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									Introduction to auto-NPDES

             GIS\Solutions Inc.
      P.O. Box 2455 Truckee, CA 96160
                (925) 944-3720
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What is Your NPDES Conflict?
    Discharge Monitoring Reports?

• Environmental Data
• Complicated Rule
  Based Reporting
All of the above?
            Typical NPDES Costs*

• 1 NPDES Major Outfall                         • 8-10 hours/month
• 5 NPDES Major Outfall                         • 20-60 hours/month

       *from client interviews excluding
       sample collection and laboratory costs
“I want my department to provide
   a solution for the least cost.”
Can You Develop Your Own
• Are you a commercial
  software company?
• Can you deliver in a
  solutions in weeks?
• What about testing,
  accuracy, training,
• What about support in
  1 year, in 5 years?
        The solution is auto-NPDES!
• A Database Solution
• Small Budget
• No Staff
           Who Needs auto-NPDES

• NPDES - Major
• At Least 5 Outfalls
auto-NPDES Replaces Manual
What does auto-NPDES Cost?

50% or less of your current costs
       For our service you get:

• No Risk
• NPDES Experience
• Cash & Time Return
  First and Every Month
              Need Anything Else?
•   A CERCLA database
•   A RCRA database
•   Reporting Tools
•   Data Archive
•   Integrated GIS Capability
         Our Solution For You!
•   Send us your NPDES permit
•   We read the permit
•   We make our offer
•   You decide
AUTO-NPDES and GIS\Key Reader

                    GIS\Solutions Inc.
   1870 Olympic Blvd; Suite 110; Walnut Creek, CA 94596
                      (925) 944-3720

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