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									Rhondda Cynon Taf
County Borough Council
Education Advertising Pack
Content & Introduction   From 1st January 2007 Rhondda Cynon Taf Education and
                         Lifelong Learning will be working with Euro RSCG Riley to
                         provide a complete recruitment advertising service to schools
                         within the county.
                         This document outlines the advertising processes, media, costs
                         and level of service you can expect from the new partnership.
                         Advertising Design                                  page 2-3
                         Advertising Process                                 page 4
                         Advertising Deadline                                page 5
                         Advertising Request Template                        page 6
                         Media Information                                   page 7-12
                         Advertising Packages                                page 13
                         Cost for Packages                                   page 14
                         Value Wales Contract                                page 15
                         Cost Comparisons                                    page 16-17
                         Additional Services                                 page 18-19

Advertising Design   From 1st January all RCT adverts will run using the new
                     advertising style. This will ensure that all RCT adverts have
                     a strong visual impact and an instantly recognisable brand
                     in the main media.
                     Below and on the following page are examples of how these
                     adverts will work in mono and colour. Sizes will vary.
                     Mono                               Mono with logos

Advertising Design   Colour   Colour with logos

Advertising Process   In order to make the advertising process as seamless as possible,
                      to minimise room for error and to ensure you receive costs
                      and a proof before adverts go to press, we have updated the
                      advertising process. Please follow the simple steps below:
                      1. Complete advertising request template for media
                         choice and advert content, ensuring it contains full
                         and correct information.
                      2. Email advert copy template to
                         by Wednesday 12 noon for insertion in media
                         the following week.
                      3. Within approximately 8 working hours you will receive
                         a set proof with costs for approval.
                      4. Approve advert copy and costs within
                         2 hours of receipt of proof to Nicholas Massey by
                      5. Advert will appear in relevant publication on requested date.
                      6. Invoice will be issued with a voucher copy of the advert.

Advertising Deadline   In order for the adverts to be set, costed and approved before
                       the publication deadline, all adverts now have one deadline.
                       All adverts must be with The HR Unit by
                       Wednesday 12 noon
                       for publication in all press and the education circular during
                       the following week.

     Advertising   To ensure all details in your adverts are consistent within
Request Template   the new style, you will need to complete the advertising
                   template. A copy of this is below and supplied as a separate
                   word document.
                   Please complete the template, noting that some information
                   is essential*. School logos and other logos can be included in
                   all advertising designs. If you wish for your logo to appear,
                   please send these as separate jpg documents.
                   Insert date*
                   Package option*

                   School name*
                   School address*
                   School tel no
                   School website
                   School email
                   Age range
                   Numbers on roll
                   Job title*
                   Grade / Salary*
                   Required from
                   Body text*
                   Bronze (80 words)
                   Silver (130 words)
                   Gold (180 words)
                   Application paragraph*
                   Closing date*
                   Interview date
                   *Essential information

Media Information   Times Educational Supplement (TES)
                    The TES is a national education newspaper, covering the
                    world of primary, secondary and further education. It aims
                    to give teachers, college lecturers, school governors and
                    administrators a readable and reliable update on what is
                    happening in education.
                    Circulation            76,645 nationally
                    Frequency              Weekly, Friday
                    Costs                  £25 scc mono
                                           £32.50 scc colour
                    Repeat Discounts
                    The TES is currently offering repeat discounts for consecutive
                    bookings of the same artwork.
                    2nd insertions are subject to 15% discount
                    3rd insertions are free.
                    State Primary Offer
                    The TES is currently running an offer for all primary schools on a
                    selection of posts: TLR1, TLR2, Main Scale, Special Needs TLR1,
                    Special Needs TLR2, Special Needs Main Scale, SEN1, SEN2, GTP
                    and Teaching Assistants (not senior positions).
                    8x2 mono + bronze online               £200
                    8x2 colour + bronze online             £300

Media Information   TES Classification Index

Media Information
           is the recruitment website of TES newspaper,
                    which attracts 389,000 unique users per week (November
                    2006). Advertising on this website increases the number
                    of people who will see and, therefore, could respond to
                    your advert.
                    There are three advertising options available:
                    • Bronze option: text only advert for four weeks online.
                    • Silver option: text advert with option to add on school logo,
                      photo and application documents. Silver adverts appear higher
                      in the search results list than bronze adverts and are viewed
                      approximately 5 times more.
                    • Gold option: creative entry, which is designed in brand with
                      the school and contains detailed information. Gold adverts
                      appear at the top of the search results list and are viewed
                      approximately 10 times more than the bronze adverts.
                    Costs           Bronze       inc in paper cost
                                    Silver       £250
                                    Gold         £500

Media Information   Search results example on

Media Information   Western Mail
                    The Western Mail is a Welsh national newspaper, strongest in
                    South Wales.
                    Circulation            38,965 within Wales
                    Frequency              Daily, Monday – Saturday
                                           Recruitment day is Thursday
                    Costs                  £45.51 scc mono
                                           £54.61 scc colour
                    There is a compulsory purchase of
                    with all bookings at a cost of up to £150.00, but RCT does not
                    have to buy the Wales on Sunday through Euro RSCG Riley,
                    meaning the rate reduces dramatically.

                    Pontypridd & Llantrisant Observer & Rhondda Leader
                    This is a local paper group with a circulation of almost 14,000,
                    reaching Llantrisant, Pontypridd and Rhondda.
                    Circulation            13,909
                    Frequency              Weekly, Wednesday
                    Costs                  £10.46 scc mono
                                           £12.55 scc colour
                    There is a compulsory purchase of
           with all
                    bookings at a cost of £150.00.

Media Information   Golwg
                    Golwg is a national Welsh current affairs magazine, published in
                    Welsh language. It covers news, business and entertainment.
                    Circulation           4000
                    Frequency             Weekly, Thursday
                    Costs                 £6.80 scc mono
                                          £9.40 scc colour

                    Y Cymro
                    Y Cymro is a national Welsh title published in Welsh language.
                    Circulation           5000
                    Frequency             Weekly, Wednesday
                    Costs                 £8.30 scc mono only

Advertising Packages   To make budgeting for advertising simpler, outlined below are
                       costs for the most popular styles of adverts in TES and Western
                       Mail. This will allow you to anticipate costs based on the length
                       of text that you provide.
                       Option A
                       The Bronze package has body text of no longer than
                       80 words in length as text only with no logos.
                       Bronze adverts are 8cm x 2 columns.
                       All adverts are loaded on and
              as text only.
                       Option B
                       The Silver package has body text of no longer than
                       130 words in length or 80 words plus logos.
                       Silver adverts are 10cm x 2 columns.
                       All adverts are loaded on and
              as text only.
                       Option C
                       The Gold package has body text of no longer than
                       180 words in length or 130 words plus logos.
                       Gold adverts are 12cm x 2 columns.
                       All adverts are loaded on with a logo, option to
                       attach documents and with a higher ranking in the search lists,
                       and on as text only.
                       Option D
                       The options above are off-the-shelf options for advertisers,
                       enabling you to control your budget in advance, by managing
                       the word length of your advert and understanding the online
                       packages on offer. However, you are not restricted to using these
                       packages. Adverts can be designed and set in any way you wish
                       and online options built on. Costs will be provided with a proof
                       before space is booked.

Costs for Packages                                          TES                          Western Mail
                                               Mono               Colour             Mono                 Colour
                      A (8x2)       £393                      £503.40             £707.69            £831.47
                      Primary offer £209                      £301                N/A                N/A
                      B (10x2)             £485               £623                £862.42            £1080.90
                      C (12x2)             £807               £972.60             £1080.90           £1266.58
                      D                    On application     On application      On application     On application

                     All costs quoted are inclusive of discounts and production,
                     but are subject to VAT and ASBOF.
                     Costs correct as of 1 January 2007, but may be subject to publisher rate increase.
                     Euro RSCG Riley will advise of any rate increases as they occur.

Value Wales Contract   Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council advertising will be
                       operating under the Value Wales contract, entitling RCT to the
                       media discounts listed below. Production and creative charges
                       are also set within this contract.
                       Media costs

                                             Media                      RCT Discount
                       TES                                            8%
                       Western Mail                                   15%
                       South Wales Echo                               15%
                       Pontypridd and Llantrisant Observer /
                       Rhondda Leader
                       Cynon Valley Leader                            8%
                       Golwg                                          8%
                       Y Cymro                                        8%

                       Production Costs
                       RCT will pay Euro RSCG for their production services and setting
                       of adverts within the new advert style.
                       Lineage adverts               £10.00 per advert
                       Housestyle adverts            £25.00 for first setting
                       Creative Costs
                       Where a creative approach is used you will be given a quote
                       for any extra costs, such a photography, colour films and so on,
                       before work is carried out. Copywriting can be turned around
                       within 48 hours and creative advertisement concepts will be
                       produced within five working days.

Cost Comparisons       The advertisements below demonstrate the difference between
                       a typical RCT paper-set advert (the advert style that has run
                       to date), and how this can be redesigned into the new style,
                       resulting not only in a more visually impactful advert, but also
                       a much more cost effective one.
Before                                           After

Before                                           After
Media    Western Mail                            Media        Western Mail
Size     11 x 2                                  Size         10 x 2
Cost     £1524.25                                Cost         £768.92
         (includes insertion                                  (Western Mail only)
         in Wales on Sunday)                                  Including discounts
                                                              and production.
Cost Comparisons
Before                         After

Before                         After
Media    TES                   Media   TES
Size     10 x 2                Size    8x2
Cost     £768.92               Cost    £393
         (Western Mail only)           Including discounts
                                       and production.

Additional Services   Euro RSCG Riley has proven experience in media selection
                      and buying, utilising the broadest range of national, regional,
                      local and trade publications not only in the UK, but increasingly
                      overseas. Our media teams also have significant experience
                      of schedule planning and buying in radio, TV, cinema, interior
                      and exterior transport, outdoor media (such as posters and
                      billboards) and job sites/online.
                      As well as full advertising services Euro RSCG Riley also ensures
                      quality of all copy. Account handlers are fully trained to précis
                      text where appropriate, avoiding repetitive copy appearing,
                      ensuring use of minimum text with maximum effect, as well
                      as checking in respect of grammar, spelling, sense, legal
                      restrictions, equal opportunity policies, overall impact and
                      We work in the bilingual format on a daily basis and can provide
                      translation via approved suppliers such as Prysg and Testun,
                      with our own internal Welsh speaker offering a further line of
                      proofing support.
                      Creative advertising
                      Where appropriate a complete creative and copywriting
                      service is available following on from a brief. We will supply
                      concepts/visuals across all aspects of recruitment advertising,
                      the internet, print and other communication materials. We also
                      provide standard advertisement copywriting and setting and
                      our production specialists will turn creative concepts into
                      finished advertisements to meet media specifications.

Additional Services   Alternative solutions
                      Recruitment advertising is not the only solution we offer.
                      We have significant experience in harnessing:
                      • Recruitment Open Days
                      • Bespoke micro site /quality recruitment literature
                      • Direct Mail (this can be used within the community
                        for local vacancies but also through professional bodies
                        and institutions)
                      • Radio in a supporting role
                      • Creative advertising in Internal Vacancy Bulletin
                      • Digital/ Web Team and Advice – capacity to provide
                        a full web design and management service
                      • Response Handling – effective back office processes,
                        response handling and talent pool facilities when required.
                      For any information regarding any of the above please contact
                      Euro RSCG Riley Cardiff office on 029 2038 9684.


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