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					?Crying babies will normally always have a reason why they bawl, scream, yell or
kick up a fuss. Getting to the root of the problem of why we have a crying baby in the
first place will definitely help mummy and daddy stem the flow of tears.

A baby's cry can be very distressing at times for the parents, but, hey hold up mum
and dad, this is the only way baby can communicate; This is baby`s way of letting his
or her carers know that they are not happy and that they need tending too.

Expect new born babies to cry in the early weeks regardless of how attentive mummy
and daddy is. A baby`s crying outbursts can rise from being hungry, needing their
bottoms changed or more importantly winding.

Being the parent - you will know your own baby traits better than anyone else so if
the infant is upset more than usual then this could mean that the child is unwell. Aside
crying other signs to look for if the baby is sick are - not feeding well, trouble with
breathing, high fever and vomiting - all of these symptoms should be checked over
with your doctor.

It is good idea to try and test new things that can help the situation or ease the
problem of a crying baby. For instance the child may not be satisfied with the baby
formula - so you could try introducing him/her or in some cases them to a new feed
formula. If you are counting the pennies why not collect free baby samples of baby
milk and much more from many of the free baby products being offered online for
free. More about this below

If you want to comfort your baby then do so because - you cannot spoil your little one
by responding to his or her SOS call. Not every crying baby can be comforted there
and then - but you still need to do what is necessary to ease their discomfort.

A warm cuddle will always be warmly welcomed by a discontented baby.

Remember to first rule out the cause to why you think you have a crying baby. Could
it be that the baby is hungry, does the baby need changing. Is their bowel movement
or non bowel movement the cause of their squealing? Make sure the infant is not over
heated (too hot or cold can be a reason for crying). When it is time for baby`s nap - a
quiet darkened room is favoured by sleeping nippers. However in saying that some
babies sleep better with activity going on in the background? For example mummy
and daddy's favourite tune playing on the radio or when their brothers and sisters are
having a squabble.

If your crying baby is unsettled after a feed then it is a possibility that they may need
burping (winding). Never put baby down without getting his or her wind up because
this can cause colic. Overtired babies are unhappy babies so try to set a pattern that
works well for both you and the baby to have a snooze. No matter the circumstances
regarding your crying baby - he or she will always feel protected and safe in the
comfort zone i.e. mummy's arms.

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