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									                                                              This document is your proof of warranty protection.
                                                    Retain it with the permanent records of your home purchase.

Condominium                The Owners Condominium            Builder:       XYZ Homebuilder
Corporation:               Plan                                             222 Street Address
                           987 6543                                         Calgary, AB
                           666 Street Address                               T2Y Y2Y
                           Calgary, AB
                           T6T 6T6
                                                             Term of Warranty
R Number:                  xxxx                              Date of Substantial
                                                             Completion:                          xxxx
Name of Project:           xxxx
                                                             Expiry Date of Builder’s
                                                             Common Property
                                                             First Year Workmanship
                                                             and Material Warranty:               xxxx
Project C Number:          xxxx

Phase Number:                                                Expiry Date of 5 Year
                           xxxx                                                                   xxxx
                                                             Structural Integrity Warranty:

Exclusions and
Amendments:                xxxxx

Total Aggregate Limit                                        Any errors in the information above should be
for Combined Coverage                                        immediately reported to:
for all units and Common
Property in this                                             The Alberta New Home Warranty Program
Condominium Project is:    $1,500,000                        Attn: Registration Manager
                                                             301, 30 Springborough Boulevard S.W., Calgary, AB T3H 0N9
                                                             Toll Free #: 1-800-352-8240
                                                             Calgary: 403-253-3636

                                                           The terms and conditions of the Condominium Common Property
                                                              Warranty Certificate are enclosed and apply to this document.

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