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									?Thanks to online business card printing services, it is easier than ever to create and
print your own business cards. You simply have to choose a template and add your
own information. Sounds great, right? Well it can be depending on the type of
business card you want. Pre-designed templates are convenient and quick, but
sometimes it's best to create your own custom business cards.

Pre-Designed Templates Limit Custom Business Card Design

Most, if not all, business card printing services offer hundreds of templates from
which to choose. You can literally spend hours searching through the templates, trying
to find one to suit your needs. But are pre-designed templates always a good idea?
Can you create a custom business card from a template that hundreds of other people
are also using? You should consider creating your own custom business card instead
of using a pre-designed template.

When you use a pre-designed template, your design choices are limited. You usually
have little or no control over the colors or fonts used. And often the design isn't all
that creative. Now, this isn't always the case. Some pre-designed templates look great.
But no matter how good the template looks, it still is not your own custom business

Blank Templates Offer More Options

Luckily, most business card printers also offer blank templates. These blank templates
allow you to create custom business cards that can be printed by the printing service.
A blank template is simply a blank business card design, with the printing margins
and correct color format already in place.

So if you want to use an online business card printer, consider creating your own
custom cards using a blank template. Most templates come in MS Word, PhotoShop,
and Adobe Illustrator format. You just have to choose the correct template for your
design program. You can then fire up your program and get as creative as you want.

When submitting a custom design for printing, it is important to follow the instruction
carefully. Failure to do so may result in your card being printed incorrectly.

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