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					                                           Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas
                         ANG               Pinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
                                                                                                   English Edition
                                                                                                Vol XXXIX No. 13
                                                                                                     July 7, 2008


Gloria Arroyo—Cold-hearted
imperialist puppet
       loria Arroyo’s obsequiousness to her imperialist         While she was traipsing around and wasting the
       master during her visit to the US in the last        nation’s money in reckless extravagance in the US, ty-
       week of June was nothing short of disgusting.        phoon “Frank” was devastating millions of people al-
While typhoon “Frank” battered the entire nation, Ar-       ready suffering the cruel blows of the economic crisis.
royo was frittering away the nation’s coffers in a friv-    She remained indifferent to intense and widespread
olous, wasteful and lavish trip. Her appalling callous-     condemnation from the people of the huge sum spent
ness in the face of the Filipino people’s suffering fu-     on her junket that amounted to $1.5 million (or `P65
elled intense fury and earned her widespread condem-        million). Tagging along was her entire family—her
nation.                                                     children, in-laws, grandchildren and their nannies,
    Arroyo tried to squeeze what she could from meet-       over 70 of her cabal—10 cabinet members, 59 house
ing with her master George W. Bush who, like her, is        representatives, a senator, along with their husbands
in the twilight of his power. Her master contributed a      and wives and a number of sidekicks. They shameless-
measly $100,000 and sent the nuclear-powered war-           ly luxuriated in posh hotels, restaurants, exclusive
ship USS Ronald Reagan as a token of US “assistance”        jets and chauffeured limousines. Arroyo even hired
to the victims of typhoon “Frank” and the capsized                          costly public relations companies to
passenger ship MV Princess of the Stars.                                       deodorize her
    But Arroyo’s main objective in visiting the US                              image dur-
was to bootlick the two presidential candidates                                  ing     her
this year—John McCain of Bush’s Republican Par-                                  visit.
ty and Barack Obama of the opposition Democrat-
ic Party. In her hard-pressed desire to meet with
them, Arroyo looked like a pesky little gadfly chas-
ing after the two candidates, who tried their best to
avoid her. Towards the end, Obama obliged with a let-
ter and a short telephone call and McCain had a brief

luncheon meeting with her.
    Although the US presidential election is scheduled
in November, this early, Arroyo has started licking the
asses of the major US candidates in order to secure
support from whoever will emerge the winner. Arroyo
hopes that the victor will support her plans of cling-
ing adamantly to power beyond 2010.

This issue’s                NPA seizes 17                  Literacy campaign in           ILPS holds third
                            firearms                       the midst of war               assembly
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     Arroyo had plans to go
with her minions to Las Ve-
                                      Protests hound Arroyo in the US
gas, Nevada to watch a box-
ing match, if not for the nu-
merous criticisms already
                                      V   arious organizations spearheaded by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-USA
                                          (BAYAN-USA) led protest actions upon Arroyo’s arrival in the US on June
                                      20. Migrant Filipinos picketed in cities and and places visited by Arroyo, in-
thrown her way.                       cluding Washington DC and New York City.
     In a futile effort to make           Filipino-Americans displayed their rage at the Arroyo regime’s corruption,
it appear that she sympa-             gross human rights violations and the continuing US military presence in the
thized with the plight of vic-        Philippines.
tims of the typhoon and sea               They denounced Arroyo’s rule and held her responsible for the incessant
mishap and that she was on            sufferings their families had to bear back home.
top of relief operations, she             They criticized the military aid provided by the US to the Arroyo regime
sent out orders to her subor-         that the latter uses in its campaign of political killings, abductions and ille-
dinates via teleconferences           gal arrests against critics in Arroyo’s unforgiving drive to remain in power.
and berated her subalterns in             BAYAN-USA similarly condemned Arroyo’s total indifference to the dam-
front of the media.                   age typhoon “Frank” wrought on the country. Arroyo chose to go on a jun-
     All this was nothing but         ket to the US as hundreds of thousands of Filipinos in Western Visayas suf-
posturing to enable Gloria            fered from the typhoon’s wrath and almost 500 perished when the passen-
Arroyo to conceal the truth—          ger ship MV Princess of the Stars sank off the coast of Romblon.              ~
that she is nothing but a cor-

                                      CPP scores Obama’s support to Arroyo
rupt, tyrannical and rabid US
imperialist puppet. The
whole nation was witness to
her obsession to kowtow be-
fore her imperialist master,          T          he Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) criticized US Democratic Par-
                                                 ty presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama for endorsing the Balikatan
                                             exercises and US military intervention in the Philippines. The CPP said Oba-
secure his continued support
for her and wallow in the                    ma’s recent pronouncement only proves that no substantial change in US for-
spoils of exploiting and op-                 eign policy and treatment with regard to the Philippines is to be expected
pressing the people even as                  from whoever succeeds Bush as US president.
she brutally turned a blind                       The CPP added that Obama has revealed this early that he is no differ-
eye to, and aggravates, the                  ent from George W. Bush and even his fellow presidential candidate Sen.
poverty and suffering of the                 John McCain of the ruling Republican Party with regards to US control and
Filipino people.             ~               military intervention in semicolonies like the Philippines.
                                                                                           Obama’s endorsement of Ba-
                                                                                       likatan completely disregards the
                                               Contents                                terrorist viciousness of the US-Ar-
                                                                                       royo regime and its bloody record
      Vol. XXXIX No. 13 July 7, 2008           Editorial                               of human rights abuses in the
                                                  Arroyo—cold-hearted puppet    1      name of the US “war against ter-
       Ang Bayan is published in Pilipino,        US protests                   2      ror.” He likewise ignores the US’s
    Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligaynon, Waray and          Obama support for Arroyo      2
    English editions.
                                                                                       own human rights violations, its
                                                  US intervention               3      crimes against the Filipino people
       It is available for downloading at
    the Philippine Revolution Web Central      CPP, NPA and “Frank”             3      and its military intervention in
    located at:                                Victorious TOs                   4      Philippine territory.
        Literacy campaign                6          The CPP said further that
       Ang Bayan welcomes contributions
                                               RCTU files complaints            7      through Balikatan and by continu-
    in the form of articles and news.
    Readers are likewise enjoined to send      Anti-OceanaGold                  8      ously funding the AFP, the US bol-
    in their comments and suggestions for      Anti-mining protests             9      sters the counterinsurgency war in
    the betterment of our publication. You     ILPS 3rd assembly               10
                                                                                       the Philippines. It buttresses the
    can reach us by email at:                  Fascist state on a rampage      11
                                                                                       Philippine puppet state in intensi-
                   News                            12
                                                                                       fying the war against a people de-
                  Ang Bayan is published fortnightly by the Central Committee          manding an end to US imperialist
                            of the Communist Party of the Philippines                  domination and intervention.     ~

2                                                                                            ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008
US uses calamity as pretext                                                   Southern Leyte in February 2006
                                                                              when a massive landslide devas-
for intervention                                                              tated the area. Prior to this, the
                                                                              US also sent American troops to
U   S imperialism has once again used the damage inflicted by the re-
    cent typhoon in the Philippines to trespass on the country’s territo-
ry. Upon orders of US Pres. George W. Bush, the nuclear-capable warship
                                                                              Quezon and Aurora in 2004 in ar-
                                                                              eas also hit by typhoons, floods
                                                                              and landslides.
USS Ronald Reagan entered Philippine waters on June 26. Its avowed                The US’s real objective in
purpose was to deliver relief goods to typhoon victims in Panay.              sending these so-called “humani-
    Gloria Arroyo readily accepted      useless in rescuing the over 800      tarian missions” is to prepare the
the US warship, a move that             passengers of the MV Princess of      area for heightened military inter-
grossly violated her own constitu-      the Stars that capsized at the        vention, through such activities
tion which prohibits the entry of       height of the typhoon. Nor were       as terrain familiarization, intelli-
nuclear weapons to the country.         the F18 fighter jets aboard the US    gence buildup and psywar as well
Except for the US’ loyal puppet Ar-     warship appropriate to bring in re-   as for other devious and counter-
royo, no one believed US Ambas-         lief goods.                           revolutionary purposes. Prof. Jose
sador Kristie Kenney’s statement             It has been a common practice    Ma. Sison, chair of the Interna-
that the USS Ronald Reagan does         of the US to use disasters as pre-    tional League of Peoples’ Struggle,
not carry nuclear arms.                 text to bring in combat troops to     said that if the US were really sin-
    Meanwhile, former AFP chief of      various parts of the Philippines,     cere in extending humanitarian
staff Sen. Rodolfo Biazon has           especially in areas where the rev-    assistance, it should have sent the
pointed out that a warship such as      olutionary forces are present. The    American Red Cross instead and
the USS Ronald Reagan would be          US sent soldiers to St. Bernard,      not combat troops.                ~

NPA and CPP mobilize forces                                                   decades. In Panay, in particular,
                                                                              the rampant denudation in recent

for typhoon victims
                                                                              years of whatever little forest was
                                                                              left in the island to pave the way
                                                                              for hybrid corn cultivation resulted
                                                                              in monstrous environmental de-

     he Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) called on all revolu-
                                                                              struction. This resulted further in
     tionary forces to carry out all possible measures to extend relief to
                                                                              massive flooding, landslides and
     those injured, bereaved and displaced by typhoon “Frank.” The CPP
                                                                              flashfloods such as those that oc-
ordered all New People’s Army (NPA) units, especially in Eastern Samar
                                                                              curred in Western Visayas, where
and Panay, to conduct rescue, relief and rehabilitation work.
                                                                              nearly the whole of Panay island
    Typhoon “Frank” unleashed its       ation, the CPP conveyed its sym-      was submerged in water. At least
fury on June 21 and 22 and de-          pathies to the millions of people     400 landslides have already been
stroyed some 4,000 barangays,           victimized by the typhoon. The        reported in the island.
366 towns, 37 cities, 49 provinces      great majority of the typhoon vic-        The US-Arroyo regime must be
and 15 of the country’s 16 regions.     tims were peasants, fisherfolk and    held accountable for the environ-
By June 28, up to 540 had been          ordinary people vulnerable to         mental destruction brought about
reported dead, 41 missing (exclud-      storms and other calamities be-
ing the over 800 passengers and         cause of abject poverty, govern-
crew of the capsized MV Princess        ment neglect and wanton destruc-
of the Stars) and 175 injured. Al-      tion of the environment.
most four million people were               At the root of this wide-
gravely affected, majority of them      spread calamity is the
left homeless in Western and East-      unbridled com-
ern Visayas. Damage to properties,      mercial mining
agriculture and infrastructure was      and logging
estimated at `12 billion.               activities
    In the light of this tragic situ-   that have been going on for
ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                          3
by its policies allowing extensive                                       VICTORIOUS NPA OFFENSIVES
mining, massive logging and con-
version of forests and agricultural
lands to the production of crops        NPA seizes 17 firearms
for export. The CPP also assailed
the owners of Sulpicio Lines as pri-    in successive raids
marily responsible for the tragedy

                                              ew People’s Army (NPA)          lice station in the town of Banay-
that befell the MV Princess of the            guerrillas seized 17 firearms   Banay, Davao Oriental at around
Stars because they allowed the                in four separate raids con-     9:00 in the morning of July 3.
ship to sail despite the ferocious      ducted in Surigao del Norte, Davao    Carrying placards bearing anti-
storm. The passenger ferry sank off     Oriental and Compostela Valley on     government slogans, the Red
the coast of Romblon on June 22.        June 28 and July 3.                   guerrillas looked like protesting
     Unilateral ceasefire in Panay.                In Davao Oriental, six     peasants staging a demonstration
The Party regional leadership in                  M16 armalite rifles, two    in front of the Banay-Banay mu-
Panay also declared a unilateral                     9 mm pistols and a       nicipal hall. The NPAs swiftly
ceasefire in the island to enable                                .22 cal-     overran the police station despite
its forces, including NPA units to                                    iber    resistance from the police.
carry out relief and rehabilitation                                   r e -       Earlier, guerrilla forces simul-
work. CPP-Panay spokesperson                                volver            taneously raided two mining tun-
Comrade Concha Araneta said the                           were seized by      nels in Diwalwal, Compostela Val-
directive will be implemented                             Red fighters who    ley—the Azarez and JB Manage-
within and outside guerrilla zones                       assaulted a po-      ment Corp.—in the morning of
in the four provinces of Panay un-
til July 8. The CPP is also open to
extending the ceasefire pending        disregard and utter lack of concern    These pretensions were obvious at-
the result of the regional Party       for the typhoon victims. The fake      tempts to deodorize her regime. In
committee’s initial assessment,        president proceeded with her US        Panay, which suffered the worst
considering that in the Visayas,       trip despite news of an impending      devastation, AFP Chief of Staff
Panay was worst hit by the ty-         supertyphoon. She pigheadedly re-      Alexander Yano even suspended on
phoon.                                 fused to cut short her 10-day jun-     June 28 the use of military heli-
     In contrast, the Philippine       ket with her entourage of over 70      copters to bring in supplies for a
Army 3rd Infantry Division leader-     underlings even after she received     scheduled relief and rehabilitation
ship, which is based in Jamindan,      reports of the wide swath of de-       operation by the Philippine Army
Capiz, did not declare a ceasefire.    struction created by the typhoon.      in southern Iloilo simply because a
According to Brig. Gen. Nestor             Severe criticisms were also        “very important person” (VIP) had
Ochoa, chief of the 301st Bde,         aired by Catholic church leaders,      not yet arrived—referring to Ar-
their main task is “internal securi-   including Bishop Angel Lagdameo,       royo. This, despite the fact that
ty operations” (ISO). They contin-     president of the Catholic Bishops’     the national government had by
ue to conduct military operations      Conference of the Philippines;         then not provided any assistance
despite supposed standing orders       Bishop Oscar Cruz; and Cardinal        to the island for more than a week
for their troops to help typhoon       Gaudencio Rosales. They particu-       already.
victims.                               larly condemned Arroyo’s cabal             Meanwhile, hundreds of resi-
     The CPP spokesperson in Panay     who scampered to watch Manny           dents confronted Arroyo with
warned that the Red fighters will      Pacquiao’s boxing match in Las Ve-     protests in the town of España,
fire their weapons in case they are    gas, Nevada instead of rushing         Sibuyan island, Romblon, when
attacked by government soldiers,       home to give assistance to the ty-     she visited the province on July 1.
the police, paramilitary forces and    phoon victims.                         The residents blamed mining activ-
elements of the Revolutionary Pro-         Upon her return to the country     ities in the area for the heavy
letarian Army-Alex Boncayao            on July 1, Arroyo did nothing but      floodwaters that gushed from the
Brigade (RPA-ABB) bandit group.        send out orders left and right and     slopes of Mt. Guiting-Guiting. Po-
     Arroyo pelted with criticisms.    give her subordinates a public         licemen blocked the march to pre-
Meanwhile, Gloria Arroyo was vig-      tongue-lashing in a vain attempt       vent the residents from getting
orously slammed for her evident        to cover up her own negligence.        near Arroyo.                      ~
4                                                                                       ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008
                                                                         VICTORIOUS NPA OFFENSIVES

                                        Tactical offensives in Negros
July 3, successfully disarming the
guards at the tunnels.
     In Surigao del Norte, more than
eight firearms were seized by NPA
fighters after a near simultaneous
                                        against mining
attack on police stations in the
towns of General Luna and Dapa in       and eco-tourism
Siargao Island on June 28, at

                                             he New People’s Army (NPA) raided the Maricalum Eco-Port in
10:30 p.m.                                   Barangay Maricalum, Sipalay City on June 8, at around 8:30 a.m.
     The first assault was staged in         without firing a single shot. The comrades seized from the guards
General Luna. Arriving aboard a         a shotgun, a .38 caliber revolver, a VHF radio and other paraphernalia.
pump boat, the assault team im-
mediately took control of the po-           The assault was conducted by       less than Gloria Arroyo herself en-
lice station. A policeman who           the NPA in support of the people’s     dorsed eco-tourism in Sipalay
fought it out was wounded.              protest against the impending          when she visited the area and
     Soon after, the Red fighters       entry in the area of four mining       went scuba diving there on May
raided the police station in Dapa       corporations—Philex, Colet, Mar-       21.
town, a 15-minute pump boat ride        icalum and Vulcan—and the uti-             Meanwhile, the coastal areas,
from General Luna town. Here, an-       lization of the coastal area for an    along with the mountainous
other NPA unit aboard three vans        eco-tourism project.                   barangays will be affected by tox-
joined the assault team.                    As a result of the eco-tourism     ic waste from the mining opera-
     The guerrilla forces immediately   project, hundreds to thousands of      tions. Even families living in far-
took control of the police station      families living along the coastal      flung and secluded barrios will
and were able to defeat the six po-     areas are expected to be dis-          not be spared from dislocation
licemen on duty. Confiscated in the     placed. Poor fisherfolk will be for-   should the mining operations
raid were three M16 armalite rifles,    bidden to go fishing while farms,      push through.
four .45 caliber pistols, a 9 mm pis-   on the other hand, will be de-             To suppress the residents op-
tol, rounds of ammunition and mili-     stroyed. Not only the fisherfolk in    posed to the eco-tourism and
tary uniforms.                          Maricalum will be affected but al-                    mining projects,
     Before leaving, the guerrilla      so the fisherfolk in the barangays                     the Arroyo regime
forces hoisted the CPP flag at the      of Cayhagan, Talacagay, Nauhang,                    has deployed the
municipal hall flagpole and distrib-    Nabulao, 4 and 5 of Sipalay City.                  320th Bde, 61st IB,
uted revolutionary reading materi-          The residents also fear the                       PNP Regional Mo-
als.                                    proliferation of prostitution                         bile Group and 6th
     The following morning, Red         that the eco-tourism proj-                           Special Forces in
fighters ambushed elements of the       ect may bring. As it is                           the area (the south-
Regional Mobile Group in Claver         now, Sipalay is already                         western part of Negros
town on the Surigao del Norte           notorious for widespread                              composed of Can-
mainland. Two policemen were            prostitution in the                                    doni, Hinobaan,
killed in the ambush, including         area that stems from                                 Ilog, Cauayan, Ka-
P/Chief Insp. Ricky Arado. Another      the eco-tourism                                               bankalan
two elements of the 30th IB were        projects of the                                               and Sipa-
killed in a clash when Red fighters     Arroyo regime                                              lay).    Under
encountered AFP elements on pur-        and the local                                         Oplan Bantay Laya
suit operations. Contrary to the        govern-                                  2, enemy units under these for-
blatant lies being spread by the        ment.                                     mations have become more
AFP that close to 18 guerrilla fight-   N o                                       ruthless in suppressing the
ers died in its pursuit operations,                                            people’s resistance and the revo-
the Red fighters were able to re-                                              lutionary movement that leads
treat without suffering a single ca-                                           the campaign against the Arroyo
sualty.                            ~                                           regime’s antipeople programs. ~
ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                          5
Literacy campaign
in the midst of war

      literacy and numeracy campaign was launched in a guerrilla front
      in Southern Tagalog to provide Red fighters the ability to read,
      write and do numbers—basic requirements to better understand
and comprehend theoretical studies and other intellectual knowledge.
    Just as in the case of many NPA     revolutionary tasks to end oppres-
units, majority of the fighters in      sion and topple the exploitative
this guerrilla front hailed from the    system. However, their limited
lowest stratum of the peasant           reading skills constrict their
class, the poor peasantry. Only a       capacity to carry out other
few among them were able to fin-        functions that would
ish grade school. Others, on the        strengthen the people’s
other hand, had never even set          army, and other duties
foot in a bourgeois school and thus     in organizing and mo-
did not know how to read or count.      bilizing the masses.
    Despite their situation, with           A literacy and nu-
the help of the revolutionary move-     meracy program was                                      i ng ,
ment, they are able to understand       designed by the platoon lead-                        writing
fully the roots of their poverty.       ership to address this situation.    and arithmetic to the Red fighters,
They are determined to take on          The program aimed to teach read-     and in the process, develop them,
                                                                             build their confidence and
                                                                             strengthen their capacity to con-
    Raid in Dapa, Surigao del Norte                                          duct education and propaganda
    was a punitive action–NPA                                                     The program began with a cen-
                                                                             tralized study session, which
    T   he raid launched by the New
        People’s Army (NPA) on a
    PNP station in Dapa, Surigao
                                                 Repression of a number
                                        of businessmen;
                                            ! Maintaining armed crim-
                                                                             served as a basis to evaluate the
                                                                             levels of the participants. The stu-
                                                                             dents were then grouped into two
    del Norte was a punitive action     inal goons who had been con-         levels. Students assigned to the
    against the police and despotic     victed of murder like Yayong         first level were those who have
    Dapa mayor Peter Boy Ruaya be-      Dulguime and Eming Langres;          never set foot in school. A program
    cause of their proven crimes            !      Illegally terminating     was drawn up that included famil-
    against the people.                 employees and appointing in          iarization with the alphabet and
        The NPA-Surigao del Norte       their place close friends and al-    numbers and ways of reading, writ-
    listed the following crimes com-    lies.                                ing and computing.
    mitted by Ruaya and his police          The NPA-Surigao del Norte             The students in the second lev-
    elements:                           further said that the recent tac-    el, on the other hand, included
        ! Grabbing of 160 hectares      tical offensive in Dapa serves as    those who were able to go to
    of land from the poor masses;       a stern warning against vicious      school but failed to finish. They
        !    Trading of illegal drugs   elements and abusive govern-         have basic knowledge of reading,
    such as shabu;                      ment officials such as Ruaya         writing and arithmetic but they
        ! Running illegal gambling      who terrorize the people.            still required further training. They
    operations such as Swer-tres,           It added that the NPA, as        were also taught correct spelling.
    among many others;                  the true soldiers of the people,     They used as important readings
        !    Brutal eviction of, and    will launch more tactical offen-     the issues of Ang Bayan and other
    extorting from, small vendors,      sives to defend the interests of     revolutionary materials. The in-
    using the police;                   the vast majority.             ~     structors were fellow comrades who
6                                                                                      ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008
attained higher levels in bour-
geois schools. Some of them were
                                           Each student was given school
                                                                              RCTU to file
able to finish high school while
some were college level.
                                       provisions such as paper, note-
                                       books, pencils and ballpens. The
                                                                              charges before
    In the beginning, the com-         alphabet and flash cards were          People’s Court
rades found it easy to convince        used as learning aids for the first
fellow comrades to take on litera-     level students. Students were also
cy and numeracy studies. Howev-        given one blackboard each so that
er, there were some students, es-      they could continue studying even
pecially in the first level, who be-   outside of the designated class-
came disheartened by the difficul-     room.
ties encountered in learning. They         Comrades who were not direct-
were not used to using pencils         ly involved in the classes were
and ballpens. Some students rea-       likewise given related tasks. They
soned out that they suffered           contributed to the program by
headaches from too much think-         creating visual aids and drawing

ing and memorization. In such          up assignments for the students.             he Revolutionary Council of
cases, the instructors used a one-     They also provided advice to stu-            Trade Unions (RCTU) in
on-one approach (one teacher fo-       dents who at times encountered               Southern Mindanao Region
cusing on one student) and con-        learning problems.                     (SMR) will file cases of economic
vinced students who were having            After a month, the unit dis-       sabotage, gross human rights vio-
a hard time to continue with their     persed to different barrios to con-    lations and other nefarious crimes
lessons.                               tinue with mass work. Because          before the Revolutionary People’s
    Because they were fulfilling a     this situation could no longer ac-     Court against the managements of
task that was new to them, the in-     commodate regular centralized          Stanfilco-Dole Phils., Franklin Bak-
structors also encountered diffi-      studies on literacy and numeracy,      er Inc., Lapanday Development
culties in the course of the pro-      a follow-up program was designed       Corp. (LADECO) and Davao City Wa-
gram. They nonetheless became          to ensure one-on-one teaching.         ter District (DCWD).
flexible in implementing the pro-          The unit then assigned com-            Following are some of the more
gram, basing lessons on the stu-       rades who would serve as instruc-      striking cases of gross human
dents’ needs, and choosing appro-      tors in every formation. Their task    rights abuses committed against
priate examples drawn from their       was to ensure that studies contin-     workers in Southern Mindanao for
daily political tasks—for instance,    ued during vacant hours even as        the past 10 months:
computing the unit’s expenses or       everyone performed his or her              September 2007. Stanfilco-
drafting reports on enemy move-        main tasks.                            Dole Phils. illegally dismissed 250
ments. The instructors made sure           In a good number of guerrilla      of its workers at the Davao Inte-
that there were collective discus-     fronts across the country, pla-        grated Transport Facilities, Inc.
sions on the lessons on hand. Les-     toons also draw up and implement       (DIFTI). The DIFTI, a subsidiary of
son plans were also drawn up by        literacy campaigns among the           Stanfilco, transports the latter’s
the instructors.                       masses being organized, who have       banana and pineapple products.
    Classes were conducted dai-        long been deprived by the reac-        The regular workers were then re-
ly—the first level in the morning      tionary state of their right to ed-    placed by contractuals. Stanfilco-
and the second level in the after-     ucation.                               Dole Phils. used the mercenary
noon. Each session ran for three           This fruitful experience proved    force of the 10th ID and the anti-
to four hours. Before dismissing       that Red fighters do not only          communist National Alliance for
the classes, the instructors hand-     learn the science of war. The rev-     Democracy (NAD) to dismantle the
ed out homework to the students,       olutionary movement also ensures       picket line of protesting workers.
which were then discussed in           that comrades continue to devel-       Stanfilco-Dole Phils. has been no-
class the following morning. There     op and raise the level of their con-   torious for the massive illegal ter-
were also diagnostic tests after       sciousness and knowledge to fur-       mination of regular workers and
every lesson to gauge the im-          ther improve their ability to ad-      their subsequent replacement with
provement of the students. There       vance the people’s revolutionary       contractual workers.
were short and long quizzes as         struggles.                        ~        January 2008. Franklin Baker

ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                          7
Inc., an American corporation
engaged in the processing of        Anti-OceanaGold campaigns
                                    gain ground
dessicated coconut for export
terminated 242 regular workers.
The work performed by the dis-
missed employees was soon af-

ter contracted out to four facto-         ceanaGold Philippines Inc. suffered successive losses in the face of
ries. The incident was not sur-           strong and massive protests of residents, environmental activists,
prising as Franklin Baker Inc.            church people, patriotic forces and the vast majority of the people
has a bloody record of atrocities   against its mining operations in Didipio, Nueva Vizcaya in June.
against its workers. In the              The near simultaneous rulings    sentatives in Barangays Didipio
1980s, two workers on strike        by the local government and re-       and Kakidugen. The militant con-
were killed when their picket       gional court, and statements of pa-   gressmen stood their ground de-
line was brutally dismantled by     triotic solons against its mining     spite being illegally detained by
the company.                        operations served as a huge blow      paid policemen and guards while
     March 2008. The Davao          to the company.                       they were headed towards the min-
City Water District (DCWD) ille-         On June 19, the regional trial   ing site.
gally terminated the union          court ordered a stop to the demo-         Up until June 24, OceanaGold
president and two other union       lition of houses within the mining    was forced to temporarily suspend
officers and suspended 38 union     site while cases concerning the       its operations reportedly due to
officers and members due to the     mine’s operations were still pend-    lack of funds. It also suspended
union’s strong position against     ing in court. On June 25, the         the implementation of related con-
the privatization of the DCWD.      provincial government passed a        struction contracts in the area.
     At LADECO, a banana export-    historic resolution withdrawing           OceanaGold was forced to with-
ing company owned by the fam-       support for OceanaGold. In addi-      draw due to eroding values of its
ily of former Department of         tion, a resolution has already been   company stocks in the world mar-
Agriculture     Secretary    Cito   drafted by the local government       ket for three successive months
Lorenzo, more than 200 regular      prohibiting open-pit mining in the    when the gross delay in the opera-
workers of have already been        province. Prior to this, the local    tions of its projects in Didipio be-
fired from work in recent           government had already issued a       came public. The company had in-
months.                             cease and desist order against        vested almost US$117 million for
     On the other hand, the RC-     OceanaGold due to its failure to      preliminary exploration activities
TU-SMR commended the NPA            pay taxes amounting to `28 mil-       and in securing the necessary per-
Pulang Bagani Command for           lion.                                 mits. Its Didipio operations re-
successfully disarming the secu-         Meanwhile, the Arroyo regime
rity force of LADECO on May 11.     maneuvered to have the Court of
It will be remembered that in       Appeals reverse the regional
the 1980s, LADECO ordered the       courts’ ruling against OceanaGold.
killing of five of its plantation   This manipulative move by the
workers. The murders were per-      regime earned tremendous criti-
petrated by armed elements of       cism as it allowed the continuation
the anti-communist NAD.             of OceanaGold’s operations despite
     The RCTU-NDF-SMR called on     the people’s intense resistance.
all worker victims, including            In Congress, Bayan Muna Rep.
their families, and union mem-      Teddy Casiño filed a resolution on
bers and officers to support this   June 18 to investigate the irregu-
move to attain revolutionary        larities and abuses by OceanaGold
justice. It also called on all      and another foreign mining com-
workers in the region to further    pany now operating in Nueva Viz-
strengthen their ranks and to       caya. This was the result of a pre-
fight and thwart the depreda-       liminary investigation on June 7 to
tions of imperialism, feudalism     8 conducted by progressive repre-
and bureaucrat capitalism.      ~
8                                                                                   ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008
quired large capital infusions from
its other mining operations in the      Growing ranks of antimining groups
world. Based on its annual finan-
cial report, the company had in-
curred grave losses of US$24.43
million in 2006 (the year it began
                                        M    ore and more groups opposed to large-scale commercial mining
                                             have emerged as big foreign mining companies enticed by the
                                        US-Arroyo regime to invest in the Philippines furiously compete to
operations in Didipio). This fur-       gain mining rights in the country. Protests have intensified in the
ther swelled to US$69.04 million        face of immense damage to the people’s lives, properties and liveli-
in 2007.                                hood stemming from commercial mining operations in forested areas.
     As protests expanded and in-           On June 23, foreign and local activists opposed to offshore min-
tensified on the local, regional and    ing in the country issued a joint resolution demanding that the Ar-
national levels, OceanaGold’s in-       royo government put an end to imperialist activities that cause en-
vestors started to realize that the     vironmental destruction. The resolution was signed by 339 progres-
project was unsustainable and           sive activists and environmentalists from 26 countries during the
would only lead to bankruptcy.          Third International Assembly of the International League of Peoples’
     Deceptions and atrocities. It      Struggle in Hong Kong on June 18.
has been decades since foreign in-          In particular, the group declared its opposition to the $110-mil-
vestors attempted to exploit and        lion gas and oil exploration by ExxonMobil in the Sulu Sea, Japanese
profit from the rich copper and         offshore mining in the Cebu-Bohol Strait and other oil ex-
nickel deposits in Didipio.             ploration activities such as that in Ragay Gulf in Bicol; in
     In 1994, Climax-Arimco Mining      the provinces of Guimaras and Antique in Western
Company (CAMC) started explo-           Visayas; Leyte; Davao del Sur; Surigao del Sur; and
ration activities in the barangay.      in Quezon and Mindoro in Southern Tagalog.
The then incumbent Ramos regime             The group is set to send in October a fact-finding
awarded it the right to dig through     mission to examine the effects of offshore mining
765-hectares of land encompass-         by Japan Petroleum Exploration Corp. (JAPEX) in
ing 15 barangays of Didipio.            Tañon Strait, which lies between Cebu and Ne-
     CAMC changed its name several      gros. The mission will be spearheaded by the
times in an effort to deceive the       Philippines, Japan, Australia and Malaysia.
residents and evade cases and pe-           Alongside the anti-mining actions, Suara
titions filed against the company.      Bangsamoro also expressed opposition to oil ex-
     In 2004, CAMC established          ploration by the US’s Exxon Mobil Corporation in
Australasian Philippines Mining         the Sulu Sea. Suara said it was disappointed and
Inc. (APMI) and transferred its                                       continued on page 10
mining rights in Didipio to this
company. But mining operations
never took off as the company          project, in collusion with the Ar-     officials and residents who strong-
failed to secure the approval of the   royo regime, the military and vari-    ly opposed its operations, with the
local council, then a requisite in     ous government agencies. In Au-        police illegally detaining and phys-
any mining operation in the coun-      gust 2006, the regime sent govern-     ically abusing a barangay coun-
try.                                   ment troops from the 5th ID and        cilor.
     OceanaGold finally acquired       the PNP regional mobile force to           The continued repression and
mining rights in Didipio in 2006.      conduct “road clearing operations”     abuses have only served to fuel
That same year, OceanaGold re-         along the boundaries of Barangays      protests by Didipio and Nueva Viz-
ceived A$170 million (`7.3 billion     Tubod and Didipio, amid com-           caya residents in general, who, on
at an exchange rate of A$1=`42)        plaints and cases filed in courts by   several occasions, have succeeded
to continue the project. APMI’s        the residents against the company.     in ejecting contractors and compa-
name was then changed to                   In March 2008, OceanaGold          ny teams. They have likewise gath-
OceanaGold Philippines Inc. in         guards gunned down and killed a        ered massive support from the
2007.                                  resident who was trying to save his    church sector, human rights advo-
     Financed by huge capital,         neighbor from the company’s dem-       cates, anti-mining international
OceanaGold aggressively and vio-       olition team. The company also         organizations, congressmen and
lently pushed through with the         threatened and persecuted local        many others.                      ~

ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                          9
                     ILPS holds Third                                          exploitation and oppression of
                                                                               peoples, among others. It present-

                                                                               ed its opposition to various forms
                                                                               of discrimination, and the imperi-
                                                                               alist policies of some countries
                     Assembly                                                  against workers, migrants and
                                                                                   Through a video conference,
                                                                               Professor Sison discussed from The

                         he International League of Peoples’ Struggle
                         (ILPS) successfully held its Third Internation-       Netherlands the worsening crisis
                         al Assembly in Hong Kong on June 18 to 20,            of the world capitalist system and
                     2008.                                                     the intensifying exploitation of
                                                                               the peoples of the world. He cited
    The assembly, attended by 265       son, the newly reelected ILPS ICC
                                                                               high unemployment rates, the fur-
delegates representing 165 organ-       chair, cited the most significant
                                                                               ther depression of wages, the soar-
izations coming from 30 countries,      achievements of the ILPS since the
                                                                               ing prices of basic commodities,
carried the theme “Strengthen the       first assembly and the challenges
                                                                               mass hunger and malnutriton and
peoples’ struggle, unite to build a     it continues to face, the favorable
                                                                               the rapid deterioration of social
new world against imperialist ag-       conditions for further strengthen-
                                                                               services in education, health and
gression, state terrorism, plunder      ing the ILPS, and its urgent tasks.
                                                                               housing. These lead to intensify-
and social destruction!”                    As a militant anti-imperialist
                                                                               ing people’s resistance. He criti-
    The assembly gave a fitting         and democratic formation, the
                                                                               cized the US imperialists for using
tribute and thanked the late Fil-       ILPS covered a wide range of ma-
                                                                               the September 11, 2001 incident
ipino worker-leader Crispin “Ka         jor issues and was active in the
                                                                               as a pretext to adopt the policy of
Bel” Beltran, the International Co-     struggles of peoples in Asia, Africa
                                                                               a global permanent and preemp-
ordinating Committee’s (ICC)            and Latin America. It has present-
                                                                               tive “war on terror.”
founding chairperson and ILPS           ed its position and called for peo-
                                                                                   Professor Sison cited the revo-
honorary chairperson. It com-           ple’s action on the imperialist
                                                                               lutionary armed struggles in Iraq,
mended his contributions to the         policies of neoliberal globalization
                                                                               Afghanistan, Colombia, Peru,
working class movement, the peo-        and the global war of terror, the
                                                                               Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines,
ple’s struggles for national and so-    crisis of the world capitalist sys-
                                                                               Turkey, India and other South
cial liberation and the establish-      tem, environmental plunder, the
                                                                               Asian countries, adding further
ment of the ILPS.                       continuing US occupation of Iraq,
                                                                               that the revolutionary forces of
    In his report, Prof. Jose Ma. Si-   Afghanistan and Palestine and the
                                                                               the people need to arise where
                                                                               they do not yet exist and be devel-
 “Anti-mining groups...,” from page 9                                          oped further where they exist. He
 apprehensive about the Arroyo government’s decision to allow Exxon-           also said that conscious and vigor-
 Mobil to conduct mining operations in the area. The group added               ous efforts are needed to create a
 that oil exploration in Sulu is proof that the US has long been search-       resurgence in the anti-imperialist
 ing for oil deposits in Mindanao and that it has long been using joint        and democratic movement on a
 military exercises and so-called humanitarian missions as cover.              global scale after imperialism and
     Suara vehemently opposes any exploration activities as these              revisionism succeeded in causing
 would not only be destructive to the environment but to the people’s          the temporary defeat of the world
 livelihood in the area, which is mainly inhabited by fisherfolk.              proletarian revolution and the an-
     As early as April 2008, fisherfolk in Tañon Strait had also               ti-imperialist movement since
 launched a protest action against oil exploration by JAPEX. Fisher-           three decades ago.
 folk in the town of Aloguinsan, Cebu have complained that their                   In closing, the ILPS unified to
 catch had been greatly reduced since JAPEX’s project began in May             intensify its efforts to arouse, or-
 2005. From a regular catch of 10 kilos a day, the fisherfolk could now        ganize and mobilize the people in
 only catch a mere three kilos or even less. They denounced the Ar-            their millions to build a new and
 royo government for allowing mining operations in a protected                 better world of greater freedom,
 area.                                                                ~        development, social justice and
                                                                               global peace.                     ~
ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                          10
                                                                       FASCIST STATE ON A RAMPAGE

Ka Parago’s brother slain, hundreds flee
Eastern Samar
         ilitary atrocities are unrelenting. Hundreds of farmers are forced         May 14. Six workers of the Suri-
         to flee their barrios in Eastern Samar due to escalating militariza-   gao Water District (SWD) were arbi-
         tion. A civilian brother of an NPA commander is killed by fascist      trarily arrested by AFP 402nd Divi-
solders in Davao del Norte. A Red fighter is abducted in Negros Oriental.       sion Reconnaissance Coy elements.
In Surigao City, six workers are arbitrarily harassed, arrested and beaten      The military carted away three VHF
up by military elements. These are just a few of the latest reports on hu-      radio and four bolos. The victims,
man rights violations gathered by Ang Bayan.                                    on the other hand were forced to
    July 5. Military elements ab- man was abducted at daybreak by               act as guides during military opera-
ducted sisters Rose Ann, 21 and Fa- military elements, subjected to in-         tions. Some workers were beaten by
tima Gumanoy, 17, according to a tense interrogation and released on-           the enemy soldiers. These military
report by Karapatan. They are the ly in the evening. Two young chil-            abuses crippled the services of the
daughters of Kasama-Southern dren vending bananas were also ac-                 SWD to the people of Surigao City.
Tagalog chair Eddie Gumanoy who costed by enemy soldiers and                        May to present. Elements of
was murdered by the military in punched in the stomach.                         the 503rd Infantry Battalion Recon-
April 2003. Rose Ann was wounded             June 13. Elements of the 10th      naissance Coy and the 502nd Com-
in April when military elements ID gunned down and killed Danilo                posite Coy harassed the Binongan
strafed the house of a family she Pitao, brother of NPA commander               tribespeople in Baay-Licuan, Abra
was visiting in General Nakar, Que- Leoncio “Ka Parago” Pitao. In a             due to their opposition to mining
zon. The military filed rebellion statement, the NPA Merardo Arce               operations of Olympus Pacific Min-
charges against her but she was lat- Command (MAC) said the brutal              erals, Inc. in their ancestral land.
er released on bail. According to murder was a desperate act of the             Leaders of the Baay-Licuan Takder-
their mother Maria, the three of fascist army of the reactionary Ar-            an Omnu a Karbengan (Balitok) and
them were set to meet in Alabang royo regime. Danilo Pitao, 42, was             the staff of the Cordillera Peoples’
but the two failed to show up. In a civilian and an employee at the             Alliance (CPA) in Abra (Kastan) who
their latest text messages to their provincial capitol in Davao del             are helping the Binongan in their
mother, they said that they were be- Norte. The MAC further added that          struggle were automatically tagged
ing tailed, and then abducted and it has already identified the perpe-          as members of the CPP-NPA-NDF.
brought to Camp Aguinaldo. Rose trators and the brains behind the                   Three houses in Barangay Pobla-
Ann has been receiving threats murder and vowed to exact justice                cion are being used as camps by the
since her release, added her moth- for Pitao and other victims of hu-           military. Aside from harassment, sur-
er. The military now claims that man rights abuses.                             veillance operations are rampant in
Rose Ann voluntarily surrendered             Danilo Pitao was headed home       the barrio. The military took videos
to the military. She is not allowed in Tagum City aboard a tricycle             of a mass meeting on May 29. The
to receive visitors.                     when he was gunned down by mo-         following morning, enemy soldiers
    June 23. About 800 individuals torcycle-riding military operatives.         started conducting a census in the
fled their homes and headed to-              June 12. Elements of the 79th      barangay while taking videos of
wards the town center of General IB abducted a Red fighter in Sitio             residents in the area. The fascists
MacArthur, Eastern Samar due to Kabalanusan, Barangay Dobdob,                   have already finished conducting a
severe military abuses in their Valencia, Negros Oriental. The vic-             census in Barangays Lenneng and
mountain villages. The victims were tim was Calixto “Ka Manong” Al-             Caoayan. On June 1, the military
all residents of six barangays in fante, 46. Witnesses said that Ka             posted a list of so-called terrorist
General MacArthur—Roxas, Alang- Manong was alone and unarmed                    fronts, citing CPA as one of them.
alang, San Isidro, Osmeña, Tandang when he was seized by the military.              April 10. Elements of the 30th
Sora and Pinggan.                        Ka Manong went to Barangay Dob-        IB murdered Jelson Pikato, a farmer,
    The victims narrated the mili- dob to help some farmers facing              in Bagacay, Claver, Surigao del
tary’s grave abuses. They said that a problems with their crops.                Norte.                             ~
          ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                  11

             Makati court junks                            Simultaneous protest actions in Mindanao
     journalists’ class suit against PNP
                                                          ABOUT 100,000 protesters took to the streets on June
A huge blow to press freedom. This was the reaction       28 in different parts of Mindanao to demand the re-
of 36 journalists and four mass media organizations       sumption of the stalled peace negotiations between
to the dismissal of a class suit they filed against       the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Gov-
police and government officials who ordered the ar-       ernment of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).
rest of reporters covering the standoff with junior           The protests led by the militant Suara Bangsamoro
officers of the Magdalo group, led by Sen. Antonio        were joined by Muslims and Christians alike and were
Trillanes IV and Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim in 2007. Ac-       staged in the cities of Cotaba-
cording to Atty. Harry Roque, the plaintiffs’ legal       to, Marawi, Iligan and Gen-
counsel, the decision of Judge Reynaldo Laigo of          eral Santos; in Pikit, North
the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 56 to dismiss      Cotabao; and in Basilan.
the case was “a localized version of martial law.” He         Aside from the peace
added that the court ruling implies that the police       talks, the militant group
had the right to determine which news events can          also demanded the imme-
and cannot be covered by the media. The court de-         diate cessation of military
cision impinges not only on press freedom but also        operations in various parts
on the public’s right to know, added Ellen Tordesil-      of Mindanao.
las, Malaya newspaper’s chief correspondent.                  Since the first week of
     Nevertheless, the mass media remain unmoved.         June, ten clashes have
They plan to appeal the case in higher court, even        been reported between
up to the Supreme Court if needed, and file charges       the MILF and the military elements in the region. A
before the UN International Committee for the Pro-        number of civilians have already been caught in the
tection of Human Rights. The Philippines is a sig-        crossfire and a big number have already fled their
natory to the International Covenant on Civil and         homes.
Political Rights, and the Arroyo government is thus           Peace talks between the MILF and GRP reached an
obliged to respect human rights and freedom of ex-        impasse when the Arroyo regime insisted that the
pression, said Roque.                                     agreements signed by the two parties in the course of
     Roque also warned abusive policemen not to           over three years of peace negotiations should adhere
use as pretext the court decision to arbitrarily ar-      to the Philippine constitution. Most of the negotia-
rest journalists. He further said that they will also     tions revolved around the issue of territory that
file counter-charges of coercion and serious illegal      should be controlled by the Moro people.
detention should arbitrary arrests occur.                     The GRP’s move angered the MILF negotiators.
     It will be remembered that journalists covering          It will be remembered that on May 12, the
the Manila Peninsula Hotel standoff were arrested         Malaysian government recalled 28 of its 41 soldiers
because they allegedly refused to heed the deadline       and police officers who were part of the International
to leave the hotel. The police also claimed that the      Monitoring Team to protest the stalled peace negoti-
media workers conspired with the renegade sol-            ations. The members of the monitoring team were de-
diers.                                                    ployed in different parts of Mindanao to monitor the
     The court also ruled in favor of Justice Secretary   ceasefire between the MILF and the GRP.
Raul Gonzalez’s order to immediately arrest and file
charges against “defiant” journalists in similar sit-           Oil firms rake in 80% of oil prices
     In the meantime, violence against media work-        A recent study on monopoly pricing of fuel confirms
ers persists. On June 31, unidentified men mur-           the insatiable greed of the huge oil cartels to the
dered Fausto Sison, 60, a broadcaster and newspa-         detriment of ordinary people.
per journalist in Sariaya, Quezon. His daughter Li-           According to Ibon Foundation, a research institu-
wayway, also a broadcaster, was wounded in the as-        tion, up to 79% of oil prices in May comprised super-
sault.                                               ~    profits of huge oil firms. In its study, Ibon estimated

12                                                                                    ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008
that the real cost of a barrel of crude oil      5M Indian truck drivers launch transport strike
amounted to only $31 to $32, inclusive of
expenses for exploration, production and
                                                FIVE million truck drivers in India conducted an indefinite
royalties to the Organization of Petroleum
                                                transport strike that began on July 2. The nationwide
Exporting Countries (OPEC). Therefore, based
                                                strike, headed by the All India Motor Transport Congress is
on an average spot price of US$146 per bar-
                                                being carried out to protest the unrelenting surge in oil
rel in the world market, the oil giants
                                                prices, the government’s decision to relax controls over fu-
amassed as much as US$115 per barrel of
                                                el prices and the increasing taxes imposed on oil.
crude oil.
                                                    In conjunction with the transport strike, hundreds of
    In the local market, it is estimated that
                                                people also marched in the streets in Madras, a city in
47-54% of prices of petroleum products on
                                                southern India.
June 14 went to the oil companies’ profits:
                                                    In the past year alone, the Indian government de-
`26-31 for every liter of unleaded gasoline,
                                                creased oil subsidies that effectively resulted in a 10% rise
and `23-27 for every liter of diesel.
                                                in gasoline prices. The move also caused prices of diesel
                                                and gasoline to soar to as much as 40% at the start of
   Customs officials amass `500M                2008.
                                                    A month before this, protest actions had already been
OFFICIALS and personnel of the Bureau of        launched in West Bengal and Kerala states. The protests
Customs were found in July to have over-        were led by the Communist Party of India (Marxist), one of
stated their revenue collections in order to    the main allies of the central government in these states.
collect incentives from the Arroyo govern-          Meanwhile, hundreds of truck drivers in the United
ment given to those who are able to             Kingdom parked their vehicles along streets leading to par-
achieve or surpass their revenue collection     liament to oppose the latest fuel price increase on July 2.
targets. This system of reward is in accor-         They demanded a reduction in the taxes levied on oil.
dance with the Lateral Attrition Law, which     The drivers feared that they would eventually lose their
was enacted to encourage efficient tax col-     jobs as a result of possible bankruptcies of companies that
lection.                                        could no longer afford skyrocketing prices of petroleum
    The rewards are also supposedly a means     products.
to increase the incomes of Bureau of Cus-           The price of diesel in the United Kingdom currently
toms employees and discourage corruption.       stands at $10 per liter and half of this ($5) goes to taxes
    Ironically, the opposite has resulted as    collected by the government.
the law has provided conditions for the in-
tensification of corruption in the bureau.                  Nepali Prime Minister resigns
    A Senate investigation showed that as
early as 2006, the Bureau of Customs had        GIRIJA Prasad Koirala finally relinquished his post as
demanded advance payments from oil com-         Nepali prime minister on June 26. The move was prompt-
panies on their tax obligations for 2007,       ed by the mass resignations of ministers from the Commu-
amounting to `2.2 billion. The BIR thus         nist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) as a sign of protest
made it appear that it had exceeded its tar-    against the prime minister’s refusal to cede power.
get collection of `196 billion for 2006 by          The communists said Koirala was no longer suitable as
`2.2 billion. As a result, they were gifted     prime minister since the party he represented was a far
with rewards amounting to a staggering          second to the majority CPN-M. They added further that he
`537 million.                                   failed to perform his duties well. The CPN-M has long been
    Up to `402 million was awarded to bu-       demanding the election of a new president and prime min-
reau employees while non-cash benefits to-      ister from the newly-established constituent assembly,
taled `135.75. Of this enormous sum, Cus-       where the Maoists hold the majority seats.
toms Commissioner Napoleon Morales re-              This development was only the latest among other
ceived a hefty `15,293,206.13 while drivers     deep-going political changes in Nepal. In May, the centu-
and security guards each received               ry-old monarchical system in the country was formally dis-
`22,874.96.                                     mantled.

ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008                                                                                    13

     Massive retrenchments in the US                     US, allies suffer mounting casualties
                                                                     in Afghanistan
COMPANIES announcing layoffs in the US are
ever increasing, the latest being Starbucks, a      MORE US and NATO troops have died in Afghanistan
prominent café chain. Starbucks is set to termi-    than in Iraq in the past two months.
nate 12,000 employees and close down 600 of             Almost 40 foreign troops, including 27 American
its branches across the US. Chrysler, a huge car    soldiers, died in June in Afghanistan during the US-led
manufacturing company, likewise announced           coalition's attacks on local armed guerrillas. This is the
that it will be retrenching 2,400 of its employ-    second month stating that there are now more US ca-
ees. It is estimated that within this year alone,   sualties in Afghanistan than in Iraq.
9.7% of workers had lost their jobs. Among the          In the last week of June alone, the Taliban militia
companies that have been forced to terminate        ambushed a convoy, crushing a Humvee and killing
a large number of workers were construction         three American soldiers and an Afghan interpreter.
firms, real estate businesses, financing firms,         In the same month, the militia raided a prison in
automobile makers and manufacturing compa-          Kandahar where they freed 886 prisoners including sus-
nies. Not only regular employees but also those     pected Taliban. The Taliban is the main guerrilla force
at the management level have been booted out.       fighting the US occupation of Afghanistan.
    Some US economists observe that instead of
a classical recession declared after two to three          Cuba creates lung cancer vaccine
successive quarters of negative growth, the US
economy will likely experience a long period of     CUBA recently released a vaccine for lung cancer—the
up to two years of “sub-par growth”, which in       first ever vaccine developed for cancer. Human testing
turn will be aggravated by a sluggish market.       actually began in 1995, and the vaccine has since been
This will result in even greater unemployment       administered to patients, according to the Havana Mol-
and people’s suffering, which will be worsened      ecular Immunological Center, the vaccine's creator. It
by rapid increases in commodity prices.             has already been tested in hospitals in India, Singa-
    The US has been experiencing six months of      pore, Britain, Canada and six other countries.
continued retrenchments. The number of work-             The vaccine has no known side effects and can be
ers dismissed from work has gone up to              administered along with existing cancer treatments
440,000 since January. Even worse, workers’         such as chemotherapy. The vaccine also helps reduce
salaries and work hours have been reduced by        pain caused by cancer. In addition, it can prolong the
companies who could barely survive the slug-        life of a cancer patient by six months. Cuba also plans
gish trading.                                       to sell the vaccine in Latin America.

14                                                                                 ANG BAYAN July 7, 2008

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