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									?Everyone loves receiving promotional gifts and custom lanyards are among the
popular gifts given away by companies to raise their brand visibility. The customized
lanyards also serve as great trade show giveaway items. You can easily notice people
using lanyards in offices, trade shows, conferences or other events where one needs to
wear a badge or name tag. Without lanyards one would have to pin the badge or name
tag on their shirts or keep it inside their pockets.

By offering promotional lanyards at functions, conferences or events, companies
make it easier for their attendee's to wear their name tags or badges around their necks.
Plus, as the company information and logo is imprinted on the lanyard and it also
helps in enhancing their corporate identity. The lanyards can be customized with
messages, phrases, slogans and even different types of symbols. These custom
lanyards are fairly inexpensive and are just perfect for using for marketing campaigns.

Custom lanyards are used for securing or displaying an object without the need to
carry it around in your hands or pockets. You can use promotional lanyards are objects
such as mobile phones, pen drives, pens, water bottles, flash lights, keys, work badges,
Identification cards, MP3 players, cameras and other items.

Objects that are attached with the lanyards are secured through a clip. This adds to the
security level and the possibility of loosing your valuable items goes down to the

Custom lanyards have a number of advantages such as:

1. Custom lanyards is a convenient way of displaying identification.

2. It is better than a badge or a clip-on as it is more comfortable to wear around the
neck instead of pinning on your shirt.

3. Chances of misplacing a lanyard are very much less.

4. Custom lanyards are used by companies and organizations to promote their
company's logo and name.

5. It makes a perfect item to be given as a small token of appreciation to your loyal

6. As it looks attractive, people generally use it.

7. It can be used for raising funds with an imprinted slogan for a charitable purpose.

8. It serves as a marketing tool along with a mode of identification.
Looking at the benefits of lanyards, today more and more companies are using
personalized lanyards for promoting their brand. Custom lanyards are made from
cloth, cotton, nylon, polyester, leather, chain, fancy bead works. You can also go for
lanyards that are retractable, reflective, and adjustable. The choice of print options and
colors are also wide and you can choose your options according to your budget.

Even though the lanyard is a small branded item, it is quite popular due to its
usefulness. So, look for a company where you can find promotional lanyards of high
quality. While investing in any type of promotional product always remember that it
represents your brand and whoever receives the gift would love to have something of
better quality.

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Mark Ryan is a well known author who writes on marketing and brand architecture.
He has written extensively on marketing strategies and promotional items such as
corporate apparel, promotional lanyards etc.

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