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					?Customer loyalty is incredibly important for a business. When a customer is loyal to
a business, they will often spend ten times as much as a customer who is not loyal.
Obviously, businesses want to appeal to the loyal customers because there is a greater
ability to make money that way. However, how do create customer loyalty beyond
giving the customers a hug whenever they come into your business?

Well, there are several ways that this can be done but few are as good as providing
promotional items. Promotional items like custom ceramic mugs create customer
loyalty because it shows customers that you appreciate them for their business. When
you appreciate a customer, they appreciate you and that creates a lot of business.

Custom ceramic mugs may seem like a small and insignificant gift, but the truth is
that when you give them a ceramic mug with their name on it, they will appreciate it
and use that mug for years. The length of time they use the custom ceramic mugs also
means a lot of advertising for you. Each time they pull those mugs out of the
cupboard to drink out of or to give to a guest to drink out of, your company is being
advertised. With your company name on each mug, it is possible for you to reach
hundreds of potential customers with just one mug. Look at it this way, if they use that
mug for 10 years and they have 50 guests a year come over, with each guest seeing
that mug at least once, that is 500 people you reached with your custom ceramic mugs
promotion package.

When you compare that with other advertising possibilities like newspapers and
commercials, you can see that there is a much greater ability to reach customers at a
low cost with promotional items. No matter what kind of mug you provide to your
customer, the potential for a lot of advertising is there. As well, the more thought you
put into the mug, the more the customer will use it. It is obvious that a mug with a
customer's name on it will be used more than one without. So, if you put a customer's
name on the mug with your logo, you may reach ten times as many people with those
custom ceramic mugs.

There are a wide variety of options available to you as a company to reach your
customers and create customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is important and can be easy
to achieve when you give your customers something to show you appreciate their
business. If a customer thinks that a company doesn't care whether or not they do
business there, they will not shop there. If they feel like the company really does
appreciate them, there is a much greater likelihood they will do business with them.

Always look to make promotional items an option in your marketing plan. They are
effective and easy to produce. They also create customer loyalty, which is one of the
most important things for a company.

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