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									Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   1
                            Student Resource Pack

                        Section 1 – Student information
                         Section 2 General information
                        Section 3- Services we provide

This pack is separated in to sections.
The First Sections includes information about who we are and general
informational which includes;

   - Staff and pictures
   - Information about Southwark and surrounding area
The Second Section is Students Information, which includes;

   -   Roles and Responsibilities
   -   Occupational health information
   -   Honorary Contract
   -   External Sessions

The Third Section is about the services we provide

 Page No.
 Section 1    Student Information
     1        Introduction
              Student Information
              Who We Are
              The Team
              Student roles and Resonabilities
              Pre Placement Paperwork- IMPORTANT
              - Honorary Contract
              - Pre Employment Screening
              - Student Cover letter
              - Student Placement checklist
Section 2     General Information
              London Borough of Southwark
              External sessions
              Guys Hospital
              St Thomas Hospital
              Lewisham Hospital- Microbiology
              Kings College Hospital- Dermatology
              Private Practice- Trevor Prior
              Prohtist- Alan Mcdougall
              Leg Ulcer Clinic with- District Nurses
              Tissue Viability- Caroline Hunter
              Podiatric Surgery- Stephen Strain
              Physiotherapy- Marion Levine
Section 3     Primary Care Trust
              Service we Provide

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                  2
              SOS clinic
              Walk In Clinic
              High Risk Clinic
              Musculoskeletal (MSK/ BIO)
              Pain Management Clinic
              Sterilisation or instruments
    1         Abbreviations
    2         Student Placement Cards
    3         Dotting system for notes

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   3

Hello and welcome to Southwark Foot Health Services which is part of
Southwark Primary Care Trust and is part of the National Health Service (NHS).

This student Electronic Placement pack is aimed at assisting and helping you
make the most of your placement with us. The main aim of the pack is to ensure
your placement runs as smoothly as possible and you gain as much experiences
and knowledge as you require.

Please take the time to read through the pack prior too your placement start day,
as it contains useful information on the area you will be working in, contact
details, maps and overall important polices and procedure that you will need to
be aware of.

Feel free to print the pack off and take it along with you to clinics or you can
access it at all clinics through your email.

  We hope you enjoy your placement with Southwark Foot Health Services and
       wish you all the best for your placement, studies and the future.

 Feel free to ask any questions throughout your placement, all members of staff
                 are friendly and willing to answer any questions.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                              4
Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   5
                           Important Contact Details

Main Address Contact

Podiatry Centre- Artesian Building
138 Grange Rd
London SE1 3GG

Tel: 020 3049 7900 (Fatu – PA and receptionist)

Principle Contacts- Placement Co-coordinators

Asra Ahmad - 0203 049 7907 or 07786438754

Claire Marshall - 0203 049 7921 or 07775826911

Briony Truman- 0203 049 7929 or 07886966014

Alternative Contacts

Michael Wilding (Manager) 0203 049 7931 or 07930401525

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack    6
                                  Who we are?

We are a team of 23 Podiatrists and one foot care assistant, employed by
Southwark Primary Care Trust to meet the foot health needs of Southwark's
250,000 residents. By using the skills of the whole team we aim to provide the
best service possible. In 2001 we were awarded the CharterMark in recognition
of our efforts and have since maintained the award. Achievement of the
standard is recognised by awarding the right to display the prestigious Charter
Mark logo.

Amongst the team are specialists in many different areas of Foot Health.
They give treatment, support and advice to patients by building on existing
knowledge of other team members and aim to improve services. We provide
work experience for university students from all over Britain and even Australia
and Hong Kong.

Where are we?

We work in 9 Health centres, selected GP practices, schools, specialist day
centres, nursing homes, homeless centres, patients own homes and various
hospital departments.

Health Promotion

We give talks about general and specific foot care to Over-50s groups,
pensioners clubs, schools and mother and baby groups. We also provide advice
and training to carers in maintaining good foot health.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                              7
                                    The Team

                     Below are photos of our dedicated team

                               * Group Photo

Michael Wilding
Foot Health Services Manager

Asra Ahmad
Band 7
Advanced Podiatrist
Clinical Governance and Modernisation
Student Placement Manager

Lynne Hazell
Advanced Podiatrist (Musculoskeletal)

Ellen Garrity
Band 7
Advanced Podiatrist
Manager of Non-clinic based Services

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack         8
David Cavil
Band 7
Advanced podiatrist

Laura Gearing
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Amina Ceesay
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Sajida Ugradar
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   9
Claire Marshall
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist
Placement Programme mentor

Matt Simpson
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Chyia S
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   10
Briony Truman
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist
Placement programme mentor

Natasha Soobul
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Victoria Morris
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Hazel S
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Jody Lucus
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   11
Sandra O’Mallay
Band 6
Specialist Podiatrist

Barbara Powers (FCA)
Band 5
Foot Care Assistant

FCA refers to Foot Care Assistant. This role involves undergoing training
to cut non pathogical nails. FCA can only treat very low risk patients and
will only treat their nails.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                        12
                     Students Roles and Responsibilities

Name Badges:

Students are required to wear name badges at all times whilst on
placement. A passport size photo will be required on your first day so
that a name badge can be devised for you. For security reasons the
badge should be worn at all times. As you will be moving from site to
site you may run into access problems to certain departments if you
don’t have a name badge with you.
University name badges can be wore too.


Podiatrists at Southwark Foot Health Services do not wear a uniform;
however, students are welcome to wear a uniform if they have one
and wish to wear it. Otherwise students are expected to wear clean,
smart casual attire (No jeans).

Foot wear should be clean and appropriate for clinic. Hair should be
maintained in a neat and tidy manner.

Treatment Cards:

Southwark Foot Health Services has been running student
placements for many years, consequently the majority of patients will
be accustomed to having students treat or and observe them.
However, it’s vital that students respect that in some cases patients
may not feel uncomfortable with this. In these cases it’s important that
the student doesn’t take this personally. A set of cards (Appendix )

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                   13
one for observing and one for treating have been devised to make the
patient feel more comfortable in this situation and it gives them the
space and time with no pressure to decide whether they want a
student to treat or and observe them. You will be given a pack of
cards so you can take them to clinics with you, so remember them
EVERYDAY. At the beginning of the clinic session, hand the cards to
the receptionist so they can give them to the patients. Ensure the
name, date and appropriate boxes have been ticked and then staple
it into the patient notes in the appropriate place.


A positive enthusiastic attitude has the most benefits when being a
student. It’s advisable to make the most of the placement and
opportunity by asking as many questions as you can. All clinicians
are keen and willing to asking any questions and enjoy having eager
students that are willing to learn and get involved. All clinicians are
happy to help you with any queries or uncertainties. However, always
judge the situation, as some clinics are very demanding and busy so
it might not always be the right time to ask.

Motivation is a key skill to have, assisting the clinician where possible
by getting involved; Writing up notes, getting the patients in, cleaning
the bays and surfaces and other general clinical duties.


Patient information is generally held under legal and ethical
obligations of confidentiality. Information provided in confidence
should not be used or disclosed in a form that might identify a patient
without his or her consent.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                     14
A duty of confidence arises when one person discloses information to
another (e.g. patient to clinician) in circumstances where it is
reasonable to expect that the information will be held in confidence.
It -

a) is a legal obligation that is derived from case law;

b) is a requirement established with professional codes of conduct;

c) must be included within NHS employment contracts as a specific
requirement linked to disciplinary procedures.

Patients entrust the NHS or allow it to gather sensitive information
relating to their health and other matters as part of their seeking
treatment. They do so in confidence and they have the legitimate
expectation that staff will respect this trust, or may be unconscious,
but this does not diminish the duty of confidence. It is essential, if the
legal requirements are to be met and the trust of patients is to be
retained, that the NHS provides, and is seen to provide, a confidential

Occupational Health:

Occupational Health Service requires students to be immunised
against various contractible diseases such as hep B. As all students
this is a requirement in order to join university when completing a
health studies course, such as Podiatry. However, Occupational
health may require proof of the immunisation, in order to allow you to
take part in the placement and have hands on with the patients.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                    15
If you are unsure of your immunisations, they may require you to
have a blood test. This process can be quite stressful and time
consuming; in order to avoid unnecessary stress and complications in
starting your placement it is important that students send all
documents proving immunisation to the Occupational health
department at least SIX to EIGHT weeks prior to commencement. It
is up to the student to call and confirm with the Occi health whether
you will be observing or have hands on.

CRB checks;

The Home Secretary states that the role of the Criminal Records
Bureau is to reduce the risk of abuse by ensuring that those who are
unsuitable are not able to work with children and vulnerable adults”

As a student it is a requirement to obtain current CRB check in order
to commence your placement at Southwark.

All the appropriate paperwork will be sent to all students well in
advance in order to complete to allow enough time for the them to
come through before your placement starts.

Late/ absent/ Sick days:

If a student is running late or is unable to attend clinic for sickness or
another reasons it is important that you contact the student
placement co –coordinators (Asra, Claire or Briony) or the clinic you
are going to. All contact details are provided in this booklet.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                    16
All clinician will be expecting a student so it is important t that they
are aware you will not be attending clinic.

Bags and Mobile phones:

Students should avoid bringing expensive items to placement. In
most clinics there are no lockers and the clinician, clinic or Trust will
NOT be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Mobile phones should be switched off or on silent; it is very
unprofessional and annoying to have calls during sessions. If you are
expecting a VERY important or emergency call, this can be an


In order to maximise your placement with us you will be timetabled
and expected to move from site to site and different location within
Southwark. There are 9 podiatry clinics throughout the PCT and on
certain days you will need to be prepared to move from one place to

Morning sessions start at 9am till 12.30pm and the afternoon is
13.30pm to 5pm. All clinics are relatively close and public transport is
always very close to all clinics, so students are expected to arrive on
time for all clinics.

All clinicians will give you advice on the best route to each clinic.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                       17
Travelling round London:

Travelling round London for the first time can be quite daunting,
however, quite exciting too. In order to get around smoothly on
placement you may find the following equipment handy;
   - A-Z London Guide
   - www.journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/ - useful internet site
   - http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ - useful internet site
   -   All of Southwark PCT clinics are located in Zone 2; however, a
       few are in Zone 1. So depending on whereabouts in London
       you are travelling will determine the type of travel or oyster card
       you may require. See the following website for information on
       Oyster cards in London. https://oyster.tfl.gov.uk/oyster/entry.do

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                   18
                    Pre Placement Paperwork

Pre Placement paperwork is vital to ensure you are ready to treat
            and make the most of your placement starts.

The following paperwork are copies of letters that would have already
been emailed to all students prior to commencing placement.

All paperwork MUST be read carefully and completed as soon as
possible in order to reduce the chance of delaying hands on
opportunities within your placement. All paperwork is sent to students
in plenty of time so it is the STUDENTS responsibility to complete it
on time, in order to make the most out of the placement.

Occupational Health Service requires students to be immunised
against various contractible diseases such as hep B. As all students
this is a requirement in order to join university when completing a
health studies course, such as Podiatry. However, Occupational
health may require proof of the immunisation, in order to allow you to
take part in the placement and have hands on with the patients.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                   19

Dear Student,

We look forward to having you on placement with us and being part of our
team. Please can you come to The Artesian Building for 9:30 on the first
day of your placement and ask for Asra Ahmad Choudhry, Claire Marshall or
Briony Truman.

To make the most of your placement, we will need to have your paperwork in
place 1 month prior to you starting. Please can you follow these instructions
carefully. If all of these steps are not completed you will not be able to
start your placement and will be sent home on the first day.

   1) Fully complete the occupational health forms (Form 1) ensuring you
      have given the dates and proof where possible. Please keep a copy of
      the forms.

   2) Send the completed Occupational health forms (as in step 1) along
      with the ‘Student Occupational Health Cover Letter’ (Form 2) directly
      to the Occi health department:

             Atos Origin
             Southwark PCT
             Unit 2 Meadowcourt
             Hayland Street
             S9 1BY
             Fax: 0114 251 8688

After 2 working days, please call them on 0845 371 0570 and check that
you are cleared. They may ask you some further questions or may have to
make you an appointment if the information is not satisfactory.

   3) Fill in the honorary Contract request form (Form 3) and send this
      back to us at the Artesian Building

   4) Ask your tutor to send us a headed letter confirming that you are a
      student at the university and have had CRB checks done when you
      were enrolled on the course

Any problems, feel free to contact us:

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                       20
The Podiatry Centre
Artesian Building
94 Alscot Road
Tel: 0203 049 7900 / 7902

The nearest underground stations are:
   Elephant & Castle (Northern & Bakerloo line) and then take a bus going
   towards Canada Water
   Bus number 1 will drop you outside the clinic.

   Bermondsey Train Station and London Bridge Station are about a 10-15 min walk

Asra, Claire & Briony

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                          21
                                                                      FORM 2

                                                        Artesian Health Centre
                                                          Podiatry department
                                                               94 Alscot Road
                                                            London SE1 3BW

                                                         Tel: 0207 771 3323/0

               Student Cover letter for Occupational Health

Southwark Foot Health Services are involved in teaching/mentoring
Podiatry students from nine of the thirteen UK universities and two
Australian and New Zealand universities.

There are 3 main clinical educators who organise the student timetable,
induction and feedback and oversee the smooth running of the placement.

During the students’ placement, they will observe and or treat depending on
the students’ capabilities and year that they are in. They will be monitored
closely by a member of Southwark Foot Health Services staff during their
time in clinic.
A student timetable consists of various different clinics, these include:

   •   Biomechanincs
   •   Wound care
   •   Acute care within Guys and St Thomas Trust (observation only)
   •   Pain management clinic (observation only)
   •   Acupuncture/laser (Observation only)
   •   Radiolase (observation only)
   •   Podology
   •   Podiatric surgery (observation only)
   •   Session within a private practice (observation only)
   •   Session with a physiotherapist (observation only)

If you have any queries please contact Asra Ahmad, Claire Marshall or
Briony Truman on the above number.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                      22
                                                                                                 FORM 3
                                    Honorary Contract Request Form

LAMBETH                    SOUTHWARK X                LEWISHAM                GREENWICH
                            (Please tick the PCT(s) where the contract is required)

Home Address:

                                                                 Post Code:

Work Address:

                                                               Post Code:
Contact Tel:         H:                                       W:

Professional Registration Details (where relevant):

Will the applicant have individual access to patients or their personal data?                YES
Does the position involve working with children?                                             YES
Does the position involve regular contact with vulnerable adults?                            YES
If so, does the applicant have a recent enhanced CRB disclosure within the last 6
                                                                             See attached university letter
    If yes, please provide a copy.
    If no, it will be the responsibility of the substantive employer to apply for a CRB Check.
                 Successful application is subject to a satisfactory current CRB check
Does the applicant have occupational health clearance from their employing institution
(within the last six months)?                                                                YES


Address of Placement:              The Podiatry Centre, Artesian Building, 94 Alscot Road, London,
                                   SE1 3GG

Department:                        Podiatry
Dates of Placement                        From                       To:
(min 6mths):
                                   DD/MM/YYYY                 DD/MM/YYYY

Accountable to within PCT:         Asra Choudhry, Claire Marshall & Briony Truman

Purpose of placement:              Work experience

Honorary Type:            Research                Observation        x     Work Experience       x

Other     (please give details)

Details of other contracts held:

Signed PCT Manager                                                Date:

         Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                    23
                                                                                                FORM 1

                   Pre-employment Health Screening Questionnaire

To be completed by the applicant and returned to: Atos
Origin, Southwark PCT, Unit 2 Meadowcourt, Hayland
Street, Sheffield S9 1BY
Surname:                                                      ORGANISATION: To be completed by

                                                              recruiting officer before issue to applicant.

                                                              Title of Job Applied For:
                                                              Student Podiatrist

Previous Names:                                               Existing Staff? No

Date of Birth:                                                Recruiting Officer: Asra Ahmad,

                                                              Claire Marshall & Briony Truman

Post code                                                     Address:

                                                              The Podiatry Centre, Artesian
Daytime telephone number where you can be
                                                              Building, 94 Alscot Road,
contacted: Home/Work/Mobile:

                                                              Post code: SE1 3GG

                                                              Tel No of Recruiting Officer: 0203

                                                              049 7900

         All successful applicants are required to complete this form. It is very important that you
         give full and clear details of your health. A lack of details means that we would have to
         wait to contact you to confirm the missing details. This delays your appointment. This
         form and the details on it will not be released without your informed consent.

         Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                        24
 Please list previous occupations (include any breaks) for the last 5yrs only, in date order
 (present occupation first)
       Date              Employer           Occupation        Exposure to hazards, e.g.
                                                                 noise, dust, fumes, manual
   From       To

 Do you have a disability, which requires any special equipment, environment
 etc? This question is asked so that the Occupational Health Service can assist
 you and your new manager in providing for any special needs you may have
 when you commence work (this ensures that the organisation complies with the
 Disability Discrimination Act 1995).



 Do you have, or have you suffered from any of the following (please circle
 YES or NO):

Back/neck/limb ache/ joint pain/arthritis etc that limits your normal
movement?                                                                       YES       NO

Epilepsy/fits/blackouts/ fainting etc?                                          YES       NO

Diabetes or other endocrine disorders, Jaundice or other blood disorders?       YES       NO

Current or previous Chest disease/angina/ heart attack/ Heart problems          YES       NO

Asthma or other breathing problems/conditions?                                  YES       NO

High blood pressure/giddiness/prolonged headaches or migraine?                  YES       NO

Do you have any problems relating to shift working or night duty?               YES       NO

Eyesight problems not corrected by glasses or contact lenses?                   YES       NO

Hearing impairment requiring assistance or special equipment a work or          YES       NO
any recurrent or persistent ear infections or other ENT problems?

Allergies to dusts, chemicals, foods, drugs or other substances?                YES       NO

 Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                        25
      Latex/rubber allergy or any other skin related dermatitis/ eczema type            YES       NO
      condition or other skin disease?

      Psychiatric ill health, including diagnosed conditions, treatment or              YES       NO
      ongoing therapy/support?

      Bulimia/anorexia/eating disorders?                                                YES       NO

      Depression/anxiety reactive or endogenous even if mild?                           YES       NO

      Gynaecological/Bladder or Kidney problems where this affects your ability         YES       NO
      to                   work and results in frequent absence?

      Do you have any health problems relating to night work or shift pattern           YES       NO

      Do you have, or have you had, any health problems which resulted in a             YES       NO
      change or restriction in your professional activities?

      Other not mentioned above                                                         YES       NO

        Where you have circled YES, please give full details below. Please include details
        of the illness e.g. dates of occurrence, diagnosis, treatment, GP visits,
        inpatient/outpatient treatment, medication past or present, surgery and any time
        off sick for the problem and for how long.

I had back strain 2yrs ago after lifting a box. Saw the GP and he gave me Brufen for two weeks. Stayed off work
for two weeks. No problem since, I did need physiotherapy and went to the hospital for this but I was discharged
two weeks later, I haven't had any time off work since.




        Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                       26
      Any additional health issues should be documented on a separate page and attached
      to this form.
      The NHS does not have any policies, which prevent individuals, who are carriers of
      infectious diseases, from being employed. Except where any infectious disease has the
      potential to be transferred to patients through Exposure Prone Activities. All information is
      confidential and will not be released without your informed consent.
      Do you have or are you a carrier of any of the following conditions and of any not listed?
      Hepatitis A/B/C?
                                                                                    YES        NO
      HIV/Aids?                                                                     YES        NO
       Persistent MRSA?                                                             YES       NO
       Tuberculosis?                                                                YES       NO
       Tropical Disease e.g. malaria, typhoid etc?                                  YES       NO
       Other                                                                        YES       NO

      Where you have circled YES please give full details below. Please include details of the
      illness e.g. dates of occurrence, diagnosis, treatment, GP visits, inpatient/outpatient
      treatment, medication past or present, surgery and any time off sick for the problem and for
      how long.


           Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                27
Part Two: Immunisation and Investigation History
Part One: - to be completed by all staff
Have you ever had any of the following immunisations or tests?
Please indicate YES or NO and give dates and test results where known.
Immunisation                       No Yes Date                Test Result
Rubella (German Measles)
TB Test (Heaf, Tine,
BCG (TB Immunisation)
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B * See Part 2.
Injection no.1
Injection no.2
Injection no.3
Hepatitis B Titre Level
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Booster Dose
Titre following Booster
HIV Blood test *See Part 2
Hepatitis C Blood test *See
Part 2
History of Chickenpox
History of Chickenpox
       I confirm that the information supplied is correct to the best of my knowledge.
Signature of applicant:                           Date:

Part Two – It is a condition of appointment to Exposure Prone Procedure (EPP)
roles that evidence of successful immunisation against TB and Hepatitis B are
provided. Evidence of absence of infection to Hepatitis C and HIV also require to
be provided. Please complete part 1 above and provide documented laboratory
results with this health declaration form if possible.
Official Stamp of General Practitioner or       Please ensure that you supply a copy of
OHS                                             your Hepatitis B titre / Hepatitis C result
                                                or Ensure that your General Practitioner
                                                or Occupational Health Service confirm
                                                your titre result by signing and stamping
                                                the space to the left.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                     28
                All applicants should read the following statement then sign and date the
I certify that the answers on this form are, to the best of my knowledge, correct. I understand that
giving false or withholding information could affect the terms of my contract and may lead to my

I understand that the information I have provided in this health declaration form may be released to
your occupational health service provider, Atos Origin. I also understand that Atos Origin may
contact me by telephone – or request I attend an appointment to assess my suitability for this specific
job role – and will provide a report regarding my suitability to Southwark PCT. I agree that Atos
Origin, if required, may contact my GP/Hospital Specialist for a report on my health.

Signature of Applicant:                                                              Date:

GP/Personal Doctor

Post Code:
Phone Number:

Hospital Specialist

Post Code:
Phone Number:
 For your information, personal data provided on this form will be held and used in accordance with the
 Data Protection Act 1998 and treated as confidential. This data may be verified by reference to
 information held by others
 Access to Medical Reports Act 1988
 Under the terms of the above act you have the right to withhold your consent to Atos Origin to
 apply to your General Practitioner / Hospital Specialist for medical information.
 If you give your consent you have the right to see the information in the report before it is sent to Atos
 You have 21 days from the date of the letter notifying you that a report has been requested, in which to
 ask your General Practitioner / Hospital Specialist to let you see the report. They will tell you if you
 cannot see any part of the report for professional medical reasons. If you are given access to the report
 your General Practitioner / Specialist will not send it to Atos Origin until you give your consent.
 If you regard any information in the report as incorrect or misleading you can ask, in writing, for it to be
 amended. (Please note, if your General Practitioner / Specialist does not accept that the information is
 incorrect or misleading, they are not required to make any amendment, but in these cases they will invite
 you to prepare a written statement on the disputed information, which will be attached to the report when
 it is sent to Atos Origin).
 Subject to the provision of the Act, you have the right to see information about your medical condition for
 up to six months after it has been sent to Atos Origin. If your General Practitioner /Specialist gives you a
 copy of the report, they may charge you a reasonable fee to cover the cost of supplying it.
I wish to see any such report before it is sent to Atos Origin.                            Yes          No

          Data Protection Act 1998
          Access to Medical Reports Act 1988 does not affect an individual’s right to make an
          access request in relation to their personal data in accordance with the DPA 1998.

          Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                           29
                          Student Placement Checklist

Once you have had your induction with Asra, Claire or Briony on your first day we
would like you to complete this checklist in order to confirm we have given you all
the appropriate information for your placement and have answered any questions
                             or queries you may have.

I have been provided with a student placement pack prior to my placement in
order to familiarise myself with the area and appropriate paper work.
I was sent the appropriate pre placement paper work which includes:
occupational health and CRB information. I fully understood it was my
responsibility to complete all the paperwork and send it off to the appropriate
places to prevent delay in hands on placement experience. If this is not received
I know that I am only allowed to take part in Observational work.
I have read and understood the pack with regards to important information. This
includes information related to external placements, such as Guys Hospital- I
know I have to arrive at 8.15am, wear my ID badge and take a white coat.
I understand the late and absent policy and I will call up and let the placement co
coordinator know if this occurs.
I understand that due to training, staff sickness and other unforeseen
circumstances I may be required to move from clinic to clinic which could change
my current timetable. In addition I understand that certain external placements
may change which will also cause timetable changes.
I understand that it is my responsibility to give the student placement cards to the
receptionist at the beginning of the session so that the patients can decide in
confidences whether they would like a student to treat them.

Once you have read and ticked the boxes, please could you sign and date to
confirm you understand the above information.

Signature: ……………………………………. Date: ……………………………

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                             30
Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   31
                     London Borough of Southwark


                       Ethnicity within Southwark

                     Southwark has a population of 244,866

               White British                            52.6%
               White Irish                               2.6%
               Other White                               9.1%
               White & Black Caribbean                   0.8%
               White & Black African                     0.7%
               White & Asian                             0.7%
               Other Mixed                               1.1%
               Indian                                    2.6%
               Pakistani                                 0.6%
               Bangladeshi                               1.6%
               Other Asian                               0.9%
               Black Caribbean                           6.9%
               Black African                            13.3%
               Other Black                               1.7%
               Chinese                                   2.6%
               Other                                     1.6%

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack             32

             Southwark borders the City of London and the London borough of Tower
             Hamlets to the north, Lambeth to the west and Lewisham to the east. To the
             south is the London borough of Bromley and Croydon.

                                          Area of Southwark


                                                                                           John Dixon




                                                                                      Consort Road

                                                                              Townley Road

             Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                         33
Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   34
                                  Guy's Hospital

                         Department of Foot health
                             2nd Floor Tower Wing
                               Great Maze Pond
                               London SE1 9RT
                              Tel: 020 7188 7188

    Remember to check which hospital you are due at before setting out

Main Contact: Nasreen Joomun

  Please arrive for 8.15am with all paperwork, your name badge
                         and a white coat.

                   Uniform Code for Guys/ St Thomas

     Footwear must be safe, sensible, in good order, smart and clean and have
     regard to Health and Safety considerations. Trainers and plastic flip- flops
     are not acceptable. Certain jobs require non clinical staff to wear
     protective footwear. These staff must wear the correct footwear for
     undertaking their
     work and if staff are uncertain they must check with their line manager.

      Visible tattoos are to be discouraged and where present should not be
      offensive to others. Where they are deemed to be offensive they should
      be appropriately covered.

Jewellery and Piercing
     All jewellery should be discreet and appropriate and not cause offence or
     be a health and safety hazard. If in a clinical environment, any items of
     jewellery that creates the potential for an act of violence or the possibility
     for entanglement (e.g. large hoops in earlobes) must be covered or
     removed during working hours. Facial/body and tongue piercing is not
     permitted and must be removed before coming on duty. The exception to
     this is a single stud nasal piercing. If staff has other piercings for religious
     or cultural reasons, these must be covered.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                               35
       Hair should be neat and tidy at all times, hair accessories when worn
       should be discreet. Headscarves worn for religious purposes are

Make up and Perfume
     Discreet make up may be worn, perfumes and after shaves must be subtle
     to prevent exacerbation of nausea in some patients, particularly those
     receiving treatments such as


   •   You must wear your student ID badges whilst in the hospital.

   •   For infection control purposes please remove any hand and wrist

   •   Please be punctual for 8:15. You will be required to be in clinic or going
       on the wards with the Podiatrist for 8:30 sharp.

   •   Please dress smartly and tie your hair back. We do not wear uniforms;
       however you will be required to wear aprons if in close proximity to a
       All ties must be removed or tucked away.

   •   The ward-round involves much walking around, please be in comfortable
       closed in shoes and have breakfast at it can get quite tiring.

   •   You will be required to fill in patient log sheets to help your professional/
       educational development.

   •   Please make use of your time here with us to maximise your benefit.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                  36
                                                                  Department of Foot Health
                                                                             Guy’s Hospital
                                                                    2nd Floor, Tower Wing
                                                                          Great Maze Pond
                                                                                  SE1 9RT
                  Department of Foot Health Honorary Contract

Information requirements for Observing Podiatrists

Please ensure you complete the following form and attach each piece of required
information. Please retain a copy.

Please complete the following information.

  Full Name                   Contact Address               Contact telephone number

 Employers/college name       Employers/ College            Employers/ college
                              Address                       telephone number

 Start date of placement:- ………………………………

 Placement dates        :- ………………………………

 End date of placement :- ………………………………

 Reporting to           :- ……………………………….

 Responsible to         :- ……………………………….


I hereby accept the placement in the foregoing letter on the terms and subject to the
conditions referred to in it.


Name ………………………………………………………

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                   37
                                                                           Guy's Hospital
                                                                  Department of Foot Health
                                                                      2 Floor Tower Wing
                                                                          Great Maze Pond
                                                                          London SE1 9RT

                                                                        Tel: 020 7188 2449

Information required at attendance.

   •   Copy of completed contract.
   •   An identity badge, white coat/ tunic top.
   •   Clinic times are variable and will have been agreed. However, it is most likely a
       08:15 – 12:30 hrs slot will be offered.

Thank you for your co-operation. I hope you will find your time at the department

Liza Curtis
Head of Department.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                    38
                          Traveling to Guy's Hospital

By tube

The nearest tube stations to Guy's hospital are:

   •   London Bridge - Northern and Jubilee lines (5 minutes walk)
   •   Monument - District and Circle lines (15 minutes walk)

By bus

These buses stop at London Bridge, London Bridge station or near Guy's
hospital: 17, 21, 35, 40, 43, 47, 48, 133, 141, 149, 343, 381, 521, 701, RV1, C10.

Allow 15-20 minutes to get from the bus stop to where you need to be in the

By Train

Nearest train station is London Bridge

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                           39
                            MAP directions to Guys

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   40
                              St Thomas Hospital
                  Department of Foot Health Services
                          Westminster Bridge Road
                               London SE1 7EH

                               Lewisham Hospital

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   41
                        Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust
                         University Hospital London
                          1st Floor Waterloo Block
                           Lewisham High Street
                                  SE13 6LH
Main Contact: James Wong

Pathology is on the ground floor in the pink zone (ask at reception) See
map for directions to the hospital.

By Bus
The hospital is serviced by the follow bus routes: 47, 54, 75 (24 hour service),
122, 136, 185, 199, 208, 284, 484, P4, N36 and N47.

By Train
The nearest rail station to the hospital is Ladywell Station, which is on the
Charing Cross to Hayes line and can also be reached via Waterloo East and
London Bridge stations.
The hospital is sign posted from Ladywell Station and is about 5-10 minutes walk
Lewisham Station (main line and Docklands Light Railway) is approximately 20
minutes away by foot.

                  How to get to Lewisham Hospital

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                              42
                             Kings College Hospital

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   43
                          Dermatology Department
                           Kings College Hospital
                               Denmark Hill
                                 SE5 9RS

Main Contact: Dr Rachael Morris-Jones
The Dermatology Department is located on the ground Floor of
Normanby Building, opposite Hambleden Wing, The main hospital
entrance on Bessemer Road- see Map provided.



Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack           44
                          Dermatology Department
                           Kings College Hospital
                               Denmark Hill
                                 SE5 9RS
Main Contact : Lynne Hazell
Contact Number: 0203 049 7919 / MOB: 07812027757

You need to enter in the Jubilee wing (New glass building) Located on Bassemer
Road see above map.

Rheumatology is located on the ground floor.
Walk pass the stairs on your right, pass the lifts and Rheumatology should be on
your right.

If you are unsure just ask a member of staff.

From The Artesian building you need to walk down Grange Road to Tower
Bridge Road and catch the 42 bus towards Denmark Hill / Sunray Avenue.

From there the hospital is walking distance.

              Please do not go to the Diabetic foot clinic.

                               Private Practice

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                         45
                                 35 Cloth Fair
                                 London EC1

Main Contact: Trevor Prior
PA: Shirley
Contact Number: 0208 502 1777
Please arrive at 8.30am prompt and remember your ID badge.

                              Prothetist/ Orthotics
                       Bowley Close Rehabilitation centre

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack        46
                                 Farqhuar Road
                                 Crystal Palace
                                   SE19 1SZ

Main Contact: Alan McDougall
Contact Number: 0208 766 6624
The Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre Service is based at Crystal Palace
The Centre provides services to adults and children mainly in the Southwark,
Lambeth and Lewisham area.

They provide orthotic, wheelchair and prosthetic services, as well as assistive
technology and specialist seating assessments.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                             47
                      Leg ulcer clinic with District Nurses
                           Bermondsey Health Centre
                               108 Grange Road
                                  SE1 3BW

Main Contact: Heather Barness
Please be outside the health Centre for 8.30am. Heather or one of the District
nurses will come and collect you.

CONTACT No. 07785714533- Please call Heather if you are held up or

going to be late or you are lost.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                            48
                         Tissue Viability Nurses (TVN)

Main Contact: Caroline Hunter:
Any problems contact: MOB: 07775993247

Dulwich Community Hospital
East Dulwich Grove
SE22 8PT


Pulross Intermediate Care Centre.
47 Pulross Road

Check the timetable to see whether you are at Dulwich hospital or the
Pulross centre (See streetmap.co.uk for maps). You will either do ward
rounds or home visits with the TVN. This is an excellent opportunity to get
involved and see an interprofessional approach. Although this session is
likely to be observational it will be good experience, as podiatrists and TVN
do liaise about certain patients with regards to treatment plans and
dressing regimes.

Please check the timetable for the timings.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                      49
                                Podiatric Surgery
                     Pulross Intermediate Care Centre.
                               47 Pulross Road
                                   SW9 8AE

Main Contact: Stephen Strain

Please arrive for 8.15am and remember your ID badge and white coat.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                 50
     Southwark children and young people's development centre
                         (Sunshine House)
                         27 Peckham Road
                             SE5 8UH

Main Contact: Marion Levine
Sunshine Houses is located Near the Southwark Town Hall In
Camberwell- It’s a brightly coloured building.
Asked for either Barbara Critchley or Jenny Wilson 8.30 am start

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack              51
Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack   52
                                Primary Care Trust

Primary Care in the medical world is a term used to describe a community based
health service as opposed to a hospital, which refers to the first contact a patient
has with the health care system, before being referred elsewhere.
It covers a wide range of professionals including GP’s, Podiatrists, Dentists,
Community and Practice nurses, Physiotherists, Occupational Therapists,
Pharmists and Optometrists.

Southwark Health and Social Care is dedicated to improving the health and
wellbeing of the people who live in the London Borough of Southwark. There are
over 2,000 staff who deliver, manage, pay for and are responsible for a wide
range of services that thousands of local people use on a daily basis.

Made up of Southwark Primary Care Trust (PCT) and Southwark Council
social care services aim to break down organisational boundaries, integrating
services and creating a distinct identity through which to deliver and promote
they services.

Responsibilities -For making sure there are sufficient healthcare services

   •   Social workers
   •   Health visitors
   •   District nurses
   •   School nurses
   •   Dentists
   •   Opticians
   •   Community pharmacists

Proving a wide range of community services such as

   •   Services for children
   •   Services for adults and older people
   •   Sexual and reproductive health services
   •   Foot health services
   •   Services for people with disabilities

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                             53
                                 Services we provide

New Patient- Initial Assessment: 1st appointment for people attending
Southwark Foot Health Service. A full assessment will take place start of the
treatment plan. From here the patient will either be discharged, internally referred
to a different specialist clinic or will be on a self referral policy!

Emergency (SOS Clinic): For treatment of painful conditions which cannot wait
e.g. ulcers, ingrowing toenails and infections.

Walk In: For treatment of one problem only. This clinic is only available for
existing patients.

Biomechanics/ Musculoskeletal: A further look at the mechanics of the lower

Orthopaedic Service: Biomechanics and lower limb pain conditions

High Risk: For the treatment of people with Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and

Podology: A review of previous treatments and following through your treatment
plans. This is a routine clinic which consists mainly of nails, corns, callus,
ingrown nails and some musculoskeletal problems like plantar fasciitis. Re
assessments will take place too, this is important as it is critical to monitor the
health status of patients and to assess whether changes to medication, general
health and foot health has changed. Changes in any of the mentioned could
mean they patients treatment plan need to be changed accordingly.

Domiciliary Service: For patients who are completely housebound (only
available on assessment).

Surgery: Nail surgery and radiowave surgery.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                 54
                                     SOS Clinics

SOS clinic are run everyday at a different clinic; however, if a patient had an SOS
and turned up at a clinic that wasn’t running and SOS service, the patient would
be seen and assessed to see whether it was an emergency.

The SOS clinics allow for immediate treatment of emergency foot conditions.
No appointment is necessary and the service is available to both new and
existing patients. Treatment is based on a first come first served basis. A
numbering system is used and controlled by the receptionists in order to help the
clinic run smoothly.

The definition of an emergency is;

  “A Sudden unexpected onset of illness or injury which requires the immediate
 care and attention of a qualified physician (or health professional), and which, if
 not treated immediately, would jeopardize or impair the health of the Member.”

Examples of condition, treated are;

   -   Ingrowing
   -   Infection
   -   Painful Corns
   -   Ulcers

   Examples of conditions that WILL NOT be treated are;

       -   Nail care
       -   Verrucas
       -   Corns and callus

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                             55
                                   Walk In Service

The Walk in clinic is run daily at different clinics throughout Southwark. Each
clinic runs this service on specific days.

This clinic is a quick alternative to waiting for a booked appointment and allows
flexibility for the patient to attend when best suits them.

The walk in clinic is similar to the SOS clinic as it also operates on a first come
first served basis and the receptionist runs the clinic with a numbering system to
ensure a smoothly operating clinic. However, the only difference to the SOS
clinic in that ONLY existing patients of the particular clinic can attend.

Patients are only allowed to attend three walk sessions a year, after three they
need to book an appointment so that a reassessment appointment can be made
and a new treatment plan devised.

If a patient attends walk in and they are over due for a reassessment, it is vital
that they next appointment is a booked appointment so a reassessment can be
carried out.

Time is limited in these clinics so only ONE specific foot problem can be treated.
Another appointment can be made if further treatment is required.

Toe nails are NOT treated in walk in, only if it’s a high risk diabetic patient that
has nails that could cause a future problem.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                  56
                                  High Risk Clinics

Within Southwark there is a high proportion of high risk individuals, consequently
ulcers are quite common. For this reason there are clinics that are purely run for
ulcers and high risk patients.

The definition of an Ulcer;

  “A skin ulcer is where an area of skin has broken down and you can see the
                                  underlying tissue”

As a student you will be encouraged to take part in the management of some
ulcers. The ulcer clinics can be changeling and demanding, busy and sometime
quite stressful so you may not always get to have hands on but instead you can
observe and help the podiatrist with duties like;
   -   Taking swabs, filling in the swab form and organising pick up of the
   -   Preparing dressings
   -   Giving advice and education to patients.
   -   Fill out the ulcer sheet for the patient .These were devised to make the
       documentation of ulcer treatment easier for the clinicians.

The goals of ulcer treatment are to relieve pain, speed recovery and heal the
wound. Each patient’s treatment plan is individualize, based on the patient’s
health, medical condition and ability to care for the wound.

Treatment options for all ulcers may include:

   •   Antibiotics, if an infection is present
   •   Topical wound care therapies- varied dressing regimes (silver, foam, dry
   •   Off loading devices
   •   Prosthetics or orthotics, available to restore or enhance normal lifestyle
   •   Referral to the hospital for more specialised investigations

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                               57
                        Biomechanics/ Musculoskeletal (MSK)

The MSK clinics diagnosis and help correct bio-mechanical dysfunction
conditions and chronic injuries of the leg and foot.

Chronic biomechanical dysfunction occurs when there is excessive movement
between joints and/or soft tissue structures. Because these dysfunctions are
motion based, the treatment is based on observation of an individual’s movement
and a full assessment of they joints. This combined assessment helps provide
accurate information required to effectively correct and treat their condition.

Ruling out other pathologies utilises the deductive principle and establishes a
more objective approach to clinical reasoning. Physiological, psychological and
medical factors should be considered. The examination should also consider
other contributing factors such as footwear, occupation and activity levels

Treatment options used:

•   Strapping therapy
•   Simple insoles
•   Casted insoles and orthotics
•   Night Splints
•   Acupuncture
•   Laser

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                             58

This service is closely used with the MSK sessions. The pedar is a piece of
equipment that uses in shoe pressure systems that allows visualization of peak
pressures acting on the soles of the foot. The main purpose of the pedar is to
assess the function of the foot before and after issuing insoles and orthotics.
From using this equipment you can assess whether the insoles or casted
devices are functioning correctly.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                             59
                            Pain Management Clinics

The pain management clinic runs on a Friday afternoon for patients that have
chronic unresolved pain that is long term. All patients have to be internally
referred by other podiatrists in the department in order to be seen in this
specialist clinic.

The pain management clinic provides a setting where a person can learn to cope
with chronic pain and receive treatment. Within the clinic there are a variety of
treatments that include injection therapy, acupuncture, electro acupuncture,
TENs and laser. Patients attend on a weekly basis and a tailored treatment
programme to devised to the specific patient.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                               60
                    Nail Surgery and Electro Wave Surgery

There are three main clinics that carry out Nail and electro surgery. This includes:
The Artesian, Gourmont and Townley Road clinic.
There are two types of nails surgery that we carry out. One is with penalization
and the other is with radiowave. Currently we are training all staff to carry out
radiowave surgery. There is a 3 monthly roster for the nail surgery clinics
ensuring all podiatrists complete a few rotations each year!

As a student you will be able to take part in the surgery; however, it should be
appreciated that all podiatrists need to complete they rotations, consequently in
some inteants you only be assisting in the procedure.

Student Roles on Nail Surgery
•   Paperwork- note taking, scribing and consent forms.
•   Explain the procedure to the patient and provide relevant leaflets
•   Assisting the podiatrist throughout the surgery- Obtaining dressings,
    application of phenol and helping the podiatrist throughout the surgery.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                               61
                               Domiciliary (DOMS)

DOMS refers to domiciliary which provides podiatric treatment for housebound
patients. The main DOMS base is at the Artesian building in Bermondsey.

Podiatrists will prepare their DOM bags- this includes filling up the bag with the
appropriate amount of dressings and equipment for the patients to be seen, in
addition to stocking enough equipment in case we receive an SOS call. Also the
notes will be checked and the route panned for the day. As a student it is helpful
to pack the bag and help plan the route with the podiatrist.

Once everything is ready the car need to be picked up. This involves walking to
the Woodmill building (5mins walk) to collect the car.

The DOMS team has access to all equipment that conforms to the same
standards as in a clinic, expect the work environment is in the patients home.
All podiatrists are given a camera phone, rucksack (for all equipment), a head
lamp and soon once the new RIO (electronic notes) systems is up and running,
we will all have a laptop each too.

We advice students not wear they best clothes on DOMs as you are treating in
patients homes and nursing homes which means the environment is perhaps not
as clean as a clinical environment.

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                                62
                            Instruments and Sterilization

Southwark Foot Health no longer use autoclaves to sterilise they instruments.
The sterilization is now undertaken by an external organisation called Synergy
that carries out central sterilization.

Synergy is the UK’s largest provider of decontamination and sterilisation services
for hospitals and PCTs. Synergy is a partner to operating theatres providing
wider surgical support services such as materials management.

You will notice large green boxes in all clinics; these are what the instruments are
transported in. Boxes locked up with green tags indicate sterile wrapped
instruments and yellow tags indicate dirty instruments.

The exchange of dirty and sterile instruments occurs daily usually in the morning.
A Synergy worker will exchange the instruments and we will sign to say we have
received the instruments.

Using the instruments
On the outer wrapping of the instruments are two stickers displaying serial and
set numbers. Once you have used a set of instruments on a patient you need to
remove one sticker and place it in the notes along the margin under the date you
are treating and the other sticker is placed on the sterilizing sheet, which will be
located next to the box. The dirty instruments are then wrapped back up in all
packaging and placed in the dirty green box (Yellow Tag). At the end of the day
the number of all instruments packs is tallied and written on the sheet and then
placed in the box with all the dirty instruments and locked (Yellow tag) up ready
for the exchange the next day.

• Basic Set- Nippers and Diamon Deb file
•   Wound Set- Scissors, Scalpel handle, Forceps
•   Nail Surgery Set- Scalpel handle, Thwaits, scissors, tourniquet, beaver blade
    handle, blacks file, elevator, forceps.
•   Individual items- Nippers, File, Tourniquet, Blacks file, Scalpel handle and

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                              63
                                  Appendix 1

                       Abbreviation for staff and clinics

Podiatrists             Abbreviations       Clinics             Clinic Codes

Asra Ahmad            AA                    Gaumont             GA
Nure Alam             NA                    Bermondsey          BE / BHC
David Cavill          DC                    Artesian            ART
Amina Ceesay          AC or AJ              Aylesbury           AYS
Laura Gearing         LG                    John Dixon          JD
Lynne Hazel           LH                    Consort Road        CR
Claire Marshall       CM                    Walworth            WW
Victoria Morris       VM                    Townley Road        TWR
Jodie Locus           JL
Chiya Shikalisami     CS
Matt Simpson          MS
Natasha Soobul        NS                    External Sessions

Hazel Souyave         HS                    Caroline Hunter     Tissue Viability
Briony Truman         BT                    Alan McDougall      Prothetist/Orthotics
Sandra O’Malley       SM                    Nasreen Joomun      Guys
Sajida Urgrader       SU                    Nasreen Joomun      St Thomas
Michael Wilding       MW                    Marion Levine       Physio
                                            Stephen Strain      Pod Surgery
                                            Trevor Prior        Private Practice
                                            Rachael Morris-     Dermatology

                                            James Wong          Microbiology
                                            Heather Barness     District Nurse

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                        64
                                   Appendix 2

                           Student Treatment Cards

Below is an example of a student treatment card- these are used in order to
obtain consent from the patients to allow you to treat and have hands on.

Please make sure the following:

   •   Student to hand relevant cards to receptionist

   •    Receptionist to give to each patient who is to fill in while waiting in

   •   Card to be filled in and filed in patients notes

   •    Spare cards in clinics and on S-Drive- please ask a podiatrist if you
       run out for some more.

   •   Please make sure you have a card for EVERY patient you treat.

             Name:         Date:                          SOUTHWARK
                             FOOT HEALTH SERVICES

         Southwark foot health services is committed to an
         ongoing student placement programme.
         Today we have a student in clinic as part of their
         training. They are providing treatment under close
         supervision by one of our staff podiatrists.
         Please tick the box which applies to you:

              Yes, the student can treat me

              No, I prefer a member of staff to treat me today

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                         65
                                   Appendix 3

                       Dotting System for patients notes

On all patients notes we have a dotting system to identify the risk category for the
patients and to help receptionists when booking appointments.

    Diabetic Patient (To be seen within 20 working days)

    Low Risk patient (To be seen in 20 working days)

    High Risk patient (To be seen in 10 working days)

    Routine patient (Next available appointment)

    Foot care assistant (FCA) patient (5months waiting list)

    Critical patient (Patient is unpredictable so if pt attends clinic
    for an appt we MUST offer them an appt that day.)

Southwark Foot Health Services Student Placement Pack                            66

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