Crop Protection- Essential to Speed up Crop Growth

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					?From seed treatment to fertilizers to insecticides to plant growth regulators, there are
a number of crop protection methods applied to increase the agriculture productivity
and keep the crop away from the risk of damages and diseases. These all above
mentioned systems are essential for the proper growth of the crop. This is because;
crops are vulnerable items that are potential to attacks by the rodents, birds, rough
weather and a number of other damages and things. That is why; numerous protective
measures are applied to save them against diseases and other problems. As above
mentioned there are a number of systems applied for the crop protection, seed
treatment is also one of these systems.

With the early stage of the plants, the seed treatment is started so that they can grow
easily. Apart from keeping seed protected from disease, seed treatment also ensures
uniform emergence of seedling and helps in increasing germination. This type of crop
protection method also keeps the seed protected from seasonal diseases and harasses
of pests, thus results in higher productivity. Interestingly, the seed treatment is also
effective against a broad spectrum of problems including seed decay, soil pathogens
and seedling diseases. This type of crop protection system is considered as one of the
convenient, cost-effective and environmental friendly approaches that not only help in
crop protection, but also increase the productivity of crops to a great level.

In addition to seed treatment, another crop protection system is foliar fertilizers. They
are widely used to develop the crop within the exact time. Foliar feeding is the also
considered as the recent introduction to the crop protection methods. These types of
fertilizers are directly applied through the leaves to speed up crop growth as well as
for a number of other factors such as cure deficiencies and strengthen damaged and
weak plants and crops. Interestingly, these fertilizers can also be collaborated with
macro or trace fertilizers to harmonize the nutrition factors. In this type of crop
protection system, different types of chemicals such as potassium humate, potassium
nitrate, and Map mono-ammonium phosphate are used in the form of spray, powder
and crystal.

Apart from foliar fertilizers and seed treatment systems, use of herbicides is also a
crop protection method that is applied to keep the crop and other plants protected by
diminishing the unwanted plants, bushes, grasses, etc. It comes in two forms known
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