Custom Lapel Pins Are Good For Business In Multiple Ways by iupon13


									?Custom lapel pins are a fixture of American and international life. For many years,
businesses have used custom lapel pins to promote brand awareness and
commemorate special company milestones. With the many different styles of pins
available, lapel pins have become an invaluable marketing, promotional and
motivational tool for companies both large and small.

Part of the appeal of custom lapel pins is that they make a quiet statement. Theyre not
flashy or overwhelming. Custom lapel pins are instead a subtle way of making a
promotional point. Thats something many people are sure to appreciate.

One of the most common uses for custom lapel pins in business is as an identifier for
sales representatives or other employees who deal with prospective customers. When
calling on clients for the first time, custom lapel pins help identify the representatives
and subtly promote the company brand or logo as well.

Custom lapel pins also can be used to identify members of elite teams within
companies. They may be issued to members of a task force assigned to a specific
project as a way to identify team members and build camaraderie. The pins also serve
to identify members of the team to other staff members.

Another common business practice is to reward outstanding performance with custom
lapel pins. Employees who meet or exceed production, revenue, safety or cost-cutting
goals can receive custom lapel pins as a reward for their achievements.

Contrary to popular belief, few people leave a job only because of money. One of the
most common reasons for employee turnover at virtually any business is that people
dont feel that management appreciates their contributions to the company. Some
businesses show their appreciation for employee efforts by recognizing employees
years of service with custom lapel pins.

The pins, most often given to employees to recognize five year increments of
employment, show that the company values the hard work the employees do. When
presented at a company-wide assembly, these custom lapel pins can help boost morale
throughout the organization. Many employees wear their pins with pride for many
years on the job.

Custom lapel pins can also be given away as a promotional item at trade shows and
other gatherings. When well-designed, the pins have a jewelry-like look and appeal.
Since they can be produced quite economically, businesses can find it useful to
distribute them at trade shows as a commemorative item. Its another way of getting
the company brand or logo to the customer.

Businesses are just one subset of customers for custom lapel pins. The pins are
versatile enough that they are popular with everyone from nonprofit organizations that
need to raise money to Little Leaguers who want to trade team pins with each other.
Custom lapel pins can easily fill the bill for either one.

Ribbon custom lapel pins, for example, are among the most popular awareness raising
emblems ever created. The common shape, augmented with specific colors can
represent a host of organizations and worthy social causes.

Sports custom lapel pins are even more popular, ranging from Little League to the
Olympics. In fact, custom lapel pins in a very real sense originated with Olympic
athletes in the early years of the 20th century. As they have evolved over the years,
custom lapel pins have come to represent many things to many people.

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