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									?These-days, about 75-80% of people want to pay for online products and services
through credit cards. If a web-based business firm doesn't accept credit cards or online
payment transactions, unquestionably it loses its customers and sales. Payments
through credit cards are safe and secure and they deserve the attentions of more and
more customers. And off course, these payments present a more professional face to
any business. Surly accepting credit cards or other forms of online payments can be
very beneficial and fruitful to any business. Not only a web based business but also
any small or big business can accept Credit cards through their customers and clients.

There are several merchant solution providers who can assist you to set up online
merchant account for your web-based business and make you enable to accept credit
cards and other means of online transactions. They provide you credit card machines
and related software. There are several different kinds of credit card terminals are
available in market depending on kind of business and style of credit card processing.
These terminals are also known as Point Of Sale Terminals - POS terminals and the
software used in these terminals are termed as the POS Software. What cost comes in
setting up merchant solution account? It differs and depends on the functions and
technology used in processing machine.

The most basic and economical type of point of sale terminals is Card Reader with a
small keypad and display. How credit card machine works? When customer uses
credit card, the merchant inserts it into the card reader. Card reader checks the
customer's card information encrypted within the card's magnetic stripe. Then it
verifies that sufficient funds are available on this card to purchase. After that, it takes
out money for the purchase from customer credit account and places it directly into
the merchant account. Printer attached with card reader will print a receipt for
customer. Most of merchants prefer a card reader without an attached printer, but
generally retail merchants prefer to use a processing terminal with an attached printer
to present receipt with transactions details to his customers.

These-days, wireless credit card machines are also in vogue. But these machines are
more costly and generally used for those businesses that continually change their
location. The main consumers of such terminals are seasonal shop, taxi drivers, cab
drivers, door-to-door sales men, etc.

Thus, we see that credit card processing terminals are of great importance. They can
boost up your business and enhance your sales revenues. Manual credit card
processing is a tough task, so the latest credit card terminals or machines are used for
handling merchant accounts. Terminals provide retailers a fast and low cost way to
accept credit cards from their customers.

There are several online merchant service provides who can provide you valuable
information about merchant services and credit card processing. They also provide
their customers customized merchant solution for their business and establish credit
card machines for easy handling processing of credit cards and other form of online

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