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									Presentation Skills
Preparing a presentation

1. Purpose

Know the objective of your presentation.

Is it………
• • • • • • Explain Get to know Educate Convince Entertain Convey information


People will judge you and your ideas based on your ability to communicate. Plan your presentation. Know about presentation skills. The Good News : These skills can be practiced.

2 . Strategy
How to go about it?

Do your homework.

A. Know your audience.
 Why are they here?  What are their expectations?  Who has sent them?  What is their qualification?  What is their age?

 Audience : Who, how many  Understanding : their level of knowledge  Demographics : Where from , age, gender, education  Interest :Why here? Who sent them?  Environment : Room ,where should you stand  Needs : Your Audience’s ,your aids  Customize : To suit audience’s needs & level  Expectations : What should they gain from your presentation.

B. Clarify your objectives
 Make your objective clear within the first 20 minutes of your introduction.  It’s in your hand to match your objectives with their expectations.

B.Decide your approach
 Will depend on the level of understanding of your audience.  their expectations  their needs  their attitude

C. Research your topic through
     Trade documents Journals Internet Library First hand experience

And Lot More??????

D. Structure
 Make a rough outline.  Work on the main body of the presentation.  Work on the beginning of the presentation.  Work on the conclusion of the presentation.  Decide what visuals to use and where.  Prepare the visual aids.  Note where you will involve your audience and how.

Delivering a presentation

Done your homework. Here comes the real test.

Things that can affect your Presentation

        Dressing and grooming Posture and body language The body of your presentation Simple and correct language Your tone, energy and enthusiasm Appropriate linkers and connectors Convincing the audience Your time management

Opening of the presentation
    Introduce yourself Use an ice breaker Do expectation management Introduce the topic

“Tell them what you are going to tell them.”

Main part of the presentation
     Be more of a facilitator and guide Use simple language Ask questions Be crisp, clear & concise Take feedback

“Tell them”

Summary of the presentation
 Wrap up  Take feedback  Can have an open question and answer round “Tell them what you have told them”

A checklist for your presentation
 Star preparing early: don't wait until the last few days  Think about your audience  Be clear about your purpose  Use an Effective Introduction  Organize your presentation clearly and simple  Use supporting materials to flesh out main points

 Compose for the Ear, not for the Eye  Create an effective conclusion  Sound spontaneous , conversational& enthusiastic  Use body language effectively  Use body language to enhance the Message  Analyze the Environment  Cope with stage fright by Remembering

Power of the spoken word!
 Pitch  Volume  Pace  Tone  Inflection

Remember the three





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