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					   IRP, Inc. Report

AAMVA Region I Conference
         July 2010
 Atlantic City, New Jersey
             What is IRP?

International Registration Plan (IRP) is a
  registration reciprocity agreement
   – 48 contiguous US states
   – District of Columbia
   – 10 provinces in Canada
     Nine Original Signature IRP
Jurisdictions – Joined Sept. 13, 1973

                                                                          Participating U.S.
                                                                          and Canadian
                                                                               United States


 BC        AB
                           MB                                   QC                 PEI
                     SK                                                                  NS
                                                ON                          NB

     WA                                                                                  VT
                MT        ND        MN                                                      NH
                                           WI                        NY                MA
          ID              SD                                                           RI
                WY                                   MI         PA
                                     IA                   OH
                          NE                   IL    IN                                  NJ
     NV                                                        WV
           UT                                                       VA        DE
                 CO                      MO               KY                  DC
                               KS                                   NC      MD
CA                                                   TN
           AZ                  OK         AR                   SC
                 NM                                   GA
                                                MS AL
              What is IRP, Inc.?

IRP, Inc. is the repository of the International
  Registration Plan

   –   Provide education and information
   –   Ensure compliance
   –   Board of Directors, Committees, Staff
   –   Operates Clearinghouse
   –   Affiliate of the American Association of Motor
       Vehicle Administrators
           IRP, Inc. Vision


“To serve as the repository of the
  International Registration Plan, improve
  Plan compliance, and serve as a
  catalyst for positive, effective change
  with respect to commercial motor
  vehicle issues.”
              Before IRP

• Carriers required to obtain multiple
  registrations, multiple plates
• No sharing of revenue from registration
• No reciprocity for intra-jurisdictional
• Lack of uniformity for vehicle
  registration reciprocity
Sample Bingo Stamp Plate
              IRP Delivers

• Uniformity
• Revenue sharing between jurisdictions based
  on operations
• Increase revenue for jurisdictions
• Improved efficiencies in motor carrier
  operations and use of the highway systems
• Reduced cost and streamlined processes for
  motor carriers
• Inter & Intra-jurisdictional registration
  authority or reciprocity
         IRP Region I Voting Members

•   CT      David Ostafin        •   NB    Cathy Belmore
•   DE      Michael J. Harrell   •   NS    Shaun Koran
•   DC      Elaine Speller       •   NF    Carolyn Burggraaf
•   ME      Garry Hinkley        •   ON    Paul Harbottle
•   MD      Sharon Crowe         •   PA    Kurt Myers
•   MA      Charles LaRocca      •   PEI   John MacDonald
•   NH      Virginia Beecher     •   QB    Alayn Plante
•   NJ      Nancy Philburn       •   RI    Charles Hollis
•   NY      David Swarts         •   VT    Robert Ide
    Region I Clearinghouse Info

• Revenue that passes through the
  January – June 2010:
  – Total Region 1            $109,466,712.84
  – Total All Jurisdictions   $395,248,711.23
  – Region I Percentage        27.70%
 IRP Revenue Impacts Transportation

• IRP Revenue – Important to
  jurisdictional transportation and highway
  safety programs
     IRP, Inc. Recent Activities

1. Strategic Plan Update
2. Annual Meeting
     •     Bringing jurisdictions together
     •     Very Successful Meeting in St. Louis, MO
3.       Webinars
4.       Compliance/Audit Working Group
5.       Full Reciprocity Working Group
6.       Clearinghouse Modernization
7.       International Committee
     1. Strategic Plan Update
               Top 5 Areas

1.a. Enhancing the IRP website.
  b. Growing the use and functionality of
  the Clearinghouse.

2. Identifying and providing additional
  training valuable to our members in a
  variety of formats.
1. Strategic Plan Update, cont.
                 Top 5 Areas

3. a. Partnering with Federal Agencies
  and related organizations and to reduce
  costs on projects with similar goals (i.e.,
  Nlets, PRISM, CVISN, etc).

4. Implementing a plan to communicate
  our message
1. Strategic Plan Update, cont.
                Top 5 Areas

5. Positioning IRP as the model of
  effective and efficient regulation and
  cooperation. This will include
  developing proposals to improve the
  Plan and reduce the burden on
  jurisdictions and industry.
         Accomplishments Highlighted

Growing the Use
                     • Clearinghouse Modernization Project
and Functionality
     of the
                       Progressing Well.

                     • Carrier Training Video; New webinars – Basing,
   Identify and
Provide Additional
                       Fees & Distance, and Auditor 101 provided.

  Partner with
                     • Secured Grant Funding to support IRP
Organizations to
Reduce Costs on
  Projects with
 Similar Goals

                     • FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro speaks at IRP
Implement Plan to
Communicate IRP,
  Inc.'s Message
                       Annual Meeting.

Focus Areas Highlighted

          2. Annual Meeting

IRP, Inc. covered 1 person from each
  jurisdiction to attend the 2009 and 2010
  Annual Meetings

     • Travel Restrictions
     • Importance of Bringing Jurisdictions Together
     • Board likely to do the same for 2011

Annual Meetings Moved to May starting with
    3. Webinars & Training Video
• IRP 101
     – Also on IRP, Inc. Website
• Fees & Distance
• Basing & Residency
• Audit Opening Conferences and Pre-
  Audit Planning
• Clearinghouse Modernization
• IRP Record Keeping Video
IRP Webinars
IRP Website Home Page

                        Training Video
IRP Record Keeping Video
         4. Compliance/Audit

• Study – How to Increase Compliance
• 3% Rule – Examine the requirement of
  jurisdictions to audit 3 % of their carriers
  annually. Is 3 % the right number?
• Re-write Audit Procedures Manual
  – Survey of Jurisdictions
          5. Full Reciprocity
• Addresses Issues with Estimated Distance in
  the Plan
• Change to full operation concept
• All jurisdictions listed on cab card
• First year cost based on jurisdictions distance
• Each year after based on actual operations
• Determining Estimated Financial Impact on
 6. Clearinghouse Modernization

54 jurisdictions participating
  – 3 more jurisdictions working to come
    on in the coming months by the end
    of 2010
• Modernization to .NET
• Work progressing on schedule
     7. International Committee
• Mexico Cross Border Trucking
  – While there is still no released plan to reopen
    cross border trucking between the U.S. and
    Mexico, recent meetings in Washington between
    U.S. and Mexican officials included a discussion of
    the program. U.S. Secretary of Transportation,
    Ray LaHood, has stated that a new plan to open
    cross border operations is coming soon.
US/Mexico International Border
       International Committee
• Creation of a directory of jurisdictional
  contacts for cross border operations
• Identify and work on rental vehicle issues and
  provide proposed changes to Plan language
• Provide forum for continued dialogue on
  Mexican border issues
Crossing the border can be scary…
But… this does not need to be scary!
         Do You Know?
1. What is required for a commercial
   carrier from Canada/US to enter your
2. What agencies are involved?
3. Where would you direct someone to
   find this information?
                 The Issues

• Confusion about requirements for commercial
  carriers crossing the US-Canada border.
• Lack of clear and accessible information
  • Requirements difficult to find/understand.
  • Websites have many layers
  • Not easy to determine agencies involved.
  International Committee believes that there is
  an opportunity to provide more user friendly
  information for carriers operating in North
Other Motor Carrier Services Programs

 • Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)
 • Unified Carrier Registration (UCR)
 • Performance Registration Information
   Systems Management (PRISM)
 • Commercial Vehicle Information
   Systems and Networks (CVISN)
 • Credentials Data and Enforcement
   Access (CDEA)
 • CMV Highway Safety Award
                     UCR Info
• UCRA Collection and Enforcement
• The FMCSA rulemaking on 2010 UCRA fees was
  published April 27th. The UCRA Board immediately
  recommended to states participating in the UCRA
  program that they complete the mailings to their
  carriers by May 28th, informing them of the new fees
  and how to pay them. They also recommended that
  states not start hard enforcement of the 2010 fees
  until July 15, 2010. States are not bound by these
  dates, but are not expected to begin enforcement
  prior to July 15th. Many carriers pay their UCRA fees
  through the system provided and managed by
  Indiana. That system was ready to accept payments
  for 2010 in early May.

• IRP is still closely monitoring the efforts
  of the IRS to develop and provide an
  electronic verification process.
• No really new update
• IRS still hoping to have something
  ready in 2011??
• Stay tuned!
       IRP Promotes PRISM

 – Work to bring all states to full
   implementation of PRISM
 – Promote use of the PRISM target file by all
   law enforcement
 – Reach out to non-commercial law
   enforcement to check target file through
   CMV Highway Safety Award

• IRP, Inc., in cooperation with AAMVA
  and FMCSA, is administering the 2010
  Commercial Vehicle Safety Award,
  which recognizes significant
  contributions to improving highway
  safety involving commercial vehicles
  and their drivers. Nominations for this
  award may be made on behalf of a
  state, agency or individual.
    CMV Highway Safety Award
• Nominees may be a state agency, CDL tester, law
  enforcement officer or other motor vehicle
  administration personnel. Additionally, nominations
  are encouraged for personnel who have helped
  improve data collection that allows for more accurate
  monitoring of unqualified drivers, equipment, or motor
• The 2010 award winner will be recognized at the
  2010 AAMVA International Conference. For
  additional information or to obtain nomination forms
  for the award, visit the AAMVA website or contact
  Tim Adams or by phone at (502) 845-0398.
           IRP Partners with FMCSA

IRP, Inc. is a member,
along with many other
safety related
organizations, of the
FMCSA CMV Safety Belt
Partnership to help
promote safety belt
usage among CMV
drivers. The Partnership
works to educate and
encourage CMV drivers
to buckle up when
driving their trucks.
     IRP Partners with FMCSA

• Credentials Data and Enforcement Access
  – Effort to develop best practice for getting IRP
    and other CMV credentials data to the widest
    audience of law enforcement
  – Possibly using NLETS as the conduit
      IRP Partners with FMCSA

• IRP Discusses Chameleon Carriers with
  – Effort to identify issues with carriers recreating
    themselves under different names and
    different US DOT numbers to avoid sanctions
    for safety or financial violations such as audit
    assessments or other issues
  – Identify issues and best practices to deal with
IRP Volunteers for Committees and Working Groups

  • Volunteers Needed
    – IRP Committees
    – IRP Working Groups
    – IRP Task forces
  • Watch for notices about openings
    – IRP Newsline
    – Special Announcements
            Upcoming Events
• IFTA Annual Business Meeting
  – July 20 – 21, 2010 – Toronto, ON
• IFTA Managers/Law Enforcement Seminar
  – September 22 – 24, 2010 – Chandler, AZ
• IRP Board of Directors Meeting
  – September 30 – Oct 2, 2010 – Grapevine, TX
• IFTA/IRP Audit Workshop
  – Feb. 2011 – Orlando, FL
• IRP, Inc. Annual Meeting
  – May 2011 – Pittsburgh, PA

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