Raymond
Sue RothbeRg
                                                                                  Doug Dolezal & Greg Welch
                                                                                  John Michael Gray & Tim o’Connor
                                                                                  Rick Murray & Bill Dougal
Community Research Initiative (CRI) is an independent, nonprofit,
community-based organization dedicated to leading the way in HiV/AiDS                                              This year’s auction will include art by
clinical research, ensuring access to life-saving drugs and providing financial                                    renowned local artists, trips, theater
assistance for approved drug treatments and health insurance coverage for                                          and sports tickets, gift certificates and
those in need.                                                                                                     much more!

Since 1989, CRI has participated in some of the most promising HiV/AiDS
                                                                                                                   Space is limited, so please be sure to
medication research being conducted anywhere in the world. Through its
continued outreach efforts, CRI provides the latest critical treatment                                             reserve your ticket now online at
information to those living with HiV/AiDS including women, people of color,                              , by phone to
men who have sex with men and others who have been traditionally                                                   Erin Molloy at 617.502.1726, or by
underserved. CRI also manages the Massachusetts HiV Drug Assistance                                                email to
Program (HDAP) which ensures access to HiV/AiDS drugs and health insurance
coverage to over 5,000 of those most in need in the state.
                                                                                                                   $100 suggested donation per person
CRI has produced critical research and drug testing data that have contributed
to the FDA approval of nearly all the currently available HiV treatments. What                                     100% of all proceeds go directly to CRi. CRi is a
CRI discovers from the exciting, advanced clinical research that it conducts in                                    501(c)(3) charity organization. Tax iD #043045706.
Massachusetts and other states across the country has the potential to help
people all over the world who are living with HiV/AiDS.                           Generously sponsored by
                                                                                  Rick Murray & Bill Dougal and the

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